Zhuhai City Parking Management Approaches

Original Language Title: 珠海市停车场管理办法

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Zhuhai city parking management approaches

    (December 12, 2011 No. 205 Zhuhai city people's Government Executive meeting January 6, 2012 82nd Zhuhai city people's Government promulgated as of March 1, 2012) Chapter I General provisions

    First, parking lots, in order to strengthen the planning, construction, operation and management, improvement of urban traffic environment in accordance with the relevant provisions of laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second car park within the administrative area of the city planning, construction, operation and management, as well as other related activities governed by this approach.

Third municipal administrations in the city parking administrative departments, is responsible for the administrative management and overall coordination of the parking industry, and organize the implementation of these measures.

Planning administrative departments responsible for park planning guidance, coordination and balance, building parking garage standards, as well as planning and implementation management.

Price Administration Department is responsible for the oversight and management of parking fees.

Public security traffic management and road connecting the parking lot entrances order set, roads, parking and parking management.

    City administrative law enforcement departments must resolutely set the management and use of the car park.

Fourth Municipal Government to increase land supply and funding of the public car park, making preferential policies to cultivate and foster the parking industry in this city.

Encourage enterprises and individuals to invest in parking lots, or use its own land management parking lot.

    Encourage construction of stereoscopic parking lot and underground parking space construction. 

Fifth of municipal public parking information system should be organized by the municipal administration building, promote intelligence, information technology management, public car parks and road parking, exercise supervision over public parking information system operation and management.

    Public car park and road car park management unit shall, in accordance with the relevant regulations and standards, to parking information into the public parking information system.

    Planning and construction of chapter

    Sixth municipal administrative departments shall, in accordance with the city's socio-economic development and transport demand, together with relevant departments, development of parking in the city development plan, and the annual construction plans of the development policy, after the approval of the municipal government organizations.

Planning and construction of the seventh article of the municipal car park follow to parking, supplemented by public car park, road, parking for the necessary complementary principles.

New development and redevelopment, expansion should be based on the needs of long-term development, insist on planning ahead, matching principles in place, step by step, synchronized planning and building parking lots.

    In the port, commercial centre, administrative centre, public services and other areas should focus on supporting construction of parking lots.

Eighth new construction, renovation or expansion of all types of buildings, commercial blocks, residential quarters, commodity trading markets, tourist attractions such as, shall, in accordance with the provisions and distribution, building more parking lots.

Newly built, rebuilt or expanded health, education, culture, sports facilities and green space, conditional, should co-ordinate the use of underground space building parking lot, but should not affect the green spaces, squares, roads and the use of existing facilities function.

    State organs, organizations, enterprises and institutions shall, in accordance with the planning required to build car parks or a specialized venue for buses.

    Nineth of municipal Administrative Department of planning should be based on urban and rural planning, urban development and transport demand, together with relevant departments, development of functional construction land distribution in the city built parking standards, coordinated and balanced rural-urban parking facilities planning in the planning, implementation and arrange land for parking facilities.

Tenth city planning was identified as parking sites without approval of the statutory procedure shall not be changed.  

    Buildings change functions, distribution of parking lots shall not be diverted to other uses; distribution of parking lots are not up to change the standard feature parking berths shall be according to the changing features of standard parking or parking.

    11th no unit or individual may unlawfully would have approved the completion of the car park or parking space appropriated for other purposes.

    12th building car park should be based on the necessary supporting lighting, communications, drainage, ventilation and fire fighting facilities, set standards and design specifications and follow the parking lot signs, road marking and traffic safety facilities.

    13th of municipal planning, administration, inspection involves parking buildings construction, acceptance should be CC, city, transportation, traffic management and other departments.

    Chapter III operation and management

Article 14th applications for operating management of parking lots, parking management units shall apply to the municipal administrative departments, and submit the following materials:

(A) business license issued by the administrative departments for industry and commerce.

(B) the land use right certificate.

(C) the car park construction project planning permit and drawing.

(D) parking lot acceptance certificate.

(E) parking lot design.

(F) the parking layout.

(G) list of facilities in the car parks.

(H) the list of parking management systems and management staff.

(I) the application for three-dimensional mechanical parking, dimensional mechanical parking equipment of special equipment are required registration certificate.

