Municipal Facilities, Nanning, Nanning Municipal People's Government On The Revision Of The Decisions Of The Management Measures For The Implementation Of The Regulation

Original Language Title: 南宁市人民政府关于修改《南宁市市政设施管理条例实施办法》的决定

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Municipal facilities, Nanning, Nanning municipal people's Government on the revision of the decisions of the management measures for the implementation of the regulation (July 9, 2012, Nanning city, Government 13th session 19 times Executive Conference considered through September 29, 2012, Nanning city, Government makes 11th, announced since announced of day up purposes) for implement implementation People's Republic of China administrative forced method, maintenance legal unified, according to State on implement implementation straddling People's Republic of China administrative forced method of notification (country sent (2011) 25th,) spirit, by on I municipal government regulations for concentrated cleanup, City Government decided on

    Nanning municipal facilities management measures for the implementation of the regulation as follows:

    In a, delete article 27th "or bear the costs of removal, repair".

    Second, one paragraph is added as the 27th article "meet the statutory conditions for implementation, carried out by the Administrative Department of municipal facilities."

    This decision shall come into force as of the date of.

    The Nanning municipal facilities management measures for the implementation of the regulation in accordance with the present decision be amended accordingly promulgated anew.

    Nanning municipal facilities management measures for the implementation of the Ordinance (amended 2012) (February 18, 2009 municipal people's Government released 23rd, September 29, 2012 Nanning, Nanning municipal people's Government to amend municipal facilities management decided to implement measures for the regulation of revisions)

    First to strengthen the management of municipal facilities, give full play to the functions of municipal facilities, according to the provisions of the regulations of the Nanning municipal facilities management, these measures are formulated.

    Second City urban planning area within the municipal infrastructure construction, maintenance, repair and daily management of the application of this approach.

    Article principle of unified management, graded responsibility of municipal facilities.

    Administrative Department of municipalities and municipal facilities in urban area in accordance with the laws, regulations, rules and administrative permissions of the municipal people's Government, assumed responsibility for the management and maintenance of municipal facilities.

    Fourth planning, construction and public security authorities in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to make municipal facilities management-related work. Article fifth within 90 days after the completion of the construction project of municipal facilities, the construction unit shall organize for inspection upon the acceptance in the 30th, according to municipal infrastructure construction project completion and transfer of the relevant provisions of the municipal infrastructure works of all transferred respectively to the corresponding management and transfer procedures.

    Facilities maintenance, management responsibility to effect since the date of the transfer of project knowledge management departments, other special terms, agreed.

    Municipal infrastructure construction project completion of specified, by the municipal administrative authorities, with the approval of municipal people's Government for approval.

    Article sixth after completion has not yet been handed over to the appropriate management of municipal facilities, the construction unit is responsible for the maintenance and management, and supervised by the Administrative Department for municipal facilities.

    Article seventh municipal facilities construction warranty period from date of acceptance, the warranty period according to the relevant provisions of the State.

    May agree to the warranty term of the project, the construction units and construction units should be clear in the contract warranty period, provided that the period shall not be less than one year. Acceptance but to reform matters project, the construction unit shall be referred to final acceptance of the relevant organizational units to review the corrective action.

    The warranty term from the review of the reform project date of qualifying.

    Eighth new construction, renovation or expansion of urban road sewer manhole cover and the other attached to urban road manhole cover should use materials with no recycling value, harmonization and coordination with the pavement.

    Nineth municipal facilities damaged due to traffic accidents, traffic accident liability shall bear liability for damage of municipal facilities. Public security organs traffic management departments in dealing with traffic accidents, municipal facilities due to traffic accident damage is found, it shall immediately inform the Administrative Department for municipal facilities.

    Administrative Department for municipal facilities should make it to the scene of the damaged facilities to verify, assess, recover the cost of municipal infrastructure for the accounting and legal action against those responsible for liability.

    Article tenth really necessary for implementation of urban road excavation, shall, before the end of April each year to the municipal facility the authority to declare when the mining plan, municipal Administrative Department shall, in conjunction with city planning administrative departments, public security traffic Administrative Department and manpower arrangement and avoid duplication of mining.

    11th 7th before the Spring Festival, national day and during the holiday season and during major events may not account for road construction has started, should temporarily halt work to restore road, pipeline emergency except for major projects and the Municipal Government to determine.

    Major activities mentioned in the preceding paragraph fixed by the municipal people's Government and to the public in advance. 12th units and individuals shall be implemented in accordance with city road excavation permit file mining and permit time repairing roads and damaged facilities in a timely manner.

    Repair of urban roads must comply with the existing city road maintenance and construction technical specification requirements.

    Municipal facilities due to road construction or its subsidiary facilities damaged, the person responsible shall notify the administration of municipal facilities Department property unit for processing or pipeline, and bear the cost of repair.

