Administrative Measures On Gansu Grassland-Livestock Balance

Original Language Title: 甘肃省草畜平衡管理办法

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Administrative measures on Gansu grassland-livestock balance (September 18, 2012 Gansu Province Government 114th times Executive Conference considered through September 22, 2012 Gansu Province Government makes 92nd, announced since November 1, 2012 up purposes) first article to implementation grass livestock balance system, reasonable using Prairie resources, maintenance and improved Prairie ecological environment, promote Prairie livestock sustainable development, according to People's Republic of China Prairie method, and Gansu province Prairie Ordinance, legal regulations and national about provides, combined this province actual,

    These measures are formulated.

    Article within the administrative area of the province of grassland animal husbandry production and operation activities units and individuals shall abide by these measures.

    Article grassland-livestock balance in these measures refers to maintain a benign cycle in grassland ecosystem, within a certain time, users of the grasslands or contractors through the grasslands to obtain the total available forage, with grazing livestock total amount of forage needed to maintain homeostasis.

    People's Governments at various levels should popularize knowledge of grassland-livestock balance IV, support and guide the farmers to take artificial grass, livestock improvement, measures such as confinement farming, reducing grassland grazing capacity to prevent overgrazing.

Fifth competent administrative departments of people's Governments above the county level grassland and Prairie Grassland-livestock balance within the regulatory authority responsible for the administration of supervision and administration, approved grassland grazing capacity, development of livestock reduction plan and organize the implementation of, the work requirements are included in the Government budget.

    Township shall be responsible for the Organization and for the implementation of the area of grassland-livestock balance full-time Prairie supervisors to strengthen supervision and management of grassland-livestock balance.

Sixth Township people's Government in implementing the National Grassland ecological protection grant incentive policies, employing one or two grassland management, unified management of public welfare jobs, one-year term.

    County-level regulatory authority responsible for the prairie grasslands management training and work guidance.

    Article people's Governments at all levels have made remarkable achievements in grassland-livestock balance work units and individuals, give encouragement and reward.

    Eighth provincial grazing grasslands can be used outside the region should implement system of grassland-livestock balance, grassland-livestock balance districts drawn by the Prairie province people's Government administrative departments.

    Nineth province, city (State) Government administrative departments shall, in accordance with national grassland the Prairie Grassland grazing capacity standards set by the Administrative Department, combined with the local grassland monitoring results, different types of grassland grazing capacity of standards within their respective administrative areas.

    The tenth County Prairie Grassland grazing capacity approved by the Group of experts should be established by the Administrative Department, seek the views of users of the grasslands and the contractors, authorized grassland grazing capacity, clear amount of livestock grassland consumers or contractors.

    11th Prairie administrative departments under the people's Governments at the county level of the approved in the administrative areas of the grassland management and livestock overload rate, set overload livestock livestock reduction plan, specific number of livestock reduction down to townships, villages and families. The 12th County grassland-livestock balance into the target management responsibility system should be, County and township and village, village and household shall enter into a grassland-livestock balance management responsibility.

Responsibility shall include the following:

(A) current situation of grassland: includes grasslands, size, type, grade four to boundary;

(B) the existing species and quantity;

(C) the approved amount of grassland grazing capacity and reduce livestock;

(D) the realization of main measures of grassland-livestock balance;

(E) achieving the goals of grassland-livestock balance;

    (F) other relevant matters.

13th implement grassland management in grassland-livestock balance area shall perform the following duties:

(A) information protection laws, regulations and policies;

(B) to inspect the guanhuqu grasslands;

(C) to monitor consumer and of grassland contractors grassland-livestock balance responsibility;

(D) to the local township people's Governments or overgrazing the grassland supervision and administration at the county level report;

    (E) to report violations on the Prairie. 14th grassland ecological protection assistance in accordance with the incentive policies on the realization of grassland-livestock balance gives awards to farmers and herdsmen.

Reward money shall have been contracted to households (including lianhu) and implement a grassland area of grassland-livestock balance directly to the home. Award disbursement of funds to implement public announcement system at village level, public announcements by the township government organizations, public time of not less than 7 days.

Publication includes household names, identity card numbers of farmers and herdsmen, contracted grassland area, area of grassland-livestock balance award, award criteria, award amounts, and so on.

    Farmers and herdsmen to publicized dispute, dealt with by the Organization publicized timely verification of the Township people's Government.

    15th people's Governments above the county level administrative departments on the implementation of the Prairie Grassland-livestock balance grass production in the region and the dynamic monitoring and prediction of effect of vegetation restoration and regularly reported to the people's Governments at the corresponding level and higher authorities to monitor results.

    16th people's Governments above the county level Prairie administrative departments and town people's Governments shall establish and improve the implementation of grassland-livestock balance Prairie inspection system, reporting system and information system to strengthen supervision and inspection of grassland-livestock balance work.

    17th acts in violation of these measures, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the State. 18th article this way come into force November 1, 2012.

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