Guangzhou Bonded Area Management Approach

Original Language Title: 广州市保税监管区域管理办法

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Guangzhou bonded area management approach

    (May 21, 2012 consideration at the 14th session of the people's Government of Guangzhou City, the 16th Executive Meeting June 16, 2012, Guangzhou City people's Government announced as of August 1, 2012, 73rd), bonded area, first to standardize the management, promote the construction and development of bonded area, functioning of the bonded area advantages and effects of radiation, opening, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Article in bonded area in these measures refers to the State Council approved the establishment of the free trade zone, export processing zones, bonded logistics park, bonded, comprehensive free trade zone, cross-border industrial park, such as special supervision district.

    Article this approach applied to the bonded area in the administrative area of the city planning, construction and management.

    Fourth municipal foreign trade and economic administrative departments, bonded area, is responsible for the overall planning and coordination, guidance in bonded area, bonded trade, bonded processing and bonded logistics operations, and is responsible for the implementation of these procedures.

    Reform, planning, land development, construction, transportation, environmental protection, industrial, port and other related departments shall, within their respective mandates, assist in the construction and development of the advance in bonded area.

    Fifth in bonded area management Committee (hereinafter referred to as Commission) is the Agency of the municipal people's Government, on behalf of the municipal government in bonded area development and construction of unified management and economic development, shall perform the following duties:

    (A) carry out the implementation of the bonded area's laws, rules, regulations and policies, based on bonded area, laws, regulations, regulatory normative acts and policy measures;

    (B) Organization and preparation of the bonded area, economic development planning, formulate relevant policies and support measures, implementation, organized by program after submitting them for approval;

    (C) Organization of bonded area development and construction planning, organization after approval by program, responsible for land development and infrastructure construction in the region;

    (D) the development, planning, foreign trade reform, land, construction, environmental protection and other related administrative departments entrusted, under delegated authority responsible for Administration in bonded area;

    (E) coordination and support of the customs, inspection and quarantine, border control, Maritime Affairs, foreign exchange management, industry and commerce, taxation, port and civil aviation authorities of supervision and management in bonded area, expanding bonded area, business functions;

    (F) promoting bonded investment environment in the region and the improvement of public services, provided guidance and services for the enterprise;

    (VII) discharge of other municipal duties, undertake other matters assigned by the municipal people's Government.

    Article sixth delegate in accordance with the relevant administrative departments, the authority can be exercised within the bonded area management permissions:

    (A) development and reform the Administrative Department entrusted investment project approval, approval and record-keeping, investment management permission;

    (B) Administrative Department of foreign trade and economic cooperation Commission of the enterprise with foreign investment approval, foreign trade management rights;

    (C) land administration delegated land management authority, including State-owned land use right transfer, leasing and construction projects for the former trial, construction projects with pre reports, handling matters related to investigating the illegal use of land;

    (D) the construction administration delegate administrative rights, including construction permits, preliminary design review of large and medium construction projects, urban road design approval, tendering and supervision, engineering quality and safety supervision, construction enterprises and in investigation and design enterprises, construction supervision and management of market intermediary service enterprises;

    (E) environmental protection Administrative Department entrusted the environmental enforcement and environmental impact evaluation of construction project document approval management permissions, including organizations implement daily supervision and management, the total amount of sewage charges, emission reduction, issued by emission permits, environmental monitoring, environmental emergency;

    (Vi) other administrative departments, in consultation with the Governing Council, delegates identified the need of other administrative rights.

    Exercise of administrative rights of the relevant administrative department entrusted with the Management Committee, shall sign a written power of Attorney, and in the power of Attorney expressly entrusted specific content.

    Management Committee should be entrusted with the implementation of administrative rights submitted to the Commission on the implementation of the management and administration sector; delegate administrative rights for the Management Committee should be implemented by the Administration for guidance and supervision.

    Article seventh bonded area, seat of the district, County and municipal people's Governments shall support the bonded area's development, construction and industrial development, you can specify the specialized agencies cooperate with related work undertaken by the Management Committee.

    Eighth in bonded area for the establishment, expansion, location adjustments shall follow the principles of economical and intensive land use, in line with the overall land-use planning and urban planning.

    Establishment, expansion of the bonded area, district and regional adjustment and exit according to the relevant State regulations.

    Nineth bonded area, should be in accordance with the plan approved by the national control area and four to the scope for planning and design.

    Controlled detailed planning of the bonded area, managed by the urban planning Administration Department, in conjunction with the Commission according to the requirements of urban master plan prepared and submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval. Tenth in bonded area according to business and industry need for construction staging.

    Bonded area development management body shall, in accordance with bonded area's development plan, the Management Committee of the monitoring and provide guidance to the staged construction and management work.

    Implemented fence closed management of bonded regulatory regional should according to customs special regulatory regional based and regulatory facilities acceptance standard of requirements, planning construction card mouth, and fence, and channel, and inspection yard to, and regulatory warehouse, and monitoring system, and test processing places and facilities, based facilities and regulatory facilities, for standing District customs, and test quarantine, regulatory sector provides necessary of Office conditions and guarantees Office by needed of water, and electric supply and communications line smooth.

