Wuhan Urban Pipeline Management

Original Language Title: 武汉市城市管线管理办法

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Wuhan urban pipeline management

    (February 20, 2012, Wuhan municipal people's Government at the 4th Executive meeting on March 19, 2012, Wuhan municipal people's Government announced order No. 225, come into force on May 1, 2012) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to regulate the urban pipeline construction, strengthen the protection of urban pipeline, ensuring urban pipeline security, according to the People's Republic of China town and country planning Act, the People's Republic of China construction law, construction engineering quality management regulation and other laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

Second, within the administrative area of the city, this approach applies to this line of planning, construction, maintenance and information management activities.  

    This approach by said of city pipeline, is refers to City Municipal Road, and bridge, and tunnel, and track traffic, and people line channel, and public square, and public green, municipal based facilities (following known City Road) planning red and the pipeline dedicated corridor planning control red range within of water, and drainage, and power, and lighting, and gas, and thermal, and information (containing communications, and broadcast TV, and traffic signal, and city monitoring,, with), underground pipeline, and overhead Rod line and subsidiary facilities. Third municipal construction Administrative Department is responsible for the city's construction of urban pipeline management and overall coordination of, concrete pipe network construction management of jobs by their respective institutions.

Wuhan East Lake high-tech development zone, Wuhan economic and technological development zone, the chemical industrial zone, city of Wuhan East Lake ecological tourism scenic spot Management Committee and district construction division of responsibilities for the executive authorities responsible for the area of pipeline management.

Planning administrative departments are responsible for the planning and management of urban pipelines.

Water supply, sewerage, electricity, lighting, gas, heat, and pipeline information management is responsible for the management of pipelines in the industry sector in accordance with their respective responsibilities, and accept the construction Administrative Department of an integrated and coordinated.

    Development and reform, finance, urban management, public security traffic management, mapping, economic and information technology, safety, Garden, fire fighting, civil defence and other departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, good management of urban pipelines.

    Fourth city pipeline ownership or management units should be for all of its responsible for the security or management of urban pipelines, developing urban pipeline safety emergency plans, to ensure the safe operation of the pipeline.

    Article fifth urban construction should be based on the construction of the pipeline and intensive urban and conservation-oriented society as the target, follow the resource-saving and environment-friendly, Government-led, marketing, scientific planning, co-ordinating the construction principles.

    New article (change, expansion) building subsidiary of urban road piping should be synchronized with the road planning and creation, simultaneous acceptance of construction design, synchronization, synchronize, synchronization, transfer files.

    Article seventh technical specification for construction of urban pipeline should be subject to safety under priority promote the use of advanced technologies and processes.

Eighth City Road and pipeline construction of project investment and financing to encourage urban roads and auxiliary pipelines project construction by the same employer organizations.

    Encourage social capital through joint ventures, equity participation in investing in urban road-building subsidiary by way of the pipeline project.

    Chapter II urban pipeline planning Article water supply, sewerage, electricity, lighting, gas, heat, and pipeline information management departments shall, in accordance with the Division of responsibilities, according to the master plan, organize and make urban pipeline planning, departments in charge of construction Administrative Department of planning comprehensive coordination and implementation reported to people's Governments at the same level for approval. Urban pipeline plan once approved, without authorization, no unit or individual is allowed to change.

Really necessary to change, demonstrated and should be organized according to the original examination and approval procedures for approval.

    Line planning includes the professional pipeline development goals, planning principles, capacity forecasts, overall layout of facilities and pipelines, as well as planning and implementing measures.

Article tenth has been approved by city planning administrative departments of urban planning and related planning, preparation of controlled detailed planning in organizations at the same time, synchronize the preparation of controlled detailed planning of the pipeline.

    Controlled detailed planning should include detailed planning of the pipeline within the pipeline capacity, diameter, location, and the main elevation.

11th pipeline construction should delegate the preparation of detailed construction plans, the pipeline of constructional detailed planning including: building within the capacity of the pipeline, pipe diameter, location, direction, length and elevation, pipeline facilities (manhole, device boxes, and so on) on the horizontal position, as well as pipeline laying, installation and engineering cost estimation. And synchronized implementation of pipeline of urban road engineering, road-building unit in the Organization of constructional detailed planning of road works at the same time, preparation of a pipeline project in conjunction with detailed construction plans. Road construction should be carried out in conjunction with the construction of the pipeline pipeline comprehensive planning and design, as a basis for pipeline construction design.

