Guangzhou Dependents Placement Requirements

Original Language Title: 广州市随军家属就业安置规定

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Guangzhou dependents placement requirements

    (November 16, 2012, Guangzhou City people's Government promulgated as of January 1, 2013, 88th) Chapter I General provisions

    First to standardize the employment of dependents of Guangzhou Municipality, according to the national, provincial and municipal regulations, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.

    Provisions of this article apply to dependents within the administrative area of Guangzhou Municipality.

    Guangzhou City, where military power is not in garrison, in spike of the provisional institutions and military staff and agencies in Guangzhou families of temporary staff, these rules do not apply.

    Dependents mentioned in these regulations refers to the army according to state regulations and the ear force active-duty military officers and civilian cadres and officers separated spouses.

    Article human resource and Social Security Department is the city of dependents of employment authorities.

    Among others, Office is the city of dependents of employment coordination body.

    The municipal human resources and social security, public security, civil affairs, finance, State-owned assets management, industry and commerce, taxation, institutions and other sectors in accordance with their respective functions, assist in the implementation of these provisions.

    The fourth article of the municipal State organs at all levels, enterprises and institutions, social organizations and private non-enterprise units should actively develop jobs, complete dependents each year in accordance with the job placement tasks.

    Article fifth forces in sui, Division (Brigade) level political body approved in accordance with head of army families, can be placed in accordance with the employment.

    Was approved by the army's family of the year, dependents should be included in the next annual job placement program.

    Article sixth in Guangzhou City employment of dependents are not included in the job placement program.

    Job placement schemes, has been included in the Guangzhou City dependents at the time of employment, unemployed dependents personal reasons, I shall not repeat placement.

    Article seventh municipal human resources and Social Security Department before March 31 in each year, collect all forces in sui, Division (Brigade) level of political authority in accordance with conditions and needs when the annual list of dependents in Guangzhou for job placement. Eighth of municipal, district (county-level cities) human resources and Social Security Department in accordance with Division of labour and employment circumstances, namely presentation of the annual budget to the financial sector.

    Financial departments budget at the same level for approval into the annual budget, funds are allocated on time according to work needs.

    Chapter II the way

    Article dependents imposed job placement guidance choosing employment, command shelter and self-employment, and so on.

    Job placement of dependents, classification recommendations, priorities should be in line with professional counterparts and the principle of market regulation and proposing the combination, recommend the placement of combining employment and self-employment.

    Tenth article originally offices and institutions preparation of fully employed staff and included job placement programme in Guangzhou City of dependents, by the municipal human resources and Social Security Department based on equivalents sector planning, reference dependents work in nature, academic qualifications, professional and technical qualification, capability and other related to the actual situation, in the appropriate units or a similar type of priority for rehousing.

    The 11th article of the municipal human resources and social security departments and their public employment and human resources service agencies at all levels, through the receiving unit meet with dependents selection direct dependents, such as employment.

    Guide the main channel of choice are dependents of employment placement.

    12th municipal human resources and Social Security Department considering military service, contribution of, and dependents educational level, professional expertise and nature of employment, job categories, such as before the war, combined with the nature of the employer category number, preparation and personnel requirements, and so on, through mandatory placement in compliance with the provisions of condition of dependents.

    Counterpart placed according to principles and operational requirements, the dependents command placement placement in principle to a series of age-related units to be taken to a full series, addressed in the preparation of the attrition in the takeover.

    13th the dependents meet one of the following conditions, you can use command placement:

    (A) military personnel in certain remote and difficult areas or in flight, the submarine worked for 10 years.

    (B) the military forces was awarded 3 times, third or over was awarded the second order of merit award.

    (C) military personnel in active service due to war, disabled for the public.

    (D) dependents for the civil service, and has a Bachelor of.

    (E) dependents get the Bachelor, a mid-level professional and technical qualification, and institutions engaged in professional and technical posts complement on-the-job personnel operating or management positions, but human relations unless it is anchored in the talent Exchange centers by.

    (Vi) dependents access to technicians or above vocational qualifications, are scarce in this city work, and engage in field work.

    (VII) provincial and municipal people's Governments file specify the introduction of high-level talents.

    14th dependents placement responsibility distinction was as follows:

    (A) before the war as the Central and provincial (autonomous regions and municipalities) is a personnel of organs, enterprises and institutions, and its employment, resettlement, according to the Guangdong provincial regulations.

    (B) before the army for personnel capital cities, municipalities are organs, enterprises and institutions, the municipal human resources and Social Security Department is responsible for allocating the quota in Guangzhou municipal organs, enterprises and institutions, who is responsible for properly organize its work in accordance with regulations.

    (C) before the war for prefecture-level cities (including cities) personnel of the following organs, enterprises and institutions, by the district (county-level cities) is responsible for arrangement of human resources and Social Security Department in the area, County-owned organs, enterprises and institutions.

    The preceding paragraph (b) and (c) placed more of the takeover by the municipal human resources and Social Security Department for deployment to appropriate.

    15th encouraged dependents through their own business or self employment.

    Self-starter for eligible small secured, the city subsidized loans, entrepreneurship support, social insurance subsidies and tax breaks and other preferential policies.

    16th dependents have received guidance or directive had been placed, but think of the placement is not appropriate, within two months after receiving placement notification you can choose self-employment and enjoy relevant preferential treatment.

    Self-employed dependents as a local government employment, municipal, district (county-level cities) the Department is no longer accepting applications for its or for job placement procedures.

    Chapter III employment subsidies

    17th article select self-employment of army family first not employment during, can in into placed plans of second years proposed subsidies application, by army family account belongs district (County City) Government according to following provides by months give basic life subsidies and paid pension insurance and medical insurance, by needed funding by army family account belongs district (County City) financial solution, by army family account belongs district (County City) human resources and social security sector is responsible for issued and paid.

