Xining Urban Drainage Management Approach

Original Language Title: 西宁市城市排水管理办法

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Xining urban drainage management approach

    (September 25, 2012 in Xining people's Government 9th Executive session on October 22, 2012, 119th promulgated by the people's Government of Xining as of December 1, 2012) Chapter I General provisions

    First to strengthen the urban drainage management, ensure drainage facilities up and running, controlling urban waterlogging disasters, protection of the water environment, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated. 

    Article within the scope of urban drainage in the city planning, construction, management, and conservation of urban drainage procedures apply.

Drainage in these measures in article, refers to the city of rain and sewage collection, transport, handle drainage, manholes, fall well, across the river inverted siphon, pump stations, sewage treatment plant (station), such as urban infrastructure, construction of drainage facilities and drainage systems.

Since the construction of drainage facilities, refers to the property unit, residential and garden construction of drainage facilities and personal investments.

    The drainage systems, construction of drainage facilities by means of government investment construction of drainage facilities. Fourth municipal people's Government established urban drainage, urban drainage, administrative departments in charge of the administration.

Urban drainage facilities management unit responsible for related to urban drainage planning, installation, operation, and maintenance work.

Administrative Department in charge of urban drainage in the area according to the managing authority is responsible for the daily management of urban drainage work within their respective administrative regions. 

Municipal and District Administrative Department for urban drainage can delegate within the scope of their statutory authority meets the statutory requirements of organizing the implementation of administrative punishments.

    Land, real estate, planning and construction, prices, health, environmental protection, public security, urban management and other administrative departments for industry and commerce in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to do the management work. 

    Fifth to encourage drainage of the City Science and technology innovation, the introduction and diffusion of advanced technologies, the introduction of new technology, new materials, improving the level of science and technology of urban drainage. 

    Sixth article of any units and individuals have the obligation to protect urban drainage facilities, shall have the right to use urban drainage facilities, right to the Suppression of the acts in violation of these measures and report.

    Chapter II administration of planning and construction

Article seventh city Xining city drainage Executive authority should be in accordance with the master plan and the requirements of urban flood control planning in Xining, in conjunction with the relevant departments such as planning the city's urban drainage system planning. 

    Preparation of urban drainage system planning, should follow the topography, landform, rainfall, such as sewage and water requirements. 

    Eighth urban construction plan shall arrange the pumping stations, sewage treatment plants, conservation, transfer stations, sludge treatment plant sludge and other urban drainage facilities. Nineth built drainage facility construction projects shall conform to the drainage system of urban planning and urban planning. 

    Zone built drainage facility construction plans should be integrated into the comprehensive development plans; residential areas built drainage facility construction plans, residential construction, should be included in this plan. Tenth drainage facility construction should follow the same planning, construction and the principle of combining a decentralized and centralized treatment of wastewater and drainage and rainwater and sewage shunting collection, transport, processing, recycling and drainage system.

    The original implementation of any drainage of rainwater and sewage shunting, should plan to reform, the implementation of rainwater and sewage shunting. 11th drainage facility construction projects design and construction shall entrust the unit with appropriate professional qualification certificate.

    Prohibit undocumented or beyond the scope of certificate of qualification requirements to take the drainage facility construction projects design and construction. 12th new construction, renovation or expansion of urban drainage works must comply with the national standards of construction quality.

    After completion, the construction unit shall, in accordance with relevant departments of the State standards for acceptance, unqualified acceptance or acceptance shall not be delivered.

    13th drainage facility construction funds, beneficiaries of government investment, loans, funds, raised by way of financing.

    14th and planning established drainage land adjustment plan without legal procedures shall not be changed.

    Chapter III administration drainage 

15th urban drainage practice the rainwater and sewage shunting discharge system, and the "polluter, who control" principle. New construction, expansion, renovation and construction projects, strict implementation of the rainwater and sewage shunting systems, prohibition of the rainwater and sewage mixed with each other, combined emissions. 

    Areas have yet to be implemented should be discharged, property unit shall, in accordance with the administrative departments require time and streaming of the requested transformation. 