    Comprehensive planning and design of the pipeline includes: determining under different type of road section pipeline and auxiliary facilities position, arrangement of space, clearly crossed the arrangement of pipeline and high vertical, pipeline reserved interface and embedded across the road and pipeline construction and protective measures requested.  

    12th new (modified expansion) urban expressways, primary and secondary roads, landscape road as well as scenic, key functional areas of internal roads, pipelines should be made into the ground, according to the design specifications allowed or does not have the conditions, should be in accordance with the requirements specification setting; its pipeline subsidiary facilities box, hidden settings such as home invasion should be taken.

13th pipeline construction should have approved the detailed construction plans, construction plans and related documents to the Administrative Department of planning application for planning permit of construction engineering.

By ownership of the pipeline unit investment and new (modified expansion) built pipeline engineering of city road construction, pipeline construction should tie in urban road construction unit or units shall be determined by the Government together with the construction project planning permit formalities made planned red line construction project.

    Need a separate pipe Gallery pipe, before the application for planning permit of construction engineering, should also go through the project site and other formalities. 14th urban pipeline before the project began, planning should be carried out, put the line.

    In front of the trenches after excavation, pipe laying, planning inspection line verify before they can continue the construction.

    Chapter III construction of urban pipeline 15th construction Administrative Department shall inform the city urban construction project related content pipeline build units or unit of ownership.

Construction of the pipeline unit or unit of ownership shall be based on city construction projects and pipeline planning, develop new pipelines or transformation, migration, abandoned both the preliminary plan of the pipeline and construction Administrative Department.

    Construction administrative departments shall, in accordance with urban pipeline planning and pipeline construction or ownership of units reported a preliminary plan, urban pipeline annual construction plans, integrating urban road and pipeline construction.

    16th pipeline construction or ownership of units should be in accordance with the construction of urban pipeline annual plans to implement the pipeline project.

17th new (modified expansion) built in urban road construction projects, pipeline construction or ownership of premises due to special reasons cannot be in accordance with the planning requirements of synchronization road subsidiary civil engineering of the pipeline of investment and construction, road construction units or legally determined by the Government Unit pre-built Groove Embedded piping or reserved channel.

    Pre-built channels, embedded piping or reserved channel, can be sold or leased for use by pipeline units, specific measures by the municipal construction Administrative Department, in conjunction with the municipal development and reform, financial, pricing departments separately. 18th article for new (modified, and spread) built city road or transformation city landscape and according to this approach 12th article provides, on both overhead Rod line implementation into to or on both underground pipeline for migration of, by road engineering, and landscape engineering construction units or by government law determine of units, according to original scale, and original function, and original standard also built Groove, and pipeline, structure part of civil engineering.

    Needs renovation, stalls and the expansion of the pipeline project, increased costs borne by the pipeline ownership units.

    19th in the housing demolition, pipeline removal projects less important functions, development zones and other conditions of the regional, and advocated construction of underground pipeline tunnel. 20th the employer prior to the preparation of detailed construction plans, should identify the existing pipeline of information.

Distribution status of underground pipelines is particularly complex, the construction unit should also to ownership of the pipeline unit of query or field detection methods were used to identify planned red line construction projects within the neighborhood there is a pipeline and distribution requirements in engineering survey fees were charged.

Construction pipeline surveys, pipeline ownership units shall provide the relevant pipeline information, cooperate in the detector, refuses to provide or refuse to cooperate with you and the employer may ask the competent administrative departments to handle the construction.  

    Identify status of existing pipeline distribution, and not based on existing pipeline distribution situation of constructional detailed planning, planning and administrative departments shall not accept applications for planning permission.

21st urban pipeline with the new (reform, expansion) of urban road construction, road construction units should organize the pipeline construction or ownership units commissioned the designer to design and construction design of integrated, forming a pipeline engineering and road design, and recognized by the pipeline industry Management Department. Design of complex construction projects shall be subject to network experts.

After comprehensive preliminary design documents and construction plans by the pipeline construction road construction unit, respectively Legal Department for approval and shop drawing review body for review. Preliminary design documents should contain both the overhead pole lines into, migration of existing underground pipeline programmes and budget, and endorsed by the pipeline ownership units.

    Construction drawing design of underground pipelines should be, its location, depth, quality material and specifications are optimized, all types of pipeline construction timing, duration, provides technology, methods of content.

