Provisions On Administration Of Xiamen Building Exterior Decoration

Original Language Title: 厦门市建筑外立面装饰装修管理规定

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Provisions on administration of Xiamen building exterior decoration

    (December 13, 2012, Xiamen City people's Government Executive meeting of the 15th through December 24, 2012 152th Xiamen City people's Government promulgated as of April 1, 2013) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to strengthen the management of building exterior decoration, protection of personal, property, public security and beautification of the environment, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.

    Article in the city engaged in building exterior decoration activities and the related supervision and management, these provisions shall apply.

    The provisions of article III of the said building facade decoration activity refers to the buildings meet environmental landscape and use requirements, the use of decoration materials, to deal with the outer façade, as well as on the outer façade attached all kinds of equipment, facilities, activities and jewelry.

    Building facades in these rules includes exterior, exterior doors, Windows, balconies, and other building components of the external envelope surface and attach.

    Fourth building façade decoration should follow safety, aesthetics, energy conservation and environmental protection principles. Fifth of municipal construction administrative departments responsible for supervision of the building facade decoration of this municipality management.

    Areas within the competence of administrative departments in their management is responsible for the supervision and management of building facade decoration.

    Planning, municipal administration, city administration and other relevant administrative departments within the scope of their respective duties, responsible for building exterior decoration related management.

    Sixth encourages use in building exterior decoration safety, environmental protection, energy conservation, new technology, new materials, new processes.

    Chapter II general provisions

    Article seventh building facade decoration shall be compatible with the planning, construction, fire protection, environmental protection, urban appearance and other relevant regulations and standards, good drainage, traffic, lighting and other aspects of neighbouring relations, shall not prejudice the legitimate interests of neighboring rights holders. Article eighth building facades should be designed to meet the need of building exterior decoration and needs.

    Facades of existing buildings are not allowed to add impacts outside the original design buildings exterior appearance, the environment, and significantly increased the load unsafe content.

    Nineth urban planning departments in accordance with the relevant provisions of article, building exterior decoration style, the color scheme of a construction project, such as the review of the content. Construction drawing review body at the time of construction drawing design documents for review, shall, in accordance with the provisions of the building facade decoration materials, construction technology of choice, as well as additional equipment, additional facility settings review.

    Not in accordance with the provisions of the design, construction drawing review body not through the construction drawing design documents for review.

    Tenth construction units, the engineer shall, in accordance with the approved building facade decoration of construction drawing design documents for construction, supervision and engineering quality supervision organizations at the time of construction quality supervision shall set forth the relevant oversight in project quality supervision report.

    Not in accordance with the provisions of the construction, the construction unit shall not organize construction engineering completion approval. Article 11th building façade maintenance responsibilities shall be to the outer façade of the building regularly checking, cleaning and maintenance, materials and accessories to use shelf life time, check and replace, appear on security implications of building facade decoration and additional equipment, additional facilities and timely reinforcement or dismantle, eliminate security risks.

    Building façade maintenance management responsibilities who property service management should be clearly related to the rights and obligations in the Realty service contract.

    Referred to in the preceding paragraph building façade maintenance responsibility refers to buildings as well as building façade all additional equipment, additional facilities, the use of human.

    12th article of the city a major celebration, hosting large scale activities, and other special circumstances, need to beautify the environment, can be requested by the municipal people's Government, the organization imposed on significant areas of building facades cleaning, whitewashing.

    Chapter building exterior wall finishes 13th building exterior walls shall be in safety, environmental protection, low reflection and technical measures to prevent loss of building materials and construction technology.

    Encourage the use of better weather resistance, high stain resistance of high-performance architectural coatings, high color retention. Article 14th building materials using stone veneer wall finishes, encourages the use of dry-hanging construction technology of construction, limiting the use of cement mortar paste stone veneer.

    Absolutely necessary to paste with cement mortar stone veneer, reliable embedded measures should be taken, and the stone veneer wall height above ground shall not exceed 3 m.

    15th height of more than 24 m above ground level of the building's exterior wall area, paste can not be used for facing brick (Board).