    16th section engaged in the manufacturing, construction, real estate development, electricity and gas production, scientific research, health, accommodation, catering, entertainment business, motor vehicle and other activities of drainage households discharging wastewater into the municipal drainage, drainage permit applications made to the competent administrative Department of drainage, the drainage approval by the Administrative Department of drainage.

17th the water license applications made, shall truthfully submit the following information: (A) city drainage license application table; (ii) about dedicated detection well, and sewage emissions mouth location and caliber of drawings and the description material; (three) by provides construction sewage processing facilities of about material; (four) drainage license application accepted of recently one months within by has measurement certification qualification of drainage monitoring institutions issued of drainage water, and water detection report; (five) emissions sewage easy on city drain network and subsidiary facilities normal run caused against of focus sewage industrial enterprise,

Has been installed at discharge port should be provided to the water, pH, CODcr (or TOC) for testing of online detecting device related materials; others focus on sewage of industrial enterprises and water drainage households shall provide water testing, pH, CODcr, SS, and ammonia nitrogen and testing system of material;

    (F) catering enterprises should submit oil facility drawings, scale and other explanatory materials. 18th the drainage permit valid for five years.

    Drainage in the drainage permit expired before 30th may apply for renewal.

19th due to construction to the drainage of temporary drainage, should be issued by the competent administrative Department of the drainage of the permit for temporary drainage, temporary drainage and paid construction fee.

Construction and drainage construction of pumping station classes; construction living drainage construction staff wastewater discharge standards.

   Construction of temporary drainage drainage standards, sediment enough to cause drainage plug or damage from drainage sediment, meet drainage standards before they can discharge. 

    The temporary drainage permit validity shall not exceed the construction period of the project.

    20th water drainage households shall be in accordance with the license require a total displacement of, the number of discharges and emissions of sewage discharge of major pollutants and their concentrations.

    21st drainage permit validity, drainage or drainage of water drainage households need to change permission, shall apply to the competent administrative Department of drainage and drainage permits registration of changes approved by the original issuing authorities issue a new card.

22nd drainage drainage should be by the Administrative Department monitors the sewage discharged into the drainage, and build drainage monitoring files.

    Water drainage households shall be subject to monitoring of drainage and provide relevant information. 23rd drainage Executive authority controls should be enacted according to the actual situation of displacement and adjust the drain time schedule.

    Drainage should be subject to regulation, should not force the drainage. 24th due to construction and maintenance of municipal facilities need to suspend the drainage, drainage facilities management unit should suspend drainage 7th notify the drainage unit, and take the appropriate adjustment measures. 

    Water drainage units according to regulations should be adjusted or suspended drainage. 25th municipal services, water supply, electricity, communication, transportation, fire, gas, and other relevant departments should give protection to safe operation of drainage facilities.

    Should give priority to meet the special requirements of flood control in flood season.

    The fourth chapter facilities maintenance and management

26th drainage facilities management maintenance responsibilities, broken down by the following provisions:

(A) the drainage of the city, by the urban drainage facilities management unit.

(B) closed and semi-closed agricultural drainage facilities, trading markets, pedestrian, by the market owners.

(C) development of drainage facilities, the development zone management Committee is responsible for.

(D) the toll roads and drainage facilities, the charging unit is responsible for.

(E) the bridges and culverts and drainage facilities, the bridge management unit is responsible for.

(F) fully closed or semi-closed the construction site of a new or existing drainage facilities, the unit is responsible for.

(VII) without the acceptance of municipal drainage, the unit is responsible for.

    (VIII) other access before municipal sewer manhole and drainage facilities, water drainage households themselves. 27th unit is responsible for the maintenance of drainage facilities management responsibilities, shall, in accordance with the drainage pipe maintenance, such as technical standards, maintenance of drainage facilities, ensure drainage facilities intact and functioning properly.

    Before the flood season, the responsible units should conduct comprehensive checks on drainage maintenance, ensure safety in flood season. 

