Yunnan Provincial People's Government On The Decision To Modify The Relevant Part Of Administrative Enforcement, Regulations And Regulatory Documents

Original Language Title: 云南省人民政府关于修改有关行政强制部分规章和规范性文件决定

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Yunnan Provincial people's Government on the decision to modify the relevant part of administrative enforcement, regulations and regulatory documents (68th Executive meeting of December 16, 2011 in Yunnan province by December 31, 2011 172th promulgated by the people's Government of Yunnan province as of the date of promulgation) for the implementation of the People's Republic of China administrative mandatory law, maintain the uniformity of the legal system, according to the State Council on carrying out the implementation of People's Republic of China informed the administrative enforcement law (guofa (2011), 25th), Provincial legislative Office in conjunction with the relevant departments of the provincial Government developed as of August 31, 2011 in force regulations and regulatory documents related to administrative forces carried out a special cleaning.

    According to the results, the provincial people's Government for decision:

, Amendment 6 rules (A) will Yunnan province city save water management implementation approach (on May 25, 1993 cloud political sent (1993) 122th, file released) sixth article first paragraph in the of "except deadline paid outside, and by day added received Super plans water increases water 5 ‰ of late fees" modified for "law be recovered"; by deleting to sixth article second paragraph in the of "and the late fees" of content; by deleting to 13th article first paragraph in the of "until stop water" of content.

� (B) by deleting the management measures of compulsory drug treatment in Yunnan province (October 30, 1993, Yunnan Provincial people's Government, the 7th release) of the 18th "episode of, approved by the compulsory Rehabilitation Institute, to isolate or take other necessary measures".

� (C) the management of woodlands, Yunnan province (March 31, 1997, Yunnan Provincial people's Government, the 43rd release) of the 21st "late 1st plus late fees of 3 per thousand" is amended as "shall be recovered in accordance with law."

� (D) the management of bulk cement in Yunnan province (people's Government of Yunnan province, on May 18, 1998 60th release) of the 20th "on a daily basis plus late fee of 1 ‰" is amended as "shall be recovered in accordance with law."

� (E) by deleting the management of groundwater in Yunnan province (August 3, 2009, Yunnan Provincial people's Government, 153th published) in the 25th "late is still not closed or dismantled, organized by the water conservancy administrative departments at and above the county level closed or demolished, the cost borne by the offence".

� (F) by deleting the Yunnan provincial capital city taxi management policy (people's Government of Yunnan province, on May 6, 2011 the 167th release) 31st article.


Second, and 2 pieces of normative documents (A) in Yunnan province by deleting the rights of prospecting and mining rights use fee and price regulation (cloud governance (2004), No. 211) in the 14th "and from the date of delay is satisfied, plus 2 per thousand daily late fee".

� (B) the loan will strengthen rural networks in Yunnan province use of interim measures for the administration of funds collection (Yun Zheng (2008), 6th) fifth section of "in addition ordered to make full payment, but should delay satisfied date, plus 2 of the daily late fee" is amended as "shall be recovered according to law".

� This decision shall come into force as of the date of.

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