Guiyang City Campus And The Surrounding Public Security Prevention And Control And Other Security Management Practices

Original Language Title: 贵阳市校园及周边治安防控和其他安全管理办法

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Guiyang City campus and the surrounding public security prevention and control and other security management practices

    (May 21, 2012 Executive meeting of the Guiyang municipal people's Government on May 25, 2012, Guiyang municipal people's Government released 4th come into force on July 1, 2012) Chapter I General provisions

    Article for the campus and the surrounding public security prevention and control and other security management to protect personal and property safety of the Faculty and students, maintain normal education, teaching, research and living order, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second administrative area of the city within the purview of management campus and the surrounding public security prevention and control and other security management, application of this approach.

    Schools in these measures refers to regular institutions of higher education, specialized secondary schools, technical schools, vocational secondary schools, agricultural schools, regular schools, special education schools and kindergartens, and so on.

    Article campus and the surrounding public security prevention and control and other security management adhere to the following principles:

    (A) the Government leadership, sector interaction, unison;

    (B) the territorial administration, who is in charge of who's in charge;

    (C) the prevention, symptoms and treatment;

    (D) by law, timely and fair.

    The same schools across the region, by the relevant administrative department in accordance with statutory authority for supervision and management.

    Fourth of municipal, district (city, County) people management within the purview of the campus and the surrounding public security prevention and control and other security management responsibility.

    The relevant competent administrative departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, campus and the surrounding public security prevention and control and other security management related work.

    Schools shall, according to law school and the surrounding public security prevention and control and other safety-related work.

    Township people's Governments and neighborhood offices, community service agencies, social organizations, enterprises and institutions and villagers ' committees, neighborhood committees, and individual shall support and coordinate with the campus and the surrounding of public security prevention and control and other security management related work.

    This municipality radio, television, newspapers, Government Web sites and other media should be carried out on a regular basis and around campus safety awareness, broadcasted or published about school safety and public service announcements.

    Fifth report to the relevant administrative departments should publicize complaints telephone, accepted in a timely manner and around campus security reports, complaints and other safety. Violations of the campus and the surrounding public security prevention and control and other security management acts, any unit and individual have the right to complain to the relevant departments and information.

    Relevant departments should promptly investigate and deal with, no prevarication, and inform whistleblower complaints, the processing result.

    Chapter II supervision and administration

    Sixth of municipal, district (city, County) shall perform the following duties within the scope of administrative permissions:

    (A) strengthen the campus and the surrounding public security prevention and control and other safety management leadership, coordination, supervision, evaluation, establish and improve the relevant departments to participate in the joint collaboration of a long-term mechanism;

    (B) the campus and the surrounding public security prevention and control and other safety management work in the people's Governments at the corresponding level of social management comprehensive examination and annual targets;

    (C) configure the necessary educational and teaching facilities and equipment, and meet basic conditions;

    (D) held a special meeting on a regular basis, study and solve existing problems;

    (E) regularly organizes campus and its surrounding security and other security checks, found hidden in time specified correlation Department reorganizes;

    (F) urge level people's Government departments and people's Governments at lower levels to perform on campus and the surrounding public security prevention and control and other security management responsibilities.

    School of natural persons, legal persons or other organizations according to law, shall be in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph do related work.

    Seventh public security organs and the traffic authorities, fire authorities perform the following duties:

    (A) carefully create "peaceful campus" rules;

    (B) improve and implement school police registration, students to and from school to school and school to school during major events on duty, an important traffic intersection traffic order system;

    (C) enhance the campus and security inspections, timely control and disrupting the campus and the surrounding order, against personal and property safety of teachers and students;

    (D) according to provisions or the need to set specifications to improve the campus perimeter road traffic sign, road marking, traffic lights and other facilities and delimit the Zebra;

    (E) regular inspection of school fire safety, implementation of the responsibility system of fire safety, assistance, guidance to schools in developing emergency plans and fire emergency drills on a regular basis to guarantee access to the campus and the surrounding area, urging school reform fire hazards;

    (Vi) sent policemen to serve as Vice President of legal and counselor, guidance, supervision and participation in school transportation, legal education on fire safety knowledge and training;

    (G) investigate and punish violations of law and order, violations of the requirements of road traffic, fire management;

    (VIII) other duties stipulated by laws, rules and regulations.

