Lhasa Control Students Dropping Out Of Compulsory Education Approaches

Original Language Title: 拉萨市控制义务教育阶段学生辍学办法

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Lhasa control students dropping out of compulsory education approaches

    (August 16, 2012 Lhasa tenth session Government 2nd times Executive Conference considered through September 3, 2012 Lhasa Government makes 42nd, announced since November 1, 2012 up purposes) first article for control this city compulsory education stage students dropped out of (following referred to control dropped out of), guarantees age children, and juvenile accept compulsory education, according to People's Republic of China compulsory education method, and Tibet Autonomous Region implementation approach, about legal, and regulations, combined this city actual, developed this approach.

    Article has a permanent residence in this city, with the parents or other guardians residing in this city and is compulsory for school-age children and adolescents, the control dropped out of school during the compulsory stage work, these measures shall apply.

    Article control dropping out is the people's Governments at all levels and relevant departments to introduce compulsory education schools, pupils ' parents or other guardians, as well as other social organizations shared responsibility.

    Fourth control dropping out of work, the implementation of the principle of unified leadership and management at different levels of the Government.

    Fifth of municipal and County (district) people's Governments shall give priority to the development of education and give priority to safeguard investment in education, giving priority to meet the needs of education and human resource development, promoting the balanced development of compulsory education.

Sixth city, County (district) people's Governments shall ensure compulsory education investment, ensuring control over school work requirements.

City, County (district) people's Governments shall control dropping out into annual work target range.

    Article seventh city, County (district) people's Governments shall establish control dropping out of joint work and offices based in education departments at the same level.

    Article eighth city, County (district) people's Governments have made outstanding contributions to control dropping out of collectives and individuals to be commended, rewarded.

Nineth of municipal educational supervision institutions on behalf of the municipal control dropping out under supervision, guidance to check, and check the results to report to the municipal people's Government.

    The County (district) Governments should set up a special supervisory bodies to guarantee its funding and personnel, in the area of supervision, direct inspection control dropping out of the work, and the results reported to the people's Government at the.

Tenth of municipal and County (district) educational authorities to undertake the following responsibilities:

(A) the Organization carry on control in this city dropped out of deployment and control dropping out of work programmes and specific measures;

(B) education guide, supervise and check subordinate Department and its schools control students drop out of work;

(C) on construction of all kinds of schools at all levels of their respective jurisdictions for overall planning, rational distribution of education resources and promote the balanced development of education;

(D) strengthening the construction of teaching staff and school management, improve the quality of education and teaching;

    (E) the sound archive, strict management, the student does not complete the prescribed number of compulsory education may issue compulsory education diploma.

11th article of the relevant city departments shall, together with the Education Department to control dropping out of the work, to undertake the following responsibilities:

(A) sector, financial sector development and reform planning education should give priority to infrastructure and give priority to safeguard funding for education;

(B) human resources and social security sector should optimize the employment policies, broaden employment channels, increase employment opportunities, improve employment rate of graduates;

(C) civil affairs departments in the implementation of autonomous regions and municipal rescue system on the basis of, and increase the intensity of aid for poor students and their families;

(D) the judicial administrative departments should increase the People's Republic of China compulsory education law and other related laws, regulations and policies of propaganda;

(E) the departments of human resources and social security, industry and commerce, public security inspection mechanism should be established to prevent enterprises, self-employed employers illegal enrollment of school-age children and adolescents;

(Vi) commercial, cultural general law enforcement, comprehensive urban management enforcement and public security departments should increase the renovation of the campus surrounding environment to ensure clean, civilized and safe around;

(VII) sectors such as culture, science and technology should be addressed through "sanxiaxiang" activity, creation and performance of farmers and herdsmen popular culture products, guiding farmers new ideas, improve quality, enhance the initiative and enthusiasm of sending their children to school;

(H) the public security departments shall, together with the Education Department, and effectively safeguard the population of school-age children enrolled and on time;

    (I) the Federation of disabled persons shall, together with the Education Department, studying their disabled children to ensure children with disabilities complete their studies.

    12th trade unions, the Communist Youth League, women's federations and other mass organizations should give full play to their own advantages, actively assist in control dropped out of the work.

13th article of the municipal compulsory schools in control dropped out of work, shall perform the following duties:

(A) the receiving school-age children and adolescents in school;

(B) establishing controlled school system with clearly defined responsibilities and implementation tasks;

(C) in accordance with the national education policy, strengthening students ' ideological and political education, constructing the anti-splittism struggle thinking defense;

(D) strengthening the construction of campus culture and campus security, improving the campus functions, the implementation of "three guarantees" and other policies;

(E) establish a sound management system, strict compliance status change procedure is strictly prohibited under school dropout behavior in the name, transfer, etc;

(F) strengthening the management of real-time supervision of student dropouts, timely and accurate lists of drop-outs reported to the people's Government at the Department of education administration;

    (G) cooperate with educational authorities, the township (town) Government, the village (neighborhood) authority for school students and their parents or other guardians of persuasion and education, urges dropouts return.

14th village (neighborhood) Committee shall assist the township (town) people, neighborhood offices do the following:

(A) promotion of the People's Republic of China compulsory education law and other relevant laws, regulations, and policies;

(B) understand these school-age children and adolescents within their respective jurisdictions drop outs, and timely reports on the situation where the township (town) people, neighborhood offices;

(C) help solve the dropout family difficulties, organizations to persuade school students back to school in a timely manner;

    (D) the organization developed to control dropping out of village regulations, and supervise their implementation.

    15th article of the municipal people's Governments at all levels and departments concerned, compulsory schools and village (neighborhood) committees in violation of these regulations, according to the circumstances, responsible respectively for administrative sanctions to constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.     

    16th school-age children and young parents or other guardians without due cause fails to comply with the provisions of this law to send school-age children, adolescents enrolled in compulsory education by the local township (town) people's Governments, neighborhood offices or County (area) education authorities to give criticism, rectification.

    17th the employer in violation of the provisions on the prohibition of the use of child labour enrolled in compulsory school-age children and adolescents, the labour and industrial and commercial administrative departments to investigate and punish. 18th article this way come into force November 1, 2012.