Road Traffic In Shandong Province The Prescribed Safety Accountability

Original Language Title: 山东省道路交通安全责任制规定

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Road traffic in Shandong Province the prescribed safety accountability

    (October 21, 2012 Executive meeting of the people's Government of Shandong province, the 133th review November 19, 2012, Shandong provincial people's Government promulgated as of January 1, 2013, No. 256) Chapter I General provisions

    First to implement traffic safety responsibilities, effective control of traffic violations, traffic accidents prevention, protecting people's life and property safety, according to the People's Republic of China on road traffic safety law, the Shandong provincial implementation of People's Republic of China Law on road traffic safety measures, such as laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these provisions are formulated.

    The second work of road traffic safety within the administrative area of the province in line with the principle of government leadership, departments, units responsible for road traffic safety responsibility system, social participation.

    Article on road traffic safety responsibilities are divided into government leadership, sector regulatory responsibilities and vehicle units main responsibility.

    Chapter II Government leadership

    Article people's Governments in charge of the administrative work of road traffic safety within the primary leadership responsibility in charge of traffic safety work of road traffic safety, head of direct leadership responsibility for work; other heads in charge of the work is related to road traffic safety within appropriate leadership responsibilities.

    Fifth road traffic safety in the people's Governments above the county level shall perform the following duties:

    (A) road traffic safety at work into national economic and social development planning, protection of road traffic safety work and adapt to economic and social development;

    (B) special plan of road traffic safety into the overall planning and implementation of urban and rural construction, strengthen the construction of road traffic safety facilities, ensuring road traffic safety facilities and other infrastructure development, construction, and put into use;

    (C) improve the road traffic accident rescue mechanism, establish and improve emergency preparedness, strengthen emergency rescue teams, equipment construction, timely rescue and treatment, rehabilitation treatment in the administrative area of the road traffic accidents;

    (D) regular analysis of road traffic safety in the region, and the lower level people's Governments signed the annual traffic safety work goal responsibility of the time, resolved the major issues in the work of road traffic safety, major rectification of road safety matters timely decisions;

    (E) Organization of road traffic safety laws, rules and regulations, road safety education and community work;

    (Vi) other duties stipulated by laws, rules and regulations.

    Sixth article County above Government should will road traffic security work into social management comprehensive, and safety, and civilization city created check assessment range; regularly on this level Government about sector and subordinate Government perform road traffic security work duties of situation for inspector and assessment, on implementation road traffic security accountability results highlight of sector, and units and personal be recognition, and award, on implementation poor of be informed criticism, deadline rectification. Seventh article County above Government should established by police, and development reform, and economic and information, and education, and monitored, and judicial administrative, and financial, and housing urban and rural construction, and traffic transport, and agricultural (farm machinery), and health, and business administration, and quality technology supervision, and safety regulatory, and tourism, and meteorological, and insurance supervision management, sector and institutions participate in of road traffic security management work mechanism, guide, and coordination, and urged this level Government about sector and subordinate government road traffic security accountability of implementation

    ; On the road safety situation, urging the implementation of preventive measures to eliminate security risks; summary, work experience in promoting road traffic safety organization accountability goal management assessment and evaluation of road traffic safety.

    Article eighth Township people's Governments, neighborhood offices shall do a road traffic safety publicity and education work in this area to implement higher level people's Governments and their departments and agencies work of road traffic safety measures, organization, instruction and supervision to villagers ' committees and residents ' Committee, vehicle unit and driver traffic safety work.

    Township people's Governments and subdistrict offices should be according to the needs (and) occupational safety officers, assist departments and agencies with the work of road traffic safety.

    Chapter III supervision responsibility Nineth article police organ is responsible for motor vehicle and driving people of management, implementation motor vehicle registration, and identification and driving people security education, and exam work; inspections and regulation road traffic order, law investigation traffic violations; processing road traffic accident, regularly analysis road traffic accident causes and features, timely proposed do road traffic security work of views and recommends; on road along major construction project organization for traffic effect evaluation; with about sector troubleshooting road traffic security hidden, issued

    Major road traffic safety notice of rectification, rectification.

    City divided into districts, counties (cities and districts) public security organs in the people's Government under the leadership of the people's Governments at the corresponding level and superior public security organ, in conjunction with relevant departments supervise and inspect the vehicle units in their respective administrative areas implementation of the responsibility system for road traffic safety.

    Article tenth education authority schools and school bus safety work should be included in year-end evaluation of safety management in schools; Guide and supervise the school traffic safety education and restraint education; to students by the school to comply with the road traffic safety laws and regulations into the comprehensive quality evaluation of supervision and inspection.

    11th economic and information technology Department of comprehensive automobile production and refitting enterprise management system, strengthening the management of enterprise access management and conformity of production of automobile production; in conjunction with the departments of public security, quality and technical supervision organization of electric bikes, gas scooters and motorized wheelchairs for the disabled for safety certification.

