Smoking Control In Public Places In Anshan City Provisions

Original Language Title: 鞍山市公共场所控制吸烟规定

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Smoking control in public places in Anshan city provisions

    (September 17, 2012 152th meeting of 14th in Anshan city people's Government passed November 8, 2012, Anshan city people's Government, the 178th announced come into force on the date of promulgation) first in order to control and reduce the harm of tobacco smoke, protecting public health, improve the level of urban civilization, according to the national, provincial and municipal laws, regulations, rules and provisions of international conventions, this municipality actually, these provisions are formulated. Smoking control in public places in the city work in article (hereinafter referred to as the tobacco control work) these provisions shall apply.

    � Third, smoking in public places, this qualifying place, category management, the unit is responsible for, the principle of public participation.

    � Fourth patriotic health campaign Committee, Anshan is smoking in public places in the city's leadership, decision-making and deliberative bodies.

� The municipal public health Administrative Department is responsible for the city's smoking in public places. , Health education, municipal office of patriotic public health campaign Committee, responsible for specific tasks.

� Within the health Administrative Department in accordance with the administrative authority responsible for smoking in public places.

� Education, culture, sports, transportation, food and drug administration, public security, real estate, Commerce, administration of comprehensive urban management enforcement and other departments in accordance with this provision and any other relevant provisions, supervision and administration of smoking control in public places.

    � Fifth, smoking is prohibited in the following places.

(A) nursery, kindergarten, primary and middle schools indoor and outdoor areas, and all types of school teaching places, student hostels, restaurants and other indoor areas;

(B) maternal and child health hospital (), the children's Hospital, the indoor and outdoor areas of the children's welfare homes and other indoor areas of various medical and health institutions at all levels;

(C) the stadium audience seats, the game of indoor area and outdoor areas;

(D) libraries, theaters, exhibition halls, museums, art galleries, Museum, Science Museum, archives, children's palaces, youth centres and other public indoor area cultural venues;

(V) tourism (dot) indoor area;

(F) postal, telecommunications, the indoor areas of the stock exchange, financial institutions;

(VII) indoor regional shopping malls, supermarkets and other commercial establishments;

(H) the elevator and waiting area;

(I) the Interior of the State bodies, enterprises, institutions, social organizations;

(J) public transport and ticket office, waiting room, and set in the Interior of the platform;

(11) hotels, restaurants, video halls, recreation Hall (lounge), bath places of interior areas;

(12) the indoor areas of the Internet cafes and other places of Internet access services; (13) national laws, statutes, rules and regulations of the other non-smoking places.

    � Sixth must designate smoking rooms or designated smoking areas, public organization shall comply with the following requirements.

(A) compliance with fire safety requirements;

(B) clear identification;

(C) separated from the smoke-free places and effective; (D) away from the densely populated area and pedestrians must pass through the channel.

� Prohibition of smoking areas in public places other than, you can according to the actual situation with reference to this provision, to designate no smoking areas, and management related work.

    � Article seventh can be made under the provisions of the municipal government, with the actual situation or for holding temporary events, such as the need, adjust the range of non-smoking places.

    � Eighth non-smoking places the unit shall perform the following duties.

(A) establishing managerial accountability of the smoking ban in public places, good publicity and education against smoking;

(B) conspicuous unity of non-smoking areas no smoking signs and related administrative departments, telephone;

(C) in the non-smoking areas without setting with smoking the cigarette machine, furniture, and tobacco advertising; (D) for smokers in a non-smoking area and urged them to stop smoking do not scatter, and require them to leave the place do not scatter and not to leave the place, complaints to the relevant administrative departments,; do not scatter and affect public order, made a report to police.

    � Nineth any person the right to request smokers stopped smoking in non-smoking places; and its right to request non-smoking places the unit supervisors to discourage, stop smoking behavior; the right to report violations of the provisions of the Act.

    � Article tenth educational, cultural, health and other departments and news media should always smoking social marketing and exposure to the units and individuals in violation of these provisions.

� World no tobacco day on May 31 of each year, operators of tobacco products to stop tobacco sales 1 day.

    Units should conduct more publicity work. 11th tobacco control in supervision and management in accordance with the following provisions.

(A) educational administrative departments responsible for supervising the tobacco control work in all types of school management;

(B) culture and sports administration and the scenic area Administration Office for cultural, entertainment, sports venues and tourist attractions (dot) for supervision and management of tobacco control;

(C) take on airports, railways and health oversight agencies and traffic administrative law enforcement departments in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to public transport and its associated regulatory tobacco control work in a public place;

(D) food and drug supervision and Administration Department is responsible for coordination of catering establishments for supervision and management of tobacco control;

(E) public security departments are responsible for Internet services such as Internet sites, bath places, monitor the tobacco control work in hotel management;

(Vi) real estate administrative departments in charge of public elevators within the Realty Management area for supervision and management of tobacco control;

(G) business, comprehensive urban management enforcement and other departments should seriously investigate and deal with violations of tobacco advertising in public places; (H) the health Administrative Department is responsible for all kinds of medical and health institutions for supervision and management of tobacco control and other public places specified in these provisions for supervision and management of tobacco control.

    � 12th of municipal and district people's Government on tobacco control monitoring and assessment, scientific research, public education, behavioral intervention, staff training, supervision and management, awards and other requirements for tobacco control to protect it.

    � 13th article on units and individuals in violation of these provisions, by oversee management responsibilities of related departments in accordance with the provisions of article 11th permission be discouraged or correction is not to discourage or refuse to correct it, by the health Administrative Department in accordance with the following rules will be punished.

(A) violations of the provisions of this section fifth, smoking in the smoke-free places and do not scatter, and impose a fine of 50 Yuan and ordered to stop smoking or to leave the site;

(B) violations of the provisions of the eighth paragraph (a), (b), give him a warning and rectification;

(C) violations of the provisions of the eighth paragraph (c), (d), fined 500 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan fines; (D) violations of the provisions of the tenth article, in the "world no tobacco day is" tobacco sales, fined a maximum of 1000 more than 2000 Yuan.

    � 14th for smoking in no smoking areas, and do not scatter, disturb the normal order of business, work, or hinder the authorities from performing their duties, violation of the People's Republic of China Law on administrative penalties for public security, be punished by public security departments constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    � 15th tobacco control administrations, regulatory bodies and their staff working in tobacco control, does not perform its duties, or malpractices for personal gain, to managers directly responsible and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.


16th section public spaces in these rules refers to the public can access or facilities for collective use, regardless of their ownership or access rights. Smoking in these rules refers to inhaling, exhaling cigarette smoke or carry, have lighted tobacco products act.


    The 17th article haicheng, Taian County, xiuyan Manchu autonomous county of smoking control in public places work can be performed in accordance with the measures. 18th article of the regulations come into force on January 1, 2013. The Anshan provisional regulations on smoking ban in public places (municipalities, 68th) repealed simultaneously.

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