Establishment Of Measures For The Administration Of The Haikou City Outdoor 2012 (Revised)

Original Language Title: 海口市城市户外设置物管理办法(2012年修正本)

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Establishment of measures for the administration of the Haikou city outdoor 2012 (revised) (October 25, 1998 in Haikou municipal people's Government, the 24th released 1th of March 15, 2012 Haikou municipal executive meeting examined and adopted amendments on April 17, 2012, the Haikou municipal people's Government announced come into force on the date of promulgation, 88th) first in order to strengthen the city landscape management, keep the city a good environment and building a clean, beautiful, civilized, modern city, according to the People's Republic of China urban planning law, the regulations on the management of city appearance and environmental sanitation

    And related laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second article this approach by said city outdoor set real including: electronic displayed brand (screen), and logo brand (containing signs, and streets brand, and floor House,), and signs, and plaque, and lightbox, and neon, and projection lamp, and decorative lamp, and banners, and inflatable real, and shade Peng, and sculpture, and newspaper Pavilion, and booth, and booth, and mailbox, and Peel box, and Gallery, and hedge, and flower beds, and fence, and wall, and temporary stalls, and wash station, structures and the other outdoor hanging, and stacked, and posted of items.

    Article in which are within the city limits of urban outdoor setting of set, maintenance, removal, apply these measures.

Fourth District, Haikou City Department of urban planning and management administration (hereinafter referred to as the City Planning Administration) is responsible for the management of urban outdoor setting.

    Urban construction, industry and commerce, public security, environmental protection, landscape, transportation, civil affairs departments in accordance with their respective responsibilities, common management of urban outdoor setting.

    Fifth, within the city limits of urban outdoor settings must conform to the urban planning requirements and State regulations on the city, shall not affect the city landscape, green, scenic and traffic, fire safety, not content with uncivil and unhealthy.

    Sixth article in this city range within set electronic displayed brand (screen), and logo brand, and signs, and plaque, and lightbox, and neon, and banners, and inflatable real, advertising sex city outdoor set real, should meet set planning and standard, by city planning management sector audit approved (its site involved traffic, and road, and green, and municipal facilities of, or in airport clearance control district within buildings top Department set of, should prior sought about sector agreed), and to business administration sector handle procedures Hou, party can set. Article seventh electronic display (screen), light boxes, neon signs and lights, decorative lights, should be beautiful, clean, firm, consistent with the street view, keep the facility complete and functioning, and lightens (opening time synchronized with the lights, may not close before the 12 o'clock at night).

Broken or incomplete, affect the cityscape or endanger the safety of the public, sets should be updating, maintenance, reinforcement, or clear.

    Model block, away from the requirements and standards of the unit is required to install a lighting system and lightens the stipulated time if there is difficulty in installation of lighting facilities shall be required to provide lighting setting place. Eighth kinds of signs, signs, plaques should be clean and in good condition, health, writing specifications, you may not use irregular words.

    As a typo or broken should be repaired or replaced in a timely manner.

The Nineth approved within the urban land use hanging banners, inflatable objects, subject to approval by time, place, content, number of suspension, expiration should be cleared in a timely manner. Besides Binhai road, Jiefang road, Datong road, longhua road, Park Road and other roads may not hang banners across the street or inflatable objects.

    Cross-street banners or air suspension height shall not be less than 4.5 metres.

    Tenth, for the advertising vehicle of outdoor settings, not idle, idle shall issue a public service advertisement, or should be cleared in a timely manner. The 11th Street store awning set, must be reported to the municipal planning authorities, should be clean and beautiful, uniform specifications.

    Kept in the same style and the same street style, and hanging flat, not less than 2.4 metres in height, the width must not exceed 2.0 m. 12th urban sculpture, the planning requirements, should be coordinated with city culture, history, traditions and environment, reflecting the Tropical scenery and coastal city features, and keep the style intact, clean and tidy.

    Urban sculpture, planning management, is required to go through the reporting procedures, after receiving planning permit of construction engineering, construction procedures shall be handled.

13th kiosks, telephone booths, guard posts, mailboxes, garbage bin, gallery settings must comply with the requirements and in accordance with the provisions of the urban planning and approval procedures.

    Setting shall be responsible for the maintenance and management, keeping cities clean and beautiful of outdoor setting and in good condition. 14th along city roads on both sides of the front of the building should be built green, hedges, flower beds (pool), barrier or semi-permeable King walls.

Apart from green, and the rest set height of 1.8 meters.

    Construction of infrastructural development approved set of surrounding walls, taking up expired must immediately dismantle the clearance and repair damaged roads or public utilities.

