Hebei Provincial Archives Collection Management

Original Language Title: 河北省档案收集管理办法

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Hebei provincial archives collection management (November 22, 2012 Hebei Province Government 112th times Executive Conference considered through November 29, 2012 Hebei Province Government makes (2012) 8th, announced since January 1, 2013 up purposes) first article for strengthening Archives collection work, maintenance archives of full and security, effective to using archives for economic and social development service, according to People's Republic of China archives method and Hebei province archives work Ordinance, about legal, and regulations of provides, combined this province actual,

    These measures are formulated.

    Second article this approach by said of archives collection, is refers to levels national archives in accordance with national, and this province about provides, received organ, and groups, and enterprise, and institutions and other organization of archives, and used acquisition, and procurement, and Exchange, and accept donation, way, collection bulk save Yu citizens, and corporate and other organization or lost Yu outside on national, and social has save value of archives of activities. The third article of the regulation is applicable at all levels in the province archives in the National Archives collection.

    Other types of archives collection archives, according to the relevant provisions of the State and the province.

    The fourth people's Governments above the county level shall strengthen leadership of the Archive collection and Archive collection requirements included in the budget.

    Fifth article archives Administration Department in charge of the administrative region of the people's Governments above the county level file collection, to investigate and punish violations of archives collection activities.

    Sixth levels national archives should be required to receive the grade of the following organs, organizations, enterprises, institutions, and archives of other organizations:

    (A) Department of the Chinese Communist Party Committee and its;

    (B) the people's Congress and its standing machinery;

    (C) the people's Governments and their subordinate departments and units;

    (D) the people's political consultative conference and its standing machinery;

    (E) people's courts and people's procuratorates;

    (F) the Democratic party organs;

    (G) the trade unions, the Communist Youth League, women's federations and Federation of social organizations of persons with disabilities;

    (H) institutions and State-owned enterprises.

    Prescribed in the preceding paragraph units and subdivisions of the provisional institutions of archives, national archives at various levels should be fully or partially received.

    Relevant departments of the State Archive based in units, with its higher competent authority approval, the national archives can receive.

    The township (town) or sub-district offices and archives of his unit, the County (city, district), the national archives is responsible for receiving.

    Before the seventh article is revoked shall be declared bankruptcy, dissolution, or terminated for other reasons, the national archives should be required to receive the archive not yet transfer.

    Eighth article in addition to the article sixth, seventh section receive archives, the national archives at various levels should also be People's Republic of China all history before the establishment of the administrative organs of archives, social organizations, as well as in the People's Republic of China was founded before and after the administration of events, important events, famous people archive and related to people's livelihood in the reception range of the professional profile.

    Outside the Nineth except as otherwise provided in this way, files of the units should be handed over to the national archives.

    Tenth article archives included province national archives received range of units, should to province national archives transfer its custody term for "permanent" of various categories and carrier of archives; archives included set district of City County (city, and district) National Archives received range of units, should to set district of City County (city, and district) National Archives transfer its custody term for "permanent" and "30" above of various categories and carrier of archives.

    11th on the transfer of archives in the national archives at all levels, finishing the units shall in accordance with the regulations, by the relevant transfer formalities upon the acceptance of the national archives.

    12th transfer of files to national archives at all levels, following the transfer of units shall at the same time helps to understand the contents of the file and the history of related equipment, tools and information:

    (A) according to the uniform provisions of the province's information network transmission standard and the data format produced by the file data;

    (B) according to the relevant provisions of the State's files directory, the entire directory, Marc, finishing instructions, introduction, history, memorabilia, documents compilation and compilation of information retrieval tools, reference materials;

    (C) with regard to the transfer of archives of newspapers, yearbooks, local records, memoirs, and oral archives and other information;

    (D) management and use of files required special equipment.

    13th unless otherwise stipulated by the State, the units should be transferred to the national archives files by the following deadline:

    (A) included in the reception range of the province, the national archives records, formed 15 years after the date of the transfer;

    (B) in the reception range of the district, national archives, the archives, since the formation of 10 years after the date of the transfer;

    (C) in the County (city, district) reception range of the national archives records, was formed 5 years after the date of the transfer;

    (D) the sixth unit under these measures are withdrawn, dissolution or termination for other reasons have not yet handed over files, revocation, dissolution or termination within 3 months from the date of the transfer;

    (E) State-owned enterprise declared bankrupt according to law has not yet transferred the file, since the end of enterprise liquidation within 1 month from the date of the transfer;

    (F) the archives of major activities, important events, since the end of major events, or important events within 1 month from the date of the transfer.

    Early or deferred transfer of archives should be agreed by the administrative departments of the people's Governments at the corresponding level archives.

    Article 14th in the national archives at all levels receive range, but not to the transfer period archive, the national archives should register in advance, to full-text Digital Archives Unit shall, to the national archives and backups.

    15th levels national archives scattered from citizens, legal persons and other organizations or loss in foreign archives for State, society has a saved value, it may be collected. Article 16th State to State and society are of conservation value or the archives shall be kept confidential by law, the owners shall keep, or to register, donate or sell the national archives at all levels.

    Storage conditions or for other reasons that may lead to archive was seriously damaged and unsafe can be validly taken for safekeeping, ensure archive integrity and security measures, if necessary, can legally purchase or acquisition. 17th to encourage owners to donate archives the national archives at all levels. Donors can use its donation of archives, and the file should not be opened to the public in some of the proposed restrictions on the use of views.

    National Archives at various levels shall safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the donor. 18th archive campaign, at all levels of the national archives or owners of archival authenticity and value object, may appeal to the provincial archives Administration Department identification, assessment of applications.

    Provincial Archives Administration Department upon receipt of the application, should the timely recruitment of at least three experts who have relevant knowledge of the identification, assessment, identification, assessment and inform the applicant in writing. 19th national archives at all levels should meet the needs of informatization construction, collecting digital copies of electronic files and paper files.

    National Archives where conditions should be according to the relevant regulations of the State, carry out the electronic file backup and offsite backups.

    20th units and individuals in violation of the regulations, by the people's Governments above the county level administrative department in accordance with the archives laws and regulations dealing with. 21st article this way come into force on January 1, 2013. On December 13, 2001, Hebei province, Hebei province people's Government through the archives receiving and collecting regulations repealed simultaneously.

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