Dalian City Motor Vehicle Parking Lot Management

Original Language Title: 大连市机动车停车场管理办法

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Dalian City motor vehicle parking lot management

    (September 4, 2012, Dalian consideration at the 14th session of the people's Government at the 55th Executive meeting November 7, 2012 123th Dalian people's Government promulgated by March 1, 2013) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to strengthen the management of motor vehicle parking, meet the parking demand, maintain vehicle and car park operators to legal rights, protection of road traffic safety, in accordance with the relevant provisions of laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Vehicles parking in these measures in article (referred to as parking), refers to a variety of motor vehicle parked in the open air or indoor places, including parking, single parking parking lots, temporary car parks and roads. Distribution built parking is refers to according to parking construction planning, and plans and various building supporting construction of for vehicles Park of places; monomer parking is refers to according to parking construction planning, and plans independent location construction of for vehicles Park of places; temporary parking is refers to temporary using land, and building, and owners total road, set of for vehicles Park of places; road parking berth is refers to Government about sector in City Road range within set of for vehicles Park of places.

    Various car parks, major social vehicle parked in public parking; mainly for the units, and vehicles parked in the residential area for private parking area.

    Article carparks within the administrative area of the city planning, construction, establishment, management and related management activities, application of this approach, however, public transport, road freight and passenger car park plan, except for the construction, use and management.

    Article fourth car park management should follow the overall planning, management, construction and management, convenient for the people, ensuring traffic safety and the principle of who invest, who benefit, mainly for parking, single parking auxiliary, temporary car parks and on road parking to complement.

    Fifth of municipal and district (City) County to build a parking lot planning, construction and management and coordination mechanism, study and solve major in park planning, construction and management problems, coordinate relevant departments in the planning, construction and management of parking lots.

    Sixth of the Dalian municipal Public Security Bureau is in the administrative area of the city parking authority, and the specific charge of Zhongshan, xigang district, shahekou district, ganjingzi district, Lushunkou District of new, high-tech Park, the Golden State area car park management; other district and County (City) public security organs are the parking authority in the region.

    City and district (City) County departments according to their respective duties, responsible for the operation of car parks and parking the vehicle management-related work.

    Chapter II planning and construction of parking, single parking lot

    Article seventh planning and construction of parking lots, should follow the principle of economical and intensive use of land, making full use of the underground, surface and floor space, the rational allocation and dovetailed with the construction of the urban transport system.

    Article eighth planning departments should be based on the overall urban planning, traffic and urban development needs, in conjunction with the development and reform, public security, urban and rural construction, urban construction, land and natural resources, transportation, land bank and other departments or agencies, preparation of parking lots (garages) special plan, the people's Governments at the corresponding level for approval.

    Nineth in preparation of controlled detailed planning, the Planning Department should be in accordance with the parking lots (garages) special plan and a public car park (garage) annual construction plans to be implemented.

    Tenth new construction, renovation or expansion of buildings should be in accordance with the parking lots (garages) set the standard, building more parking lots or parking spaces.

    11th the following public buildings in accordance with stipulations of parking, owner or owners should be rebuilt or expanded in accordance with the parking lots (garages) set the standard to fill the building:

    (A) train (rail transit) station, road passenger transport (field) stations, airports, ports and public transportation and private vehicles to transfer hub site;

    (B) Stadium (Hall), Science (Museum), shade (play), Convention and exhibition centers, libraries, hospitals, tourist attractions, markets, business offices, as well as undertaking external Office of administrative services;

    (C) the building area of more than 5,000 square metres of shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, and business establishments.

    12th no unit or individual parking may not be diverted to any other use or stop using the planning determines the number of parking spaces shall not be increased or decreased, not changed the nature of public car park providing service of the vehicle for the community.

    A change of function, should be in accordance with the parking lots (garages) parking index of set standards accounting, and in accordance with the new accounting parking index-building car park or parking space.

    13th according to the methods set forth in tenth to 12th should be construction, construction, repair parking or parking, for special reasons unable to construct, build, fill the building, agreed to by the original approval authority according to the lack of parking spaces the number of offsite construction.

    Land and resources departments shall, in accordance with article 14th parking lots (garages) planning development of annual land supply planning and land supply plans, reported the people's Governments at the corresponding level for approval.

    15th urban construction departments should be based on parking lots (garages) special planning and land supply plans, preparation of the annual construction plans of the public car parks, reported to the people's Governments at the corresponding level for approval organization.