    11th municipal people's Government development development of the bonded area, preferential policies and promotion measures, projects, land, capital and other support for the construction of the bonded area, and development.

    12th Management Committee should be bonded area, according to the country's industrial development, and city function orientation of industry development strategy in bonded area, develop and publish a bonded area, industrial development policies, guides fit into the district development projects, strengthen guidance and services for in-zone enterprises.

    Bonded area's production and management activities shall comply with bonded area policy of industrial development.

    13th may set up special funds for the development of the Management Committee, to help the development function of bonded area industries and supporting services.

    14th bonded area of land transfer income, "two lines of income and expenditure" management by the financial departments collect and manpower for the bonded area, land development and infrastructure construction.

    15th to encourage financial institutions and large investments or to set up a special investment fund to support the development function of bonded area, industry and investment and ancillary services.

    16th of municipal administrative departments should take the lead to establish a municipal foreign economic and trade in bonded area, coordination mechanisms, solve the bonded area development and construction and operation of major issues in using "big clearance" coordination mechanism, and improve the overall efficiency of customs clearance of the bonded area, and service levels.

    Management Committee should lead the coordination of a regional monitoring mechanisms, coordination, border control, maritime Customs, inspection and quarantine, foreign exchange, taxation, industrial and commercial sectors as well as relevant business services unit in bonded areas and issues.

    17th municipal foreign trade and economic administrative departments should take the following measures, coordinating, promoting linkage of the bonded area development:

    (A) support and cooperate with the customs supervision, inspection and quarantine and other regulatory innovation systems and models;

    (Ii) promoting mutual recognition of inspection results between different bonded area;

    (C) promoting enterprise credit rating results between the bonded area, mutual recognition, sharing and enjoying appropriate facilitation measures;

    (D) other measures.

    18th Governing Council shall establish a system of statistical work, for enterprises in the bonded area, production, trade, investment, efficiency, development and other aspects of the system of surveys, statistics, analyses, as required to fill in statistical reports, submitted to the provincial and municipal foreign economy and trade Administrative Department as well as district and municipal people's Government at the county level, where statistical agencies.

    Municipal administrative departments of foreign trade and economic cooperation should be carried out under the boards to submit statistical reports summary statistics, and legal use of statistical data.

    Bonded area development and survey objects such as in-zone enterprises shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions as well as the request of the Management Committee, true, accurate, complete, and timely provision of relevant statistics.

    19th Management Committee should be set up to centralize administrative approval, filing sites, implementation of a window to receive, centralized management, limited completed in time, tracking system, for enterprises in the bonded area to provide an efficient and convenient services.

    20th Governing Council should support and assist the relevant administrative departments in accordance with legal procedures in administrative law enforcement responsibility. Management Committee at the request of relevant administrative departments can be arranged within the relevant administrative departments in the bonded area of day-to-day administrative activities.

    For surprise checks, checks and emergency administrative enforcement activities, the Management Committee shall, together with the relevant administrative departments to develop plans to ensure law enforcement personnel to conduct on-site law enforcement.

    Relevant administrative departments in the bonded area completed law enforcement matter, the Management Committee shall be informed.
21st Governing Council shall, jointly with the municipal port, transportation, science and technology and information technology and other relevant departments, implementing and perfecting bonded area's Informatization construction to support customs, inspection and quarantine, foreign exchange, taxation and other regulatory platform for Guangzhou port implementing computer network management, promoting the integration of public information resources within the bonded area.

    22nd Management Committee should be set up in the bonded area, concentrated inspection area, regulators such as the customs, inspection and quarantine in accordance with their respective responsibilities and practical needs, are required by law to check incoming and outgoing goods inspection.

    23rd Governing Council should support and cooperate and coordinate customs, inspection and quarantine and other regulatory authorities to establish joint inspection mechanisms, develop collaborative, parallel jobs the job specification.

    24th Management Committee should coordinate and cooperate with the port, airports, ports, customs, inspection and quarantine units, determination in bonded area and movement of goods between the port of inspection procedures and inspection methods, building efficient and convenient customs clearance environment.

    25th article customs, inspection and quarantine, tax and other regulatory authorities should be based on the relevant provisions of the State enterprises in the bonded area, credit rating and credit evaluation high enterprise given the appropriate facilitation measures.

    Article 26th items such as goods in bonded areas and businesses in the region working on trade, taxation and foreign exchange management, by the customs, inspection and quarantine, foreign trade, taxation, foreign exchange management departments in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws, rules and regulations.

    27th Management Committee and the staff of other agencies in violation of the rules, abuse of power, negligence, malpractice, appointment and removal or by the supervisory organs shall be given administrative sanctions in accordance with administrative privileges constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 28th article of the rules take effect on August 1, 2012.