Administrative Measures On Water Conservation District, Benxi City

Original Language Title: 本溪市节约用水管理办法

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Administrative measures on water conservation district, Benxi City

    (September 29, 2012 14th session of the Standing Committee of the people's Government of the 115th district, Benxi City review October 12, 2012 163th, Benxi City people's Government promulgated as of January 1, 2013) Chapter I General provisions

    First to strengthen water management, rational use of water resources, construction of water-saving society, in accordance with the People's Republic of China water law and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Article within the administrative area of the city water works directly from rivers, lakes or underground access to water resources and the use of public facilities, water supply, water conservation, supervision and management of the application of this approach.

    Saving water in these measures, refers to the use of administrative, technical, economic and other means to implement water management, restructuring the water and improved water use and reduce losses and waste (sewage) water discharge, avoiding waste of water resources, achieve total water use and water use efficiency of scientific control activity.

    Article III water economy development and water environment situation and adapting to the carrying capacity of water resources water policy, the implementation of unified scheduling development, surface water and groundwater source with the throttle, throttle priorities and principles of wastewater treatment and reuse.

    Fourth of municipal water conservancy administrative departments are responsible for the city's water conservation unified supervision and management of their water conservation management body responsible for developing standards, developing water conservation policy, planning, and monitoring, organization and implementation, guide the day-to-day management of water-saving society construction work.

    Counties (districts, high-tech district in Benxi, the same below) Water Conservancy administrative departments are responsible for the administrative supervision and administration of water conservation.

    Planning and construction, real estate, development and reform, environmental protection, quality and technical supervision and other departments concerned in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to do a water conservation management.

    Fifth city to save water for industrial policy, Government-driven, market-led mechanism, public participation in water conservation, building water-saving society, fostering and developing water-saving industry, agriculture and services, the idea of restricting high consumption, high pollution industry.

    Encourage and support research, development and application of water saving technology, promotion of water conservation technologies, new processes, new equipment and new products.

    Article sixth target responsibility system and evaluation system of water conservation.

    City, County (district) water conservation objectives and measures included in the people's Government at the national economic and social development plans and annual plans.

    Water conservation targets as the Municipal Government to County and District Government evaluation content. Article people's Governments at all levels should carry out extensive water conservation information and education, popularize scientific knowledge to save water, save water knowledge in national education and training systems to enhance public awareness of water conservation.

    No unit and individual shall fulfill its obligation to save water, the right to inform the waste of water, damage to the water environment.

    Article eighth city, County (district) water conservation units and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to, and give recognition and rewards.

    Chapter II administration of water    Article Nineth administrative area and the total amount of water used in industry control systems.

    City, County (district) tissue water Administrative Department and relevant departments according to the requirement of sustainable development of region function and industry, preparation of the water allocation plans, scientific allocation of water resources, stepwise decomposition of water quantity.

    Tenth of municipal water conservancy administrative departments shall prepare the city's water conservation plan, seek the views of the relevant departments, and reported to the people's Governments at the corresponding level for approval organization.

    Water conservation planning should include water resources and its utilization, water potential, objectives, tasks and measures, and so on. 11th into water licensing management units and individuals shall, before December 31 of each year to the municipal water conservancy administrative departments to submit annual water statistics and water withdrawal proposals next year.

    Municipal water conservancy administrative departments should be issued annual water withdrawal plan before January 31 of the next year, and copied to the counties where the water intakes (district) Water Conservancy Administrative Department.

    12th article using city public water of units and personal (not including residents family), should according to water fixed developed water plans, reported city or County water administrative competent sector audit approved, by save water management institutions monthly assessment water plans implementation situation; water units and personal in this city administrative within migration of, should timely to city or County water administrative competent sector application again approved water plans.

    13th in accordance with this article 11th, 12th meeting the planned water management units and individuals, must be approved in accordance with the plan of water or water, Super plan or the fixed water intake or use of water, by the water conservancy Administrative Department in accordance with the following provisions, charge on excess progressive water resources fee or fare increases of water charges:

    (A) the Super plan or the 10% of the quota, in accordance with the standards of water resources fee and water tariff 1 time charge, (ii) super plan or over standard 10% (not included) to 20%, according to the water resources fee and water tariff standards twice times the charge;

    (C) the Super plan or over standard 20% (not included) to 30%, according to the standards of water resources fee and water tariff 3 times plus;

    (D) the Super plan or over standard 30% (not included) above, in accordance with the standards of water resources fee and water tariff 4 times plus.

