Chongqing Airport Management Approach

Original Language Title: 重庆市民用机场管理办法

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Chongqing airport management approach

    (August 21, 2012 131th meeting consideration of the people's Government of Chongqing September 14, 2012, Chongqing Municipal People's Government order No. 266, released November 1, 2012) Chapter I General provisions

    First to strengthen the management of civil airports, for civil airport construction and development, protection of civil airport security operations and normal order, maintaining the lawful rights and interests of the parties concerned, in accordance with the People's Republic of China civil aviation law, the civil airport administrative regulations of the State Council and relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

Second civil airport (hereinafter referred to as the airport) in the planning and construction, safety and operations, security, environmental protection and public order management in the area of application of this approach at the airport.

    Airports include transport to the airport and General Airport General airport planning and construction, safety and operations management in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State.

The third municipal people's Governments shall strengthen the supervision and management of the airport, airport construction and development in national economic and social development planning, establishing civil aviation development leadership and coordination mechanisms to ensure the smooth implementation of the planning and construction of the airport, support functions and development of airports and increase financial and policy support, encourages integration of airport resources.

    Airport District (County) people's Governments shall exercise supervision over airport management according to law, organization and coordination, actively address critical issues in the management of the airport.

Fourth civil aviation Administrative Department in accordance with laws, administrative regulations and the relevant provisions of the State responsible for the supervision and management of the airport.

Development and reform, the financial, economic and information, town and country planning, land and natural resources, construction, transport, environmental protection, work safety, landscaping, public safety, municipal, industry and commerce, prices, weather and other relevant departments according to their respective duties to the airport management.

    Airport management body responsible for airport security and operations management, management of public order in the airport area.

    Article fifth airport management should follow safety first, quality service, unified and efficient principles.

Chapter II plan and master plan of building a sixth airport by the airport construction project legal person in accordance with relevant State formulated technical specifications.

Airport master plan prepared shall solicit stationed units, the airport where the local people's Governments at town and country planning department and the military organs of opinion.

    Airport master plan shall, in accordance with the procedure provided for approval before implementation.

    Article seventh airport is located on the local people's Governments shall airport master plan into urban and rural planning, and according to the needs of airport operations and development, imposed on the adjacent area of airport land use and construction planning to ensure coordinated development of cities and the airport. Article eighth overall planning of land is allowed to use the airport, should be in accordance with the approved purposes.

Really necessary to change of land use or building use in nature, shall go through examination and approval procedures.

No units and individuals to apply for the use of the airport area, Airport Master planning of land within the scope of, and relevant competent administrative departments at the time of approval, should seek the views of airport authorities.

    Airport authorities use, operation of the airport land, right to the transfer of land use rights and should comply with the overall airport plan and approved by the land use, as well as national provisions relating to the transfer of right to land tenure and management, obey and serve the development of the aviation needs.

Nineth in the context of General airport planning new construction, renovation or expansion projects shall comply with the overall airport plan and controlled detailed planning.

Airport construction projects construction according to construction project before planning permission, should ask the Airport Authority's written consent.

    Outside the airport area, the overall plan of the construction of the airport project, invested by the city authorities are responsible for Government approval of investment projects, non-government approval of investment projects, the record; urban planning departments in the planning permission, it shall seek the views of airport authorities. Tenth airport areas of power supply, water supply, gas supply, telecommunications, roads, environment and green infrastructure by the airport construction projects, such as the legal entity responsible for building.

Infrastructure construction shall conform to the national standards for civil airport construction, ensure safe operation of the airport.

Airport area power supply, water supply, gas supply, telecommunications, roads, environment and green infrastructure, such as the airport is located about the local people's Governments, according to airport operations and development needs unified planning, co-ordinating construction.

    Airport authorities should take effective measures electricity, water, gas and communications priorities.

    Chapter III security and operations section 11th airport is located the relevant local people's Governments shall strengthen leadership on airport security operations, administrative agency shall organize relevant departments to supervise airport security management responsibilities, coordinate and solve problems in the safe operation of the airport.

12th airport authorities for the safe operation of the airport shall exercise unified coordination and administration, is responsible for establishing and perfecting responsibility system for safe operation of the airport, making airports safe operation rules and regulations to ensure effective implementation of airport security operation, ensure the airport meets the safety requirements, supervision and security operations, to eliminate accident risks, reported production safety accident according to law.

    Air transport enterprises and others stationed units shall comply with airport safety rules and regulations, in accordance with their respective responsibilities to guarantee the safe operation of the airport together and assume the corresponding responsibility; impact of airport security operations, shall immediately report to the Airport Authority. 13th airport authorities shall regularly evaluate the State of airport security, found that the problem should be supervising in a timely manner.

