Protection Of Disabled Persons In Harbin City Approach

Original Language Title: 哈尔滨市残疾人保障办法

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Protection of disabled persons in Harbin city approach

    (November 24, 2012 Harbin municipal people's Government at the 13th Executive Meeting December 17, 2012 Harbin municipal people's Government 9th release come into force February 1, 2013) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of persons with disabilities, developing undertakings for disabled persons to ensure equal and full participation in society of persons with disabilities, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on the protection of persons with disabilities and the disabled in Heilongjiang province and other relevant provisions of the Ordinance, this municipality actually, these measures are formulated.

    Article within the administrative area of the city with disabilities persons with disabilities assessment, rehabilitation, medical care, education, training, social security, cultural life, such as work, these measures shall apply.

    Article city, district and County (City) Government integrate the disabled into national economic and social development plans and other special plans, safeguards undertakings and coordinated economic, social development.?

    The Fourth District and County (City) Government should strengthen the construction of grass-roots organizations of persons with disabilities, support funding and personnel treatment.

    Fifth of municipal, district and County (City) of people's Government of the disabled Working Committee is responsible for organizing, coordinating, guiding, urge the relevant government departments and public agencies for persons with disabilities protection work.

    The sixth city, district, County (City) Federation of persons with disabilities in accordance with laws, regulations, statutes and subject commissioned by the Government, conduct work for disabled persons, prepared the administrative undertakings development plans and annual plans, participation of persons with disabilities in social management and public services, mobilize social forces in developing undertakings for disabled persons, and the daily work of the people's Government at the Working Committee on persons with disabilities.

    Financial, human resources and social security, housing and real estate management, health, population and family planning, civil affairs, transportation, education, public security and other departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to do work related to the protection of disabled persons.

    Article seventh career requirements of persons with disabilities should be integrated into the Government budget, establishing a stable funding mechanism.

    Special Fund for the disabled consists of the following components:

    (A) Government financial allocation; (b) that persons with disabilities employment security fund, (iii) social welfare Lottery-level retention for the Special Fund for the development of persons with disabilities; (d) societies to raise money; (v) donations; (vi) national policy allows access to other special funds.

    Special funds earmarked for disabled, receive financial, auditing and supervision departments of supervision and inspection.

    Chapter II disability assessment

    Persons applying for disability assessment of the eighth article domicile should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the community neighborhood Committee and township (town) people's Government disability evaluation form, to the designated hospitals for medical diagnosis of disability assessment, medical diagnostic results to the district or County (City) apply to the disabled persons ' Federation.

    District or County (City) disability assessment conclusions on the disabled persons ' Federation, according to medical diagnosis, and submitted to the municipal disabled persons ' Federation.

    Nineth of municipal disabled persons ' Federation, accredited, view disability evaluation conclusions in line with disability standards, notification area or County (City) certificate issued by the Federation of persons with disabilities persons with disabilities.

    Article disagrees with the conclusion of applicants with disabilities assessment, it may apply for administrative reconsideration to the municipal or provincial Federation of the disabled.

    Chapter III rehabilitation and health care

    11th of municipal, district and County (City) of health, population and family planning departments shall, together with the disabled persons ' Federation, developing and implementing disability prevention action plan, establish and improve the mechanism for birth defects prevention and early detection and treatment, advocacy, disseminate knowledge about maternal and child health and disability prevention, improving antenatal examination system.

    12th rehabilitation of persons with disabilities shall have commensurate with the rehabilitation of sites, facilities, equipment, and professional, and rehabilitation technology services in accordance with the specification for rehabilitation services.

    Disability AIDS service agencies must develop AIDS for adaptation assessment, supply, distribution, maintenance, renovation and information consulting services.

    13th the seriously disabled persons participating in basic medical insurance for urban residents, individuals pay health insurance costs are borne by the Government. Participating in basic medical insurance for urban workers and residents with mental disabilities, hospitalization in psychiatric hospitals that meet the scope of the health insurance fund to pay medical expenses, personal weight gradually decreases.

    Participating in basic medical insurance for urban workers with mental disabilities, in the psychiatric hospital for outpatient treatment and diagnostic criteria of the declarations, medical compliance with disease, you can enjoy the city treatment of special chronic disease outpatient costs health insurance subsidies.

    Gradually increase rehabilitation into primary health-care coverage for medical services.

    14th relevant units and individuals shall be persons with disabilities medical information, rehabilitation information and other personal information confidential, but shall perform their duties except for the need to open.

    The fourth chapter education and training 15th operating expenses for education, the Government should allocate funds for special education of disabled persons, and with the increase of operating expenses for education has steadily increased. The construction of special education schools and special education classes, should give priority to ensuring their education.

    Education fee shall be levied each year to persons with disabilities special education leaning. 16th to poor families in the blind, deaf and mentally disabled students in special education schools in annual subsidies.

    Subsidy requirements for the financial expenditures under the special education school affiliations.

    Article 17th has a permanent residence in this city of poor disabled children and persons with disabilities (disability and students part of their household), access to higher education and diplomas by the municipal, district and County (City) Federation of the disabled were given one-time funding, funding from the employment security fund of disabled persons in Liechtenstein.

    Has permanent residence in this city of poor disabled children and persons with disabilities (disability and students part of their household), vocational training and human resources and social security of professional qualification certificate issued by the Department, district or County of domicile by persons with disabilities (City) disabled persons ' Federation, a one-time funding, funding from the employment security fund of disabled persons in Liechtenstein.

    Has permanent residence in the city of lower limb disability, speech disability and mild hearing loss for persons with disabilities, through motor vehicle driver training school training and examination and to have motor vehicle driver's license issued by the public security traffic Administrative Department, by domicile persons with disabilities Association give a one-time funding, funding from the employment security fund of disabled persons in Liechtenstein.

