Changchun National Fitness Regulations Implementing Rules

Original Language Title: 长春市全民健身条例实施细则

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Changchun national fitness regulations implementing rules

    (August 16, 2012, Changchun Municipal People's Government at the 53rd Executive meeting published August 25, 2012, Changchun Municipal People's Government, the 38th since October 1, 2012) first in order to promote the development of national fitness cause, Changchun City, according to the national fitness regulations, combined with the city's actual, these rules are formulated.

Second city, County (City) district people's Government within their respective administrative areas of fitness plan, clear objectives, tasks and measures of fitness for work, security and other content, and to the public.

Cities and counties (cities) and districts implement leading group responsible for organizing the national fitness program fitness work within their respective administrative areas.

Sports, finance, planning, development and reform, land, construction, gardening, human resources and social security, civil affairs, education, culture, radio, TV, technology, and other relevant departments shall, in accordance with nationwide body-building implementation plans required to perform related duties.

    Trade unions, the Communist Youth League, women's federations, federations and other mass organizations of persons with disabilities in accordance with their respective functions, organized fitness activities.

    Article city and County (City) district people's Government according to the size of the resident population in the administrative area arrangements fitness special funds and included in the budget.

    Fourth of municipal or County (City) area physical fitness within the competent authority responsible for the Administration to implement the plan of implementation, and, in conjunction with the departments concerned on the implementation of the evaluation.

Fifth of municipal or County (City) area sports associations should be staffed with full-time staff, there is a fixed office space and special-purpose funds, units and individuals from participating in fitness activities, guidance and training services.

Counties (cities) and districts should have built more than 20 sports association; the streets, towns, sports clubs or fitness stations should be established ().

    Encourage non-legal sport Association incorporated associations encourage sports social groups to set up sports private non-enterprise units, and gradually establish a social network of national fitness organizations.

The sixth city, district human resources and social security, finance and other sectors should cooperate with the sports authorities of public welfare position, equipped with sports administrators for the community.

    The County (City) departments of people's Governments and their related work shall in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph for the regulated community gradually equipped with sports administrators.

Article seventh city, County (City) sports departments in charge according to the master plan, organization of sports facility construction planning, approval of the people's Governments at the same level.

When planning departments in the Organization and preparation of controlled detailed planning should be based on the construction of sport facilities special plans reservation of public sports land, planning of public sports facilities. Construction, reconstruction and expansion of residential areas, shall, in accordance with the requirements of the urban community sports facility construction index, planning sports land, building sports facilities.

    Sports facilities built by sports authorities are responsible for the acceptance of special sports facilities.

The eighth city, County (City) area shall follow the Government-led, community involvement, Gong Jianmin both principles, building public sports facility planning and standards prescribed by the State Gymnasium, athletic fields, swimming pool, fitness center, Fitness Park (square) and other public sports facilities. Encourages the building opened to the public for the winter sports venue.

In the case of security, use of natural rivers and lakes to develop winter sports activities.

Subdistrict offices should be built a small fitness center and fitness facilities.

Townships and towns shall build lighted basketball courts, sports venues and sports facilities.

Communities, villages should have built sports venues are equipped with fitness equipment, complete fitness facilities.

    Sports fitness facilities for the elderly, minors and persons with disabilities to participate in fitness activities with ease.

Nineth of municipal or County (City) area gardens Department shall cooperate with the sports authorities in parks, green spaces, squares and other public places, according to local conditions, supporting construction of sports venues, facilities, install the appropriate equipment.

    Parks, green spaces, squares and other public places management of fitness should be the provision of sanitation and water, electricity and other public services.

    Tenth parks, green spaces, squares and other public places and residential management unit is responsible for the day-to-day management of national fitness equipment, clear body-building equipment management and maintenance responsibility, ensure the equipment in good condition and safe to use. 11th school should be open to the students in their spare time and holidays and sports facilities.

Public schools should actively create conditions to public sports facilities and encouraging private schools to public sports facilities.

Education Department according to the school's sports facilities, determine the list of open sports facilities in schools, and to the public; sports authorities should be open to scientific body to guide the work of school PE facilities; sports facilities the public security departments should be open to do security work in schools.

The need for schools to maintain the operation of the facility, after approved by the commodity price departments charge and collect necessary fees to use the sports facilities of the public.

    Community sports administrators should be opened for the community sports facilities in their physical activity guide, service and other related work. 12th public sports facilities opening hours should be staggered in time, learning time with the public.

