Hebei Province Postal Service Safety Supervision And Management Regulations

Original Language Title: 河北省邮政业安全监督管理规定

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Hebei province postal service safety supervision and management regulations

    (December 11, 2012, Hebei provincial people's Government, the 113th Executive meeting on December 18, 2012 provincial (2012) published 12th come into force February 1, 2013) Chapter I General provisions

    First to strengthen the postal service safety supervision and management, protection of postal communication and information security, protect legal rights users, promoting the healthy development of postal industry, according to the People's Republic of China postal law, the Hebei province postal regulations and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these provisions are formulated.

    Article management within the administrative area of the province, operating or using postal services, courier services and the postal industry safety-related activities, these provisions shall apply.

    Article post on safety supervision and management, safety first, prevention first and comprehensive treatment approach, guaranteed delivery channels and email, express safety, ensure that enterprise, express delivery companies in China production safety and security of the person.

    Article fourth provincial, district, postal administrations responsible for the administration of work safety supervision and management in the postal industry.

    All levels of public security, national security, customs, industry and commerce administration, supervision and administration of production safety, the inspection and quarantine departments should be in accordance with their respective responsibilities, cooperate with postal administrations, well done according to law within the administrative area of the work safety supervision and management in the postal industry.

    Fifth people's Governments above the county level shall establish and improve postal service safety supervision and management and coordination mechanism to resolve major issues in the work, and urge the departments concerned to fulfill the post on safety supervision and management responsibilities.

    Article sixth postal, courier enterprises shall follow the "who operates, who is responsible for" principle, compliance with national communication and information security, management of production safety and other related safety regulations, without harming national security, public safety and legitimate rights and interests of citizens, legal persons or other organizations.

    Postal, courier enterprises shall establish security real-time response mechanism, strengthen the monitoring information collection and security measures, according to business changes, adjusting the investment in human and material resources to ensure safety and security standards in line with enterprise production scale requirements.

    Seventh article of any citizen, legal person or other organization may not conceals, destroys, impersonator, scalping, illegal detention, illegal opening mail, express mail, not damaged postal and courier services, or affect the normal use of postal and courier services.

    Chapter II communications and information security

    Eighth user mail, shipment shall comply with the national provisions on banning posting or restricted to deliver goods, not through the delivery channel of endangering national security, public safety and legitimate rights and interests of citizens, legal persons or other organizations. Nineth postal enterprises, express delivery companies in the process of receiving and sending discovery sender to send against the delivery items, refuse to accept. Has received send these items were found in mail, express mail, post, courier enterprises shall stop immediately the forwarding and delivery. Which are required by law to confiscation or destruction of the goods, and shall report immediately to the appropriate authorities, and cooperate with the relevant departments for processing.

    Disposition of prohibited articles shall be by postal companies, courier companies operate personnel records and official signature and archiving.

    Has received send does not require confiscation, destruction of prohibited items as well as investigation of prohibited articles articles, post, courier enterprises shall get in touch with the sender or recipient, properly dealt with.

    Tenth postal enterprises, express delivery companies engaged in international mail, express service, shall comply with the relevant provisions of the State on the entry-exit inspection and quarantine of the delivery items. 11th natural disasters, accidents, public health incidents and specific social security events such as the unexpected period, approved by the postal authorities under the State Council, the provincial postal administrations can come up with against the list of prohibited items outside of the delivery items.

    Postal, courier enterprises shall comply with and inform corporate headquarters and other provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) the network enterprises. 12th specification for postal, courier enterprises shall mail, Express data, information management, receiving and sending mail, express, should prompt the user to fill out the delivery form, includes the sender, recipient name and address and the name of the delivery items, categories, quantities, and check the sender and recipient information to accurately indicate the weight of the mail, express and postal rates. In accordance with relevant State regulations require the user to provide a written document, post, courier enterprises shall require the user to provide original Bank vouchers.

    Postal authorities under the State Council issued by the sender's identity, postal, courier enterprises shall require the user to produce a valid identity document.