    Article 13th road excavation or construction of other underground facilities may endanger road safety, shall notify in advance the corresponding pipeline property units, construction should be set aside safety distance according to the specifications. 14th for underground works construction, the original urban drainage facilities must be properly protected.

    Buildings (structures), various types of pipe and drain pipe line distance, outdoor drainage set shall conform to the national standard requirements. 15th in addition to technical requirements or conditions for construction restrictions, new overhead pipeline of urban road in principle is not set.

    Existing overhead lines of urban roads shall be incrementally, the implementation of a pipeline in the fields.

    16th pipeline management unit should periodically check the attached to the pipeline of municipal facilities and ancillary facilities, identify problems and deal with.

    17th pipeline of urban road within the wells wells, manholes and other facilities should be level with the pavement, height difference shall conform to the specifications, subsidence, loss and its settings affect traffic and safety, property or management units should be repaired in a timely manner.

    Obsolete fixed obstacles, property or management units should be cleared in a timely manner, and urban roads to be repaired.

    18th management unit should be attached to urban road facilities cover and wall the obvious location, indicate the management unit's name and logo, logo.

    19th of the related departments and units shall, according to the Nanning urban lighting management provisions, implementation of urban lighting management and maintenance of the facilities.

    Due to construction or other reasons, need relocation, demolition of urban road lighting, the urban landscape lighting, or next, cut off the city road lighting and urban landscape lighting power, an application shall be submitted to the Administrative Department for municipal facilities, by consent, unified construction organized by the Administrative Department for municipal facilities, the costs borne by the applicant.

    20th in urban road planning within the red lines the following actions are forbidden:

    (A) the brake test, wash vehicles or operate vehicle repair operations without authorization;

    (B) unauthorized removal, change of urban road facilities;

    (C) piling up inflammable, explosive, toxic or hazardous materials or burning debris;

    (D) other acts that damage city roads and ancillary facilities.

    Article 21st in bridge within the security area of the city the following actions are forbidden:

    (A) occupying the city bridge or bridges within the security area of the city's public spaces;

    (B) digging pits, soil, dumping of waste, litter and other debris;

    (C) unauthorized attachment bridges set the pipeline;

    (D) unauthorized stacking goods and construction, parking;

    (E) bridges within the security area of moored vessels or for sand mining, fish, fishing, farming operations;

    (Vi) in bridge erection on pressure in the 4 kg/square centimeter (0.4 MPa) gas pipelines, more than 10,000 volts above the high voltage power line and other inflammable and explosive pipelines;

    (VII) other city bridges.

    22nd overweight, superelevation, overlength vehicle through bridges, should advance to the municipal facilities Administrative Department and the public security organs traffic management Department apply, upon approval, provide for security measures, and in accordance with the regulations of the time, custody through the Manager.

    Article 23rd storm sewer, rain sewage Confluence pipe drainage systems and supporting facilities, such as municipal, district, development zone, municipal facilities by the competent administrative department responsibilities for conservation, maintenance and management of sewers and sewage treatment units facilities responsible for maintenance, repair and management.

    All units or individuals connected to the municipal sewer and drainage pipes, from access units and the individual responsible for the day-to-day maintenance and repairs.

    24th all units and individuals to urban drainage discharges shall be in accordance with the provisions of licensing procedures and pay the municipal wastewater treatment fee in accordance with the regulations.

    25th units and individuals in violation of these rules by the municipal and District Administrative Department in accordance with the provisions of municipal facilities management permission to exercise the right of punishment.

    Article 26th disobey article 12th, out beyond the city road excavation permit document the duration and scope of the mining urban roads, or the rehabilitation of urban roads do not meet the requirements, a rectification, municipal facilities or other pipeline resulting damage, pay the fee for cleaning, repairing, and punishable with a penalty of 500 Yuan more than 3000.

    27th in violation of these regulations the following regulations, give a warning, rectification, and punishable by a fine of 50 Yuan and 500 yuan in serious cases, may be fined 500 Yuan more than 2000 Yuan fines; municipal facilities caused severe damage, punishable by fines of less than 2000 Yuan and 20,000 Yuan:

    (A) violation of article 13th, construction projects are not required to leave a security space or underground construction failing to properly protect the original urban drainage facilities, resulting in damage to municipal facilities;

    (B) contrary to article 19th, without the permission of the Administrative Department for municipal facilities construction;
(C) contrary to article 20th, in the context of urban road planning and the red line engaged in prohibited conduct;

    (D) the violation of the article 21st, bridges within the security area of the city to engage in prohibited conduct;

    (E) breach of article 22nd, overweight, high, long vehicles not complying with the provisions applying to the Department of municipal facilities administration procedures or was not required to take safety precautions, in accordance with the regulations of the time passed.

    Meet the statutory conditions for implementation, carried out by the Administrative Department of municipal facilities. 28th article of the rules take effect on April 1, 2009, published on February 2, 1997 13th by the Nanning municipal people's Government of the Nanning municipal services facilities management, implementing rules for the regulations repealed simultaneously.

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