    28th urban drainage blockage or damage to the drainage facility maintenance management responsibilities should be found or after receiving the report, timely maintenance, dredging or take other measures to restore normal operation. 

Article 29th of urban drainage facility accident, maintenance responsibility unit shall immediately organize the repair work is being urgently adopt effective security measures, and shall promptly report to the competent administrative Department of drainage. 

    Urban drainage facility when repair, relevant units and individuals shall support shall not be obstructed. 30th repairs drainage facilities or special maintenance operations, drainage facilities management maintenance responsibilities temporarily drainage drainage along the unit shall provide notice of the time, and quickly restore normal drainage.

    May have a serious impact on the production and living environment of widespread suspension of drainage, shall be approved by the Government, and announcements. Article 31st may affect the safety of municipal drainage engineering construction, units or individuals should adopt effective protection measures. To temporary closure or migration due to construction and drainage pipes, shall be approved by the competent administrative Department of drainage, approval, can be implemented.
After the end of the construction, in accordance with the requirements of recovery.

    Article 32nd focused on setting security reserves and drainage facilities shall be on dangerous ground, warning signs and determine the range of protected areas, and management practices. 

    Article 33rd urban drainage maintenance and repair of special vehicles, should be unified signs when the task is executed, in the context of ensuring traffic safety, without the limitation of driving route, direction, and time.

34th Drainage Act prohibits the following damage:

(A) plugging pipes;

(B) allowed to tie up, dismantling, moving and drainage facilities;

(C) to the discharge pipe dumping of debris and construction waste;

(D) the discharge into the drainage piping toxic, inflammable and explosive substances;

(V) unauthorized explosion in security reserves, piling, construction of buildings, structures, etc;

    (Vi) other acts of damage, destruction and drainage facilities.

    The fifth chapter legal liability 35th article on violation this approach, has following behavior one of of, by drainage administrative competent sector ordered stop violations, deadline corrected; plot serious of, can by following provides sentenced fine: (a) not by provides requirements implemented rain, and sewage shunt, not made drainage license or temporary drainage license unauthorized drainage, not according to drainage license or temporary drainage license approved of requirements drainage, or emissions of sewage water not meet national about standard of, 

Fined not more than 5000 Yuan more than 30000; (b) not subject to drainage drainage dispatch of the Administrative Department of the relevant measures, suspended or not according to the requirements of drainage, fined 1000 Yuan more than 5000 Yuan fines; (c) without approval, arbitrarily blocked, tied up in urban drainage facilities, demolition, relocation, fined not more than 5000 Yuan more than 10000;

    (D) failed to take safety precautions or without the permission of the competent administrative Department of drainage and drainage facilities within the scope of protection for blasting, pile driving and other factors of urban drainage facility security activities punishable by more than 5000 10000 Yuan fine.

Article 36th urban drainage facilities maintenance units in violation of these regulations, by the competent administrative Department of drainage shall be punished as follows:

(A) technical standards that are not in accordance with the regulations on maintenance of urban drainage facility, fined 5000 Yuan more than 20000 Yuan fines; 

    (B) urban drainage blockage, damage or accident, had not arrived in time or failed to take timely measures, given a warning and a fine of 10000 Yuan more than 30000 Yuan fine.

    37th violation of the provisions of article 34th Disan、SI、Liu, be ordered by the competent administrative Department of drainage to stop the infringing act, impeding the serious, punishable with more than 2000 fined a maximum of 10000 Yuan.

    38th article violates these rules, resulting in damage or blockage of drainage facilities shall be liable for dredging and maintenance, as well as appropriate financial compensation.

    39th impeded drainage management, flood control, clear the rescue by the public security organs in accordance with the People's Republic of China on public security administration punishments stipulated in the law, pursue those responsible legal responsibility.

    40th executive staff in dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or engages in a disciplinary sanction constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    41st party for drainage specific administrative acts by the administrative authorities may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles

    42nd Chase, huangzhong, huangyuan County may refer to these measures.

    43rd article of the approach by the Administrative Department is responsible for the interpretation of municipal drainage. 44th these measures shall come into force on December 1, 2012.