    16th of municipal and district (City) County people's Governments shall be invested by the Government in public car park project, incorporate the Government's annual budget and investment plans. 17th to encourage units and individuals to invest in the parking lot.

    Public car park building monomer units and personal investment, given free of charge in accordance with municipal land transfer, project given in the parking lot of the business management area, the urban infrastructure supporting fees waived and other preferential policies.

    Parking authorities in conjunction with the financial, land and resources, planning and other departments according to the construction of the car park needs timely attention of the policy of adjusting the incentives to invest in the parking lot of the municipal government.

    Article 18th building parking (garage), should meet the requirements, car park design, construction lighting, communications, drainage, ventilation, fire prevention, monitoring, parking guidance systems and traffic safety facilities, and set or set aside for the use of new energy vehicle charging device design requirements by the municipal urban and rural construction in conjunction with the parking authority, Planning Department.

    Article 19th parking lot construction projects are completed, the construction unit shall notify the parking authorities participate in acceptance, unqualified acceptance or acceptance shall not be put to use.

    Supporting housing construction projects construction of parking lots and housing construction should be designed, constructed and put into use and acceptance, at the same time, unqualified acceptance or acceptance, housing construction works shall not be put into use.

    Article 20th parking and acceptance, its owner or person shall within 30 working days of the date of acceptance Park departments, and put into use.

    21st residential areas in accordance with the planning requirements of the parking lots on the ground as the common facilities, in accordance with the acceptance procedures for acceptance and completion of the building records.

    Chapter III temporary car parking and road set

    22nd units and individuals can use the civil air defense projects, reserve land, idle land idle, private land, buildings or owners road, ground sites set a temporary car park.

    Article 23rd set of temporary parking shall comply with temporary parking lot design requirements, should not affect the urban landscape and damage to public facilities, shall occupy green space, fire escape shall not affect road traffic safety and the smooth flow.

    Units and individuals to set up a temporary car park, compliance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph can be written request for parking authorities to prevent violations of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, parking authority shall, upon receiving a written request for comments within five working days from the date of the material presented.

    After the temporary Setup, set shall be set within 30 working days from the date of completion of parks departments.

    24th road to set up a temporary parking lot shall occupy the city and additional facilities, for the parking lot to meet design requirements it takes City Road and its associated facilities, according to law to municipal utilities authority off-road permits, pay road fees, and went to the Police Department for road traffic management and approval procedures.

    Temporary parking lot for civil air defense engineering, shall obtain the consent of civil air defense sector. 25th parking authorities shall, jointly with the municipal facilities departments in City Road, public square, barriers, road shoulders, under the flyover land or buildings on the grounds outside the control line set up along the street parking, which, in the non-busy road traffic should set the appropriate community for temporary use of the vehicle free street parking garage.

    Road parking space shall delimit the stop line, establishment signs.

    Parking Department of road parking will be provided monthly to the urban and rural construction, planning, finance, price and other administrative departments.

    Sets article 26th road parking shall comply with the following provisions:

    (A) the protection of pedestrians, vehicles and security;

    (B) the total amount control of regional road parking requirements;

    (C) regional parking supply and demand conditions, traffic conditions and road capacity to adapt.

    27th road parking is prohibited in the following locales:

    (A) urban arterial roads and urban expressways;

    (B) have been built and are able to provide adequate parking spaces within a radius of 300 meters of parking services;

    (C) fire near the channel, blind Lane, and large public buildings of evacuation routes;

    (D) road network covers 1.5 meters, within a range of around 30 metres of a fire hydrant;

    (E) other areas that should not be set.

    28th parking authority shall, jointly with the municipal facilities Department each year according to the road traffic conditions, parking demand of around, to assess the road parking set, and adjust according to the assessment results of road parking.
29th under any of the following circumstances, parking authority shall, jointly with the municipal facilities Department adjust or cancel road parking:

    (A) changes in traffic conditions, parking has affected pedestrians and vehicles using roads to normal traffic;

    (B) roads surrounding car parks have been able to meet the needs of parking;

    (Iii) or any other public facility construction of urban infrastructure needs;

    (D) other circumstances that needs to be adjusted or withdrawn.

    Article 30th unless the parking lot outside the competent authorities and the departments of municipal facilities, no unit or individual is allowed to set, the road parking.

    No unit or individual is allowed to set obstacles obstruct, influence or other means of road parking.