    Exterior wall paste not more than 24 m above ground level facing brick (Board), and pasted tile (Board) suffered under the site, channel or human activity sites, should be set such as cornice, ceiling shade protection facilities or green belt, skirt, such as buffer zones.

    Set block protection facilities such as cornice, ceiling, its wall surfaces shall be not less than 1.2 metres in length, and has resisted the upper fall impact strength; unable to set the blocking protection facilities, and its corresponding parts of face tile in exterior wall (plate) should be designed using anti-shedding of construction process.

    Fourth chapter of building walls and the outer doors and Windows

    16th building curtain walls in these rules includes glass curtain wall, metal curtain wall, stone curtain wall, man-made sheet metal curtain wall, compound plate curtain wall and their combinations, such as curtain walls.

    Article 17th building curtain wall buildings, should be combined with buildings and around cornice, ceiling shade protection facilities or green belt, skirt, such as buffer zones; suffered under the building walls, channels or human activity sites, you should set up blocking protection facilities, its walls not less than 1.2 metres in length, and has resisted the upper fall impact strength.

    Article 18th building curtain wall construction project when it is completed, the construction unit shall provide the employer with curtain instructions; sales of building curtain wall construction, the construction unit shall provide the buyer with manual of building curtain wall.

    Manual shall include the construction of architectural curtain wall curtain wall design, the main performance parameters, design life, construction unit's warranty, routine inspection, maintenance and repair requirements, precautions for use, and so on.

    Article 19th building curtain wall construction, building façade maintenance management responsibilities shall, in accordance with the manual of building curtain wall requires daily checks, maintenance and repairs.

    Article 20th business center, transportation hub, hospitals, schools, cultural and sports venues, and other crowded places buildings and roadside building, you need two or more layers of glass curtain wall, safety glasses should be used, and take measures to prevent a fall.

    Glass curtain wall made of tempered glass and other explosive glass, paste safety film, security measures should be taken.

    21st new buildings with glass curtain wall, metal wall, may have some light pollution on the surrounding environment, low emissivity coating glass should be used, non-polished metal plate, mirror glass, polished metal plate material can not be used.

    22nd building exterior doors and Windows should be connected to the main structure and reliable, fixed nodes should meet on wind loads and requirements under seismic loading.

    Fifth additional equipment and additional facilities

    23rd attached devices in these rules includes air-conditioning, solar energy equipment, air equipment and other equipment attached in the outer façade of the building additional facilities means arranged on the outer façade of the building, closed, security, protection, drying, shading and display accessories, installing additional equipment, such as fittings.

    24th additional sets of equipment, additional facilities should be easy to install, cleaning, maintenance and part replacement, reliable connections with the building meets the safety requirements, and in accordance with the related environment regulations.

    25th additional equipment, additional facility shall not occupy the sidewalks and building entrances, corridors, staircases and other common parts as well as other channels used for evacuation and rescue.

    Along the roads, public access on both sides of public venues around the outer façade of the building and installation of additional facilities, additional facilities from the ground to the bottom of not less than 2.5 m in height. Article 26th additional installations should be robust, with sufficient carrying capacity.

    Mounting surface does not meet the requirements of strength, should take corresponding measures to reinforce, support or cushioning.

    27th new residential and new public buildings that are not using centralized air conditioning system should be uniform set devoted to the installation of air conditioning equipment (hereinafter referred to as air conditioning) and air conditioning condensation drainage pipe or admission of air conditioning and balconies of the condensate drainage system (hereinafter referred to as drainage pipe air conditioning condensation water).

    Number and size of air conditioning equipment should match with the room number and floor area.

    28th United set the air conditioning equipment, air conditioning equipment should be installed in the set position. Drainage pipe air conditioning condensation water has been set, air-conditioning condensation water should be discharged into the air conditioner condensate drains.

    Air-conditioning condensation water must not be discharged directly into the side of the street facades and outdoor ground.

    29th new construction using additional equipment such as solar energy, air, design units should be designed in the design file and mark location of the installation of additional equipment, the construction unit shall, in accordance with the design documents for the construction.

