Shanghai Has A Population Of Services And Management Several Provisions

Original Language Title: 上海市实有人口服务和管理若干规定

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Shanghai has a population of services and management several provisions

    (September 10, 2012 152th meeting of Shanghai Municipal review on September 12, 2012, released November 1, 2012, the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, the 86th promulgation) Chapter I General provisions

    Article I (purpose and basis)

    In order to regulate the city's actual population services and management, maintaining social order and promoting economic and social development, in accordance with the relevant provisions of laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.

    Article II (scope of application)

    This provision applies to the actual population within the administrative area of the city services and management.

    Actual population in these rules refers to municipal officials living in the city, the other provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) officials (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai).

    Article III (service and management system)

    Actual population of the city services and municipal management integrated and coordinated, district-level integrated management, community implementation of systems. Municipal, district (County) people's Government the establishment of integrated services and population management team, is responsible for coordinating, guiding, urge the relevant departments to carry out servicing and management of actual population.

    Integrated service and Management Office of the leading group of the population located in cities and districts (counties), the Ministry of public security, responsible for the management of services and implementation of actual population.

    Development and reform, public security, human resources and social security, housing security, housing management, population and family planning, financial information, health, education, tax, civil, industrial and commercial administrative departments according to their respective duties, services and management of the relevant work of actual population.

    Fourth (information systems) Established in this city had a population of services and management information systems.

    Public security, human resources and social security, House security management, population and family planning, health, education, tax, civil, industrial and commercial Administration Department is responsible for inputting and updating of the information in accordance with their respective responsibilities, information sharing.

    Fifth (Community Coordinator's team) Community Coordinator's team consists of the township (town) people's Government, the subdistrict office is responsible for the formation, by the public security police is responsible for day-to-day management and accepted housing housing management, population and family planning departments such as business coaching and training.

    Community wardens under the public security and housing security departments such as the housing management requirements, actual population data collection and so on.

    The township (town) people's Government, the subdistrict office in accordance with the area of actual population services and management needs, exploring the purchase by the Government, social organizations specific ways of working.

    Chapter of actual population data collection

    Sixth (information collection system)

    Introduction information collection system of actual population in this city.

    Actual population information includes the identity of the actual population and residential information.

    Seventh (information gathering)

    Information-gathering work of actual population, community wardens carried out door-to-door inquiries, complete manner, integrated community wardens shall in accordance with the standard format of information collection form fill, not heavy and no leakage and accurate.

    Community wardens door-to-door gathering information, must wear a uniform system of work documents.

    Eighth (information publicity)

    The township (town) people, neighborhood offices shall do actual population data collection work of their respective jurisdictions, guidance and information collection work carried out comprehensive community wardens and community warden's name, photograph, document number, scope of services, such as information publicity in its service area.

    Nineth (collected the rights and duties of man)

    The municipal units and individuals shall cooperate with the community wardens perform information gathering tasks, and provide relevant information.

    Without publicity, persons failing to wear credentials, relevant units and individuals have the right to refuse to provide information.

    Chapter III residence papers related services and management

    Tenth (live documents for)

    Shanghai personnel should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State and this municipality, with valid proof of identity when residence live registration reception center for Community Affairs, recipients of the temporary residence permits in Shanghai to meet the conditions prescribed in this city, you can apply for a Shanghai residency certificate.

    The handling and use of the Shanghai residence permits, according to the Shanghai provisional regulations on residence permits and other relevant regulations.

    11th (certification process services)

    Shanghai Shanghai personnel of the temporary residence permits, can be in the city for the following services:

    (A) apply for a motor vehicle driving license, vehicle and non-vehicle registration;

    (B) apply for Macao and a business visit endorsement, border passes;

    (C) the application proof of no criminal record in Shanghai.

    12th (family planning)

    Shanghai Shanghai personnel of the temporary residence permit, can enjoy the following family planning services for free in this city:

    (A) participation in population-related legal knowledge of family planning and reproductive health activities;

    (B) accept pre-pregnancy and infant early education counselling guidance;

    (C) in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State and this municipality access to contraceptives, contraceptive birth control and operation, termination of pregnancy surgical diagnosis and treatment of surgical complications and family planning and other essential items prescribed by the State family planning technical service.

    13th (public health service)

    Shanghai Shanghai personnel of the temporary residence permits, you can enjoy the following public health service in this city:

    (A) at designated medical institutions to implement limited price charge prenatal, hospital delivery services;

    (B) minor children living with child immunization, immunization and communicable disease prevention services.

    14th (education services)

    Shanghai Shanghai personnel of the temporary residence permit, of the compulsory school-age children in this city, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the residence is located in this municipality (County) administrative departments of education to apply from the district (County) of educational administrative departments through overall planning.