    The fourth chapter management, parking management and 31st government investment construction of parking lots and rely on public spaces for temporary parking, its right by the parking authorities determined bidding, auction operators; Government departments road parking, by the parking authorities commissioned a professional parking management units.

    Bidding and auction proceeds and use of road parking revenue, according to investment levels all turned over to the financial sector, the two lines of income and expenditure management, for use in construction and management of parking lots.

    Parking Authority shall not engage in parking management.

    Article 32nd units or individuals to invest in the parking lot, where all people can run their own or entrust other unit or individual business.

    Road owners, operating parking lots run by sites on the ground, by the employer in accordance with the People's Republic of China real right law and the management regulations and other laws and regulations, decision management and operators.

    33rd road parking operators after acquiring the rights, they shall respectively to the municipal facilities Department, the public security organs traffic management Department for off-road permits, road and approval procedures. Article 34th in car park management, parking should be according to law authorities, industrial and commercial administration, price and other administrative departments for filing, registration, pay license.

    , Price administrative departments for industry and Commerce for applicants for industrial and commercial registration, pay permit, may seek the views of the parking authority.

    Different location parking lot should be separately filing, registration, charging licensing procedures.

    35th parking operators when handling the formalities, shall provide the following materials:

    (A) proof of unit or individual identification;

    (B) the car parks ownership certificate;

    (Iii) land-use right certificates;

    (D) the planning approval documents;

    (E) land use planning approval certificate;

    (F) parking lot acceptance and inspection certificates;

    (G) occupation of road permit;

    (H) the public security organs traffic management Division accounted for to approval documents;

    (IX) parking location map, floor plans and list of facilities;

    (10) on the number of parking spaces and time of service materials;

    (11) car park management system;

    (12) other material prescribed by laws, rules and regulations. Engaged in distribution built parking, and monomer parking business, provides Qian paragraph first items, and second items, and fourth items, and sixth items, and Nineth items to 11th items provides of material; engaged in temporary parking business, provides Qian paragraph first items, and third items, and fifth items, and Nineth items to 11th items provides of material; engaged in road parking berth business, provides Qian paragraph first items, and seventh items to 11th items provides of material.

    Government investment management of car parks, public spaces, roads, parking, or power of attorney will provide the winning bidder notice belonging to civil air defense projects, will provide the Defense Department's civil air defense projects permits belonging to renting space, will provide the leasing contracts belonging to use owners road, the floor space, will provide the Realty service contract.

    Article 36th operating car parks in accordance with the merger, Division, migration, change the name and go out of business, closing, the operator shall, within 15 working days from the date of the change to the change with the original filing authority record.

    37th car park operators to submit registration materials are complete and valid, parking authority shall, within five working days of the filing formalities; materials are incomplete or invalid, it shall inform the operators need a correction in its entirety.

    38th to encourage private car park to meet the units, parking demand in the residential area of the premise, in accordance with the approach set forth in 34th, 35th, going through the formalities, belonging to the administrative unit of State-owned assets to run Business Park, also required approval of the Finance Department at the same level, for the community to engage in business parking.

    39th car park management, management should comply with the following provisions:

    (A) the drop registration certificates, business licenses, pay license pursuant to the provisions;

    (B) to ensure the facilities comply with design requirements in the field and running properly;

    (C) develop and implement parking floor inspection, sanitation, fire safety management system;

    (Iv) management staff dress codes, leading in and out, and the identification of the vehicle registration, maintaining the order of parking;

    (E) in accordance with the requirements and standards of the parking authority, equipped with intelligent parking management system, and its integration into the regional parking management systems, provide the exact parking space usage information. 40th car park management, managers should be provided in accessible location a number of disabled parking spots and set up distinct signs.

    Non-driven or non-persons with disabilities ride vehicles shall not be parked in disabled parking spaces.

    41st parking operators should establish a unified management control box, and set unified parking entrance prominently parking signs, publicity fees for parking services, operating time, operator name, telephone, parking and parking management system using information, and so on.

    42nd article of commercial parking lots in different sections of the different fees, parking fees charging standards determined by the Municipal Department of prices according to the relevant regulations of the State, the operator charges uniform invoice should be issued by the tax authorities, implement billable hour car park you should use a dedicated timer.

    Operators are not issued by the tax authorities of the uniform invoice or timed parking does not use a dedicated timer, as well as in accordance with stipulations placed registration certificate of license, business license, charges, parking can refuse to pay parking fees.