    Set additional equipment should be designed taking into account equipment installation, maintenance, ventilation, drainage and other content and its impact on architecture, the environment.

    Article 30th building facade need to install anti-theft protection facilities and may not go beyond the exterior walls of a building, and fire safety requirements.

    31st primary and secondary roads on both sides of the new high-rise buildings in the city, away from the side of the balcony should be designed as a closed form.
Existing buildings in the renovation process was closed balcony, shall not exceed the bar (bar) setting.

    Article 32nd in the city's primary and secondary roads and main roads installed on the outer façade of the building air conditioning, anti-theft protection facilities and other extras, additional facilities, as well as specific requirements for enclosed balcony, standard should be integrated into the city looks.

    External façade of the building of additional equipment, additional facilities for all, use shall be in accordance with the requirements of this international standard city looks, building façade decoration.

    Article 33rd owners within the Realty Management area set for DMC development formulated by the construction entity or temporary management rules shall be appended to the air conditioning equipment, security guards and other equipment, the installation of additional facilities as well as terrace close to uniform provisions.

    Municipal construction administrative departments should strengthen the management of building exterior decoration, and enact a statute, statute of temporary management model, specific requirements for building exterior decoration incorporated.

    Property services business statute law to supervise the management, interim management the implementation of the Statute.

    Article 34th balcony, terrace, parts of the corridor outside the bar with glass panel, safety glass should be used, and to take measures to prevent the cracked glass, shedding; shall not be used directly on glass plug as the main loadbearing clip-on cantilevered glass boards and external glass balustrade.

    35th on the balcony, window sill outside the original design with flower, flower bed, or other special facilities, decorative flower pots and other accessories should deal with issues such as safety, drainage; should not be a purpose-built facility in balcony fence-slab, external window sill outside decoration flower pots and other accessories.

    36th of new construction, renovation or expansion building facade pipes and boxes should be kept clean and beautiful.

    37th landmark, important areas of buildings and other buildings, great influence on the city night lights should be synchronized with the synchronization design, construction of buildings, and acceptance.

    Building facade set large lamps shall meet the beautiful, clean and environmental requirements, and are equipped with water, fire, wind, prevention of leakage, explosion protection measures, guarantee sets a firm and safe to use.

    Chapter Sixth penalty

    38th article violates these provisions, any of the following circumstances, the construction Administrative Department shall order correction within; it fails to mend, fined a maximum of between 10000 and 2000 Yuan:

    (A) violation of the 15th article, design unit design uses a pasted tile (Board);

    (B) violation of the 15th article, third paragraph, and article 17th, design unit is not shielding protection facilities designed or not designed buffer zones;

    (C) violation of the 18th article construction is not construction project when it is completed transfer to unit building curtain wall manual;

    (D) violation of the provisions of article 27th and 29th, design does not design installation of additional equipment and ancillary facilities.

    Administrative penalties stipulated in the preceding paragraph, otherwise provided by laws and regulations, from its provisions.

    39th in violation of the provisions of article 32nd, outer façade of the building of additional equipment, additional facilities owners, who fails to appearance standards for building facade decoration of the city, by the city administration of Department of city appearance and environmental sanitation administration, Xiamen, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Ordinance to deal with.

    40th within the Realty Management area building facade attached equipment, additional facilities in all, user violates the relevant provisions of building exterior decoration, property management service should be stopped immediately, and report to the city administration departments, administrative law enforcement departments to deal with by the city administration.

    41st construction administrative departments and other relevant administrative departments of dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism, and shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    The seventh chapter by-laws

    42nd in heritage buildings, historic buildings, decoration of the outer façade of the building activities, otherwise provided by laws and regulations, from its provisions.

    Military engineering, security engineering, and rural building facade decoration of housing and other construction activity, these rules do not apply. 43rd article of the regulations come into force on April 1, 2013. Released January 7, 1999, Xiamen City people's Government, the 78th, March 8, 2012, published by the Xiamen City people's Government, the 148th of the Xiamen municipal people's Government on the abolition and modify some of the decisions of the municipal regulations of Xiamen municipality for Administration of building external wall decoration as amended regulations repealed simultaneously.