According to security needs, airport authorities in addition to the periodic evaluation, increase the number of security assessment.

Airport authorities, air transport enterprises and others stationed units shall, in accordance with the relevant regulations, ensure the safety of their facilities, the effective application of the device.

    Other stationed units shall be in accordance with the requirements of the air transport enterprises and important safety features, device management system airport authorities for the record.

Article 14th airport authorities and airport police authorities, in accordance with relevant regulations of the State in areas the airport controlled area of the airport, the airport controlled area closed type management to limit access.

    Airport Authority airport controlled area regionalisation should be, according to the set safety protection facilities in different regions and clearly marked, equipped with a special inspection of people, vehicles and equipment.

15th personnel, vehicles entering airport controlled area, should present a valid airport controlled area personnel, vehicle documents, undergo a security check, limited to activities in the area, subject to management.

    Airport control officers, traffic documentation in accordance with relevant State regulations.

16th Airport Aviation oil pipeline protection, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on protection of oil and natural gas pipelines and other provisions.

    Airport Aviation oil special-purpose pipe is located about people's Government, the relevant units shall do the aviation fuel pipeline protection work.

Article 17th Airport administrative organ shall establish a full-time fire department and airport fire staff and equipment, development of fire prevention planning and evacuation measures, establish a sound fire management system.

    Stationed units shall establish a responsibility system for fire prevention, implementation of fire the person responsible, in strict accordance with the regulations configuration fire equipment, equipment, facilities, and fire safety signs to ensure that fire-fighting equipment in good working condition, equipment, facilities, and accept the supervision and inspection of the airport police.

18th airport areas prohibit the following acts endangering or likely to endanger the safety of civil aviation:

(A) the airport controlled area-free passes for entering airport controlled area;

(B) random crossing aircraft runway or taxiway;

(C) in violation of State regulations, carrying dangerous goods entering the Terminal, take an aircraft or in checked baggage, cargo, mail, express delivery carries dangerous goods;

(D) illegal interception or strong, and to seize aircraft, affecting the normal operation of aircraft;

(E) climb (drilling), surrounding the damaged airport facilities and other security protection facilities;

(F) at the airport controlled area hunting, herding, sunning grain, driving coach;

(G) the impact, blocking boarding security channel, channel, or enter the aerodrome level crossing;

(VIII) do not scatter in remaining within the aircraft, ramp or bridge, affecting the normal operation of aircraft;

(IX) spread rumors, false reporting of danger;

    (10) other acts against the safety of civil aviation.

    19th at the airport, airport administrative organ shall where relevant local people's Government under the leadership of, civil aviation administration, under the guidance of develop airport emergency plans, according to the procedures prescribed by the State approved, municipal emergency preparedness system. 20th airport administrative organ shall, in accordance with the airport emergency response plan organization rescue drills and training of personnel.

Units and individuals participating in the drill should be subject to arrangements, cooperate.

    Airport authorities shall assess the emergency rescue drills, making assessment and emergency management agency submitted to the municipal people's Government for the record.

    21st airport administrative organ shall establish emergency management duty system, clear responsibilities, with attendants, to the public emergency phone on duty, dealing with emergencies in a timely manner.

22nd all units and individuals found in the airport area and its adjacent region, aircraft or airport facilities or serious damage may occur, as well as other causes or may cause loss of life and serious property damage emergencies, should be reported immediately to the airport authorities.

Airport authorities after receiving the report, shall immediately to the airport is located the relevant local people's Governments and civil aviation authorities to report, and in accordance with the airport emergency plan requirements, emergency rescue work started immediately.

    When implementing emergency rescue, participate in emergency rescue units and individuals should be subject to unified command and control.

Article 23rd airport administrative organ shall, in accordance with the national regulations of standards and technical specifications are equipped with Terminal, restaurants, parking, medical emergencies, and barrier-free facilities, equipment, to provide passenger terminal, restaurants, shopping, post, telecommunications, banks, parking, medical emergencies and other places.
Airport administrative organ shall organize air transport enterprises and other resident units establish quality of service management, service specifications, coordinate and solve quality of service issues that arise in the operation of the airport, improve the quality of airport services.

    Article 24th airport authorities within the area of the airport parking, advertising, transportation, retail, food and beverage, telecommunications and aviation ground services and other business operations, can transfer rights according to state regulations.

Airport authorities transfer of rights shall, in accordance with civil aviation authorities under the State Council provisions and achieve corporate management signed an agreement, clear service standards and level of charges, safety and liability issues.

    Business units and individuals in the course of business shall abide by the laws and regulations of, and accept supervision by the industry and commerce, price authorities.

25th Aviation oil supply enterprises shall strengthen aviation oil infrastructure, maintenance and management, an aviation fuel supply security system, for airport operations to provide security, stability, timely and efficient supply of aviation fuel.