    14th residential water-step measure water prices, price ladder in accordance with standards approved by the provincial Department in charge of price.

    15th water metering, demand.

    Included in the license for water management units, as well as urban public facilities should install water meters of water, improve water measurement inspection and routine maintenance of facilities to ensure accurate measurement, and the water-metering facilities are checked on a regular basis, water-metering facilities become inaccurate or damage is found, shall promptly verify the repair or replacement.

    Water, water units and individuals shall coordinate with the water conservancy administrative departments or staff look-up table, exercise of water.

    Water intake, water units and water metering facilities measurement facility failed, or is not running properly, by the water conservancy Administrative Department ordered installation.

    16th city water supply water unit has two types of water properties categories need to perform different water price, should be according to the different water categories to install water-metering facilities.

    Unit is not installed according to the nature of different water categories of water water-metering facilities, or alter water supply pipeline, avoiding categories measured, the highest water price of water in the nature category in accordance with the unit's standard payment.

    Article 17th into the water licensing management units and individuals should be levied on a monthly basis to the responsible Department of water resources fee and water administration submitted to the water. Public water supply enterprises shall monthly submission to Department of water administration of water user consumption.

    Statistical departments shall, in conjunction with the Department of water administration, classification statistics on water use, and water used in published statistics on a regular basis.

    The city and County (district) Water Conservancy administrative departments shall establish a water information system, regularly publish regional and industry water use to guide the industrial reasonable layout, guide enterprises and society to conserve water.

    Chapter three water saving management 18th article new, and alterations, and expansion construction project directly from River, and Lake or underground take water of, development units should in handle take water license pre application Shi to water administrative competent sector submitted construction project water resources argument report book; not need handle take water license pre application of construction project, development units should in handle take water license application Shi to accepted organ submitted construction project water resources argument report book.

    Not submitted a report on water resources argumentation for construction projects, water conservancy administrative departments shall not handle water licensing (pre) application.

    Use of public water or recycled water pipe network construction project, gradually as needed by the water conservancy administrative departments to implement water resources evaluation system, in accordance with the evaluation findings to adjust water indicators needed for construction projects. Article 19th water intake, water units and individuals shall conduct periodic water balance test.

    Water balance test in water conservancy administrative departments will be expected to work guidance and review acceptance, after reviewing the problems found, shall order the enterprises to take measures to solve the deadline.

    20th new construction, reconstruction and extension project of water-saving facilities shall be simultaneously with the principal part of the project designed, built and put into use. Planning and design units should be carried out in accordance with the standards and norms in national water-saving design of water-saving facilities and separate volume construction plan review unit should be as rigorous review of the water content.

    Design of water-saving facilities should be reported to the Department of water administration, not reviewed and approved or rejected by the water conservancy Administrative Department, the construction project is the project file as a basis for issuing of construction project planning permit follow-up license. Water-saving facilities are completed, the construction unit shall declare acceptance to the water conservancy Administrative Department.

    Unqualified acceptance or acceptance, construction projects may use, approved by the water conservancy administrative departments are not indicators of water, water not water supply.

    Water-saving facilities, including water-saving devices in these measures, processes, equipment, metering facilities, utilization of reclaimed water reuse systems and rainwater collection systems.

    Article 21st development and reform Department shall, in conjunction with the water conservancy administrative departments, in accordance with the direction of water-saving industry catalogue of industries for guiding investment guidance, high water-consumption industrial investment projects impose strict restrictions limit directory.

    22nd establish and perfect the standard system of water conservation, strict implementation of national standards and industry standards for water conservation, encourage enterprises to develop more stringent than the national standards, industry standards and local standards of corporate standards. 23rd to encourage the use of advanced water-saving technologies and products, increases the number of circulating water, improve water reuse.

    For outdated, high water consumption of the products, equipment and process applies an elimination system.

    A ban on the production, import, sales, use, inclusion in the list of eliminated products, equipment, and technology of the prohibition of the use in the out directory. In accordance with the relevant provisions of article 24th phased identity management for water efficiency. Ban on production and sales do not comply with the mandatory standards of water-saving product.

