Guiyang City Car Interim Measures For River City Wetland Park Management

Original Language Title: 贵阳市小车河城市湿地公园管理暂行办法

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Guiyang City car interim measures for River City wetland park management

    (October 8, 2012 Executive meeting of the Guiyang municipal people's Government on October 16, 2012, Guiyang municipal people's Government released 13th come into force on the date of promulgation) first to strengthen and standardize car River City wetland park planning, construction, protection, and management, in accordance with the relevant provisions of laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second car River City Wetland Park is to protect the wetland eco-system, for the purpose of rational utilization of wetland resources, wetland protection, restoration, promotion, education, scientific research, monitoring, eco-tourism activities, such as public parks.

    The scope of management for the approval of the Guiyang municipal people's Government of the car he scope of master planning for urban wetland parks.

    Article car protection of urban Wetland Park of the river and its surrounding areas, engaged in the construction of the wetland park landscape around the area, operation, management, and research activities carried out, as well as wetland Parks Recreation and tourism within the units and individuals shall comply with the regulations.

    Fourth car River City wetland park planning and construction, protection management should fully reflect the characteristics and functions of Guiyang, follow the "heavy protection, ecology, rational use and development of priority" principle.

    Fifth Park surrounding it should be under the tourism development needs to establish commercial service facilities, drive economic and social development in the region around the Park.

    Sixth of municipal forest Green River City Council is the car park of the Administrative Department, under the park management body responsible for cleaning, green maintenance, facilities maintenance, landscaping, yuanrong order daily management work and their specific areas of responsibility are:

    (A) Organization and implementation of Park Master planning and detailed planning, protection of resource security, integrity, maintenance of ecological characteristics and ecological functions of wetlands;

    (B) promotion and implementation of laws and regulations on wetland protection and management, wetland conservation education;

    (C) the formulation and implementation of Park protection and management system, responsible for the Park's tourist reception;

    (Iv) is responsible for resource surveys, assessments and documentation;

    (E) is responsible for the management and technical staff in education and training.

    Cleaning, in the day-to-day management of the Park green space maintenance, facility maintenance to implement market-oriented operation.

    Seventh of municipal urban management, public security, safety, civil affairs, environmental protection, water conservancy administrative departments and two lakes, such as a library authority, shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, in collaboration with the day-to-day management of the Park.

    Nanming district people's Government, Xiaohe district people's Government according to territorial management responsibilities, shall cooperate with the parks comprehensive management of public security, maintain social stability, emergency and other aspects of management.

    Eighth car River Guiyang urban wetland park planning must be integrated into land-use planning, master planning, detailed planning of urban green system planning and control, and incorporate content management, no unit or individual shall not be changed without permission.

    Nineth car River City wetland park construction should be in accordance with the overall planning and detailed planning, maintain the integrity of the wetland ecosystem structure and function, the preservation of biological diversity and harmony with the surrounding environment.

    Tenth car River City Wetland Park organized by the municipal Bureau of forestry planting planning, land and resources management departments in accordance with the master plan defining the scope of perimeter-marked areas, setting up boundary markers, signs, resource monitoring. No units or individuals shall not be allowed to change and moving boundary markers, signs.

    Without authorization, no unit or individual is allowed to change the function of the Park, and may appropriate Park use, without changing the nature of park land, shall not assign, grant Park in a disguised form of resource, not for business development.

    11th car River City wetland park planning area, within the scope of protection may not establish development zones, resorts, prohibition of construction projects and facilities in environmental pollution and ecological damage.

    Urban wetland parks prohibit the establishment of non-car River Parks Authority, existing units and households, it shall gradually implement the relocation.

    12th River of cars around construction of city wetland park constructed within the control areas of buildings and structures in the form of appearance, color, height, volume, should be coordinated with car urban Wetland Park of the river landscape.

    13th cart River City Wetland Park in the water, wildlife, plants, vegetation, topography and ecological resources, should be strictly protected.

    Strictly limit the introduction of alien species to prevent pest invasion.

    14th cart River City wetland park management should establish a sound system of forest fire prevention, implementation of the responsibility system for fire prevention, strengthen publicity on fire prevention and fire management, forest fire fighting and rescue team, equipped with the necessary fire prevention facilities and equipment.

    15th cars River urban wetland parks should establish advocacy, tourism, entertainment and transportation and other essential services, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State and this municipality and technical standards.

    16th car River urban wetland parks should be set in the following facilities:

    (A) schematic, signage, signage;

    (B) the tourist code, notes;

    (C) fees, standard, according to the Bulletin Board;

    (D) the service supervision Hotline Bulletin Board.

    Facilities shall be provided for in the preceding paragraph clean complete and striking accuracy, text graphics standard, foreign controlled. 17th River of cars of urban wetland parks and business projects, should meet the requirements of construction detailed planning, and compatible with the park features.

    Commercial projects must be approved by the park administration authorities and the approval of the relevant administrative departments according to law, and in accordance with the following provisions: (a) do not pollute the environment;

    (B) does not affect the landscape;

    (C) without prejudice to the visitor;

    (D) off-road;

    (V) does not exceed the defined area, range;

    (F) without prejudice to the vegetation in the Park, facilities;

    (VII) comply with safety regulations and technical specifications.

    River City Wetland Park in the car within the management and technical staff should have appropriate qualifications.

    18th car River urban wetland parks prohibit motor vehicles (except vehicles), non-motorized vehicles (cars, children, cleaning the car except for disabled persons) to enter or Park.

    Except for emergency and rescue vehicles, other vehicles allowed to enter the Park in the preceding paragraph shall be in accordance with the provisions of the time, route, speed, parked at designated sites. Unit by unit vehicles within the Park showed that villagers by local residence registration formalities and legal vehicles to park management and public security traffic Administrative Department of the Park access formalities.

    Any procedure Park passing vehicles shall comply with Park regulations.

    19th car River Wetland Park, the following actions are forbidden:

    (A) occupy or dig, damage, green spaces and wetlands;

    (B) theft, destruction of water supply, sewage, electricity, sound, lighting, and other public facilities, buildings, structures, garden ornaments and other public facilities Division, post graffiti or;

    (Iii) pick, carved trees, picking flowers, fruit, herbs, damaged flower beds, hedges and lawns, around trees, tied to hang hammocks and hanging in the trees, dry goods;

    (D) spit and soil, litter and waste, lie, sleeping, setting off fireworks, including the lanterns, burning fuel and debris piled up, stacked materials or dumping of waste, chemicals, pollution of water, land and forests;

    (V) unauthorized felling trees, digging the wild plants and hunting wild animals;

    (Vi) threats, injury to animals, fish, birds, hunting;

    (G) the river swimming, boating in the Park the car;

    (VIII) opened up wasteland for cultivation, chiseling mountain stone, dredging soil, new cemetery, Wai, filling, blocking, cut the natural water system without authorization;

    (I) the sideshow performer, gambling, begging, superstition, carried cats, dogs and other pets;

    (J) violation of laws, rules and regulations shall comply with the acts of others. Article 20th acts in violation of these rules, provisions of the laws, regulations and rules have been made, by the relevant administrative department in accordance with the relevant penalties.

    Damage to public facilities, and compensation as required by law.

    Other acts in violation of these rules, provisions of the laws, regulations and rules are not made, by the municipal greening of forestry administrative departments or relevant administrative departments 20 Yuan and 200 Yuan fines.

    21st car River City wetland park management agencies do not fall within jurisdiction of violations should be stopped, and promptly report to and assist the law enforcement agencies according to law.

    22nd article this way come into force on the date of promulgation.

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