Public Service Buildings In Xining Construction Management Approach

Original Language Title: 西宁市居住区公共服务用房建设管理办法

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Public service buildings in Xining construction management approach (May 16, 2012 Xining City Government 6th times Executive Conference considered through June 21, 2012 Xining City Government makes 113th, announced since announced of day up purposes) first article for specification city residential public service with room construction management, improved live environment, improve life quality, according to People's Republic of China real right method, and People's Republic of China urban and rural planning method, and People's Republic of China City real estate management method, and City real estate development business management Ordinance

    The provisions of laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second approach applies within the community public service buildings in the city planning, construction and management.

    Article III public service buildings in these measures refers to community services, health care, cultural activities, direct dish (meat), shops, service facilities and other buildings.

    Other public service facilities of residential district planning, construction and management according to the relevant provisions of the State.

    Fourth municipal administrative departments in charge of planning the urban areas within the community public service space planning, construction management.

    City development and reform, finance, construction, real estate, health, home, business, cultural and other relevant departments, in accordance with their responsibility to public services by building management.

    District Government in charge of public service buildings within the city limits of use management.

    Xining (national) economic and technological development zone is responsible for the management of residential housing construction and management of public services in the region.

    Article fifth within the city limits new and approved acceptance of residential construction projects according to the implementation of these measures. Sixth residential district public service buildings should be synchronized with the live project planning and design, construction and synchronous delivery.

    Phased development of residential construction projects, city planning administrative departments should be based on the construction schedule, clear criteria for the construction of public service buildings, duration of construction, and so on.

    Article seventh public service buildings adopted the project development unit construction, the District Government in accordance with the manner of construction cost price acquisition.

    Article eighth construction of public service buildings with residential construction projects, in accordance with the principle of people-oriented, according to local conditions and conservation of land, take the form of the relative concentration of reasonable layout.

    Nineth public service space allocation in proportion according to the residential development projects proportion of total area on the ground implementation:

    (A) the total building area 15000 square meters on the ground below the residential project, no construction in residential areas with Service rooms;

    (B) the total floor area of more than 15000 square meters on the ground living project, in accordance with the percentage distribution of the total floor area of 2-3‰ was built on the ground; Tenth of municipal planning administrative departments should prepare detailed control of residential district planning and detailed construction plans, clear room for public service names, size, area, location, and so on.

    And surrounding public service facilities combined with specific settings, use requirements and relevant regulations, determines the content and scale of construction of residential district public service buildings.

    11th city planning issued by the administrative authorities in the land bidding, auction and listing and design conditions, specific construction should be in accordance with the relevant standards requirements and public service buildings purchase price, price, price, reference Department market construction cost price of the previous year.

    12th project of development project construction in design submitted for planning programmes, public service buildings should be indicated in the design name, size, area, location and other details.

    13th city planning administrative departments shall carefully vetted community public services building construction standards, the size of the content, the programme has failed to meet the construction requirements of planning and design, not for approval, and shall not be issued by the planning permit of construction engineering.

    14th building construction plans are reviewed by administrative authorities, shall be in accordance with the approved planning scheme review public service buildings, without the required construction of public service buildings with construction plans, not approved, municipal construction Administrative Department may issue construction permits.

    15th residential housing construction for public services should be implemented in accordance with the relevant technical standards, transfer of relevant units must comply with the requirements.

    Of development project construction construction of 16th section public service buildings and urban infrastructure supporting fees waived. Article 17th of development project construction in the construction project planning permit shall, before receiving the District Government or specified public service housing agreement signed.

    Protocols should clearly support facilities in building content, size, standard, start and completion time, transfer procedures, supervision and management, purchase price, acceptance records, breach of contract and other related content. 18th of development project construction after construction completed with public service buildings, should be in accordance with the relevant regulations of acceptance.

    Acceptance after the adoption, within the period stipulated in the agreement for transfer to the District Government and the relevant departments, departments of City Planning Administration planning according to the procedures for the transfer and acceptance.

    19th of municipal property Administrative Department according community public service buildings handed over procedure, proof of acceptance of planning data, go through the residential area construction project public service buildings and residential property registry procedures and waive the costs associated with public service buildings.

    20th the District Government and the relevant departments have made after the property rights of public service buildings should use by planning and design management.

    Article 21st of development project construction in accordance with the planning requirements for construction in residential areas with service buildings and unauthorized construction, the Department of City Planning Administration in accordance with the People's Republic of China urban and rural planning act shall be punished. 22nd community public service buildings must be in strict accordance with the takeover plan allocation purposes, diverted to any other use is strictly prohibited.

    On changes of land use, monitored by administrative organs for the responsibility of the relevant departments and the responsible person.

    Article 23rd public service buildings, County County Planning, construction and management, with the actual situation, in accordance with the measures implemented. 24th article this way come into force on the date of promulgation.

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