(10) other material is required by laws and regulations. Municipal administrative departments shall, from the date of acceptance of the application in the 20th, and make a decision on whether to approve it.

Is not granted, it shall notify the applicant in writing and state the reasons.

    Without permission, no unit or individual is allowed to provide paid parking services.

15th municipal administration departments for approval before operating car parks should seek the views of municipal public security and traffic administration, the municipal public security traffic management departments to verify the car park design.

    Car park design plan shall conform to the national design specification and set standards for parking in the city.

16th article of the city's public car parks and road construction and management of parking lots and franchise management.

    Franchise public car parks and road parking (except for the use of non-urban roads road car park) shall pay the franchise fee and in accordance with the municipality on managing non-tax revenue management.

17th management of parking charges at the Government price, government guidance and market-regulated prices three forms of pricing.

Government pricing or Government guided parking fees, the price Administration Department in accordance with the relevant provisions.

    The parking charges of market-regulated prices, developed independently by car park management unit.

18th car park management unit to charge parking fees should be introduced for the prices. Car park management unit shall issue tax invoices specified by the Department to the parking.

Not invoiced, motor vehicle driver may refuse to pay the parking fee, and may be reported to the tax authorities.

    No unit or individual shall not violate price laws, regulations, and policy provides for the payment of parking fees.

    Fourth chapter public car parks and parking

Article 19th public car park operation and management, and shall comply with the following requirements:

(A) the parking entrance prominently marked the unification of parking signs, price tag, car park management system and monitor phone calls. (B) staff members wear a service license.

Dimensional mechanical parking equipment operators held a special equipment operator certificate. (C) vehicles to and from the identification registration, guided vehicles and parked, maintaining the order of parking.

Find long-term parking or suspicious vehicles, to report to the public security department in a timely manner.

(D) maintain traffic signs, marking a clear and complete site clean and unobstructed.

(E) ensure that the automatic parking facilities, parking facilities, information equipment for normal use and maintenance. 

(F) the installation or construction as required lighting, ventilation, fire, water, theft, monitoring facilities, and keep it running.

(G) take the necessary measures to control the parking of motor vehicles emissions, noise impact on nearby residents.

(H) purchase liability insurance of car park.

(I) the prohibition of the Park contained a flammable, explosive, toxic and other dangerous goods vehicles.

(J) provide parking services shall not refuse without good reason.

    (11) the laws, rules and regulations shall comply with the other provisions.

20th motor vehicle drivers when parking in a car park shall comply with the following provisions: (a) accept the dispatch of park staff, in accordance with traffic signs and lines and orderly parking.

(B) shall not be parked with inflammable, explosive, toxic or harmful of dangerous goods or other prohibited items, such as vehicles.

(C) after stopping in time turn off the vehicle engine.

(D) the proper use and care of farm equipment.

(V) required to pay parking fees.

(F) parking must not be used for illegal activities and business activities.

    (G) laws, rules and regulations shall comply with other acts. Article 21st parking management in accordance with the provision of property management.

Introduction of parking fees, should implement price control regulations.

Encourage parking to meet the units, under the requirements of residents parking in the residential area, open to the public and offers free parking operations or services.

Parking provide parking services, an application shall be carried out in accordance with this article 14th.

    Parking provide free or open operation parking service to the community, shall comply with the provisions of the present article 19th. 22nd article of the city during major events, public car park when unable to meet the parking demand, municipal administrations may require the surrounding car park temporarily open to the public.

    Park management unit should coordinate with the relevant management work.

    The fifth chapter road parking

23rd of municipal public security traffic Administrative Department shall, jointly with relevant departments, according to the urban planning and transportation planning, develop road car park set up the program.

    After road parking plan approved by the municipal government, by the municipal administration organizations.

24th road parking set programming should follow these guidelines:

(A) parking in the city development planning and development policies.

(B) in accordance with regional road parking total control and total amount control of city parking requirements.

(C) regional parking supply and demand conditions, traffic conditions and road capacity to adapt.

(D) difference at different times for different purposes of parking demand.
Road parking plan should consult widely with the public's opinion, and to the public.

    25th the following range may not set up road parking:

(A) the fire channel, barrier-free access.