    Prohibition of forgery, fraudulent use of water efficiency label or use water efficiency label for false advertising. 25th to encourage the development of water-saving agriculture.
Water resources in the agricultural sector should be based on local conditions, promoting water consumption and high efficiency of crops and other agricultural projects, optimizing the structure of agriculture.

    Counties (districts) should be based on the State of water resources in the administrative areas to guide agricultural production and business operation entities and individuals reasonable adjustment of crop planting structure, developing high efficiency water-saving agriculture, limiting and compression, low efficiency of water consumption of crop cultivation.

    Article 26th implementation technology of irrigation, irrigation and drainage pumping stations, planting should be taken way of Canal seepage control, pipeline water, reduce the loss of irrigation water, improving the utilization rate of irrigation water.

    27th socialized service system for agricultural water saving technology and, according to local conditions, popularizing spray irrigation, drip irrigation and other water-saving irrigation methods and technologies, gradually replaced flood irrigation water consumption irrigation. 28th to encourage units and individuals to invest in the construction of agricultural water-saving facilities.

    Agricultural water conservation projects and water conservation measures in the agricultural development projects, the departments concerned should give priority to projects.

    29th industrial construction projects should be adapted to local conditions of water resources, water shortages, limits the development of high water consumption in industry. 

Article 30th industrial enterprises should strengthen the internal management of enterprises, establish a water management system, construction of the water saving enterprise. Industrial enterprises should use advanced technology, equipment and technology, comprehensive utilization of circulation water, and wastewater treatment and reuse measures, reduce water consumption, improving utilization of water.

    Water consumption exceeds water consumption quota in industrial enterprises, Department of water administration shall not approve the new indicators of water or water. 31st industrial enterprises should use water saving devices, processes and technologies, reduce the loss of water resources.

    Device, process, and technology does not meet the requirements of water conservation, technical renovation should be carried out. Industrial enterprises should take efficient, water-saving method.

    Indirect cooling water should be recycled. 32nd new construction, renovation or expansion of public and civil buildings should install water saving devices.

    Public and civil buildings have been built without the use of water saving devices shall be installed within the period stipulated by the water conservancy Administrative Department.

    Restaurants, entertainment, hotels and other service companies, shall use energy, water, raw materials and the protection of the environment-friendly technologies, equipment and facilities. 33rd to encourage and support the development and utilization of recycled water, rain water and other non-conventional water sources. 

    Development and utilization of non-conventional water sources should be incorporated into water conservation planning. Reclaimed water treatment facilities and pipelines and the construction of urban sewage treatment facilities. Meet the conditions for reclaimed water, should give priority to the use of reclaimed water.

    Conditional region in new construction, old city reconstruction and urban infrastructure construction, construction of rainwater and ground water seepage and the use of facilities.

    Providing car wash water unit should be building water recycling facilities of reclaimed water transmission and distribution pipelines within the coverage area, reclaimed water should be used. Article 34th urban landscaping shall use sprinkler irrigation, water-saving irrigation methods such as drip irrigation, banned the use of high water consumption irrigation methods such as flood irrigation.

Water-deficient areas should choose drought-tolerant landscaping-trees, flowers and grass, to limit massive landscape.

    Can use reclaimed water area, restricting or banning the own water intake, water and surface water quality as a city road cleaning, greening and landscape water use.

    35th water conservancy administrative departments shall supervise and administer the operation of public water supply systems.

    Water supply enterprises and constructing water supply units should strengthen the maintenance and management of water facilities to prevent waste such as run, run, drip, leak water phenomenon, reducing the water supply pipe network leakage rate.

    36th article in public water tube network cover of regional, can using reservoir, and rivers, surface water of regional and no prevent groundwater resources pollution measures and facilities of regional, except fire, and drought, and construction security, emergency take water, and geothermal air conditioning take water and mining mineral water, and geothermal Spa, on water has special requirements of take water engineering can law take with groundwater zhiwai, has some other groundwater take water engineering should deadline closed, shall not new groundwater take water engineering, shall not added groundwater take water index.

    37th city, County (district) financial Department should arrange special funds for water saving, support water-saving technology of water-saving technology and product research and development, demonstration and promotion, implementation of key water conservation projects, water conservation awareness training, information services and water management awards.