    Article eighth administrative departments of education within the scope of administrative permissions to perform the following functions:

    (A) annual school safety management plan and its test objectives, organizes regular assessment;

    (B) clear management responsibility for school safety, campus security checks carried out on a regular basis, urging schools to implement safety measures and safety measures submitted to people's Governments at the same level or the competent departments need to resolve the matter;

    (C) the instruction and supervision of school safety knowledge and skills training and legal education;

    (D) led the development of school safety manuals and safety awareness programs, and guidance to schools to establish and improve campus security and safety management system;

    (E) is responsible for handling the school emergency plan and related activities programme of the record;

    (F) cooperate with relevant competent administrative departments to create a "peaceful campus" and deal with the campus safety accidents related to work;

    (VII) other duties stipulated by laws, rules and regulations.

    Nineth of production safety supervision and management departments to carry out the following duties:

    (A) in accordance with the campus and the surrounding comprehensive supervision and administration of production safety;

    (B) guide the administrative departments of education and school safety training;

    (C) the lawful investigation and handling accidents in and around the campus.

    Tenth industrial and commercial administrative departments around campus and commercial network management inspections, investigate and punish around campus without a permit unlicensed open food without a license without a license, and the campus store and other illegal activities.

    11th health and food and drug supervision and Management Department management permission to perform the following duties:

    (A) the inspection, guidance to schools in disease prevention and control and health care, medical units and specialized prevention institutions responsible for student health screening, coordinate the students ' physical fitness monitoring, timely processing of infectious disease information for school reports, implementation of the measures of prevention and control of diseases, especially infectious diseases;

    (B) to implement food service food safety supervision and management system, processing facilities for school canteens, food raw materials procurement, storage, processing and around campus food service food units carry out supervision and inspection, to investigate and punish violations;

    (C) guidance and cooperate with school teachers on a regular basis to carry out health education and infectious diseases, common diseases prevention awareness;

    (D) reorganization of medical service market, standardize around campus, to investigate and punish acts of illegal practice;

    (E) coordinate with the training of medical personnel, assessment and professional evaluation work.

    12th departments around campus culture, radio, film and television entertainment, dance and other entertainment and audio-visual products business of entertainment, Internet online service business premises daily management activity of supervision and management, and to investigate and punish violations.

    13th city management and comprehensive law enforcement departments in the context of his administrative rights to perform the following duties:

    (A) urge the signing and implementation of the school and its surrounding shops "menqiansanbao" accountability;

    (B) instruction and supervision to the campus and the surrounding area cleaning mechanism in maintaining environmental hygiene and clean;

    (C) investigate and punish campus surrounding the construction of illegal buildings and structures, management posted advertisements, social life, unauthorized graffiti and noise and construction noise pollution, free to dump and throw garbage piled up, illegal material, outdoor advertising law and other eyesores the city order and health behavior.

    14th of quality and technical supervision Department is responsible for the use of special equipment inspection and registration, the use and operation of the equipment is to be checked, to investigate and punish violations.

    15th housing and urban-rural development department is responsible for the campus and the surrounding construction safety supervision and administration, in conjunction with the Department of Education Administration regularly focus on school buildings and other crowded places, found safety urged in a timely manner within a rehabilitation, governance, to investigate and punish violations.

    16th transport sector in accordance with terms specification, improve road traffic conditions around the campus, regulation of traffic safety of Highway facilities do not meet the required conditions.

    17th urban planning, land departments in accordance with their respective responsibilities, planning, adjusting the layout of the campus according to law; to guide and supervise the educational administrative departments and geological disaster-prone areas endanger the safety of the premises of the school inspection of geological disaster monitoring and prevention of geological disasters.

    18th home and sport administrative departments in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to investigate and punish acts stipulated in the sale of lottery tickets and lottery to minors.

    Article 19th Meteorological Department is responsible for the coordination of educational administrative departments to establish severe weather warning delivery mechanism, smooth distribution channel, issued a severe weather warning signals in a timely manner, and meteorological disaster prevention and reduction science and related work.

    Article 20th Environmental Protection Department is responsible for the campus and the surrounding environment supervision and management of prevention and to investigate and punish violations.

    21st relevant administrative authorities to engage in campus and the surrounding regional security implications of screening, control, acceptance of rectification work, should listen to the views of educational administrative departments and schools around the.

    22nd schools shall perform the following duties:

    (A) establish and improve campus crime prevention and control and other security management, security systems such as accident compensation and accident liability, legally responsible for campus security and safety management;
(B) the law student safety propaganda, education, management and protection;

    (C) the establishment of school safety mechanisms for early warning and emergency mechanism, develop campus emergency infectious diseases, food poisoning, public order incidents, accidents, natural disasters and other emergency plans, and report to the education administration departments at the same level;

    (D) the law dealing with emergency security incidents;

    (E) other duties stipulated by laws, rules and regulations. Legal representative is the responsibility of school safety.