    Article 43rd parking operators providing parking services, should be issued to the vehicle parking vouchers, check back when the vehicle left the parking lot and charge a parking fee, but operators and vehicle parking otherwise agreed or car parks except where otherwise provided for by the competent Department.

    Should receive the vehicle, keep the parking voucher and pay parking fees in accordance with regulations.

    44th parking operators may not be any of the following acts:

    (A), forged, altered, transferred or alteration, transfer, forgery of related certificates, vouchers;

    (B) without justification refuse to provide parking services;

    (C) stored in a car park or allow others to deposit articles has nothing to do with parked vehicles, allow the vehicle to occupy a parking space advertising or others or engaging in business activities;

    (D) engage in or allow others to engage in a vehicle in the parking lot maintenance;

    (E) other behaviors prohibited by laws, rules and regulations.

    Article 45th vehicle parked in the parking lot or allowed parking places parking shall not be illegally parked vehicles.

    46th parking shall comply with the car park management system, as specified in the designated parking space parking shall not take up fire exits should not affect traffic safety, may not use parking advertising.

    No unit or individual shall not be prolonged occupation of road parking free parking place or other items.

    47th pick up super high and wide, long vehicles using the road parking; Park loaded inflammable, explosive, easily contaminated, radioactive and other dangerous goods vehicles should be the implementation of relevant laws and regulations, the provisions of regulation.

    48th parking operators management obligations not covered or not standardized, resulting in damage to or loss of the vehicle, shall assume corresponding liability; parking parking facilities or vehicles damaged due to faults, shall bear corresponding responsibility.

    Supervision and administration of the fifth chapter

    49th of municipal parking Department shall develop all kinds of parking management, establish and perfect the supervision and inspection, service quality evaluation and grading system, regular inspection, testing, evaluation, and publicize the results.

    50th city parking authorities are responsible for the construction of the city's public parking information system, promote the parking guidance, automatic charging system, such as information management and intelligent means parking lot.

    Parking Authority should be announced to the public on a regular basis on their location, the number of parking spaces and fees information.

    51st units and individuals the right to violate the behavior toward the parking lot of the park management authority or the relevant Department, reported.

    Parking Authority shall establish a complaints, report processing system, complaints, information should be reported in response to complaints or information within 15 working days from the date of the information put forward opinions and feedback to the relevant units or individuals.

    The sixth chapter legal liability

    52nd parking Department or other relevant departments of the Government in violation of these regulations or fails to perform the duties as provided herein, by the people's Government of the people's Governments at the corresponding level or by the relevant Department in charge shall command a correction, criticized; directly responsible in charge and other direct liable persons shall be given administrative sanctions.
53rd article violation this approach 12th article first paragraph, and 23rd article first paragraph, and 30th article provides of, by parking competent sector by each parking spaces at 200 Yuan, and but total highest not over 10,000 yuan of fine, and ordered deadline recovery undisturbed; late not recovery undisturbed, by urged told still not recovery undisturbed, its consequences has or will against traffic security of, parking competent sector can on behalf of recovery undisturbed, by needed costs by party bear.

    54th in violation of the third paragraph of article 20th, 23rd, and violations set forth in 34th, 35th, and not in accordance with the regulations to the parking authority record, a rectification by the parking authority, fails to mend, fined a maximum of more than 1000 Yuan and 5,000 yuan.

    55th article violates this article 36th, 39th, second through fourth, 41st and 46th of article, a rectification by the parking authority, fails to make corrections can be fined a maximum of between 3,000 yuan and 500 Yuan.

    Breach of 56th article 39th article of this approach, the fifth, the 40th, 43rd article, 44th second through fourth, 46th article, a rectification by the parking authority, fails to make corrections, fined a maximum of between 2000 Yuan and 200 Yuan.

    57th in violation of paragraph II of this article 43rd, do not pay the parking fee, parking authority can make parking fees should be fined a maximum of three times, and information published in the news media, except in the cases but a parking dispute.

    58th article violates this administrative permissions involving other departments, dealt with according to law by the relevant authorities constitutes a violation of public security, road traffic safety management, safety management, by the public security organs according to law.

    The seventh chapter by-laws 59th these measures come into force on March 1, 2013. The provisional regulations for motor vehicle parking lot management, Dalian City (62nd of the municipal government) abrogated.

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