Liaoning Province Project Site Planning And Management Approaches

Original Language Title: 辽宁省建设项目选址规划管理办法

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Liaoning province project site planning and management approaches

    (January 14, 2013 Liaoning province 11th session Government 65th times Executive Conference considered through January 23, 2013 Liaoning Province Government makes No. 276, announced since March 1, 2013 up purposes) first article to strengthening construction project location planning management, guarantees urban and rural planning of effective implementation, according to People's Republic of China urban and rural planning method, and Liaoning province implementation straddling People's Republic of China urban and rural planning method approach, legal, and regulations, combined I province actual, developed this approach. Article in the province engaged in the project site within the administrative area, planning and management in the application of this approach.

    Otherwise provided by laws and regulations, from its provisions.

    Third project site plan shall conform to the urban and rural planning and industrial policy, follow the principle of rational distribution, land conservation, intensive development, promote conservation and comprehensive utilization of resources, protection of natural resources and historical and cultural heritage, to prevent environmental pollution and other public hazards, and in accordance with the national defense, national security, disaster, public safety and public health needs.

    Fourth of provinces, cities and counties (including County-level cities, the same below) town and country planning Department (hereinafter referred to as the urban and Rural Planning Department), in accordance with the relevant provisions shall be responsible for the planning and management work within the administrative area of the project site.

    Land and resources, national development and reform, security, safety, transportation, water conservancy, forestry, environmental protection, cultural relics, earthquake, meteorological departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to do well in location planning of construction project management related work in accordance with law.

    Fifth need to be approved by the relevant departments in accordance with State or approved construction projects, to provide State-owned land allocation unit submitted to the relevant authorities prior to ratification or approval, and shall apply to the urban and rural planning department construction project site submissions (hereinafter referred to as selection report).

    Without selection report of construction projects, the departments concerned shall not approve, approve.

    Issued by the sixth selection report grading.

    State about sector and provincial government about sector approved, and approved of construction project, province domain town system planning determine of construction project, provincial above landscape places district, and nature reserve and forest park, and geological park, and history culture City (name town, and name village), and history culture protection blocks of focus reserves, and heritage protection units construction control zone range within of construction project, by province urban and rural planning sector issued location submissions.

    TRANS-project, issued by the common level of urban and Rural Planning Department on selection report.

    City and County Government, approval of construction projects approved by relevant authorities, issued by the urban and rural planning departments at selection report.

    Superior urban and rural planning department may delegate as needed to the next level of urban and Rural Planning Department issued selection report.

    Selection report to issue seventh unit to the application, the following documents shall be submitted:

    (A) contains basic information of the construction project site applications;

    (B) construction Corporation and other related documents;

    (C) construction project requires approval, approval documents;

    (D) related to project site maps;

    (E) land documents, environmental impact evaluation of construction project approval documents, as well as land and resources departments covering mineral assessment reports or equivalent materials, geologic hazard assessment report;

    (Vi) national security, earthquakes, weather, cultural relics, military management representations issued by the Department;

    (VII) other material prescribed by laws, rules and regulations.

    Country and province, identified major construction projects, needs outside the scope of construction land in urban and rural planning to determine location of construction projects, should also be submitted to the site feasibility study report. Article eighth issuing selection report are required by law to apply for construction projects, urban and Rural Planning Department after acceptance of the application, in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations and approved by the law of urban and rural planning, review of project site.

    Compliance shall be issued from the date of acceptance of the application in the 20th selection report; do not meet the requirements, not be issued, and to state the reason in writing.

    Nineth project site is directly related to the applicant and other significant interests, urban and Rural Planning Department issued before the selection report, should be on the Government Portal site or scene of the construction project and site announcements, notice period of not less than 10th.

    Town and country planning department shall issue within 15th selection report, site submissions and projects related to the public according to law, but shall be kept confidential except in accordance with law.

    Tenth compilation of site feasibility study report, it shall delegate units with appropriate qualifications and comply with the relevant technical specifications. Town and country planning Department should organize experts to review location feasibility study report. Review the number of experts for 5 or more singular, conclusions should be agreed by the experts participating in the review by a majority.

    Conclusions adopted by the review and as a basis for issue selection report.

    11th due to urban and rural planning project site needs to be adjusted, should be according to the plan and audit the project site.

    12th urban and Rural Planning Department when conducting site audits, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations need to seek the views of the relevant departments and units should be consulted in advance. 13th selection report is valid for 1 year.

    Without ratification, approval of construction projects within the validity file, at the expiration of the original issuing authority in the 30th before applications go through formalities for extension, extension can only be carried out once that the extension period shall not exceed 1 year.

    Expiration without renewal or extension is not approved, site submissions shall automatically cease.

    Article 14th selection report of construction projects, validity content under the selection report needs to be adjusted or changed, shall be subject to the approval of the issuing authority.

    Article 15th siting, planning and management of construction projects and staff shall observe confidentiality laws, rules and regulations of the State. 16th urban and rural planning departments shall regularly check on the subordinate project site, planning and management.

    The main contents of inspection include:

    (A) in accordance with the relevant departments of the State requires ratification or approval of the construction project, to offer the allocation of State-owned land, has been handling selection report;

    (B) the location planning of construction project implementation;

    (C) other contents should be checked in accordance with national and provincial.

    17th urban and Rural Planning Department should be set up, publish monitor calls and e-mails to accept public supervision of the project site, planning and management.

    Town and country planning department on the report or accusation shall promptly receive and shall organize a verification, address.

    18th in violation of this regulation, in accordance with the People's Republic of China relating to town and country planning act shall be punished. 19th article this way come into force on March 1, 2013.

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