Interim Measures For The Supervision And Administration Of Food Processing And Sales Of Small Workshops, Qiqihar City

Original Language Title: 齐齐哈尔市食品加工销售小作坊监督管理暂行办法

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Interim measures for the supervision and administration of food processing and sales of small workshops, Qiqihar city

    (September 4, 2012, Qiqihar city, Government 4th times Executive Conference considered through November 14, 2012, Qiqihar city, Government makes 2nd, announced since December 14, 2012 up purposes) first article for strengthening on city food processing sales small workshop of supervision management, guarantees public body health and life security, according to People's Republic of China food security method (following referred to food security method), related legal, and regulations of provides, combined I city actual, developed this approach.

Second article this approach by said food processing sales small workshop (following referred to small workshop), is refers to in accordance with related legal, and regulations engaged in food processing sales, has fixed places, practitioners less, scale smaller and not has made production license conditions of food processing sales of units or personal (including Mall, and supermarket and by city, and County, and District Government approved of tangible country market within of food site producing operators).

    Article in small workshops operating within the administrative area of the city should abide by these measures.

    Article small-scale food processing food safety responsibility for the sales, responsible for its processing and sale of food security, subject to public supervision, and social responsibility.

    Fifth people's Governments above the county level shall, within their respective administrative areas small workshop supervision responsibility, regulatory requirements and small workshops into the budget at the same level, to protect it.

Sixth industrial and commercial administrative departments at and above the county level shall take small workshops in their respective administrative areas supervisory and administrative duties.

    Public security, health and quality supervision, food and drug, agriculture, animal husbandry, commercial and urban management and other related departments to cooperate according to their respective functions. Seventh industrial and commercial administrative departments should strengthen the regulation on small workshops focus on supervision of law enforcement agencies, adjusting the full law enforcement supervisors, with meet the needs of working equipment.

    Financial giving necessary financial support.

Eighth report to the people's Governments above the county level establish incentives, reports of small-scale illegal business verified, provide appropriate rewards to informants. Industrial and commercial administrative departments at and above the county level in accordance with the needs to employ food safety inspectors.

Food safety inspectors found small illegal acts, shall promptly report to the relevant administrative departments for industry and commerce.

    News media shall strengthen the supervision and administration of small communication, processing and sales of illegal behavior of small workshops of supervision by public opinion.

Nineth industrial and commercial administrative departments at and above the county level shall be small workshop verification, registration of the organ. Engaged in small-scale operations shall be subject to on-site verification by the Administration for industry and commerce, industrial and commercial registration and business license. 

    Without a license, shall not engage in business activities. When the tenth on-site verification, the business sector should be assigned more officers to attend and present a valid ID, and food business operators shall cooperate with the applicant. On-site verification should fill in food processing and sales of small workshops on-site verification form. 

    Field verification of eligible, issued by the departments of industry and Commerce official verification form and seal; not eligible, by the Commerce Department issued rectification notices, due again to verify.

11th has been issued by the relevant departments of food sanitation license, food production licenses and business licenses, and license during the term of small workshops, to continue processing and sales business.

Authorities issued food sanitation license, food production licenses and business licenses beyond the term, original, registration processing and sales business conditions have not changed, verified the issuance of business license.  

    In the shopping malls, supermarkets and physical markets selling food operators shall obtain food circulation permit issued by the Department of industry and commerce, industrial and commercial registration.

12th new set up small workshops shall comply with the following conditions:

(A) processing and sales and to adapt to the size of the fixed place of business, keep the site clean and tidy environment, and with toxic, harmful sites and other sources to maintain prescribed distance;

(B) have the processing and sales of equipment or facilities to adapt to the size, there is a corresponding disinfection, washing, lighting, ventilating, corrosion, dust, flies and rodents, pest control, cleaning and waste water treatment equipment or facilities, store garbage and waste;

(C) has the reasonable layout of equipment and process to prevent cross contamination raw materials and finished products, hold food and its raw materials containers, tools, nonpoisonous, harmless and should be kept clean;

    (D) a food safety management system.