    15th (holding the Shanghai residency certificate for the treatment of)

    Shanghai Shanghai personnel of the residence permit, in accordance with relevant regulations of the State and the city to enjoy children, family planning, public health, social security, certification process, technology application, eligibility, examination and identification, related honors selected public services, such as treatment and facilities.

    16th (the obligations of departments and agencies)

    Various government departments and the handling of public affairs through Government websites, bulletin boards, service Windows to share in Shanghai can enjoy services and treatment to the staff, provide services and facilities to people coming to Shanghai, without undue prevarication, procrastination. Various government departments and handling public affairs agency in Shanghai to provide service, may examine the temporary residence permits in Shanghai or Shanghai residency certificate (hereinafter referred to as Live ID).

    Living without residence papers or documents the failure of Shanghai personnel, should urge their timely in accordance with the law.

    17th (obligations)

    Related units of any of the following acts in the city, should be registered in Shanghai of the name as well as the types of identity documents and residence papers, number:

    (A) the employer employed Shanghai personnel;

    (B) employment agency provided services for Shanghai personnel placement services;

    (C) the commodity trading markets, supermarkets, Business Manager for Shanghai booth provide services.

    By the employer in accordance with the city's bid for the Shanghai residency certificate, employers should be registered in Shanghai of the name and the identity document type, number, and residential information.

    Shanghai should be based on the Unit requests, show identification, certificate or other proof of residence.

    18th (accounting reference system)

    In accordance with the provisions of this article 17th registration unit of the Shanghai information, special account should be established, and archived for future reference, in relevant departments and officials to carry out information or obtain supervision and inspection work may be required.

    19th (obligation to inform)

    Public security, human resources and social security, industry and commerce administration departments in the daily management work, should urge the related units carry out registration in Shanghai information obligations.

    20th (officials in this city live documents management)

    Officials of the city residence papers related services and management, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State and this municipality.

    The fourth chapter housing rental information management

    21st (housing rental information for the record)

    House lease shall hold a valid identity document, proof of property rights and leasing contracts and other related materials, to the local community where the housing services reception center for housing rental information for the record.

    Housing the lessor shall handle tax returns.

    22nd (the lessor's obligations)

    Houses for rent in the conclusion of the lease contract, shall examine the lessee and with his people's identity documents, and register the lessee's name, identification document type and number.

    Housing the lessor shall not be rented to undocumented residents.

    During the lease, the lessor shall be agreed upon in the lease contract, regularly reviewing the lessee to use the housing situation, found using leased premises engaged in illegal and criminal activities of the lessee, shall promptly report to the public security and other departments concerned.

    23rd (obligations of the real estate intermediary service organization)

    Real estate intermediary service organizations engaged in housing intermediary business, should register the lessor and the lessee's name, type and number of the identity documents.

    24th (reports Awards) The City encourages the Act of failing to report and pay tax to the lessor immediately.

    Investigations are substantiated, prescribed by the tax authorities in accordance with the whistleblower reward.

    The fifth chapter legal liability

    25th (obligation of confidentiality and liability)

    Units and individuals in the actual population service and knowledge in the management of information, should be kept confidential. No unit or individual shall not be disclosed or illegal query, using the actual population information.

    Selling or offering related information constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
26th (officers ' liability)

    Law enforcement officers with dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism, bribes and other situations, by their work units or by the competent authorities, impose administrative sanctions.

    Constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    27th (penalties for violations of registration information requirements)

    Employers, professional intermediaries, markets and supermarket managers and real estate intermediary service organization violates the provisions of 17th, 18th, 23rd article, no registration-related information as required, by the public security department ordered corrective action and penalty of between 200 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan or given a warning.

    28th (penalties for breach of lease information regulations)

    Live 22nd lease who contravenes the provisions of article, second paragraph, is not registered pursuant to the provisions of lessees ' names, identification type and number, or rent to undocumented people live, by the Public Security Bureau in accordance with the People's Republic of China on public security administration punishments 57th paragraph of the Act will be punished.

    Houses for rent in violation of paragraph III of this article 22nd, knowing that the tenant using the leased premises to carry out criminal activities, does not report to the police, by the Public Security Bureau in accordance with the People's Republic of China on public security administration punishments 57th paragraph of the Act will be punished.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles

    29th (outside of other provisions)

    To foreigners, stateless persons residing in this city and Hong Kong, Macau S.A.R. residents and Taiwan residents ' information collection and housing rental information management may refer to these provisions.

    30th (execution date) These provisions come into force on November 1, 2012.