Guiyang Centralized Trading Market Safety Management Of Dangerous Chemicals Regulations

Original Language Title: 贵阳市危险化学品集中交易市场安全管理规定

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Guiyang centralized trading market safety management of dangerous chemicals regulations

    (October 8, 2012 Executive meeting of the Guiyang municipal people's Government on October 16, 2012, Guiyang municipal people's Government released 14th come into force on December 1, 2012) Chapter I General provisions

    First to strengthen safety management of hazardous chemicals concentrated markets, prevent and reduce production accidents, hazardous chemicals concentrated trade safe, orderly and healthy development of the market, according to the People's Republic of China Law on production safety, the safety management of dangerous chemicals Ordinance, the Guizhou Provincial safety regulations and other relevant provisions of laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.

Article within the administrative area of the city centralized trading market safety management of dangerous chemicals, and these provisions shall apply.

    Centralized trading market of hazardous chemicals in these rules refers to the law approved the construction and use of hazardous chemicals storage area of centralized trading venue and its subsidiary.

    Article centralized trading market safety management of dangerous chemicals should be adhered to the "safety first, prevention first and comprehensive" approach to hazardous chemicals concentrated trading "centralized trading, professional storage, unified distribution" principle.

    Fourth of municipal, district (city, County) people's Governments shall strengthen the focus on market leadership in safety management of dangerous chemicals, establishment of safety management of dangerous chemicals market coordination mechanisms, co-ordinate and solve major problems in safety supervision and management of dangerous chemicals.

Fifth of municipal, district (city or County) of safety supervision of dangerous chemicals within the departments responsible for consolidated supervision and management.

    Public security, industry and commerce, transportation, environmental protection, quality supervision departments should be under the duty to perform centralized trading market of dangerous chemicals safety management responsibilities, mutual coordination and close collaboration, reports regularly to the people's Government at the work safety management coordinating body work.

    Planning and construction of chapter

Sixth of municipal, district (city, County) people's Government shall, in accordance with the overall urban planning, overall construction hazardous chemicals concentrated markets within their respective jurisdictions.

Banned in densely populated urban area of a hazardous chemical concentrates market.

    Development and Planning Department shall, in conjunction with the safety inspection, housing and urban-rural development, fire departments hazardous chemicals concentrated market planning and implementation reported to people's Governments at the same level for approval.

Article seventh centralized trading market of hazardous chemicals should be based on market function partitioning and storage of the hazardous properties of chemicals, were formed in retail stores, a dedicated storage area, private parking area and other functional areas.

Among the various functional areas should maintain the safety distance and safety evacuation routes.

    Each functional area within the workplace and public places should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the regulations and standards, build and configure secure facilities, equipment, and fire-fighting facilities and equipment.

    Eighth new construction, renovation or expansion of centralized trading market of dangerous chemicals and construction projects should be strictly in accordance with national laws, regulations and procedures for the review of security conditions, and hazardous chemical construction project security clearance procedures.

Nineth in a crowded urban area, may establish a new dangerous chemicals (gas station, gas station).

    Cities and districts (cities and counties) people's Governments should adopt policies and Government support, special measures such as dangerous chemicals in urban built-up area within the business unit (except for gas station, gas station) relocated to the professional hazardous chemicals concentrated market concentration operations.

    Chapter III safety management Article tenth of hazardous chemicals concentrated market organizer shall set up centralized market management of hazardous chemicals (hereinafter "marketing management"), unified security management on the market.

Market management institutions shall perform the following duties:

(A) full-time security personnel, and can be set according to the size of the market, work safety authorities;

(B) the formulation and implementation of safety production responsibility system and the rules and regulations of the market, operating procedures, establish the safety management account;

(C) the organizations in China market and business units to participate in production safety management, chemical expertise and emergency handling skills training and obtain the relevant qualification certificate;

(D) carry out security checks on a regular basis, to eliminate potential accidents, inspected the market business units of the business license, hazardous chemicals business licenses and other licenses, and urge the business units operate in accordance with law;

(V) market, signing safety responsibility agreement or code of the business, to carry out periodic checks;

(F) in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws, rules and regulations, develop the market accident emergency rescue plans, and in accordance with the regulations of safety supervision, public security and environmental protection departments;

(G) establish full-time or part-time emergency rescue teams, market and business units to participate in emergency rescue drills are regularly organized, timely and truthful reports production safety accidents, accident rescue work of scientific organizations;

    (VIII) other safety responsibilities under the laws, regulations and rules.