(B) road intersection and school entrances, near public transport 15 meter range.

    (Iii) other regional and sections of road should not be set in the parking lot.

Article 26th city administrative departments can be set based on road parking programme set the parking on the road.

    No other entity or individual may set the parking on the road.

27th street parking management unit should be under the supervision of the municipal administration, in accordance with road parking programme requirements and standards set, designated parking lines and related facilities.

    Without permission, no unit or individual may be supplemented, removed or appropriate parking may not put up barriers affecting the use of parking space.

    28th of municipal public security traffic Administrative Department shall, jointly with relevant departments, parking garages in setting up and using the road on a regular basis to assess and change according to traffic flow and parking demand, adjust the road parking plan, and to the public.

29th Road Government pricing of parking, from the road car park management unit in accordance with regional and area parking requirements, on time or charged per parking fee. Road toll road Park is a city in road and vehicle storage fees are not included.

    Road parking management unit shall set up the necessary identification tips. 

30th road operation and management of parking shall comply with the following provisions: (a) the managers wear service license. 

(B) the command vehicle ordered parked, maintaining the order of parking.

(C) parking space must not be leased to a private entity or individual parking.

(D) road parking lot on the same side of the established settings contain road names, number of parking, charges and complaints telephone publicity to such information.

    (E) according to the demand for professional managers or automatic toll collection system.

    31st car park a vehicle motor vehicle drivers on the road, should be within the prescribed time, parked cars in the parking space lines within the marked parking directions parking as required to pay parking fees and comply with the relevant car park management system.

    Article 32nd for the city's major events, holidays, urban infrastructure construction, traffic temporary occupation, the suspension or removal of road parking, municipal public security and traffic administration departments can take temporary measures, and notify the municipal administrations and relevant management unit.

    The sixth chapter legal liability

    Article 33rd in violation of these regulations section 11th without authorization will have approved the completion of the car park or parking space appropriated for his use, rectification by the city administration departments; fails to make corrections, shall be ordered to correct the date, units or individuals, the number of parking spaces by were misappropriated penalties a parking fine of 200 Yuan a day.

    34th article violation this approach 14th article, and 21st article third paragraph, and 26th article, and 31st article provides, unauthorized established business sex parking or set parking berth of, motor vehicle driving people not by provides Park vehicles or in road within parking parking berth Park vehicles not by provides paid parking fee of, by city police traffic management sector according to Zhuhai Special economic zone road traffic security management Ordinance about provides be punishment.

    35th article violates this article 19th, 21st, 30th in the fourth paragraph provides, in accordance with the provisions of operation and management of parking lot, rectification by the City Administration Department; it fails, fined a maximum of between 1000 and 500 Yuan.

36th article in violation of the first paragraph of article 27th, road, parking management unit in accordance with road parking plan requirements and standards, designated parking lines and related facilities, rectification by the city administration departments; fails, a fine of between 5,000 yuan and 20,000 yuan.

    Violation of paragraph II of this article 27th, unauthorized removal, appropriate parking or put up barriers affect the parking, the municipal public security traffic Administrative Department shall order restitution, and a warning or fined a maximum of 1000 Yuan.

    37th car park management unit violates price laws, regulations and policies, the price Administration Department in accordance with the price control law and regulations will be punished.

    Article 38th executive staff violate these rules, dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism, and by their work units or departments in accordance with administrative privileges granted sanction; a suspected crime, by judicial organs according to law.

    The seventh chapter by-laws

39th article of the way the meaning of the term is as follows:

Parking, refers to a variety of motor vehicle parked in the open air or indoor areas, including parking, public parking, parking and road.

Public parking, independent site building is based on urban planning, public parking places for motor vehicles.

Parking refers to public buildings, business districts, residential areas, construction of large and medium construction supporting parking places for motor vehicles, including open to the public and that this unit, community residents, the special places.

Road parking, refers to the use of temporary setting of urban roads, parking places for motor vehicles.

Business car park, is open to the society, and provides paid parking services for motor vehicle parking lot.

    Car park management unit is responsible for providing parking services for motor vehicle parking lot management, enterprises or other units. 40th these measures shall come into force on March 1, 2012.

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