Guiyang Community Interim Measures For The Management Of

Original Language Title: 贵阳市社区管理暂行办法

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Guiyang community interim measures for the management of

    (May 21, 2012 Executive meeting of the Guiyang municipal people's Government on May 21, 2012 Guiyang municipal people's Government orders the 7th release come into force on the date of promulgation) Chapter I General provisions

    First to meet the needs of the urban grassroots administration system reform and standardize the running mechanism of the new community, strengthening grass-roots social service management in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second community service within the administrative area of the city center's application of this approach to service management.

    Community service centers in these measures refers to legally set up by the Government, in pursuance of this regulation in the community within the public service and organizations in social management.

    Communities referred to in the preceding paragraph refers to the geographical area, services, RADIUS, based on population, area of 2-3 square kilometers and a population of 240,000 people in each community.

    Article setting up Community Services Center, revoke or alter by area (city, County) for approval and reported to the people's Governments at a higher level for the record.

    Fourth community service management should follow the legal principle, accessible, open, and efficient.

    Fifth of municipal, district (city, County) people's Government community service management should be as important element in economic and social development, and incorporated into the national economic and social development plan in the region.

    Cities and districts (cities and counties) people to community services management and specific matters, take effective measures, and manpower resources, to focus its public service management resources to the community.

    The sixth district (city, County) shall be responsible for the management of community service center in the region, city and district (city, County) related administrative departments in accordance with the Division of responsibilities, to strengthen the operational guidance on the management of community service.

    Article seventh community service management should proceed from reality, focus, step by step, adapt to the needs of economic and social development of the community, and gradually raise the service level management.

    Eighth community service management should be the mobilization of social forces, integration of community resources to address community issues, promoting community coordination of political, economic, cultural and environmental development.

    Encourage the participation of social organizations, volunteer community service activities.

    The Nineth community residents, organizations have the right to participate in community service activities, community service management for their comments and suggestions.

    Community Service Center for community residents, organizations involved in providing necessary community services management, the adoption of reasonable comments and suggestions.

    Chapter II administration of services and

    Tenth community service management should change the idea of service management and service management, residents and community organizations to provide quality and efficient services to the community in the process of complying with management functions.

    11th community service centers should be about serving the masses and condense, optimize, manage and maintain stability in community service at the request of management, its main responsibilities are:

    (A) promote, implement, and enforce national laws, regulations, rules and policies;

    (B) organizing community-building efforts to develop community development planning and implementation;

    (C) responsible for community services management, community volunteer and other community organizations, volunteer community service;

    (D) guidance and help residents ' committees, owners ' committees residents, property management and other activities carried out in accordance with law;

    (E) establishment of community residents, information organization, know the residents, the dynamic information;

    (Vi) collect social conditions and public opinion to assist related departments to provide services management, maintenance of community security and stability;

    (VII) finish other tasks assigned by the Government Services Administration.

    12th community service center should be based on community service management requires the establishment of "one-stop" service and special service window of the Hall, and dealt with the following matters:

    (A) the administrative authorities in matters relating to government service management communities;

    (B) to assist the authorities and Government service, commissioned from executive management matters;

    (C) public enterprises and institutions and the social organizations in matters related to public service management community.

    Community Service Center should strengthen the service other than the service Windows Management, grid management, and other forms, building horizontal edge, vertical management mode of community service.

    13th district (city, County) people's Government departments in accordance with the needs, should be resident to work in community service centre service management; do not send personnel into the community service shall determine the person responsible for community liaison work in the public service management matters, matters related to service management community service centre agent or delegate.

    Authorities delegated (commissioned) community service centers for transactional social service management function, should things go, the right way to go with the responsibility to deliver funding and clarify responsibilities.

    The 14th Government departments, public enterprises and institutions can contribute to the community service center to purchase public service, community service center can be purchased in accordance with the needs to the community organization of public services.

    Purchase contract shall be signed by both parties, clearly the rights and obligations of party shall ensure that the service quality of services provided.

    15th community residents, organizations can be based on these measures to the community service center bid-related public services, community service centre should be dealt with in a timely manner according to law.

    16th community service center should be in the Services window open services, services, personnel, procedures and processing time, one completed in time and the asking system of job responsibility.

    17th Community Service Center shall establish and improve Community rules of procedure of the consultation, policy hearings, supervision and appraisal systems, guide and assist community organizations in the community to carry out the work.

    18th Community Service Center shall establish and perfect the appeal mechanism, conflict mediation mechanisms, protection of rights and interests, community prevention mechanisms such as community management mechanism, establish civil defence, def, a combination of technical prevention and control network, maintenance of community security and stability.

    Chapter III safeguard and supervision

    19th city and area (city, County) people for community service center should be provided commensurate with the service management of personnel, facilities and equipment, personnel expenses, office expenses, work for public welfare expenses into their budgets, and formed a mechanism of regular, to ensure that community service management is working properly.

    20th financial, auditing departments should strengthen the supervision of community service management requirements, ensuring that Community funds earmarked for service management. 21st Community Office services should be integrated into urban development planning, in accordance with the principles of manageable and conducive to the comprehensive utilization of the services, planning and construction.

    New construction and renovation of the old city, building development unit shall, in accordance with the regulations supporting community Office services, each community service center office space in an area of not less than 800 square meters.

    Office does not have the new community service requirements, Governments can take to purchase, transfer, lease and other means, with Community Office services.

    22nd annual assessment of the community service center should be integrated into the area (city, County) annual target range, district (city and County) to establish satisfaction as the main content of the evaluation mechanism.

    Community Service Center shall strengthen the management of community service personnel management, training, assessment, Community Services Manager service and service skills.

    Community service center of community service managers assess the results should serve as a professional evaluation and promotion important basis. 23rd community service centre shall regularly seek the views of community residents, organizations, to assess the provision of public services.

    Assessment results should be achieved through appropriate means available to the community, and as an important basis for implementation services regulatory.

    24th community residents and organizations in the Community Services Manager fails to perform, delay in the fulfilment of service management functions, as well as other illegal acts in service management, you can complain to the community service center.

    To the people's complaints, community service center shall be accepted in time, the time limit originally, informed complainants of the results in a timely manner.

    25th article violates these rules, do not perform their duties according to law or violation of the provisions of the community services administration, directly by the relevant departments shall be investigated for criminal responsibility and the responsibility of those responsible.

    The fourth chapter by-laws

    The 26th district (city, County) people's Government and municipal administrations in accordance with these measures, formulate corresponding measures. 27th article this way come into force on the date of promulgation.