    (A) self-employed dependents basic living subsidies, according to Guangzhou City, when the minimum living standard 110% meters.

    (B) self-employment dependents in accordance with relevant provisions of flexible employees participating in the basic old-age insurance and basic medical insurance, contribution base base lower limit determined in accordance with that.

    (Three) reached national provides retired age but cumulative payment years still insufficient provides years of self-employment army family, can continues to received basic life subsidies and according to provides continues to paid pension premium (or one-time paid pension premium), and basic medical premium, reached by months received basic pension conditions of, can according to provides apply for basic pension treatment; meet this city basic medical insurance payment years or according to provides paid make transitional basic medical premium of, enjoy retired personnel basic medical insurance treatment.

    Self-employed dependents only 1 related to self-employment benefits.

    18th article on army Qian has unemployment or no work units of (including institutions supernumerary personnel, and preparation not on-the-job and personnel relationship affiliated in talent Exchange Center of) Army family implemented training helping placed, over 1 years not employment placed of, by its account belongs district (County City) human resources and social security sector according to 17th article provides issued basic life subsidies and paid social security, by needed funding by army family account belongs district (County City) financial solution.

    19th article self-employment army family of basic life subsidies from audit through of times months meter sent, reached national provides retired age Shi meet by months received basic pension conditions of, by self-employment army family according to provides apply for basic pension, and by army family I ahead of 1 months sent account belongs district (County City) social insurance handling sector handle social security apply for procedures, from received basic pension month up stopped basic life subsidies. 20th dependents receiving placement notification, shall, within two months to the specified Department about receiving procedures, fails to go through the receiving procedures deemed waiver placement.

    Automatically give up placement of dependents do not enjoy the basic living allowances and payment of social insurance benefits, municipal, district (county-level cities) relevant departments no longer work for them and recommend.

    Article 21st of the following circumstances, stop unemployed dependents of basic living allowances and pay pension and health insurance premiums:

    (A) the dependents of employment and income.

    (B) dependents settled abroad or emigrated from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions.

    (C) dependents and servicemen of dissolution of the marriage.

    (D) dependents were sentenced to criminal punishment or reeducation through labor.

    (E) the dependents were declared missing or dead.

    (F) self-employment been recorded dependents (external) for civil servants, staff of public institutions, Government employees, or with enterprises and institutions (outside workers) to establish labor relations.

    (G) military cadets were canceled.

    (H) military servicemen serving in or outside the administrative area of Guangzhou.

    (I) the martyr, died while on duty in uniform, has died of the military spouse remarries.

    22nd the basic living subsidy standard municipal human resources and Social Security Department approved by dependents account district (county-level cities) allocated financial sector.

    Social security payment standards approved by the Municipal Department of social insurance fund management.

    Fourth chapter employment guarantees and privileges

    23rd of municipal, district (county-level cities) human resources and Social Security Department shall, in conjunction with technology and information technology sectors improving dependents of employment information.

    The municipal human resources and social security departments at all levels and at all levels of public employment and human resources service agencies establishment of dependents or dependents the services sector employment service and provide dependents with employment, employment agencies, archives and other public services.

    24th article of the municipal human resources and social security departments at all levels should organize municipal, district (county-level cities) vocational training vocational skills training for dependents.

    Eligible dependents can enjoy the preferential policies, vocational skills training, annual training requirements at all levels of the city human resource and Social Security Department special employment funds in Liechtenstein.

    25th self-employed dependents archives by account district (county-level cities) public employment and human resources service agencies to store and manage.

    Dependents personnel relationship anchored in the municipal human resources and Social Security Department of public employment and human resources services, human relations port charge on the 50% management fees while serving in the military.

    Article 26th unit of the labour contract or terms shall be signed with dependents received 3 years labour, employment contracts, but dependents I request signed a 3-year period following labour, employment contract except.

    Employer during the contract period apart from the legal and contractual conditions, and may terminate the labor and employment contracts.

    27th recruitment needs of employers, should have priority placement of dependents in jobs in the same condition.

    Employer to receive the dependents, during the period of 3 years and other employees under the same conditions, should give priority in the type, frequency, and so on.

    In the employer's economic cuts, priority reservations should be in the same condition of dependents to work.

    28th to encourage employers to recruit with dependents, in line with the objects of the employment subsidy, according to relevant provisions of applicable policies.

    Other provisions of the fifth chapter

    29th the employer shall strengthen the auditing dependents archives, such as job placement, basic living subsidies and pay social insurance fees, forged records, academic qualifications, professional and technical qualification, vocational qualifications or other data falsifications of shall be verified in a timely manner and to human resource and Social Security Department. Verified, shall cancel the dependents in Guangzhou City, job placement, and return deadline to receive basic subsistence allowances and payment of old-age insurance, medical insurance expenses, have been transferred to return personal files to the original file management.

    Local, informed the local authorities involving force, informed the military units and the higher authorities transferred troops; a suspected crime, law transferred to judicial organs for handling.

    30th do not finish the dependents placed task unit cannot be selected as "among others" Advanced Unit.

    31st dependents placements should be integrated into the organs, institutions, State-owned and State-holding enterprises leaders target content.

    Rejected dependents rehousing units, by human resource and Social Security Department in conjunction with the civil affairs departments at all levels in the city made the following address:

    (A) give criticism and correction.

    (B) no rectification after criticism, as his unfinished goal responsibilities of leadership team members, members of the leadership team assessment cannot be rated as excellent grades or advanced individual units cannot be rated as advanced collectives.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles 32nd these provisions come into force on January 1, 2013. Effect on January 1, 1996, the abolition of employment regulations on the placement of dependents, Guangzhou City, at the same time.

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