On Amendments To The City Of Wuhan Municipal People's Government Decision Of The Administrative Enforcement Provisions Of The Regulations And Regulatory Documents

Original Language Title: 武汉市人民政府关于修改市人民政府规章和规范性文件中行政强制规定的决定

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On amendments to the city of Wuhan municipal people's Government decision of the administrative enforcement provisions of the regulations and regulatory documents (April 10, 2012 Wuhan City Government 9th times Executive Conference considered through April 23, 2012 Wuhan City Government makes No. 226, announced since announced of day up purposes) to implement implementation People's Republic of China administrative forced method, maintenance legal unified, according to State on implement implementation straddling People's Republic of China administrative forced method of notification (country sent (2011) 25th,) spirit and Province Government about administrative forced provides cleanup work of notification requirements,

    Municipal people's Government municipal people's Government of the force to be issued prior to November 30, 2011 rules and clean up the administrative enforcement provisions of the normative documents, decisions on compulsory administrative provisions concerning municipal regulations and regulatory documents to the following modifications:

A passenger automobile, Wuhan and the (electric) vehicle security management regulations (municipal 69th order) as follows:

    Delete 16th section (b).

Second, the management of bulk cement in Wuhan (municipal 153th order) as follows:

    Deletion of article 18th "and shall be subject to late fees."

Third, of the implementation measures for the work-related injury insurance, Wuhan (municipal 161th order) as follows:

    In the 49th, "on a daily basis plus late fees of 2 ‰" amended to read "five out of 10,000 late fee charge by the day".

Four, of the Wuhan workers maternity insurance schemes (municipal 173th order) as follows:

    Of the 27th "on a daily basis plus late fees of 2 ‰" amended to read "five out of 10,000 late fee charge by the day".

Five, of the Wuhan City outdoors advertisement installation management (municipal 179th order) as follows: To modify the article 25th to "road within the illegal installation of outdoor advertisement, by the Department of transportation ordered removed; fails to dismantle, by the Department of transportation removed, the costs borne by the setter. According to these rules should be set by removal of outdoor advertising and fails to remove, apply to a court for mandatory enforcement according to law by the city administration law enforcement.


Six, of the Wuhan construction and landscape lighting management approach (municipal 198th order) as follows:

    Delete the article 19th (a) in the "to set up, the costs borne by the set who refuses to take, apply to a court for mandatory enforcement according to law."

Seven, of the Wuhan City public toilet management approach (municipal order No. 206) as follows:

    Delete 26th in part (a) of the "overdue change, managed by the city administration on behalf of reform, reconstruction costs borne by the responsible person according to law".

Eight, the lakes and reservoirs in Wuhan water transportation safety management regulations (municipal order No. 218) as follows: Will Nineth article fifth paragraph "water Shang amusement facilities should according to amusement and amusement facilities security supervision management provides, by quality prison, and police, sector check acceptance Hou, party can input operation", modified for "water Shang amusement facilities in input using Qian, business units should for debugging, and load test, running normal rear can input using; waters management institutions should organization on water Shang amusement facilities whether has factory qualified proved, operation units for debugging, and load test, prepared work situation for check

    ; Incorporated into the list of special equipment of water recreation facilities, quality supervision departments are managed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the special equipment safety supervision. "

Nine, of the interim measures for the administration of electric bicycles, Wuhan (municipal order No. 220) as follows:

    In the 24th, "if necessary, you can drag the electric bike the violator from driving to the specified location or detained according to law" is amended as "necessary electric drag bike the violator from driving can be moved to the specified location, non-motor vehicle driver refused to accept a fine to detain its driving electric bicycle."

Ten forward, told the municipal people's Government Office sectors such as municipal Public Security Bureau notice on strengthening the long-term management of entertainment (Takemasa (2008), 23rd), as follows: Article "resolutely shut down serious illegal business of entertainment" in the "closed" is amended as "the law".

    Also, delete the article "implementation of the ' single death ', resolutely shut", and so on.

Third, people's Government of Wuhan along the Avenue, and the regulation of outdoor advertising circulars (Takemasa gauge (2011), 4th) read as follows:

    In the article "by the urban management law enforcement law enforcement dismantle" amended to "request the people's Court according to law by the urban management enforcement departments torn." Municipal regulations and regulatory documents, as amended above, involving changes in the articles ordinal be adjusted accordingly.

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