    The fourth chapter construction of urban pipeline 22nd construction of urban pipeline for bidding in construction project tendering visible market according to law.
Bid to control prices should be based on engineering quantity list valuation norms and cost criteria, and be publicized prior to bid opening.

    Article 23rd urban pipeline and construction of urban road construction unit and its authorized units should be under the guidance of the ownership of the pipeline unit, develop existing pipeline protection measures and protection agreements with pipeline ownership units.

    Urban pipeline construction projects inconsistent with the investment unit of urban road engineering, pipeline investment units should organize their pipeline project commissioned by the construction unit signed a cooperation agreement with the road construction unit. 24th and new (modified expansion) urban pipeline of urban road construction, prior to the construction, by the competent administrative Department for road construction firms to build civil engineering quality, safety, construction supervision and management on registration procedures, pipeline construction should be matched.

In handling procedures should also provide the following information:

(A) existing pipeline investigations and protect the registration form;

(B) the planned red line of existing pipelines within the scope of the project;

(C) project planning pipeline protection programme within the red line;

(D) project planning pipeline within the red line agreement;

    (E) coordinating construction agreement.

    25th new (modified expansion) urban roads delivered after 5 years, overhaul the way 3 years after completion of excavation; really necessary excavation, shall be submitted to the municipal people's Government shall, in General, non-excavation construction.  

Article 26th excavation construction of urban roads separate pipelines, urban management Department prior to conduct road excavation permit procedures, construction of pipeline construction units should be required to identify existing pipelines in the region, making pipeline protection measures, sign pipeline agreement.

    With the new (reform, expansion) build a pipeline of urban road construction projects, without accounting for road excavation permit procedures, without having to pay fees for mining accounted for road repair. 27th have embedded information network of urban roads, information along cables must be laid within the embedded information network.

    No unit or individual is allowed to occupy existing underground pipeline pipeline corridor for construction or planning any civilian communication facilities shall not be occupied military communications channel.

28th pipeline construction and road construction should supervise, supervision units in strict compliance with protection measures and the protection of the pipeline agreement, to strengthen the protection of the pipeline construction area and the adjacent lots.

    Promptly notify the relevant units shall in accordance with agreements existing ownership units in the process of construction of the pipeline provided field guidance and monitoring, pipeline ownership units shall support and cooperation.

29th article city pipeline and new (modified, and spread) built City Road synchronization construction of, road units should timely and pipeline units, and both pipeline ownership units for coordination, organization construction units developed science of construction organization programme, integrated consider land demolition, and pipeline migration, and traffic organization, and construction progress and pipeline operation, requirements, reasonable arrangements construction timing and duration, and manpower implementation City Road and pipeline engineering; pipeline units should obey road construction units of and manpower arrangements and management.

    Before construction, road construction should confirm the pipeline construction in consultation with pipeline construction details, responsibility and cost-sharing programme in construction, pipeline profession specialized supervision unit to pipeline construction and roads common visa confirmation.

Article 30th construction administrative departments and pipeline construction and management bodies should strengthen the supervision and management of construction, integrated and coordinated units of road construction and pipeline construction as well as the relationship between the various contractors.

    Water supply, sewerage, electricity, lighting, gas, heat, and pipeline information management departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibility to pipeline materials and equipment the quality of installation, safety supervision and management; civil engineering construction management for pipeline, pipeline industry administrative departments shall obey the pipeline construction management agency coordination.

31st construction units shall, according to the city construction of pipeline safety regulations, within the existing level of underground pipelines within a distance of 1 m, prohibit the use of mechanical means excavation carried out exploration or construction.

Urban pipeline trenchless pipe jacking construction project or set up a working shaft excavation method of construction, its construction plan shall be approved by experts and submitted to the pipe network construction management agency records.

    All kinds of urban underground pipeline construction project shall, in accordance with the planning requirements reservation interface and reserved to the City Road outside the red line 1 m.

32nd validated pipeline plans and construction drawings shall not be changed without authorization because of site conditions, underground space occupied, geological conditions and other causes of alteration, design change management of pipeline construction should be in accordance with the provisions of relevant procedures. Urban pipeline with the new (reform, expansion) of urban road construction, road construction, construction and supervision units, should be monitored and suppression of pipeline construction, construction permission to change the design or construction project.

    Stop the invalid shall promptly report to the competent construction department. 33rd underground pipeline in front of the casing, line employer shall entrust a qualified track measurement and survey and record the lines category, material and diameter as well as attribute information.

