Changchun Capital City Real Estate Development Project Supervision And Administration

Original Language Title: 长春市房地产开发项目资本金监督管理办法

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Changchun capital city real estate development project supervision and administration

    (November 15, 2012 Changchun Municipal People's Government at the 55th Executive meeting November 15, 2012 and Changchun Municipal People's Government promulgated as of January 1, 2013, 40th) first to strengthen capital supervision and management of real estate development project to further standardize the action of real estate development, promote the healthy development of the real estate industry, Changchun City, in accordance with the regulations on urban real estate development and management, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second city planning and real estate development projects on State-owned land in the area (including the old city reconstruction projects, slum project, the reconstruction of shabby housing projects, affordable housing projects, housing projects, and so on) supervision and management of capital, these measures shall apply.

    Article real estate development projects in these measures of capital (hereinafter capital projects) refers to the total investment in real estate development projects in the real estate development enterprise (hereinafter enterprise) according to a certain proportion of the total investment of the project special account for storage, for use in the real estate development projects of their own money.

    Fourth City real estate, projects, departments are responsible for the supervision and administration of the capital.

    Real estate development and management authority (hereinafter authority) is responsible for the day-to-day management of capital projects.

    Municipal development and reform, land and natural resources, urban and rural planning, construction, and other relevant departments shall, in accordance with the Division of responsibilities, good management of capital projects according to law.

    Article fifth capital funds for project implementation of store accounts, earmarking may not be diverted to any other use.

    Article sixth enterprises should capital storage bank accounts for the selected item, as capital projects and banking supervision.

    Enterprises should and managing institutional and regulatory capital projects signed tripartite agreement among banks.

    Article seventh project capital shall not be less than 20% per cent of total investment.

    Real estate development project to expand investment scale, should additional capital projects in a timely manner.

    Article eighth phases of real estate development projects, the project capital stage implementation stage of the project can be approved and paid.

    Nineth paid in capital projects, should be in accordance with the following procedures shall be followed:

    (A) developing enterprise project plan approval documents and engineering contracts, amounts deposited with the management body for approved capital projects;

    (B) the authority shall, within three working days as of receipt of the application approved for the completion of capital projects, and issue of the project capital fund deposit notification form;

    (C) the developer of the project capital fund deposit notification form, fully paid in capital projects to banking supervision;

    (D) capital projects store, banking supervision should be to develop enterprise proof of project capital in full storage.

    Article tenth enterprise by banking supervision issued by the storage certificate in full and capital projects, municipal building departments to handle the construction license.

    11th enterprises shall, in accordance with the progress in the construction of the project of real estate development, applications for capital projects in phases:

    (A) based upon completion of construction projects, you can use the 60% of the total project capital;

    (B) achieve the progress of the construction of the following projects, you can use the 90% of the total project capital:

    1, three-tier (including three layers), to complete the Foundation and structural works;

    2, four or more layers (including four-layer) of a basement, complete the Foundation and the first floor structure works; no basement, complete the Foundation and four-layer structure.

    (C) after completion of construction engineering quality acceptance, you can use all of the remaining project capital and capital interests.

    12th when developing enterprise applications using the project capital, shall submit to the authority of the following information:

    (A) capital projects using the application;

    (B) the record of the manual on real estate development projects;

    (C) the supervision unit proof of construction progress.

    Completion of construction engineering quality acceptance, shall submit its evidence. 13th administrative organ shall from the date of receiving the application for capital projects approved within three working days. Meet the requirements, issue a consent to use show that, banks paid accordingly.

    Does not meet the criteria, are not approved, and to state the reason in writing.

    14th real estate development projects in accordance with the transfer, the transferee shall, in accordance with the provisions of these measures in full and paid in capital projects.

    The transferor in the transferee in accordance with the corresponding amount as provided herein after the project capital before they can bring up the project capital fund balance.

    15th project capital enterprises should be paid, and recorded in a timely manner on the use of the manual on real estate development projects, and to the management body on a regular basis for the record.

    16th banking supervision violation or breach of the project agreement regulatory capital as provided herein, without the allocation of capital projects, and bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

    17th City real estate departments and their management staff in the management of capital projects oversight abuse, malpractice, neglect their duties, shall be subject to punishment constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 18th article this way come into force on January 1, 2013.