15th temporary stalls set up by the City Planning Administration in conjunction with the relevant departments to determine the set of period, geography, nature and capacity range, layout, and so on, should not affect the city's transport, environment and health.

    After the expiry of temporary stalls, must be removed immediately on setting up, cleaning up, and restored.

16th city buildings and public facilities, trees should be kept clean and beautiful, not graffiti or carved items and hanging hamper city cityscape.

Balcony, windowsill of urban building urban roads, roofs, platforms, shall not be stacked on the porch outside, hanging hamper city cityscape, rebuilt or closed balcony shall conform to the relevant provisions of urban planning and management.

    Prohibition of urban roads and public spaces with Rails, Poles, trees, such as drying clothes or other items. 17th in the streets and public places should not be stacked materials.

Due to production or business operation or construction requires a temporary stack must be submitted to the City Planning Administration in conjunction with the relevant departments for examination and approval in accordance with the relevant provisions of the approval procedures.

    Installation of outdoor stack shall take protective measures shall not affect urban transport, environment, health and public security, expire shall be cleared in a timely manner.

18th are prohibited in city buildings, structures, trees, utility poles and other public facilities on all kinds of advertisements and other promotional materials. Posting advertisements, should go through the relevant formalities, and set during the special public ads posted inside.

Public advertisement by the municipal administration for industry and commerce in collaboration with the Department of city planning management plan by the municipal administration for industry and Commerce departments to set up and manage.

    Posting of the laws, regulations and other public information products, need to go through the relevant formalities, posted at specified locations.

19th within the city limits of pedestrian overpass on bridges, overpasses and other may not display stalls.

    All pedestrian bridges, overpasses and other outdoor advertising the Pontic of bridge, must follow the prescribed procedures for approval, and the use of transparent, light boxes and other forms of publishing, and takes up an area of not more than the bridge itself. 20th car wash locations, the planning requirements, and in accordance with the prescribed procedures for the approval procedures.

    Prohibiting the occupation of urban road cleaning vehicles pollute the environment.

   21st urban outdoor setting in the design, production and installation shall comply with the relevant technical, quality standards and comply with the following requirements:

   (A) distance of 10,000 volts high tension wire spacing shall be not less than 1.5 metres;

   (B) away from the low-voltage wires or telephone line spacing shall not be less than 0.5 m;

   (C) is not within the space under fire over 4.5 meters;

    (D) the Billboard from the ground shall not be less than 4.5 metres.

22nd article belongs to one of the following circumstances shall set outdoor setting:

(A) the use of traffic safety facilities, fire safety, traffic signs, fire signs;

(B) effect of traffic safety facilities, fire safety, traffic signs, fire signs;

(C) affect the safety and use of municipal public facilities;

(D) use of the city's main roads belt, green belt, damage to the urban landscape;

(E) use of illegal buildings, dilapidated buildings and other likely to endanger the safety of buildings and facilities;

(Vi) interfere with production and people's living, affecting roads, damaged appearance city appearance;

(VII) in State organs, cultural relics protection units, monumental architecture and famous scenic spots of construction control areas;

    (VIII) other prohibited for outdoor settings municipal people's Government of the region. 23rd approved set of outdoor settings, settings must be approved within the stipulated period of use requested, upon the expiry or urban construction, without conditions, cleaned or removed.

    Special reasons for extending the use of must go through approval procedures for extension. 24th for acts in violation of these measures, managed by the urban planning department a rectification, seriousness and a fine.

    If corrective measures are not taken, law enforcement cleanup or demolition.

25th for acts in violation of these regulations and fine lines are:

(A) in violation of the eighth and Nineth and tenth of these measures, 11th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, and impose a fine of 200 to 500 Yuan;

(B) violation of these measures stipulated in the seventh, 12th and 14th, impose a fine of 500 to 1000 Yuan;

    (Iii) violating these rules set forth in the 13th, 15th, 20th, and fined 1000 Yuan to 2000 Yuan in fines. 26th article to prevent a city planning administration law enforcement personnel performing official business according to law, in violation of the People's Republic of China on public security administration punishments Ordinance, by the public security organs according to law.

    Constitute a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs.

    27th City Planning Administration law enforcement officials who abuse their powers, neglect their duties, abusing power for personal gain, by their work units or higher authorities permission be given administrative sanctions by the regulation constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. The 28th party refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty may apply for reconsideration, or directly to a people's Court according to law.

    Party fails to apply for reconsideration or bring a lawsuit, nor performs the decision of administrative penalty, made the decision to apply to the people's Court for compulsory execution.

    Article 29th of this approach by the Haikou City Planning Administration Bureau is responsible for the interpretation. 30th article this way as of the date of promulgation.