Urban pipeline construction units of measurement should be on measurement results of authenticity, integrity and accuracy. Final survey of expenses shall be in accordance with the quantities and cost criteria, other costs expensed in full in the project in the pipeline project.

    Completion of the construction project survey of unstructured line, not for the final accounts.

    Article 34th top tube, such as non-excavation underground pipeline engineering construction shall reserve variable diameter, ground line; use of non-metallic material for construction of underground pipeline project should be attached to the electronic signs, metal tracer wire; electricity, gas, fuel, and other high-risk pipeline laying, you should set up warning signs. 35th pipeline construction should shall organize a pipeline project acceptance, and accept the supervision of construction Administrative Department. Without the acceptance of urban pipeline engineering, pipeline construction product protection measures should be taken, and to develop emergency plans.

With the new (reform, expansion) urban pipeline of urban road construction project completion acceptance, acceptance urban roads shall be permitted.

    Acceptance should be carried out before completion and acceptance of archives, related administrative authorities when handling the pipeline engineering acceptance record shall examine project archives pre final acceptance documents.

    The fifth chapter urban pipeline maintenance  

    Article 36th water, drainage, electricity, lighting, gas, heat, according to their respective duties, and pipeline information management sector oversees the pipeline ownership or management units on the maintenance and management of urban pipelines and regularly organize special inspection of maintenance and management of urban pipelines.  

    37th pipeline ownership or management units on the ground responsible for the safe operation of pipelines and facilities, strengthening daily inspection and maintenance, maintaining pipelines and their auxiliary facilities in good condition and safe; underground pipelines and their auxiliary facilities damaged, aging, loss, should be repaired in a timely manner. 38th underground pipeline failures require mining road for emergency repairs in pipeline construction from the ownership or management units, record, network management, while institutions and urban management, public security traffic management report, and within 24 hours for a replacement approval.

    In case of holidays, completing the formalities to be postponed to the next working day. 39th pipeline ownership or management unit are not allowed to migrate, changed or disused urban pipeline. Needed migration, change pipeline, shall go through examination and approval procedures.  

    Abandoned pipeline should be removed, not dismantling the pipeline pipes and check wells should be filled.

40th within the underground pipeline, the following actions are forbidden:

(A) the unauthorized construction of underground pipelines;

(B) damage, use and diversion of underground pipelines and auxiliary facilities;

(C) or move or cover, altered, removed, damaged a pipeline facility safety warning signs;

(D) dumping of waste water, emission of corrosive liquids and gases;

(E) piling up inflammable, explosive, corrosive substances;

(Vi) unauthorized access underground pipes;

    (VII) other acts that endanger the safety of underground pipelines.

    The sixth chapter of urban pipeline information

41st of municipal construction administrative departments should be based on the city based geo-spatial framework, making full use of existing urban pipeline information resources, establishment of urban pipeline information platform, and is responsible for the maintenance and management of urban pipeline information data is updated in a timely manner, the requirements included in the budget.

    Professional information platform of urban pipeline required basic Geospatial Framework data and professional information platform of urban pipeline information data forms should be provided free of charge and updated; professional information platform of urban pipeline information provided and surveying, Wuhan used shall comply with the regulations and the relevant provisions of the urban construction archives management.

    42nd article city construction administrative competent sector should with mapping, and planning, and quality technology supervision, and information industry, and communications management, and pipeline industry, sector organization developed city pipeline information data of Exchange format, and standard and the information shared directory; coordination about administrative competent sector, and pipeline industry management sector and pipeline construction and ownership units, and survey units, common participation city pipeline professional information platform of construction and maintenance work, implemented city pipeline information compatible Exchange, and build shared. Article 43rd water, drainage, electricity, lighting, gas, heat, information and transportation pipeline files, information and data should be in accordance with the provisions of the Exchange formats, standards, free of urban construction archives management bodies, unified into the professional information platform of urban pipeline, pipeline industry as part of government departments, management and ownership of pipelines (construction) co-constructing and sharing of information resources in an organization.

    Ownership of the pipeline unit and its delegates (delegate or Government departments) investigation unit shall, on completion of their pipelines archives, responsible for the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of information and data.
44th city pipeline archives information shall, in accordance with the following provisions of urban construction archives management bodies, into the urban pipeline information platform, real-time updates of urban underground pipeline information.

(A) within 3 working days after the completion of the pipeline, pipeline construction should the paper version and the electronic version of the underground pipeline built and as-built survey result tables transfer to the archives, within 5 working days and into professional information platform of urban pipeline; pipeline project archives shall be transferred within 3 months.