    38th on the production and use of added water saving technologies and water conservation product promotion list of water-saving technologies and products and the development and utilization of non-conventional water sources such as reclaimed water projects, the implementation of support policies such as tax breaks.

    To promote the use of agricultural water-saving irrigation technology and products gives subsidies to units and individuals.

    Fourth chapter of supervision and inspection 39th water conservancy administrative departments should perform their duties according to law, strengthen supervision and inspection of water conservation.

    Once a waste water processing in a timely manner and be based on total amount control of water requirements, reduced water use index next year; requires the authorities, should carry out joint inspections.

    40th supervising personnel when performing their duties of supervision and inspection of water conservation, are entitled to take the following measures:

    (A) access to the site to conduct, surveys to understand the situation;

    (B) requesting the unit or individual under inspection clarification on water-related issues;

    (C) requested by units or individuals for examination-related documents, certificates, information and the right to copy;

    (D) ordering the inspection units or individuals to stop illegal activities, meet statutory obligations. Supervisors and inspectors in carrying out their duties of supervision and inspection, shall produce their certificate of administrative law enforcement.

    Relevant organizations or persons on supervision and inspection work should cooperate, and may not refuse or obstruct.

    41st to encourage institutions and individuals to the water conservancy administrative departments reported wastage of water or water-saving law enforcement actions, the Department concerned upon receiving the report, shall promptly investigate and deal with.

    Receiving the report the relevant departments shall keep their informants confidential, and the report is true, administrates the waste water acts provide major clues and evidence of the informer reward. 

    Water Conservancy administrative departments should telephone hotlines, mail or e-mail address to receive reports.

    The fifth chapter legal liability

    42nd in violation of these regulations section 11th, into the water licensing management units and individuals failing to submit the annual intake of, by the water conservancy administrative departments ordered to remedy that is not on the event within the time limits, more than 5000 Yuan and fined a maximum of 20,000 yuan in serious cases, suspension of water licenses.

    Article 43rd disobey article 15th, do not install metering facilities, ordered to install, and in accordance with the calculation of maximum daily water capacity of water and water resources fee collection standards levy of water resource fees, more than 5000 Yuan and fined a maximum of 20,000 yuan in serious cases, suspension of water licenses.  

    Measurement devices are unqualified, or is not operating properly, ordered replacement or repair fails to replace or repair, based on daily maximum intake capacity of water and water resources fee collection standards levy water resource fee, may be fined a maximum of 10,000 yuan in serious cases, suspension of water licenses.

    44th article violates this article 16th paragraph, tampering with water supply pipelines, avoiding categories measured, the rectification by the water conservancy Administrative Department, fined a maximum of 3000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan.

    45th in violation of paragraph one of this article 17th, second paragraph, into water licensing management units and individuals and public water supply companies are not monthly submission to Department of water administration water supply and actual consumption or providing false information, rectification by the water conservancy administrative departments, more than 1000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan fine.

    Article 46th disobey article 20th, new construction, reconstruction and extension project of water-saving facilities were not built or did not meet the requirements set by the State, unauthorized use, shall be ordered to stop by the water conservancy administrative departments, rectify, and fines of between 50,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan.

    47th in violation of paragraph II of this article 23rd, produced, sold or used in the production and operation of countries has been officially eliminated, backward, high water consumption of processes, equipment and products, local people's Governments at or above the county level comprehensive economic departments be ordered to stop production, sale or use, fined a maximum of 20,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan.

    48th water administrative department or other relevant departments and their staff, have one of the following acts, by their work units, the competent authority or competent supervisory organ directly responsible for personnel and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

    (A) on the construction project does not meet the statutory conditions of approval scheme of water saving measures;

    (B) without approval, issued pursuant to the provisions of annual water withdrawal plan;

    (C) enforcement of water withdrawal units or individuals purchasing or using specific water-saving products, or apparatus;

    (D) does not carry out its oversight responsibilities, finding violations is not investigated;

    (E) other acts of abuse of authority, dereliction of duty or engages in.

    49th acts in violation of these rules, other laws and regulations have provisions from its provisions.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles 50th these measures come into force on January 1, 2013. October 25, 1995, the implementation of the management of urban water conservation, Benxi (24th of the municipal government) abrogated.

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