Drawdown Area Of Three Gorges Reservoir In Chongqing Interim Measures For The Management Of

Original Language Title: 重庆市三峡水库消落区管理暂行办法

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Drawdown area of three Gorges reservoir in Chongqing interim measures for the management of

    (November 21, 2012, Chongqing Municipal People's Government at the 138th Executive meeting on December 13, 2012, Chongqing Municipal People's Government announced order No. 267, come into force on the date of promulgation) Chapter I General provisions First article for strengthening Chongqing Three Gorges reservoir elimination fell district management, protection Three Gorges reservoir ecological environment security and run security, according to three gorges engineering construction Immigration Ordinance (State makes No. 299,), and three gorges follow-up work general planning, and State Three Gorges engineering construction Committee straddling on strengthening Three Gorges follow-up work stage reservoir elimination fell district management of notification (country three gorges Board sent do Word [2011]10,), and State Three Gorges engineering construction Committee Office straddling

    Notification on further strict management of three Gorges reservoir (Three Gorges ban FA [2011]23) and other relevant documents, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Article-fluctuating zone in these measures refers to water level of three Gorges reservoir before (Wusong elevations) from the flood control limited water level of 175 meters gradually fade to 145 meters, in the Chongqing reservoir area of three Gorges reservoir (hereinafter referred to as area) formed a special area, as well as within the region of the island, siltation of reservoir shoreline and new land.

    Riparian zone management article adhere to protection, governance, scientific planning and the principles of obedience as a reservoir.

    Fourth of municipal management and the area of three Gorges reservoir district (County) people management is responsible for the administration of three Gorges reservoir within the riparian zone of comprehensive supervision and administration. Article fifth drawdown area owned by the State and managed by the management of three Gorges reservoir.

    Approved by the management of three Gorges reservoir without permission, no unit or individual shall use the riparian zone (except for public aid to navigation facilities such as navigation buoys). Sixth clause authorizing the use of riparian zone of units and individuals, should take steps to preserve the ecological environment in the three Gorges reservoir safety, and in the three Gorges reservoir before impoundment and before the arrival of the main flood season of reservoir bottom cleaning.

    Due to scheduling to the users in the drawdown area of three Gorges reservoir damage caused by, the State will not be compensated.

    Chapter management

    Seventh Government fully responsible for riparian zone management, integrated management of three Gorges reservoir management and management mechanisms for relevant government departments carry out their duties.

    Eighth of municipal management is integrated in the drawdown area of three Gorges reservoir administration, whose main functions are:

    (A) implement the relevant State laws and regulations and these rules, development of riparian zone protection and use planning. (B) be responsible for the integrated management of the riparian zone.

    Supervision and guidance area district (County) of people's Governments of riparian zone management, cancellation area protection and management in conjunction with the municipal government law enforcement and inspection carried out, commissioned by the city and region is responsible for the municipal government district (County) Government assessment of riparian zone management.

    (C) authorize the use of riparian zone conservation and utilization projects, and develop appropriate approaches, organizations review the use of riparian zone project's preliminary design.

    (D) the approved projects related to the occupation of three Gorges reservoir.

    (E) urged the Municipal Government to departments and area district (County) Government rectify violations.

    (F) to organize and coordinate the relevant government units to carry out scientific research on critical issues of riparian zone management.

    (G) to complete other work assigned by the municipal government. Nineth region district (County) shall be responsible for the riparian zone management work within their respective administrative areas.

    Establishment of riparian zone management accountability; preparation of the riparian zone conservation and management planning in the administrative areas, strict implementation of relevant provisions of riparian zone management.

    Tenth area district (County) authorities responsible for the administration of three Gorges reservoir in the integrated management of the riparian zone, approved or reported using protection and utilization of riparian zone project.

    11th Government departments concerned in accordance with the Division of functions, riparian zone management; collect summary information, and regularly inform the management of three Gorges reservoir; strengthening cooperation and coordination, increase joint law enforcement efforts, violations will investigate.

    Chapter III protection of 12th take project management and biological control measures to strengthen the riparian zone of the combination of ecological environment protection and construction.

    Shoreline protection and utilization in three Gorges reservoir control planning, further areas for conservation, restoration and renovation to protect water quality in the three Gorges reservoir, reservoir capacity, Habitat and ecological security.

    13th prohibits the following acts:

    (A) land reclamation and the town developed at the shoreline protected areas, the introduction of polluting projects; waterfront reserve, shoreline areas controlled by the introduction of polluting projects.

    (B) grave and tombstone, abandoned, buried dead animals and soil, waste and landfill other objects.

    (C) deforestation and planting of fruit trees and other perennial plants (biological treatment).

    (D) the direct discharge of wastes, sewage, effluent and emission standards for pollutants other than sewage and waste water.

    (E) the use of pollution of pesticide and fertilizer.

    (Vi) other possible drawdown area of ecological and environmental damage, soil erosion and polluted water bodies and acts prohibited by national laws and regulations.