11th business units in the market should be subject to government supervision, consciously accept the market Administration Office of safety management, and to perform, observe carefully the following duties and requirements:

(A) hold a business license, business operating licenses for hazardous chemicals hazardous chemicals should be made, within the approved scope of business law;

(B) compliance with market rules and regulations, procedures, implementation of safety responsibility or safety responsibilities under the agreement;

(C) organize the units participate in safety education and training of employees, directors, safety-control managers, special operations personnel must be in possession of the security certificate or the certificate of special operations post;

(D) participate actively in market management organization emergency rescue, skilled in emergency contingency measures to be taken;

(E) may engage in dangerous chemicals prohibited by the State and not subject to unauthorized hazardous chemicals production and operation of enterprises in the procurement of hazardous chemicals shall operate without chemical safety data sheet or the chemical safety labelling of hazardous chemicals;

(F) very toxic chemicals, explosive hazardous chemicals business unit shall establish a dedicated sales account record of purchase name, the address and the person in charge's name, social security number, as well as the purchase of highly toxic chemicals, easily made explosive items such as name, number, use of hazardous chemicals;

    (VII) other safety responsibilities under the laws, regulations and rules.

12th special storage areas for hazardous chemicals concentrated market should have the following basic security requirements:

(A) according to national standard, and industry standard, and national about provides, and specification of requirements, according to dangerous chemicals of type and dangerous characteristics, in warehouse, and tank district, job places should set corresponding of monitoring, and monitoring, and ventilation, and anti-Sun, and thermostat, and fire, and fire, and explosion-proof, and relief pressure, and antivirus, and neutralization, and moisture, and anti-mine, and anti-electrostatic, and anti-corrosion, and anti-leak and protection surrounding di or isolation operation, security facilities, and equipment, and on security facilities, and equipment for regular maintenance, and maintenance, guarantee its normal using;

(B) flammable, toxic and hazardous storage sites should prominently post warning signs and inform, inform the card shall contain the hazardous chemical name, consequences, prevention, emergency measures and so on;

(Three) according to national standard, and industry standard, and national about provides equipped with enough of fire facilities and equipment, main including fire pool, and fire tube network and fire tied, fire water facilities and the corresponding of extinguishing agent, and necessary of personal protection equipment, and set enough of accident emergency pool and early rain collection pool, fire facilities and equipment should has hand is responsible for custody, is responsible for check, and maintenance, and update and acquired, guarantee its in normal state;

(Iv) installation of fire and security alarm device, equipped with external alarm, contact communications equipment;

(E) set up a video surveillance system, storeroom, tank and other key parts of the security situation, as well as access to dedicated storage areas of the vehicle, human security activities for effective monitoring;

    (Six) store toxic chemicals or easy business burst dangerous chemicals of units, should truthfully records its store of toxic chemicals, and easy business burst dangerous chemicals of number, and flows, and take necessary of security prevention measures, prevent toxic chemicals, and easy business burst dangerous chemicals lost or was stolen, found toxic chemicals, and easy business burst dangerous chemicals lost or was stolen of, should immediately to local police organ report.

13th market regulatory bodies should strengthen safety management to a private storage area, and strictly adhere to the following requirements:

(A) implementation unified closed management, in dedicated warehouse district of access mouth set security checks points, on access vehicles and the personnel for strictly of security checks, identification transport vehicles security status and fire, and repair, and protection, emergency equipment configuration situation, and command transport vehicles in delineation geographical Park, where up not to national provides conditions or not obey market management of vehicles, is strictly prohibited into dedicated warehouse district;

(B) the storekeeper of the dedicated storage areas should be subject to pre and regular training, certificates, earnestly fulfill their duties, not less than twice a day a security check, and to check the records, check the hazardous chemicals found in quality deterioration, breakage, leakage and so on, shall promptly notify the owner and market regulators to take emergency measures to deal with;

(C) the storage of hazardous chemicals should be in line with product standards, the storekeeper shall strictly according to national standards, industry standards or State regulations, acceptance of internal and external marking, packaging, containers and other items, as well as for reconciliation, cargo, line cards;

    (D) in special storage areas for hot work, lifting, to enter such dangerous work in a confined space, should establish safety management systems and measures to carry out strict examination and approval procedures, with attendant supervision of dangerous operations personnel operate strictly in accordance with the relevant rules, found the hidden dangers of accidents and violations should promptly take steps to correct or excluded.