    User refused inspection, refused to fill out the delivery form, refusing to provide the written confirmation or is not required to produce a valid identity document, postal, courier companies are not accepted. 13th postal enterprises, express delivery companies should protect their users ' information and privacy, ensure that users at the disposal of the postal services, courier services, theft, disclosure of information.

    In addition to public security, State security organs, procuratorial organs exercise their functions and powers, but without express authorization or the written consent of the user, post, courier user enterprises may not be using the postal service, courier services provide information to any organization or individual.

    Referred to in the preceding paragraph user information using postal services, courier services, refers to the sender, the recipient's name and address information, ID number, phone number, and the use of postal services, courier services category, quantity, time and other information. Article 14th post companies, courier companies ship the parcels, express, you should use a closed transport vehicles, regulating spray logo, regular maintenance of transport.

    Vehicles shall be equipped with a satellite monitoring system for main line vehicles. 15th postal, courier enterprises shall in accordance with mail, courier, delivery requirements, selection of appropriate materials and methods for packaging.

    Services such as sorting, sealing, posting links, do the actions of civilized norms. 16th post, courier enterprises in China in the process of receiving and sending, delivering, and should be uniform wearing clothing with the Organization identity, wear plates, or badge.

    After the service is completed, by the user on such matters as quality, packaging, inspection services were assessed.

    Chapter III security

    17th postal enterprises, express the main person in charge is the responsibility of safety, to the safety production work has the following responsibilities:

    (A) the organizations to establish and improve the enterprise safety in production responsibility system;

    (B) organizations to develop the safety rules and regulations;

    (C) to ensure the safety of capital investment and the effective use;

    (D) cooperate with related departments to supervise and check the safety of the enterprise;

    (E) supervising work safety of the enterprise, eliminating production safety accidents in a timely manner;

    (F) organizations in the development and implementation of the enterprise's production safety accident emergency plan;

    (G) to report truthfully and production safety accidents in a timely manner.

    Article 18th postal companies, courier companies shall set up workplace safety management agencies or designed (and) safety management, establish and improve the responsibility system for production safety, implementation of safety protection, safety inspections and accident investigation, safety training, safety information reporting system, and postal authorities signing safety responsibility.

    19th post, courier enterprises shall implement pre-job safety training systems, strengthening safety skills and knowledge training, education of employees, to their ability and adapt to this position of safety knowledge and treatment skills.

    Special operations personnel should be in accordance with the regulations to the special safety training and obtain special operations qualifications before they can post.

    20th post, courier enterprises business site, mail and courier by country requirements for disposal sites should be configured fire equipment, installation of video surveillance equipment, take measures such as burglar-proof, waterproof, equipped with security check equipment complying with national standards, arrangements for personnel with expertise and skills to security checks the mail, express mail.

    Postal, express delivery companies should provide employees with appropriate personal protection measures, equipment and in places set up emergency evacuation requirement, clearly marked, maintain smooth flow of exports. Article 21st postal companies, courier companies, renovation and expansion of mail handling Center, express distribution center shall meet the needs of the national security agency, the Customs shall perform their duties, safety must be the principal part of the project designed, built and put into production and use.

    Has been put into production and use of safety equipment do not meet the safety standards and requirements, which should be replaced or rebuilt.

    Postal, express business mail processing center, express construction of the distribution center should be designed before and after final acceptance within 30th local postal authorities for the record.

    The fourth chapter of emergency management

    22nd postal authorities shall, according to the national regulations, establishment, postal service emergency preparedness, establish and improve the postal service emergency protection system.

    Postal, courier enterprises shall in accordance with State provisions, develop emergency plans and special plans for organizations to carry out emergency drills on a regular basis, strengthening the emergency response team and ensure funding for supplies, technology, and meet the needs of emergency prevention and treatment work.

    Article 23rd post, courier enterprises shall, in accordance with postal authorities the establishment of complete special security system, security education, implementation of emergency duty and leadership shift system, ensuring information channels.