    The fifth chapter of the social security

    18th article district, and County (City) Government and about sector should take following helped measures, guarantees disabled basic life: (a) will meet minimum life guarantees conditions of disabled family into local minimum life guarantees range, do should insurance do insurance; (ii) on this city urban within and parents common life and has difference enjoy city minimum life guarantees treatment of lost labor capacity adult disabled, its I minimum life guarantees gold according to highest standard issued. 19th relies on persons with disabilities or their spouses income to maintain family life, employers ' non-result, dissolution, layoffs, bankruptcy or other legitimate reason, not labor relations with persons with disabilities or their spouses.

    Due to cancellation or dissolution or layoffs, bankruptcy, loss of jobs for persons with disabilities, the relevant departments and units shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions to guarantee the basic livelihood of their families, and to organize their participation in employment and training, lead job employment.

    20th of municipal, district and County (City) civil affairs departments should take measures, begging, and with no relief for persons with disabilities shall be given timely and properly rehoused.

    Prohibition of coercion, deception, the use of children and adolescents with disabilities beg or organizing disabled children, teenagers performing harmful to their physical and mental health and other profit-making activities.

    21st of municipal departments and district and County (City) people's Governments should establish specialized foster care institutions for the handicapped, to qualified persons with disabilities to gradually centralize support services, home care or day care services, and grant appropriate subsidies.

    22nd the Government departments concerned should conform to the low-rent housing conditions of poor families give priority to low-rent housing rental housing subsidies or; on physical distribution made to rent the families of disabled people with mobility, relocation sites and distribution of floors to give proper care and attention.

    The Government departments concerned should meet the conditions for tenants of public rental housing families give priority to persons with disabilities.

    23rd or families with persons with disabilities persons with disabilities card, enjoy the following preferential treatment:

    (A) the installation of cable TV, application consistent with domicile, exempt from the initial installation charge, relief 50% the Basic program and maintenance;

(B) the installation, gas pipelines and other facilities and open Internet applications consistent with the domicile of relief 50% the installation fees, installation fees;

    (C) the free replacement of water meters;

    (D) free of charge industrial work competency expertise;

    (E) disabled persons and their spouses, children go through the account migration procedures relief-related costs;

(F) lower limb disability scooter free public parking and disabled parking spaces;

    (G) the free use of the public toilets in the city charges;

    (H) enter the priority when charges of cultural, sports and entertainment tickets.

    24th service units or places for persons with disabilities, setting preference disabled, benefits and remission of fees should be clearly marked.

    The sixth chapter of cultural life

    The 25th article of the relevant government departments should meet the needs of persons with disabilities public cultural services and products, and to create conditions to encourage and assist disabled persons to participate in various cultural and sports activities to guarantee basic public cultural rights of persons with disabilities.

    26th Government and related departments and units should take the following measures to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of persons with disabilities: (a) the planned new construction, alteration, extension enable persons with disabilities to participate in the public places of cultural, sports and obvious flag is set;

    (B) free of charge to persons with disabilities pursuant to the provisions open government-run parks, Memorial Hall, the science and Technology Museum, scenic spots and other public cultural and sports venues, and provided assistive services free; lower limbs disabled and blind and with severe intellectual disabilities, by one attendant half fare ticket attendant entered the above mentioned sites;

    (C) the establishment in the public library's books, audio books for the blind library for the blind, Government-run libraries for persons with disabilities should be free of charge to borrow books, reading and other related documents;

    (D) the free paper advertising, play reflect the welfare of persons with disabilities, setting life columns reflect the development of persons with disabilities, persons with disabilities, plus for television subtitling, sign language interpretation;

    (E) free delivery for the Blind Braille reading mail. 27th State organs, social organizations, enterprises, institutions and other units should support, encourage, organize the units for persons with disabilities to participate in cultural and sports activities.

    Persons with disabilities were chosen to participate in national, provincial, city, district, County (City) cultural and sports activities, the unit should be supported to ensure that their wages and benefits are not affected; no work unit, give appropriate subsidies by organizational unit.

    The seventh chapter legal liability

    28th administrative organs and their staff in violation of these regulations, one of the following circumstances, the supervisory organ or authority shall order correction within; it fails to, the managers directly responsible and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions in serious cases, constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

    (A) is not in accordance with the regulations for disability assessment, issuance of certificate of persons with disabilities;

    (B) is not required for disability subsidies, grants, fee waivers, or other preferential treatment;

    (C) appropriate or misappropriation, interception, dividing up of the Special Fund for the disabled;

    (D) violation of these measures need to be held responsible for other cases.

    29th the Government does not perform its obligations established, by its competent departments ordered to discharge obligations; fails to perform, the directly responsible person in charge and other direct liable persons shall be given administrative sanctions.

    Article 30th society does not perform its obligations, by the relevant authorities in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations.

    The eighth chapter supplementary articles

    31st Special Fund for the disabled in these measures refers to various special funds for developing undertakings for disabled persons.

    Family poverty, poverty of persons with disabilities persons with disabilities mentioned in these measures refers to entitlement to the subsistence allowances for urban residents of the payment claim tags or the recipients certificate of rural resident's minimum living guarantee disabled persons and families of disabled persons.

    32nd article within the administrative area of the city on employment, construction of a barrier-free environment protection work, in accordance with the relevant laws and other regulations and rules shall apply. 33rd article this way come into force February 1, 2013. Municipal people's Government on December 15, 1994 issue of the measures for the protection of disabled persons in Harbin city abolished at the same time.

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