13th setting up small workshops of the verification of the registration procedure is as follows:

(A) the applicant sites pre-approved by the local administration for industry and commerce to individual business name;

(B) the applicant notice of name pre-approval, the industry and commerce administration departments to apply for on-site verification, access to food processing and sales of small workshops on-site verification form;

(C) applicants with food processing and sales of small workshops on-site verification tables and food distribution license applications to the District Administration for industry and Commerce for business registration;

    (D) Administration for industry and commerce on the basis of the individual provisions of the Ordinance for the registration and issuance of business licenses. 

    14th workshop name, manager name, and residence, place, form, change of business scope of registration, should it again for food processing and sales of small workshops on-site verification tables and food distribution license, and shall be applied to the premises by the local administration for industry and Commerce for registration of change.

    15th workshop cancellation of registration shall be in accordance with the regulations of the individual, the individual measures for Administration of registration of the relevant regulations. 16th workshop in its processing and marketing places hanging plaques or signs.

    Business license and other documents shall be hung or placed prominently at the operating site.

   17th workshop should comply with the relevant provisions of the food safety law, prohibition of the processing and marketing of the following foods:

(A) non-food raw materials other than the production of food or food additive chemicals and other substances that may harm human health foods, or use recycled food as a raw material in the production of food;

(B) pathogenic microbes, pesticide residues, veterinary drug residues, heavy metals, contaminants and other substances harmful to human health than food safety standards for a limited number of foods;

(C) deterioration, oil Rancidity, mildew and insect, filthy dirty, mixed with foreign bodies, adulteration of doping or abnormal sensory properties of food;

(D) death, poisoning or unknown poultry, livestock, wild animals, aquatic animals, meat and meat products;

(E) without the supervising agencies for animal health quarantine or not passed quarantine inspection of meat, or any inspection or unqualified meat products;

(Vi) packaging materials, containers and means of transport, such as pollution of the food;

(G) exceeding the shelf life of the food;

(VIII) for disease prevention, and other special needs of the countries banned the production and operation of food;

    (IX) other food does not meet the food safety standards or requirements. 18th workshop should be open to social commitment, subject to public supervision.

   Commitments include:

(A) not to use non-food raw materials, not the abuse of food additives, does not use recycled materials processed food;

(B) processing and sales of fake and shoddy foods, not contracts, without falsehood, not impurities true;

(C) no fake food labeling, without taking quality marks, false marking production date;

    (D) do not sell expired spoiled food.

    19th Workshop operation shall establish and comply with an incoming inspection system, and record for future reference.

    20th, people's Governments above the county level should meet regularly with business, public safety, health, quality supervision, food and drug, agriculture, animal husbandry, business, urban management and other departments to participate in a joint research workshop supervision of key and difficult problems encountered in, and organize joint law enforcement operations, forms management, comprehensive regulation of the situation.

    21st industrial and commercial administrative departments should implement a grid monitoring system, shall supervise and check, make a specific evaluation, and put forward rectification opinions registered after the signature of both parties and by law enforcement officers with operators for future reference.

    Article 22nd workshop supervision responsibility system, layers of signing responsibility, jurisdiction for industry and commerce, public security officers names, contacts in the small workshop processing and sales sites for public notification.

23rd food sampling inspection system in industrial and commercial administrative departments according to law, timely publication of list of small workshops producing and selling substandard food.

    Sampling inspection requirements by financial expenses.

    24th article of food quality and safety risk early warning and contingency plans, found that major food safety accidents, report shall, according to prescribed time frames.

    25th tangible market start-up, counter the lessor, shall review the operation of small workshops of the admission qualification, define its responsibility for food safety management, check the operating environment and conditions, found to be in violation of this regulation, should be stopped and immediately report to local industrial and commercial Administration Department. 26th small workshops engaged in illegal business operations, according to law by the relevant functional departments in the investigation.

    Transfer suspected criminal cases to the public security organs according to law.

    27th article this approach by the Qiqihar municipal people's Government is responsible for the interpretation. 28th article this way come into force on December 14, 2012. Laws and regulations new regulations according to the new regulations.