    Schools should be equipped with full-time and part-time security personnel as needed, assisted the headmaster is responsible for school security and safety management.

    Security personnel equipped with proportions determined by the Administrative Department of education in conjunction with the departments concerned after the approval of the people's Government at the execution.

    23rd of the related administrative departments and schools should establish campuses in and around crime prevention and control and other security management archives, faithfully record the day-to-day supervision and management, accountability, security risk elimination, and so on.

    Security profile as a target implementation of security supervision and management assessment, accountability and an important basis for treatment.

    Chapter III security

    Article 24th around campus and prohibit acts violating the administration of the following:

    (A) disrupting the normal education order of teaching, research and other activities;

    (B) the gambling, drinking, affray, mob, the fights and the other with pornography, gambling and drug activities, or any damage, use of public or private property;

    (C) in violation of regulations, making noises normal school education and teachers and students life;

    (D) sell, lease relates to teachers and students of reactionary, pornographic and violent books and pictures, films, audio and video products, or use computer information networks, telephone and other communications tools to disseminate information related to the above;

    (E) strong sell commodities, forced to provide or receive services;

    (Vi) unauthorized stalls set up here and parking, setting up or posting all sorts of advertising;

    (G) at school sports, cultural and artistic activities such as forced entry field, violated provisions in the Fireworks or other items, displaying insulting banners banners, etc;

    (VIII) religious and sectarian activities;

    (IX) other prohibited acts stipulated by laws, rules and regulations.

    Against teachers and students around the school campus 25th and personal and property safety or other security risks, should immediately take effective preventive measures, and to report to the public security organs.

    26th district and campus teaching staff quarters should be separated, nothing should set the staff dormitory of the independent channel.

    Living in families of personnel, staff of other units on campus, sent by the University to pass credentials.

    27th school on campus should be important parts of installation, improve security and electronic surveillance equipment, entrance of public activities in schools, school fences surrounding shall, in the context of monitoring a surveillance tape retention time should be more than 30 days.

    Schools should be in a student dormitory, school Office, installed alarm systems and alarm system networking step by step with the public security organs; in prominent positions within and outside school settings emergency and alarm calls, and alarming when an emergency occurs. 28th public security organs should guide security system within the school campus.

    Campus security on duty 24-hour inspections and strict application of the access to the identity document examination registration. Schools should be equipped with a sufficient number of security officers responsible for the guard on duty.

    Attendants should stick to their posts, conscientiously perform their duties, strict management, civilization on duty, receive the security staff for help and to report at any time, and in accordance with the provisions in time.

    Student boarding schools should be equipped with dormitories administrators strict management, strengthen inspections at night.

    Article 29th access to school personnel, should consciously accept the doorman on duty personnel inquiries, verification.

    Outsiders without permission, not allowed to enter campuses; admission, should be in accordance with the requirements of the relevant registration.

    30th article primary and middle schools and kindergartens closed to outside motor into, other schools of vehicles allowed to enter the campus, shall abide by campus traffic management rules.

    31st campus computer network users shall strictly implement computer information network security and the administration of public security regulations, and cooperate with the public security organs shall supervise and check and take the necessary security measures.

    The fourth chapter other security management

    Article 32nd construction activities around campus or set up a toxic, poisonous, flammable, explosive and other dangerous goods as well as high voltage equipment, shall, in accordance with the regulations and keep a safe distance from the campus.

    Campus surrounding waste water, waste gas, solid waste, noise, emission of radioactive material shall conform to the standards prescribed by the State.

    33rd of the related administrative departments, contractors and schools should take effective measures to control construction site dust, waste water, waste gas, solid waste, noise, vibration, pollution and damage to the school environment.

    34th prohibits the construction of the campus and the surrounding structures, structures and illegal stalls set up here, such as debris piled up, ensure that campus and the surrounding environment clean, orderly, and vehicle and pedestrian traffic flow.

    Law around campus or campus opened a farmers ' market, in the underground parking lots, shall not affect student travel safety and normal education, teaching, life and order.

    Middle school and secondary school within 200 meters around the area may not establish Internet online service business premises, schools shall not set up around entertainment, dance and other entertainment operations. Song and dance, such as operating entertainment venues and Internet online service business premises shall not accept minors to enter.

    In addition to national holidays, recreation, entertainment video games cannot be set to the minors.

    Lottery sales point and point of sale may not be sold to minors lotteries and lottery contract. 35th campus and the surrounding area of the mountain, the water flow to the school buildings, activity sites, channels and other security breaches, schools should be processed in a timely manner and report relevant administrative departments.