Aviation oil supply Corporation in conjunction with the airport authority to establish emergency oil reserve mechanism, based on the need to determine the size of oil reserves.

    Municipal people's Government and its related bodies should coordinate to solve aviation fuel transport, major issues in supply.

Article 26th airport authorities, air transport enterprises and others stationed units should take effective measures to strengthen coordination and cooperation, jointly guarantee normal operation of flights. Flights delayed or canceled, airport authorities should coordinate air transport enterprises, as well as other relevant in both passenger and cargo service, notification relevant information in a timely manner.

    Air transport enterprises and their representatives shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions and service commitment to provide passenger and cargo services.

27th airport authorities, air transport enterprises, as well as other resident units shall establish a complaint handling system, complaints and complaints released.  

    For the complaints of passengers and cargo, and accepting units shall within 10 working days from the receipt of written replies; oral complaint receiving unit shall make records, and answer off the cuff.

    Fourth chapter security environment in 28th Civil Aviation Administration and airport is located the local people's Governments shall be defined in accordance with the relevant regulations of the airport obstacle clearance protection zone, and announced to the public.

    Article 29th of urban and rural planning authorities for obstacle clearance protection zone of the airport building, rebuilding, expansion of a building, structure, it shall seek the views of the Civil Aviation Administration.

30th airport obstacle clearance protection zone, but may affect the flight safety of tall buildings, structures or any other facilities, property unit or management units should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State flight obstacle lights and marks, and keep them in normal condition.

    Property unit or management units shall be filed with the Civil Aviation Administration, airport authorities to provide the relevant information.

31st in airfield clearance protection zone is prohibited to engage in the following activities:

(A) emit a lot of smoke, dust, flame, exhaust gas and other substances that affect flight safety;

(B) construction of a shooting range, a strong explosives warehouse and flight safety of buildings or other facilities;

(C) construction of airport clearance requirements are not met, buildings, structures or other facilities;

(D) set the effects of airport Visual Navaid or pilot line of sight of the lights, signs or objects;

(E) cultivation effect flight safety or airport navigational aids using plants;

(F) affect flight safety birds flying up unmanned free balloon, tethered balloon launch and other objects;

(G) the burning of crop stalks, produces a lot of smoke waste and other substances, or setting off fireworks, Fireworks;

(VIII) the runway of the airport at both ends and within 1000 meters on each side of the centre line of the runway construction of open-air rubbish dumps, landfill or a farm;

(IX) surrounding bounds within 5 metres of the airport, build buildings, planting trees, digging, stacked objects, or affect the safety of airport operations activities;

    (J) the competent civil aviation authority under the State Council under other acts that affect the airport obstacle clearance protection. Article 32nd airport administrative organ shall strictly be checked airport clearance status, we find that the airport obstacle clearance protection, should be stopped immediately, and a written report to the airport where relevant local people's Government.

    Airport receiving the report the relevant local people's Governments shall take timely and effective measures to eliminate the impact on flight safety.

    Article 33rd airport administrative organ shall monitor bird activities that affect flight safety, develop plans to fight bird, and to take effective measures to control birds.

    Article 34th radio management institution shall, together with the Civil Aviation Administration in accordance with the State radio regulatory provisions and standards ensure the airport electromagnetic environment protection area, and to the public.

35th settings, use the ground civil aviation radio (stations), should be approved by the Civil Aviation Department for review, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State radio regulatory approval procedures, obtaining a radio licence.

    Set inside the airport electromagnetic environment protection areas, use of non-aviation radio (stations), radio Management Office shall seek the views of Civil Aviation Administration, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State radio regulatory approval.

36th is prohibited in the civil aviation radio (stations) electromagnetic environment protection area, engaged in the following activities of the airport electromagnetic environment:

(A) the construction of overhead high-voltage power lines, overhead wires, railway, highway, power, irrigation and drainage pumping stations;

(B) storage of metal deposit;

(C) planting tall plants;

(D) engaged in earthmoving, sand mining, quarrying and other activities of the changing topography;

    (E) the competent civil aviation authority under the State Council under other acts that affect the airport electromagnetic environment.

37th article of any units or individuals to use the radio (station) and other electronic devices, not to interfere with the normal use of civil aviation special radio frequencies. Airport radio interference management should investigate and punish acts of civil aviation special radio frequencies.

    When the civil aviation dedicated radio frequency interference, the Airport Authority and the Civil Aviation Administration shall immediately take the investigation measures, to eliminate; cannot be eliminated, should inform the radio regulatory bodies in a timely manner.

Article 38th airport is located on the local people's Governments to develop airport surrounding area land use planning and urban and rural planning, should fully consider the effects of aircraft noise around the airport area, comply with the relevant national environmental quality standards.

