Administrative Measures For The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Administrative Services

Original Language Title: 广西壮族自治区政务服务管理办法

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Administrative measures for the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, administrative services

    (July 8, 2011 Executive meeting of the people's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the 86th through August 11, 2011 the people's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region promulgated as of September 1, 2011, 67th) first in order to standardize the administrative service activities, improve the service environment, improving administrative efficiency, promote administration according to law, in accordance with the People's Republic of China administrative license law and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with this practice, these measures are formulated.

    The second people's Governments above the county level and their departments and authorized by laws and regulations to administer public affairs functions of the Organization, for the citizens, legal persons and other organizations (hereinafter the applicant) according to administrative licensing, non-administrative permits and other public service matters (hereinafter referred to as administrative services) these measures shall apply.

    Article III administrative services should follow legal, open, efficient and convenient, the integrity of the principle, implementation of the first charge, limited-time completed in time, the accountability system.

    The fourth people's Governments above the county level shall establish administrative service center, set from applicants for administrative services. The people's Government above the county level departments (including the vertical management departments of the autonomous region) and authorized by the laws and regulations to administer public affairs functions of the Organization (hereinafter referred to as departments) Chief of service matters should be dealt with in the administrative service center.

    Have a specific reason not to enter Government Service Centre, with inputs from the Government at the Government Services Administration views, decided by the people's Governments at the corresponding level. Article fifth all departments ought to set administrative service center service window.

    Sector-government services work or service has seasonal characteristics of the project, you can apply to enter government service management organizations sets integrated Windows.

    Sixth people's Government above the county level to administrative services administrative services of the Government regulatory agencies responsible for the corresponding level organization, management, coordination, guidance and supervision, carry out the following functions:

    (A) formulate administrative service system and organize its implementation;

    (B) audit departments to enter or exit the Chief of administrative service center services;

    (C) the organizations set up comprehensive service window;

    (D) to inspect and guide the Department authorized to service window;

    (E) organize and coordinate joint and parallel-approval;

    (Vi) responsible for daily management and professional training of the staff and the service window;

    (VII) checking urged departments for administrative services;

    (VIII) to guide the work of subordinate government service;

    (I) is responsible for the disclosure of Government information;

    (J) to complete other work arranged by the people's Governments at the corresponding level.

    Article seventh Department shall perform the following duties:

    (A) in accordance with the regulations of government service functions into one internal bodies;

    (B) into Government Affairs Service Center and set up the service window;

    (C) grants Chief window service terms of service;

    (D) in accordance with the regulations with administrative services window staff;

    (E) the preparation of the Government Services practice, and promulgated for implementation;

    (Vi) participation in the joint or parallel lead-approval;

    (VII) perform other administrative services.

    Eighth government service window staff shall perform the following functions:

    (A) to accept service;

    (B) basis of authority to proceed-government services;

    (C) the coordination and supervision of the Department internal body settles administrative services on time;

    (D) served on the administrative services handling results;

    (E) statistical analysis of administrative services information. Nineth Department appointed to the administrative service staff should have executive law enforcement qualifications, to perform first responsible functions.

    Service head window shall be equipped with and Department is headed by head of the same level of personnel.

    Tenth Department shall grant to administrative services window to accept, review, coordination, approval, accreditation, service-government services, such as terms of reference.

    Application in accordance with regulations did not require on-site inspection, inspection, notice, hearing, tender, auction, quarantine, inspection, investigation, evaluation, expert reviews, group discussion and decision procedures, the Department should authorize the Chief service window on the spot decisions.

    11th sector should prepare to administrative services directory and service practices, after approval by the relevant government departments to the public.

    -Government services practices including the administrative services set basis, application requirements and application material, procedure, throughout time, fee basis, fees, contact information, and so on.

    12th applicants to apply to administrative services, you can apply directly to the service window, or apply through an open-Government Services Web site.

    Service window should be provided free of charge to the applicants application for formatting text and sample text, and guidance to help the applicant to handle related matters. 13th Chief service window first receives the applicant's staff asked the responsible for government service.

    Administrative services responsible for the first application made by the applicant, should be dealt with separately according to the following conditions: (A) the applications covered in this sector terms of reference scope, application materials are complete and comply with the statutory format, it should be accepted on the spot.

    After accepting it can't settle on the spot, shall issue a notice of acceptance, and indicate the commitment throughout time;

    (B) the application materials are incomplete or not in compliance with the statutory form, shall, on the spot or within 3rd once told to supplement materials, and provide informed notice;

    (C) applications, not part of the mandate of the Department, or does not require approval, the parties should be justified.

    Article 14th administrative services shall be in accordance with the administrative service practices, and belong to settle matters on the spot settle on the spot, belonging to the commitment within the time limit, a commitment to settle matters.

    The 15th major or urgent administrative approval items needed by two or more departments, joint or parallel-approval should be made.

    Approval of the joint, by the administrative services management be responsible for triage.

    Implementation of parallel approval, identified by the administrative services management institutions hosted and organised sectors, shall, within the prescribed time limit to complete the vetting within the organised sector or put forward opinions.

    16th handle to administrative services, any of the following circumstances, considered as overtime settles:

    (A) the applicant's application, shall be accepted in accordance with law and will not be accepted;

    (B) the applicant is not required to reply;

    (C) exceed the pledged processing time extension to apply;

    (D) does not send the result to the applicant.

    17th service window not to approve (approval, registration and consent) for the matter, it shall report to department heads and administrative services management institutions and supervisory authorities for the record; major projects are not approved, a decision shall be reported to the people's Governments at the corresponding level.

    18th in handling Government Affairs Services charges according to law, according to fees and charges shall be published and its standards. 19th annual information service work statistical analysis reporting system.

    In the first quarter of each year, departments will be expected to our Department of administrative services for statistical analysis of the previous year, and reported to the administrative service of the Government regulatory agencies.

    Administrative Services data management departments should be summarized and analyzed, and reported to the Government of the people's Governments at the same level and the upper level administrative services management.

    20th Chief service management should strengthen the supervision and inspection departments to carry out the service work, the annual assessment window and its staff responsible for administrative services.

    21st supervisory organs should be the level of government administrative service center established and accredited to monitor the administrative efficacy supervision window staff, is responsible for accepting the complaints investigation staff violations the service window.

    Handle administrative services implementation of tracking and early warning, supervision, and administrative efficiency of electronic monitoring.

    22nd sector violations of these rules, any of the following circumstances, held in accordance with the measures for the administration of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the fault responsibility Investigation Department and head of the executive responsibility for mistakes:

    (A) entering without permission are matters of Administrative Service Center for administrative services;

    (B) in the administrative services center or handling service applications at the same time, and in other places inadmissible or to apply;

    (C) not complying with the provisions in the administrative services centre charges window collection of administrative licensing and other related administrative costs;

    (D) not provided authorization to the service window;

    (V), publish Government Services Directory has been produced and their practices;

    (F) refuse to participate in joint parallel approval approval or refuse to take the lead.

    23rd departments who violate these rules, any of the following circumstances, in accordance with the measures for the administration of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the fault responsibility investigation investigated for administrative liability for offence, transferred to the judicial organs investigated and dealt with according to law:

    (A) failing to accept an application for administrative services;

    (B) over time settle administrative services;

    (C) matters of ultra vires for administrative services;

    (Iv) work to seek illicit advantage;

    (E) gross made things difficult for the applicant;

    (Vi) other violations of the administration of government services provided.

    Article 24th of township (town) people's Governments and urban neighborhood offices and management areas, the development zone management Committee of city services by reference to these measures. 25th article of the rules take effect on September 1, 2011.

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