Kunming Technical Regulations For Urban Planning Management

Original Language Title: 昆明市城乡规划管理技术规定

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Kunming technical regulations for urban planning management

    (May 4, 2012, Kunming city people's Government at the 32nd Executive meeting to 114th, published since June 19, 2012 in Kunming people's Government as of August 10, 2012) directory

    Chapter I General provisions

    Chapter II administration of construction land use planning

    Chapter three building space

    The fourth chapter Setback

    Fifth chapter building height and ecological landscape

    Sixth chapter parking set

    The seventh chapter of underground space development and utilization

    The eighth chapter of municipal engineering

    Nineth part rural planning and construction

    The tenth chapter supplementary articles

    Appendix I glossary

    Appendix b calculation rules

    Appendix III of the urban land classification and land planning and construction standards

    Appendix a four way cut angle and turn diagram

    Chapter I General provisions

    First article for Science prepared urban and rural planning, strengthening planning management, improved urban and rural people home environment, achieved urban and rural planning design and planning management of standardized and legal of, guarantees law implementation urban and rural planning, according to People's Republic of China urban and rural planning method, and Kunming urban and Rural Planning Ordinance, and Kunming city general planning and the related legal, and regulations and technology specification,, combined this city actual, developed this provides.

    Article set out in the urban master planning of Kunming urban planning areas, yangzong scenic managed regional and other counties (cities) district where the people's Governments of towns, industrial parks, as well as provincial and town and country planning, design and construction, management and other related activities, must comply with this provision.

    In the above-mentioned areas at all levels of the planning district by County (City), the district people's Government, (CMC), combined with their practice, with reference to these provisions.

    Article according to the Kunming economic and social development needs of urban functions and with special requirements, such as urban planning and development, Kunming urban planning departments should designate specific areas and reported to the municipality for approval.

    All construction activities in a particular area shall comply with the specific areas within the controlled detailed planning and urban design requirements.

    Fourth article within the scope of protection of historical and cultural city of Kunming city historical and cultural protection, construction and planning and management should be based on approved conservation plan.

    The fifth compilation of the urban and rural planning and construction design plan should be adopted by the Kunming city people's Government approved the unity of independent coordinate system and height system.

    Chapter II administration of construction land use planning

    Sixth land for urban construction should follow the "overall planning, development, construction, intensive use, improve function, improving the environment," the principles of reasonable layout.

    The city's urban and rural land and construction standard for classification of urban construction land and, in accordance with the planning and construction of urban land classification and land standard (GB50137-2011) (see Appendix III).

    Article seventh land for construction should be based on the approved control detailed plan determining the nature, there is no approved controlled detailed planning, has approved the plan at a higher level. Establishment and adjustment of regulatory detailed planning, you can set the mixed land, will benefit, functional use of environmental requirements is similar and each other without adversely affecting the mix settings.

    Has a variety of uses should be made according to its nature as a basis for classification of ground use leading facilities, and different applications of building scale, generally split in above ground area calculation.

    Article eighth field size of construction projects shall conform to the following provisions:

    (A) shall in principle by way of planning control overall planning and construction of the surrounding neighborhood; beyond the neighbourhood integrated development of land, should be integrated in the same neighborhood surrounding developable land, unified development and construction. (B) no commodity housing projects into the overall development of the neighborhood with an area of not less than 0.67 hectares (net 10 acres).

    Non-residential construction area shall not be less than 0.20 ha, involving the development of high-rise building project construction area shall not be less than 0.30 hectares.

    (C) cannot be integrated, and block area less than 0.2 hectares or block width (depth) of less than 30 metres of marginal land, separate development shall not, in principle, can only be used for public green areas, urban roads and public welfare, municipal facilities, such as the construction of public facilities.

    Nineth deals with phased implementation, staging and approval of construction projects, should proceed with the preparation of project of constructional detailed planning or urban design, determine the overall building control requirements, can be implemented in phases.

    Controlled detailed planning of the tenth article not strictly covered by main control measures in general areas of the city shall conform to table 2-1.

Approved under construction or track sites you have built the geometric center of the surrounding land within a radius of 500 meters, town and country planning requirements have been met, and meet the provisions of other articles under the main control building block adjusted on the basis of the indicators in table 2-1, but volume rate shall not exceed 1.2 times times the limit in table 2-1.
Table 2-1 city General regional block main control measures of construction project list
│ │ Building density construction project category (%) │ │ Green volume rates (%) │
│    │h≤12米         │      ≤32      │    ≤1.1     │     ≥30     │
│ 居 ├────────┼────────┼───────┼───────┤
│ │