    Relevant administrative departments should be monitored in a timely manner, according to the monitoring results set the disable and the forbidden, prohibited near warning marks, and supervising in a timely manner.

    Article 36th schools, school buildings, sites, and other teaching and living facilities, a library or a library, laboratories, teaching equipment, drinking water, lighting, fire protection facilities and equipment should conform to national safety standards or industry standards and quality, all campus facilities and equipment shall be moisture-proof, dust-proof, heat-resistant, pest control, rust-proof, antimagnetic, anti collision, preventing metamorphism, and volatile.

    37th campus buildings, computer networks and other important equipment, lightning protection device should be installed in accordance with the provisions and regular testing to ensure that school buildings and related facilities and equipment, and teacher and student safety.

    Article 38th campus areas prone to collisions, slip and fall accidents, such as sites, you should set up the highly visible security warning sign.

    Campus building guard-rails, handrails shall be in good condition, sturdy and with the specified height, corridor, stair lighting, pedestrian signage and other facilities.

    39th school laboratory should install ventilation, ventilation devices, strictly implement rules and hazardous chemicals, radioactive materials, purchase, storage, use, registration and recycling, write-off System. Should set up a special counter harmful, toxic chemicals stored by professionals, highly toxic chemicals shall set up special tiegui store-double lock person for safe keeping.

    Experiment in the use of harmful toxic products, should be under the guidance of teacher discipline, prevent injuries from occurring. 40th school shall implement the campus buildings, structures, fire safety, water, electricity, gas and other dangerous facility security responsibility and reporting system, for facilities and equipment for security checks on a regular basis, found hidden in time.

    Unable to solve, or major security risks cannot be ruled out, and promptly report to the competent administrative departments.

    Schools shall, in accordance with the provisions of the fire safety sign to ensure access to the evacuation routes, emergency exits and fire engines.

    Schools should be on school premises and other facilities and equipment the inspection submitted to the local education administrative departments and other relevant administrative departments.

    41st school bus or use the school bus service providers are equipped with school buses transporting students, shall strictly implement relevant regulations of the State.

    42nd article of school canteens, food safety management should be strengthened, strictly implement food service food safety regulations and practices, procurement, storage, food processing and other sectors carrying out strict management, food for every meal time keeping samples of finished product should be, set food safety regulatory agencies and full-time food safety managers to prevent food poisoning, foodborne diseases.

    School canteens and other food establishments within the campus, shall obtain the relevant licensing procedures shall not be operating without a certificate without a license or beyond.

    Outside catering unit shall enforce the provisions, ensure food safety, and shall bear the responsibility for food safety.

    43rd school may organize students to undertake or participate in the following activities:

    (A) emergency should be made by professionals or adults engaging in activities such as;

    (B) the production of fireworks and firecrackers, toxic chemicals and other hazardous activities;

    (C) commercial activities;

    (D) other activities that may endanger the safety, physical and psychological well-being.

    44th school students back to school outings, trips, summer camps and other group events and other collective activities, and shall do the following:

    (A) prior reconnaissance activities, activity sites, travel routes, transport, equipment, etc after the security check, set strict and feasible programme of security activities and submitted to the administrative departments of education or other related administrative departments;
(B) activities prior informed the activities of local public security organs or any other relevant administrative departments, and medical staff with the services;

    (C) activities before you begin, targeted safety education for students, in writing of the time, place and contents, notes, and agreed to take part in activities where, at the end, and so informed the guardian, guardian shall sign the receipt and sent to school. Schools of more than 1000 people in large group activities, relevant provisions should be strictly enforced, and shall be approved by the public security organ that has administrative rights.

    The public security organs and relevant competent administrative departments shall take appropriate security measures, assist in school activities, and protect the safety of teachers and students.

    45th school teacher should comply with ethical requirements and discipline, not insults, beatings, corporal punishment or corporal punishment of students, in education, found that when the risk behavior of students in the teaching activities shall be warned in time, stop and communicate with the students ' guardians.

    Article 46th during the students ' study and life at school, should abide by the school rules and regulations, subject to school safety education, management, and protection and shall not engage in activities endanger the safety of themselves or others. 

    Student guardian shall cooperate with the competent administrative departments and the security management, graduate school of education and protection.

    47th schools shall, in accordance with the provisions established clinic, with full-time and part-time medical and health care personnel, reserve the necessary medicines and first-aid equipment.