    14th dangerous chemicals operated within a centralized trading market unit and a dedicated storage security assessment, security evaluation by a qualified body once every 3 years.
15th production safety supervision and management departments shall, in accordance with relevant State regulations, supervision, guidance of hazardous chemicals concentrated market and business units within the market of dangerous chemical safety standardization work.

    16th centralized market management of hazardous chemicals should be in accordance with the "distribution" principle, configuring and adapting to the market and distribution vehicles or the introduction of dangerous chemicals transportation enterprises qualified for transport, for market and business units of dangerous chemicals and provides a professional delivery service.

    Market and business units need to transport of hazardous chemicals should select qualified vehicles for transport of dangerous chemicals, vehicles must be parked in the professional of the carriage of dangerous chemicals in the parking lot.

Article 17th market management should take the following measures to strengthen the safety management of dangerous chemicals, shipping and handling within parts of the market:

(A) identification of the purchase certificate, certificate of qualification for transport, transport and vehicle safety;

(B) urge the security professional loading and unloading team operations, in accordance with the approved loading for transport vehicles, check out the vehicle loading and configuration of security protection facilities;

    (C) establish the loading inspection and check of the dangerous chemicals registration account record of inspection, checking, to meet the requirements of the business unit and transport vehicles to issue bills of lading and outbound order.

Article 18th hazardous chemicals concentrated market the following actions are forbidden:

(A) not to damage, misappropriate or unauthorized dismantle and stop use fire control facilities and devices;

(B) not who bury, occupy, blocking a fire hydrant or occupy fire prevention space;

    (C) shall not be occupied, blockage, closure of evacuation routes, emergency exits and fire exits.

    Fourth chapter of supervision and inspection

    Article 19th safety, public security, industry and commerce, transportation, environmental protection, quality supervision departments should establish special supervision checked, comprehensive supervision and inspection, enforcement, reporting of cases and information circulars and other supervision and inspection system, urging market regulators and market and business units to perform his duties and to troubleshoot removing potential accidents.

Article 20th safety, public security, industry and commerce, transportation, environmental protection, quality supervision departments should be under a duty, to investigate and punish violations of the following:

(A) shall obtain operating licenses for failing to handle dangerous chemicals, engaged in business activities without authorization;

(B) exceed the permitted scope, storage, or engaging in dangerous chemicals should be made without authorization permit before engaging in business activities;

(C) construction, reconstruction or expansion of centralized trading market of dangerous chemicals project, without the security conditions for examination and approval;

(D) not according to their type of storage of hazardous chemicals and hazardous characteristics, each functional area within the workplace and public places to set up related safety facilities, equipment, or not in accordance with the national standards, industry standards, the relevant provisions of the State security facilities, regular maintenance and repair of the equipment;

(E) is not in the functional areas within the workplace and safety facilities, equipment set up obvious security warning sign on, or within the various functional areas workplaces set up communication, alarms, monitoring devices;

(F) hazardous chemicals are not stored within a dedicated warehouse, or is not highly toxic chemicals and other hazardous chemicals stockpiles pose a major hazard in a private warehouse stored separately;

(G) the storage of hazardous chemicals, or store number does not conform to national or State regulations;

(H) the hazardous chemicals is not a dedicated warehouse security facilities, equipment, periodic testing and inspection;

    (IX) other offences should be investigated and dealt with.

    Article 21st security business license business unit no longer meets the conditions for safe production of dangerous chemicals, safety supervision Department shall revoke the licensing for their safe operation.

    The fifth chapter by-laws 22nd article of the regulations come into force on December 1, 2012.