    24th article occurred natural disasters, and accident disaster, and public health event, and social security event,, caused enterprise personnel death, and missing, mail, and express lost, and damaged, and backlog, mail processing center, and express distribution center within occurred major accident, led to production interrupted, and other may serious effect delivery channel smooth of case of, post Enterprise, and express enterprise should in accordance with national about provides to post management sector and has related duties of police, and national security, and safety supervision management, sector report.
25th under any of the following circumstances, post, courier enterprises shall within 3rd date of the case, reported to the postal authorities of the relevant circumstances:

    (A) by postal companies, courier companies and their branches facing high levels of debt recovery or for investment, resulting from mismanagement cannot perform on the subject of other debt, which may affect the normal development of delivery business;

    (B) postal business, express delivery companies and their branches because of financial disputes or illegal action by the relevant authorities seize operation of equipment, facilities, or the freezing of assets;

    (C) the separation of postal, courier companies, mergers, investment, change, termination of the agreement, which may affect the normal development of delivery business;

    (D) postal, express delivery companies and their workers privately opened ten more, conceals or destroys mail or courier, or by deliberately delay the delivery and Courier is the investigative authorities to initiate an investigation;

    (E) other circumstances that may affect the delivery channels.

    26th postal authorities and the police, State security and other related departments should cooperate and properly dispose of postal service emergencies, identify causes and responsibilities according to law on illegal businesses or persons for processing.

    Supervision and administration of the fifth chapter

    27th postal authorities to perform their duties of supervision and management of the following:

    (A) protection of postal communication and information security, security policies, rules and related standards, and supervise their implementation;

    (B) the guidance and supervision of the postal business, express delivery companies to implement the safety responsibility system, and urge enterprises to strengthen internal security management;

    (C) monitoring of postal industry safety, early warning and emergency management;

    (D) to guide and supervise the postal companies, express delivery companies to carry out safety promotion, education and training;

    (E) the postal enterprises according to law, express delivery companies implement safety supervision and inspection;

    (F) the investigation or involved in the investigation of postal service safety incidents, investigate and deal with acts in violation of postal industry safety supervision and management regulations;

    (VII) other duties stipulated by laws, rules and regulations.

    28th postal authorities in discharging its oversight responsibility for the management, supervision and inspection of the following measures can be taken:

    (A) enter the postal enterprise, express delivery companies to conduct inspections;

    (B) to the relevant units and individuals to understand the situation;

    (C) consult and copy relevant documents, information and documents;

    (D) approved by post management department head, sealing up, distraining and illegal activities relating to the premises, means of transport and related items, other than the letters suspected of carrying banned materials or restricted opens mail, express delivery items checked. Postal Administration Department conduct supervision and inspection shall show their certificate of administrative law enforcement, supervisory and inspective personnel shall be at least two people.

    Supporting inspected enterprises shall be subject to checks and shall not refuse or block.

    Article 29th of any unit and individual have the right to post, express delivery companies in the communications and information security and production safety accidents and offences reported to the postal Department or other relevant departments, reporting, reports or information Department and the duties, organizations to verify and handle in a timely manner.

    The sixth chapter legal liability

    Article 30th postal authorities and other departments of any of the following acts, the directly responsible person in charge and other direct liable persons shall be given sanctions; a suspected crime, dealt with by the judicial organs in accordance with:

    (A) failing to perform postal industry safety duty of supervision and inspection;

    (B) receiving the postal companies, courier companies security accident reports, and safety violations reported are not verified and processed in a timely manner;

    (C) other acts of dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism.

    31st postal enterprise, express delivery companies have one of the following acts, by postal administrations a rectification; fails to mend from 2000 Yuan and 5,000 yuan fine:

    (A) not yet in line with the national standard of security screening equipment, or failing to arrange for specialized technologies and skilled personnel to security checks the mail, courier;

    (B) is not provided in accordance with the requirements of the user and check the relevant written documents or requires users to present a valid identity document;

    (C) proper disposal of prohibited articles not according to stipulations;

    (D) was not requested by the postal authorities establish a special security system.

    Users in violation of the provisions of article 32nd article eighth, in accordance with the People's Republic of China public security management punishment law and related laws and regulations will be punished; a suspected crime, by judicial organs according to law.

    The seventh chapter by-laws 33rd article of the regulations come into force on February 1, 2013.

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