Administrative Measures For Railway Protection Zone, Guizhou Province

Original Language Title: 贵州省铁路护路联防管理办法

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Administrative measures for railway protection zone, Guizhou province

    (February 1, 2012, Guizhou Provincial people's Government, the 57th Executive meeting February 24, 2012, Guizhou province, the people's Government of the 132th release come into force on the date of promulgation) first worked for railway protection zone, maintaining the order of railway public order, according to the People's Republic of China Railway Act and the railway transport safety protection Ordinance and the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.

    A second railway along the people's Governments at all levels (hereinafter referred to as the local) and railway sectors, should be in accordance with the regulations, to watch the railway lines, stations and other defense contractors to ensure railway transport safety.

    Third Watch the rail joint Defense Contracting, implementation of railway stations and yards railway departments, supplemented by local; rail line mainly to local, railway departments, supplemented by the principles keep specialized watch teams and public defense, local defense combined with the railway sector and joining hands ... Railway IV watch the Defense Contracting work carried out under the leadership of the people's Governments at the same level. Leading group of railway protection zone is the people's Government at the management of railway protection bodies working in the Defense Contracting.

Railway protection zone responsible for the day-to-day work of the Office of the leading group.

    Facets of public administration, public security, finance, human resources and social security, industry and commerce, people, railway departments responsible, in collaboration with railway protection zone.

Fifth above the county level, railway protection zone leadership team responsibilities:

(A) the research and development of railway protection zone Defense Contracting work program, and to organize its implementation;

(B) to guide and coordinate the railway watch the Defense Contracting work, supervising the implementation of inspection;

(C) to conduct research, delivery information, Exchange and popularize advanced experience;

(D) establish and improve the system of railway protection zone assessment, contract work summary;

    (E) Organization to carry out maintenance of railway public order, AI Lu Hu Lu, publicity and education activities.

Railway protection zone VI implementation of paid contract responsibility system.

Places with county-level administrative units of area, fragmentation of railway lines from city and State Governments (hereinafter local contractor) contracted railway lines and tunnels, bridges and railway equipment, facility inspections and guardian.

    Guiyang railway Public Security Department (hereinafter referred to as the railway contractor) contracted railway station and yard security zone, maintain normal order. Seventh province, railway protection signed joint leading group responsible for organizing the province's railway protection zone defense contractor responsibility.

Local contractors and railway contractor shall respectively signed with the provincial railway protection leading group for defense contractor responsibility. Contracting responsibility sign once every 2 years.

    Really necessary extended, shall be approved by the provincial people's Government.

Article eighth local contractors and railway contractor shall, in accordance with provisions of the contract responsibility, set up watch the Defense arrangement, with foot protection personnel.

    Watch from the political good behavior, become familiar with the security laws and regulations, and a strong sense of responsibility, healthy 18-to 45-year-olds, or employment of demobilized ex-servicemen and labor contract law.

Nineth place contractors form a protection zone of organizations and personnel shall perform the following duties:

(A) to stop the destruction of railway equipment, facilities and acts of looting, theft, transportation of supplies;

(B) stop the Act of interception, hitting train;

(C) the maintenance of railway roadbed full, participating in railway flood;

(D) accidents and danger should report in a timely manner, and to exclude as much as possible;

    (E) AI Lu Hu Lu, publicity and education activities.

   Article set up by railway contractors protection defense organizations and personnel shall perform the following duties:

   (A) railway station and yard security zone and patrol duty in the specified range;

   (B) Suppression of acts in violation of railway vehicles, stations, farm security administration;

   (C) the Suppression of surrounding vehicles sold or forcing passengers to buy goods;

   (D) stop throwing debris at the station and other acts affecting environmental health;

    (E) AI Lu Hu Lu, publicity and education activities.

    11th watch officers on duty shall wear a uniform on duty flag across the province, be neat, civilization on duty, courtesy appointment, discipline, and accept supervision by the masses.

    12th townships and towns along the railway, railway protection zone should be as important element of comprehensive management of social management in the village (neighborhood) and the AI Lu Hu Lu, publicity and education activities in primary and secondary school students, the Organization of village (neighborhood) maintenance of railway safety.

    13th railway protection zone should strengthen the management of protection officers in the Office of the leading group, establishing and perfecting the duty, shift systems, together with relevant departments take a variety of forms, to watch the staff carry out ideological education, business knowledge, and military training, so watch the Defense gradually standardized.

    14th railway protection zone funding, led by railway protection zone, teams commissioned railway from the railway freight transport costs (food, salt, except for the military, agriculture and disaster relief goods) charging, charging by railway protection zone of the province Office of the leading group for the development, submitted to the provincial Department of finance and provincial price Bureau, approved by the provincial executive.

    15th railway protection zone requirements by railway protection zone of the province is responsible for the management of the Office of the leading group, and according to the provisions of the contract responsibility, and allocated in full to the contractor, used by the contractor's responsibility. 16th railway protection zone requirements, mainly for protection personnel salaries, social insurance, accident insurance, insurance products and railway protection zone.

    Use of funds, and accept supervision by the financial, pricing, auditing departments. 17th province railway protection zone should be watch officers of the Office of the leading group accident insurance and social security.

    In the line of duty injury, disability and death, and shall be subject to payment.

   18th the units and individuals under any of the following circumstances, the provincial people's Government or the relevant authorities in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State to recognize or reward:

   (A) outstanding achievement in railway protection zone work;

   (B) destruction of railway equipment, facilities, looting, stealing rail transport goods and combating crime;

   (C) preventing railway accidents, excluding railway obstacle outstanding achievements;

   (D) outstanding achievement in railway flood;

    (E) the pick or recovered stolen railway transportation of goods sent to the railway sector.

    Article 19th absent fraud, protection personnel, internal and external collusion, inside job, railway equipment, facilities, material is lost, stolen or damaged, does not constitute a crime, he shall be subject to punishment, discipline, and bear the liability. 20th purposes herein from the date of publication. March 27, 1993 provincial people's publishing, July 27, 1994 amendment of the railway protection zone, Guizhou province, the people's Government Contracting Regulations repealed at the same time.