Urban pipeline and construction of urban roads, the relevant units should organize the development of pipelines and roads and integrated, unified transfer files. (B) within the red line in planning of urban road engineering survey, found to document the pipeline during the construction, the construction unit shall promptly report to the competent construction Department and inform the pipeline ownership units.

Not file ownership of the pipeline shall be organized in accordance with the relevant provisions and supplementary exploration and exploration and supplementary exploration in the 30th after acceptance of the outcome and supplementary submissions of urban construction archives management institution.

(C) urban pipeline after emergency tube or pipeline relocation, pipeline ownership of units should be in the 30th after emergency repair work is complete the relevant submissions of urban construction archives management of pipeline archives institutions.

(D) the lines approved by the Administrative Department of planning and in accordance with the provisions of the relevant procedures to be abandoned or changed using property, ownership, pipeline ownership units in the demolition of abandoned pipelines, fill abandoned well with grooves or complete property and ownership changes in the 30th after a pipeline changes submitted to the management of urban construction archives.

    (E) building connected to the municipal road of pipelines completed archives along with housing archives, together with completion of the construction of urban construction archives management institution. Article 45th citizens, legal persons and other organizations, the use of urban pipeline information, shall comply with the confidentiality provisions of the State, and go through the relevant formalities.

Construction Administrative Department and other relevant departments shall provide citizens, legal persons and other organizations, the use of urban pipeline information is facilitated. Urban pipelines data related information used in party and State decision-making and implementation responsibilities, construction and management of urban infrastructure, such as pipelines and other public welfare should be provided free.

    Urban pipeline information data shall follow the relevant regulations related to relevant departments for specific measures for the construction sector separately. Seventh chapter legal responsibility 46th article violation this approach of behavior, People's Republic of China urban and rural planning method, and People's Republic of China building method, and construction engineering quality management Ordinance, and city underground pipeline engineering archives management approach, legal, and regulations and regulations has has provides of, from its provides for processing; no provides of, by construction administrative competent sector or its delegate of construction management institutions according to this approach of provides be punishment, and reference Wuhan construction market bad behavior records and announced management provides,

    Bad behavior or publish.  

47th under any of the following acts, the construction Administrative Department shall order rectification, belonging to non-business activities, of less than 1000 Yuan fine is between 10000 and 5000 Yuan for the operation of the following penalty causes damage to others shall bear liability.

(A) in violation of these regulations article 15th, pipeline construction (or ownership) units not included in the annual construction plans of the urban pipeline went ahead with construction of the pipeline;

(B) violation of these measures article 20th, pipeline ownership units without any justified reason, refuses to provide pipeline information or refuse to cooperate with probe;

(C) in violation of these regulations article 20th unit did not identify both construction lots pipeline status of unauthorized construction;

(D) with the new (reform, expansion) building construction of urban pipeline of urban road construction (or ownership) units, design units refused to road-building unit design;

(E) pipeline construction units not organized pipeline construction contractor and other established ownership of the pipeline unit or city roads the contractor signed a cooperation agreement and (vi) tracking of pipeline construction in soil without organization;

(G) the contractor fails to pipeline protection construction measures and protection agreements;

(H) parallel pipelines and city roads during the construction of the city, construction of the pipeline (or ownership) refuses to obey without reason in urban road construction unit and the construction unit unit arrangement, block construction;

    (I) the construction of pipelines (or ownership) does not transfer of urban construction archives information in accordance with article 44th of this approach.

    48th article development and reform, planning, surveying and mapping, urban and rural construction, urban management, public security traffic management, water supplies, staff in the sectors of the information industry in the urban pipeline planning, construction and maintenance management of dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or engages in, by the Department shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    The eighth chapter by-laws

49th in urban road planned red line and pipeline corridor planning control red line outside the scope of private enterprises and institutions management of pipeline construction, these measures are not applicable.

Fuel, industrial and other uses of pipeline and auxiliary facilities in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, and shall comply with the provisions of the present approaches for pipeline planning and pipeline information management.

Military, railway line construction and management in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.  

    Routine maintenance and emergency repair of urban pipelines, urban roads or urban pipeline construction project planning pipeline construction activities outside the scope of the red line, carried out in accordance with existing regulations. 50th article this way come into force May 1, 2012. The city's information network construction, operation and management, applied to the management of information network, Wuhan (municipal order 171th) provides that no provision of the information network management approaches, these measures shall apply.

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