    48th school suffers from mental illness, infectious diseases, drugs or any of the other circumstances may affect the safety of the school faculty, schools should be taken to adjust the workplace, post treatment, dismissal and other measures to prevent accidents.

    49th schools shall establish a safety communications system, in an appropriate manner, late, leave early, the students truancy, school leavers and other security information to inform students ' guardians.

    Schools should establish information security management platform, school location, building, buildings, Interior, nature, main vitals input basic information in an appropriate manner, such as a computer, networking sharing implementation and public security organs, as day-to-day management, rescue and reference information, and respond to emergencies.

    The fifth chapter safety education

    50th education administration and safety management training into the school head, teachers training, regular training.

    Schools should regularly for health professionals and is responsible for the teaching, production facilities, management, operation, maintenance and safety of special jobs such as security related knowledge training, increase their level of security knowledge.

    Particular positions relevant to the provisions of the preceding paragraph shall be certified in accordance with law.

    51st schools shall be food hygiene and the prevention of infectious diseases, the prevention of natural disasters, drug prevention and the dangers of drug abuse, HIV/AIDS prevention, protection against electric shock and drowning, carbon monoxide poisoning prevention, after-school activities and experiments in schools security protection, sports safety and transportation, fire protection and other safety education into their teaching plans, develop students ' safety and awareness, enable students to master the basic knowledge of security and rescue.

    52nd schools shall employ with expertise in legal and security expert, scholar, lawyer, or law enforcement workers served as Vice President of legal, legal counsellor, legal advocacy and education for teachers and students on a regular basis, and enhance the legal awareness and self-protection abilities of teachers and students.

    53rd school should be combined with the school and the surrounding environment, students are regularly organized earthquake, fire, sudden injury and other types of accident emergency evacuation drill, so that teachers and students are familiar with the campus and the surrounding environment, enhance the self-protection skills flight, escape, self-help teachers and students, respond to natural disasters and unlawful infringement.

    54th schools and their teachers should pay attention to psychological health education and psychological counseling to help students overcome the psychological obstacles due to various reasons, prevent and reduce student mental illness caused by broken, self-harm, self-mutilation incident.

    Teachers in students ' physiological and psychological abnormalities found in educational and teaching activities, shall notify the student guardians, privacy must be kept secret. 55th students suffering from mental illness, infectious diseases, heart disease, mental health, medical history, his guardian shall inform the school, brought students to medical institutions for treatment in a timely manner.

Sick students are not appropriate at school, student guardians shall apply to school.

    Rehabilitation of sick students, can be submitted to the school more than two General Hospital or the medical certificate issued by a hospital to apply for reinstatement.

    The sixth chapter rewards and accountability

    56th of municipal, district (city, County) people's Governments in and around campus crime prevention and control and other safety management outstanding achievements or have made outstanding contributions to the units and individuals shall give commendations and awards.

    57th levels of people's Governments and relevant competent administrative departments and their staff on the campus and the surrounding public security prevention and control and other security management work, any of the following circumstances, according to the head of any person who is directly responsible for personnel and other persons responsible:

    (A) fails to perform duties such as supervision, inspection, assessment, examination;

    (B) not paying attention to or regulatory measures are not in place, in serious or cause campus and its surrounding security and other security stories;

    (C) no time to investigate and punish illegal acts or harboured, indulgent;

    (D) any other acts such as dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or engages in.

    Article 58th schools does not perform security management, education, responsibility, or failing to establish and improve relevant safety management systems, or safety measures are not taken in time, the relevant administrative authorities shall order correction within; fails to correct or any of the following circumstances, educational administrative departments shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of school officials and others directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions:

(A) accidents, causing casualties among students and faculty;

(B) did not take appropriate measures, in a timely manner after the accident caused serious consequences;

(C) false claim and skimming or delaying report major accidents;

    (D) prevent the accident investigations or provide false information;

    (E) refuses or fails to cooperate with relevant competent administrative departments shall discharge the responsibilities of security management.

    59th units or individuals on campus and around violating the administration or any other safety regulations, by the public security organs or any other relevant administrative departments according to law.

    60th for the object under consideration and that no administrative rights violations, report it to the relevant administrative departments according to law.

    Article 61st of students ' injury accident compensation, in accordance with the relevant provisions.

    The seventh chapter by-laws

    62nd enrolled full time students and youth-oriented admission of other training institutions, in accordance with the measures implemented.

    63rd district, County (City) departments of people's Governments and relevant administration, schools shall, within 3 months from the date of implementation of this approach, with local practice in this sector, corresponding rules are formulated and their implementation. 64th article of the rules take effect on July 1, 2012.

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