    12th judicial administration related to road traffic safety laws, rules and regulations as an important part of legal education and organize publicity and education activities. 13th article housing urban and rural construction competent sector should timely organization maintenance, and conservation City Road, keep road intact; with police organ traffic management sector do road, and parking, and road supporting facilities of planning, and design, and acceptance, speed up public parking facilities and sidewalk, and non-motor vehicle road, and no obstacles passage facilities of construction; according to national about standard, and technology specification, set and perfect traffic lights, and City Road logo marking, and physical isolation, road traffic security facilities,

    Timely treatment of potentially unsafe roads and bridges of the city. 14th article traffic transport competent sector should according to about national standard and technology specification, strengthening on Highway, and bridge of monitoring, set and perfect Highway logo, and marking, and physical isolation, road traffic security facilities, on accident more sent points paragraph take security protection measures; is responsible for about road guest, and goods transport safety supervision management work; in made road transport business license Shi, strictly review transport operators of safety conditions, and vehicles technology status, and driving people practitioners qualification; is responsible for station (field) of security supervision management work

    , Urged the station managers to perform security duties, implementation of safety management practices; strictly enforced reporting system in highway construction, implement the safety responsibility of construction units, urged the construction of highway construction in accordance with the safety rules laid fields, ensure orderly; strictly enforce market access system of the motor vehicle driver training, strengthen qualification management, supervision and inspection.

    Article 15th agricultural (agricultural machinery) competent authorities should strictly implement the agricultural machinery plate, driving permit, conformity inspection mark and license distribution and management of agricultural machinery; regular agricultural machinery safety and technical inspection, driver testing and safety education; strict enforcement of agricultural machinery-access system of the drivers training, strengthen qualification management, supervision and inspection.

    16th public health authorities should establish a rapid rescue mechanism of road traffic accidents, improve road traffic accident rescue system; organizational, coordination at all levels of road traffic accident casualties in all kinds of medical and health institutions do first aid, transport work.

    17th radio, film and television authorities shall establish and improve public awareness of traffic safety mechanism, urging Broadcasting Authority public service advertising and assistance Bulletin of road traffic safety, road safety education to public.

    18th industrial and commercial administrative departments should strictly enforce the motor vehicle, non-motor vehicle registration system, investigate and punish sales without a state motor vehicle Department license or do not meet the safety standards of motor and non-motor vehicles and accessories, operating a motor vehicle without a license and electric bicycles, selling scrap motor vehicle and spell assembled motor vehicles, and so on.

    19th article quality technology supervision sector should with police organ law strengthening on motor vehicle security technology test institutions of supervision check; strengthening on motor vehicle, and non-motor vehicle finished and accessories production enterprise and road traffic security protection products production enterprise of products quality supervision; law investigation illegal assembled, and modified motor vehicle, production not meet security technology standard of motor vehicle, and non-motor vehicle and accessories and not made industrial products license unauthorized production electric bike, behavior.

    20th of production safety supervision and management departments should guide the management, coordination and supervision of road traffic safety, lower level people's Governments of the major road traffic safety issued a corrective instruction book, rectification; organizations engaged in production and business activities of the guest (goods) transport vehicles, school buses for road traffic accident investigation.

    Article 21st of the tourism sector should assist public security organs traffic management and transportation departments to step up supervision of drivers and tour, urged travel agents when passengers choose to tour with the appropriate scope of passenger vehicles.
22nd meteorological departments should be promptly to media, public security organs traffic management departments with severe weather warning information for departments and agencies to start emergency plans, as well as facilitating public understanding of severe weather information.

    23rd supervisory organ shall work of the people's Government departments and civil servants, the people's Governments and their departments to appoint other officers and lower-level people's Governments and their heads to road traffic safety management responsibility to implement monitor, for failure to comply, or not in accordance with mandated responsibilities and procedures related to discharge the responsibilities of road traffic safety personnel, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility.

    24th public security organ, the supervisory organ shall establish drunk driving, related permit violations involved management mechanism, functionaries implications related to drink driving, permit violations should copy his work unit, the unit should be in accordance with the relevant provisions, dealing with feedback in a timely manner to the public security organ and the supervisory organ.

    25th insurance supervision and Administration Department shall set the premium rate systems versus premium rate for motor vehicle traffic, accident linked to supervision and coordination of work related to road traffic accident claims of insurance companies; in conjunction with the public security organs traffic management sector the establishment of compulsory traffic accident liability insurance of road traffic accidents, road traffic safety violations and information sharing mechanism. Article 26th facets of public management institutions, the Socialist spiritual civilization development steering bodies should constitute a crime of serious traffic violations and linked to the comprehensive management of social management, civilized unit of selection.

