Baotou City Reclaimed Water Management Approach

Original Language Title: 包头市再生水管理办法

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Baotou city reclaimed water management approach

    (June 14, 2012 in baotou city people's Government, the 5th Executive meeting on June 29, 2012, 114th in baotou city people's Government promulgated as of August 1, 2012) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to strengthen the management of reclaimed water in the city, ensuring that reclaimed water facility up and running, promoting the comprehensive utilization of renewable water resources, according to the People's Republic of China water law and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Article reclaimed water facility within the administrative area of the city planning, construction and operation (line) and the maintenance, recycled water use and management-related activities, these measures shall apply.

    Article of reclaimed water in these measures refers to Central treatment of urban sewage treated by a professional production and operation units after purification meet the State quality standards, can be used in a range of non-drinking water. Fourth the city's regeneration, utilization and management of water resources, shall comply with the requirements of energy saving and emission reduction and sustainable development.

    Encourages and supports scientific research and technology development of recycled water, accelerate the industrialization of technological achievements, and, the introduction and diffusion of new technologies, new processes, new equipment, and constantly improve the level of utilization of reclaimed water and resources.

    Fifth of municipal urban construction administrative departments are responsible for water management within the administrative area of the city, can delegate the establishment of reclaimed water regulatory authority responsible for the supervision and inspection of the reclaimed water, and so on.

    Shiguai district, and at baiyunebo mining area, tumed right banner, and the darhan muminggan United banner,, Guyang County urban construction administrative departments responsible for reclaimed water management within their respective administrative areas, accept supervision and guidance of the municipal urban construction administrative departments.

    Municipal water conservancy administrative departments into integrated water resources allocation of reclaimed water, reclaimed water resources utilization in planning; development and reform, financial, land and resources, urban and rural planning, environmental protection and other sectors, according to their respective responsibilities related to water management.

    Planning and construction of chapter

    Sixth overall urban planning in identifying water supplies, drainage, and overall layout of ecological environmental protection and urban infrastructure, should be taken into account development goals of reclaimed water utilization and layout.

    Seventh of municipal water conservancy administrative departments are responsible for water resources planning of renewable water resources, according to the city planning, urban construction administrative departments, according to the city's overall urban planning development of renewable water resources facilities construction planning, after the approval of the municipal government organizations.

    Reclaimed water resources use planning and the development of renewable water resources facilities construction plan should link the coordination.

    Eighth article prepared regeneration water resources using planning and regeneration water resources using facilities construction development planning, should followed "based actual, and and manpower planning, and science layout, and highlight focus, and step by step" of principles; full consider this city mountain North area industrial water and town garden green water need, reasonable deployment, gradually improve can accept regeneration water water standard of industrial, and garden green of regeneration water using proportion, promote water resources cycle using.

    Reclaimed water resources use planning and renewable water resources facilities construction and development plans should include renewable water resources utilization status, demand for urban wastewater discharge forecasts, the recycled water analyses, reclaimed water facility layout and size, construction of short and long term goals, such as contents and arrangements, and fully consider the long-term increase in water consumption.

    Nineth Governments at various levels should increase financial funding, vigorously implement the renewable water resource utilization planning and infrastructure development plan for water resources use, accelerate the utilization of reuse water in facilities construction, improve reclaimed water facilities systems, network support. Tenth gradual establishment of water price system and water structures, leading water unit actively uses of reclaimed water, and expanding the scope of utilization of reuse water in.

    Recycled water and centralized water supply planning network to cover the area and conditions of utilization of reuse water in, new construction, renovation or expansion projects can have reclaimed water facilities under construction, the use of reclaimed water. Municipal water conservancy administrative departments review the 11th industrial construction projects (including new construction, renovation or expansion projects) water resources assessment report should be reclaimed wastewater construction project of reclaimed water use conditions to determine the minimum amount.

    Units shall in accordance with approval documents of water conservancy administrative departments to implement utilization of reclaimed water.

    According to regulations should build water facilities for industrial construction projects, the reclaimed water facility should be the main part of the project design, construction and deliveries simultaneously, its overall investment into the main part of the project budget. 12th reclaimed water use facilities survey, design, construction, supervision and personnel should have appropriate professional qualification and practicing qualification, and abide by the State and the autonomous communities on technical norms and standards.

    Construction project of reclaimed water facility when it is completed, acceptance of reclaimed water facility should be carried out together, and notify the appropriate reclaimed water operations unit participated. 13th construction involved the utilization of recycled water infrastructure, the construction units before construction or the construction unit shall promptly identify underground pipes to recycled ice operating unit soul.

    Construction safety of reclaimed water facilities, units and construction units should be agreed upon with the operating units of reclaimed water and to take the appropriate protection measures.

    Regeneration of damaged during construction of water facilities, construction or construction unit compensation according to law. 14th renewable water supply facility construction, repairing mining required, when you cross the road, temporary occupation of the city, shall adopt effective security measures, can repair replacement procedures.

    Damage to facilities such as roads, green, restitution in kind or compensation should be.

    Chapter III operation and management

    15th reclaimed water operations unit should be commensurate with the scale of water supplies with reclaimed water reclaimed water facilities, working capital, professional technology, emergency teams and equipment, with perfect management system of safety and service standards, certificates under the relevant laws, regulations, and submitted to the municipal urban and rural construction administrative departments for the record. 16th operating unit should improve the regeneration of reclaimed water water water sulfonic detection system, set the regeneration water quality testing organization, equipped with the appropriate inspection technicians and equipment, and obtained the relevant qualification qualification, water quality testing in accordance with national standard, renewable water quality testing, ensure drinking water quality to meet national standards.