    14th limits of the following behaviors:

    (A) the use of riparian zone or take up storage;

    (B) in the drawdown area of stacking goods, and construction (construction) buildings, digging and filling engineering;

    (C) French mountain exploration Earth;

    (D) in the drawdown area of new outlets;

    (V) agriculture;

    (Vi) national laws and regulations restricting the other acts. 15th in the drawdown area of important wetlands, major Habitat of animals and plants, steep mountains, Islands, water protection and soil and water conservation, library, Bank and stable area as a protected area.

    Reducing and avoiding interference of human activities, within the protected area, to preserve the natural state protection of their structure and function. 16th within the riparian zone area is large and has value or for ecological protection needs of the region as ecological restoration area. In the ecological restoration areas by increasing the flood-resistant perennial vegetation cover, control of soil erosion in riparian zone, reducing pollution of land, riparian zone ecological protection role to play.

    Meanwhile, can improve riparian zone wetland bio-diversity, slowing the drawdown area of ecological quality, guaranteed drawdown area of ecological function with normal and healthy. Article 17th establish and improve the health and epidemic prevention system in the drawdown area, develop the drawdown area of infectious disease prevention and control, early warning and emergency handling, collection and reporting, testing and evaluation of the epidemic and so on.

    Cancellation areas potential breeding vectors in the region should carry out epidemic prevention treatment, prevention and control of the outbreak and prevalence of infectious diseases, and protect public health.

    Article 18th established riparian zone for float-cleaning mechanism, strengthen the riparian zone for float-cleaning, reducing the number of incoming pollution loads and water floats.

    Article 19th on adjacent cities, towns or rural population live in very important centres of coastline, according to UN-Habitat public safety, ecological environmental protection priority, the principle of protection of flood control, maintenance of reservoir Bank stability, environmental remediation according to plan adapted to local conditions.

    The fourth chapter

    Article 20th riparian zone insisted on planning, control, strict examination and approval, compensation balance principle. Article 21st Shack business structures, stacked cargo sand, engaged in research activities, such as the use of riparian zone, shall not occupy storage capacity. Temporary use of riparian zone units and individuals shall be approved by the area of district (County) approved by the management of the three Gorges reservoir, sign a usage agreement, and according to provisional approval before use.

    Project owners to protect the environment, ecological restoration, prevention of pollution, protection of cultural relics, and the responsibility to prevent and control diseases and date of storage of three Gorges reservoir before 15th of that year by the three-Gorge reservoir bottom cleaning cleaning specification. 22nd the basis for long-term use of the riparian zone, public construction projects, such as not taking up storage capacity, by area district (County), preliminary verification of the management of three Gorges reservoir and the city after the three Gorges reservoir management departments approved, in accordance with their respective responsibilities and approval by the municipal government.

    After approval in accordance with the building construction management programs. 23rd article long-term using elimination fell district and occupied capacity of, except according to this approach 22nd article provides implementation outside, also should prepared involved River construction programme, carried out flood control effect evaluation (if on channel has effect, should carried out channel effect evaluation), and to where district (autonomous) water administrative competent sector or Yangtze River water Committee application made water engineering construction planning agreed book or engineering construction programme review agreed procedures Hou, by where district (autonomous) Three Gorges reservoir management sector turned reported City Three Gorges reservoir management sector City management of three Gorges reservoir after verification of approval of the State Council three gorges project construction Committee.

    After approval by infrastructure procedures building procedures.

    Article 24th dig sand in the riparian zone shall be approved by the district (County) after the three Gorges reservoir management organizational assessment agreed by their district (County) Water Conservancy administrative departments or the Yangtze River waterway authorities. 25th to take effective measures to strictly control the plant acts within the riparian zone.

    For location, the landscape has a clear advantage of part of the island, as approved by the Municipal Department of management of the three Gorges reservoir, on the premise of protecting the ecological environment can moderate utilization, develop ecological tourism and modern agriculture.

    Fifth chapter, penalties and rewards 26th article violates this article fifth, sixth, 13th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th and other provisions, the competent authority shall order to stop violations.

    Conforms to the conditions of use but incomplete deadlines for completing the formalities, overdue for a replacement or a replacement has not been approved, ordered removed do not comply with the conditions of use, ordered dismantled and restored by the competent departments, in accordance with related laws and regulations will be punished.

    27th illegal approval using the riparian zone, according to "who's approval, who is in charge of the" principle of rectification of demolition.

    28th national staff working for neglect, abuse of authority or engages in adverse consequences, in accordance with the relevant provisions to enforce accountability; suspected violation of relevant personnel, serious disciplinary liability of those constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    29th levels of government staff in the riparian zone management and related departments have made outstanding contributions to the work, recognition and rewards.
The sixth chapter supplementary articles

    30th of municipal reservoir area of three Gorges reservoir management and district (County) Government pursuant to these measures, formulate specific implementing rules.

    31st article this way by the Urban Management Department is responsible for the interpretation of the three Gorges reservoir. 32nd article this way come into force on the date of promulgation.