    Units due to their staff for drink driving, and certificate-related offences subject to administrative penalties or disciplinary actions, canceling the annual assessment of the units and individuals when first eligible.

    Primary responsibility for cars for the fourth chapter affiliation

    27th vehicle unit shall establish and improve the system of road traffic safety, education employees obey traffic safety laws and regulations, organize road safety inspection, rectification of road traffic safety problems, implement the responsibility system for road traffic safety.

    28th road unit of the legal representative or principal is in charge of road traffic safety of the entity responsible, shall perform the following duties:

    (A) organize the implementation of road traffic safety laws, rules and regulations, road traffic security in master unit;

    (B) to establish and organize the implementation of the unit's road traffic safety systems and ensure the safety of road traffic rules;

    (C) road traffic safety work with the unit production, scientific research, and other activities to be integrated;

    (D) on the road operating in the units of passenger cars, tourist buses, the transport of dangerous goods cars, school buses installed with satellite positioning function of digital tachograph, and to maintain normal operation;

    (E) road traffic safety problems discovered in the inspection of the entity supervising and timely processing;

    (F) drivers for traffic violations, accidents are a common occurrence to leave training and adjustment to work or be dismissed in accordance with regulations.

    29th unit shall determine that the vehicle belongs to the management of road traffic safety and road traffic safety is responsible for the following:

    (A) preparation of an annual work plan of road traffic safety, organizing the implementation of routine road safety inspections, etc;

    (B) to establish and improve fleet management, use, insurance, repairs, maintenance and vehicle safety technology files; regular vehicle security checks to ensure good safety performance, combat vehicle on-road safety conditions are not met, eliminate potential accidents;

    (C) establish a secure account management, timely grasp the driver of the vehicle work, illegal, accident and safe driving conditions;

    (Iv) to track driver education, organizing road safety studies and training at the right time, regularly carry out safety check assessment activities. Article 30th to contract, lease or entrusted management, including motor vehicles, should be clearly stipulated in the contract and all road traffic safety responsibilities.

    Contract, the lessee, or the applicant shall, within the scope of management performance of road traffic safety duties.

    The fifth chapter liability

    31st District more than 10 deaths occurred in traffic accidents, or 1 more than 5 people and 2 deaths in road traffic accidents, districts to the provincial people's Government municipal people's Governments shall conduct examination.

    Area more than 3 deaths occurred in traffic accidents or road traffic accident in continuous, counties (cities and districts) to the district municipal people's Governments shall conduct examination.

    32nd road traffic accidents and any of the following circumstances, the persons in charge and other direct liable persons shall be given a warning or demerit; the circumstances are serious, given a demerit or demoted the circumstances are especially serious, dismissed or expelled constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

    (A) in violation of the provisions of the conditions and procedures for issuing permits photos or other decision;

    (Ii) the major road traffic safety risks exist are not timely corrective or corrective action weak;

    (C) concealment after a road traffic accident or failing to timely reporting;

    (D) improper disposal after a road traffic accident, saving time, resulting in accident consequences to expand;

    (E) other obligations prescribed duty or misfeasance, malfeasance.

    33rd vehicle units of commercial vehicles do not meet the prescribed safety requirements, drivers do not have the qualifications or the presence of other significant security risks, rectification by road transportation management agencies; it fails to, revoked the license for road transport operators.

    Highway operating passenger cars, tourist buses, the transport of dangerous goods car, school bus is not installed in accordance with the provisions of traveling data recorder or digital tachograph is not running properly, by the public security organs traffic management sector, 200 Yuan fines.

    Article 34th contractors suspected of traffic accident escaping vehicles was not reported to the police, by the public security organ to the motor vehicle repair business or individual industrial and commercial households more than 5000 Yuan and fined a maximum of 30000 Yuan.

    Proof of recycling scrap-free vehicle, by the public security organ to the scrap vehicle recycling enterprise or individual industrial and commercial households more than 5000 Yuan and fined a maximum of 30000 Yuan.

    35th road unit responsible for road traffic accidents, work safety supervision and management departments, or other departments shall punish; the person concerned constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 36th article vehicles belongs units 6 months within occurred 2 up death 3 people above road traffic accident, and units or vehicles driving people on accident bear all responsibility or main responsibility of, vehicles belongs units location of police organ traffic management sector should reported by set district of city police organ traffic management sector approved Hou, on vehicles belongs units made ordered deadline elimination security hidden of decided, and ban not elimination security hidden of motor vehicle Shang road driving,

    Also informed of road traffic accidents and vehicle units belonging to the relevant administrative departments.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles

    Units of vehicles in 37th article of the rules, refers to the ownership or use of a motor vehicle bodies, enterprises, institutions, social groups, organizations, individual businesses and the production and operation of industrial and commercial registration with their own vehicles. 38th article of the regulations come into force on January 1, 2013.

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