    Does not have the recycled water quality testing capabilities, entrust a qualified water quality testing organization detected.

    Municipal urban construction administrative departments and the establishment of the recycled water regulatory authority responsible for supervising the recycled water, regular organization of reclaimed water quality sampling. 17th recycled water water water supply contract with the reclaimed water users.

    Reclaimed water users have special requirements for reclaimed water quantity, water quality, water pressure, additional treatment facilities, water supply facilities, should be agreed with the consent of the recycled water operations to be implemented, by the relevant units of acceptance before use. 18th renewable water user of water a meter. Water meters should be determined by measuring body with statutory qualification inspection and verification in accordance with the cycle.

    User disagrees with the accuracy of water meters, may make a request to the renewable water supply unit test requirements, test error rates than standard, testing fees paid by the recycled water water supply unit and refund the difference user charges for recycling water of the month; did not exceed standards, testing fees borne by the reclaimed water users.

    Article 19th no unit or individual may misappropriate or unauthorized for reclaimed water; reclaimed water users shall not intentionally make failure of stagnant water, or retrograde, resulting in the loss, should pay for the damage.

    20th recycled water water prices determined by price Administrative Department in accordance with legal procedures. Users in the use of recycled water, sharing a water meter because of the different nature of water, according to water the highest water charges for regeneration of charge water.

    Changing the water reclaimed water should be in the nature of an operation unit to handle change. 21st reclaimed water users should receive reclaimed water within the water sent to the 15th, to recycled water operations unit to pay charges for recycled water. Reclaimed water users within one month of non-payment of charges for recycled water, recycled water operations unit is entitled to in accordance with the regulations on the recycled water water user interventions.

    Users pay the relevant fee, shall promptly restore the water supply.

    22nd reclaimed water use facilities management and maintenance division of responsibility is bounded by water meter, water meter (meter) outside of reclaimed water facility, composed of recycled water operations unit is responsible for management and maintenance; within meters of reclaimed water facility by reclaimed water users are responsible for management and maintenance. 23rd reclaimed water use facilities management and maintenance responsibilities shall in the regeneration water outlet marked "no drinking water".

    Recycled water pipes, water tanks and other equipment should all be painted pale green appearance, and with no other direct connection of water supply facilities. 24th reclaimed water users are not allowed to access, modification, migration, dismantle the reclaimed water operations unit is responsible for management and maintenance of water facilities; to access due to construction, alteration, transfer, removal, shall be agreed by the operating unit of reclaimed water.

    Access, modification, migration, remove the cost of reclaimed water facilities, borne by the employer.

    25th without consent of reclaimed water for operating units may not be off for reclaimed water sluice valve that should not be recycled water supply line installation pressure water pumping device.

    26th in the regeneration of designated water use facilities within the scope of protection (in accordance with the standards of public water supply pipelines), which prohibits the following activities:

    (A) the emission of corrosive, radioactive, inflammable, explosive, toxic and harmful substances and sewage (waste) water, dumping of garbage, waste, excrement and other waste;

    (B) construction building (structures);

    (C) sand soil and blasting operations;

    (D) the planting of trees and crops;

    (E) other damages, encroachment of urban water supplies with reclaimed water facilities Act.

    Caused by the activity of the preceding paragraph reclaimed water facilities damaged, leaks and other consequences, in addition to administrative responsibilities, shall bear the corresponding economic damages.

    The fourth chapter legal liability

    27th operating unit of reclaimed water in violation of the rules of any of the following acts, the municipal urban construction administrative departments order the rectification, and sentenced to between 5000 and 10000 Yuan fines:

    (A) after completion of utilization of reuse water in facilities, is not organized according to relevant regulations of the State acceptance or acceptance of the nonconforming use;

    (B) is not in accordance with the provisions in the recycled water facilities exit marked "no drinking water";

    (C) of recycled water price in accordance with the price determined by the competent administrative department standards;

    (D) fails to carry out formalities as provided herein.

    28th article violation this approach provides, has following behavior one of of, by City urban and rural construction administrative competent sector with related law enforcement sector ordered its deadline rectification, give warning; plot serious caused loss of, should compensation loss, and on personal sentenced 1000 Yuan fine, on units sentenced 10000 Yuan above, and 30000 Yuan following fine; has this article subsection (a) items behavior, violation security management or constitute crime of, law held security management administrative responsibility or criminal:

    (A) theft of reclaimed water;

    (B) the renewable water supply line to unauthorized installation of pressurized water pumping device;

    (C) unauthorized opening and closing of reclaimed water for sluice valves;

    (D) violation of these measures article 26th, designated safety of reclaimed water facilities within the scope of protection against the reclaimed water facility security activities.

    29th article violates these rules, file not approved by the water conservancy administrative departments of the implementation of reclaimed water utilization, by the water conservancy Administrative Department shall order the rectification, and a fine of more than 10000, 30000 Yuan fine.

    Article 30th reclaimed water administration departments, units and their staff, dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism, or higher authority be given administrative sanctions by the unit constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    The fifth chapter supplementary articles 31st article this way come into force on August 1, 2012.

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