On national holidays and school during the winter vacation, summer vacation, should extend their opening hours, and adapt to the characteristics of students ' physical fitness items, setting up a special fitness activities.

Charge of public sports facilities, management unit of the elderly, and persons with disabilities in the school should be open, pupils and other preferential or within the prescribed time period free of charge. Management of public sports facilities should be prominently published opening hours and open venues, services and fees.

    Subject to change and should be announced in advance.

After the 13th public sports facilities open to the public, you can charge standard fees approved by the Department in charge of price.

After school sports facilities open to the public, determined by the sports authorities, is a public, open process of water, electricity, heat and other costs incurred, water supply, power supply, heat supply unit shall, in accordance with the fees charged before the opening.

Other sports after the facility opened to the public in accordance with the requirements of fitness, identified by the sports authorities, is a non-profit, incurred costs of water, electricity, heat, water, electricity and heating units in accordance with standards of public sports facilities free of charge.

    Departments related to the sports authority finds, is a non-profit school sports facilities open to the public and other sports facilities, not adding new charges.

14th new sports facilities and facility management units should be names, addresses, services and other content in engineering and acceptance within 30th of, report the sports departments.

Public sports facilities management unit merger, Division, dissolution and sports facilities location, when a project changes or maintenance and renovation should report the sports authorities in the 15th before the change.

    Sports Department through the Internet, newspapers and other media timely publishing of public sports facilities name, addresses, opening hours, services, fees and other information.

15th August 8 as the national fitness day per year, from June to October each year to carry out "national fitness day" campaign.

City, County (City) area sports department in the national fitness day, "national fitness day" organized during the event, universal fitness knowledge and skills, promoting fitness programs and methods of science, free fitness instruction services.

Bodies, enterprises, institutions, social groups and other organizations should be in national fitness day, "national fitness day" in light of its own conditions and organize the in-house personnel during fitness activities.

    Public sports facilities should be on the national fitness day free admission to the public encourages other for-profit sports facilities on the national fitness day free and open to the public.

16th city, County (City) District and municipal people's Governments and their subordinate departments shall organize the staff of the unit during the coffee break (former) exemplary conduct exercises and fitness activities.

    Enterprises, institutions, public organizations and other organizations shall organize the staff breaks (the former) or other forms of physical activity.

17th to encourage qualified units and individuals organize mass sports tournaments and other forms of physical activity.

    Organized to use above the county level administrative region of mass sports activities, such as organizing units should be active before starting the 10th, the related information newspaper sports departments at the same level.

18th schools shall, in accordance with the regulations of the school physical education requirement, students from organizations in football, basketball, long-distance running in winter sun sports on campus activities, guarantees their sporting activity for not less than one hour a day.

    Qualified schools can reasonably use of extracurricular time, organizing students to participate in excursions, camping, sports and summer (winter) camp, as well as other forms of outdoor sports activities. 19th to teach not to receive remuneration for the purpose of providing to the public health skills, organized fitness activities, dissemination of scientific and health knowledge and services of social sports instructor in technical hierarchy.

City, County (City) area sports authorities should establish a social sports instructors Association platform, training base and network management services, organization of social sports instructor training courses on a regular basis, free of charge to them with relevant knowledge and skills training, and the establishment of archives. The fitness guide social sports instructors for the professional implementation of the vocational qualification certificate system.

    Social sport guidance, issued by the sports authorities, made after the sports business professional and technical qualifications, induction industry.

The 20th city or County (City) District Director Department regularly organizes civic monitoring investigations and national fitness activities; education authorities are responsible for organizing students ' Constitution monitor work on a regular basis.

National physique monitoring centre should establish and improve citizen physical fitness monitoring system and database, for the Constitution evaluation report provided by the test; the County (City) a monitoring station is responsible for monitoring of citizens within their respective jurisdictions, monitoring results announced to the public on a regular basis.

    National physique monitoring units and individuals should keep monitoring data and information, and to be tested according to the monitoring results confidential.

Article 21st of public sports facilities, use of national fitness activities and violations, and no unit or individual shall have the right to municipal and County (City) area sports department or other relevant departments ' complaints and reports.

    Complaint, departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities of reporting, receipt of complaints or information within 60 days of the date of survey, verification, and be dealt with according to law.

    22nd article violates this rule, by the relevant authorities in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations will be punished. The 23rd article of the rules come into force on October 1, 2012.