    Airport authorities should be civil aircraft noise impact on areas around the airport, reporting on local government, planning and construction, environmental protection, land and resources department. 39th airport is located the relevant local people's Governments shall organize town and country planning, land resources, environmental protection authorities at the airport, and the airport authorities to designate restricted building in the surrounding area regional control and noise-sensitive structures.

Really necessary to build noise-sensitive structures in the region, the construction unit shall take measures to reduce or avoid noise impact of civil aviation when it is running on its.  

    Airport location coordinate relevant local people's Governments shall, together with the Civil Aviation Department to solve the civil aircraft taking off and landing at the airport noise impact related issues.

    Fifth chapter of public order article 40th airport authorities are responsible for public order management in the airport area, take effective measures to maintain the normal order of the airport, enhance the level of the management of the airport.

    41st in the airport area distribution of advertising, publicity, fundraising event, shooting movies, organizing trade fairs, promotional, cultural and sporting activities, after airport authorities agree, it should be.

    42nd vehicles entering the airport area should be subject to the management of airport authorities and airport police to comply with airport management order, calling at specified sites, routes in accordance with regulations, rules for driving or parked.

Article 43rd stationed units within the airport authority responsible for the airport area sanitation delineation of areas of responsibility and green management and adjustment.

    Stationed units shall do airport area sanitation and greening efforts, maintain clean environment within the area of responsibility.

44th and publishing outdoor advertising in the airport area, shall comply with the outdoor advertising arrangement plan of the area of the airport, airport authorities agreed, according to relevant procedures.

    Airport area outdoor advertising arrangement plan should be prepared by the city appearance and environmental sanitation administration in conjunction with the Airport Authority, upon approval by the people's Government at the promulgation and implementation.

45th in the airport area with the operations of the construction unit shall meet uniform standards around the construction site walls, fences and obvious project signage and safety warning signs, and take effective measures to prevent construction on transportation, and environmental impacts.

    Engineering the construction unit shall upon completion and acceptance of the works within the 15th, lines to be underground or overhead projects, depth, location of turning points pipe network complex plane to repay, such as airport authorities for the record.

46th airport areas prohibit the following disturbing behavior or that is detrimental to public order:

(A) intentionally damaged signs, signs, and electronic display guide identification;

(B) theft, destroyed water, electricity, gas, roads, communications, lighting, fire and other public facilities;

(C) the force passengers, consignors to accept service;

    (D) other acts that disrupt or prejudice the public order.

47th in airport areas prohibit the following acts of destruction of the environment:

(A) free to dump, ejection and stacking construction waste;

(B) plug the drainage facilities at the airport, or the oil products and other hazardous substances discharged into drainage facilities at the airport;

(C) allowed to occupy or dig the roads in the airport facilities;

    (D) other acts that damage the environment.

    48th sixth chapter legal liability for breach of these rules, a violation of fire safety, civil aviation security, security management, and road traffic Regulation Act, handled by the airport public security organs according to law.
49th article violates these rules, of a violation of airport clearance and electromagnetic environment protection requirements, airport authorities shall take the necessary measures to stop and transfer to the airport where relevant local people's Government or the relevant authorities according to law.

    50th article of any units and individuals in violation of administration of industry and commerce, the airport area architecture, landscape greening and city appearance and environmental sanitation, municipal, environmental protection and urban planning regulations, airport administrative organ shall stop after it was discovered, airport area law enforcement agencies should impose administrative penalties according to law.

    Other violations other than those provided for in the preceding paragraph, impose administrative penalty according to law by the law enforcement agencies.

    51st national staff in airport management, dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or engages, shall be appointed or a supervisory agency ordered corrective action and managers directly responsible and other persons directly responsible shall be disciplined; a suspected crime, judicial organs according to law.

Seventh chapter supplementary articles article 52nd airports mentioned in these measures refers to passenger and goods transportation offer civil aircraft in public air transport activities, such as taking off, landing and other airport services. 

General airports in these measures, was accused of being engaged in industry, agriculture, forestry, fisheries and construction job flight, as well as health care, emergency rescue and disaster relief, meteorological observation, ocean surveillance, science experiments, education and training, culture, sports and other flight of civil aircraft with takeoff and landing at the airport.

Airport area mentioned in these measures refers to according to the overall planning and town and country planning has identified the airport land use areas.

Airport authorities in these measures refers to responsibility for airport security and operations management, airport areas established according to law of public order management or the entrusted body with legal personality.

    Stationed units mentioned in these measures refers to places of work areas at the airport are equipped with organs, organizations, enterprises, institutions and other organizations. 53rd these measures come into force November 1, 2012.

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