Provisions Full-Time Fire-Team Management In Liaoning Province

Original Language Title: 辽宁省专职消防队伍管理规定

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Provisions full-time fire-team management in Liaoning province

    (11th January 14, 2013, Liaoning province, the people's Government of the 65th General Meeting January 28, 2013, Liaoning Provincial people's Government announced order No. 280, come into force on April 1, 2013) first to strengthen the Allied fire troop construction, improve fire fighting and emergency rescue capabilities, according to the People's Republic of China fire protection law, the Liaoning Provincial fire regulations and other laws and regulations, combined with the province, these provisions are formulated.

    Article within the administrative area of the Province Government full-time fire brigades, full-time fire department building and management work of enterprises and institutions, these provisions shall apply.

    Third of provinces, cities and counties (including County-level cities and districts, the same below) public security organs of Government within their respective administrative areas full time fire brigade building and management supervision, public security fire control institutions responsible for the implementation of full time fire brigade building and management of the work of the Government; full-time fire department is responsible for management of enterprises and institutions, and under the guidance and supervision of the fire.

    Development and reform, civil affairs, finance, human resources and social security, transportation, housing and urban-rural construction departments in accordance with statutory duties full-time fire troop construction related work.

    Fourth city and county governments should be full-time fire-team-building in economic and social development plan, according to urban and rural overall planning and fire planning, the formation of professional fire brigades to ensure fire protection commensurate with the economic and social development.

    Article fifth the following regional Government should be established that are not set up teams to fire full-time fire department:

    (A) fire station number below the National City fire station construction standards provisions of the cities and counties where the people's Governments of towns;

    (B) of built-up area of more than 5 square kilometres or a resident population of more than 50,000 people of the Township;

    (C) the inflammable and explosive dangerous goods production, management-intensive and labor-intensive enterprises of villages and towns;

    (D) national and provincial town, the famous historical and cultural towns;

    (V) above the provincial level economic and technological development zones, development zones, the State-level scenic areas, tourist resort.

    Article sixth the following enterprises or institutions shall establish a full-time fire department:

    (A) civil airports in large units, large power plants, nuclear facilities, mainly port;

    (B) large enterprises producing and storing inflammable or explosive hazardous goods;

    (C) the storing inflammable important goods of large warehouses and bases;

    (D) far from the local public security fire-fighting teams, and as national and provincial cultural relics protection of ancient buildings management unit;

    (E) the MTR management unit;

    (F) fire risk larger, farther away from the local fire teams of other large enterprises.

    Freeway Management Unit formed units as needed full-time fire department.

    Article seventh full-time fire department shall perform the following duties:

    (A) formulate fire prevention planning and emergency response;

    (B) improve the duty system, maintenance, maintenance of fire-fighting equipment to carry out physical, technical and tactical training, organizes regular practice;

    (C) accept the unified dispatching public security fire control institutions, participate in the fire fighting and accident emergency rescue and other disasters, protection of the scene of the fire to assist authorities investigating the cause of the fire;

    (Iv) fire safety education training, universal fire sense;

    (E) shall carry out other duties in accordance with law.

    Article eighth full-time fire department planning and site selection, building codes, equipment standards and staffing should be in accordance with the implementation of the standards for the construction of a fire station of the city.

    Professional fire brigade established or revoked, shall be agreed by the local public security fire control institutions, and submitted to the provincial public security fire control institutions for the record.

    Full-time fire department is completed, submitted to the municipal public security fire control institutions and acceptance.

    Nineth Government full-time fire chief recruiters, recruitment should be enacted in accordance with the relevant provisions of (recruits) plan, public recruitment unit full time fire brigade recruitment from enterprises and institutions are responsible for, record and report to the municipal public security fire control institutions. Labor contract full time fire brigade personnel.

    The contents of employment contracts and the conclusion, performance, modification, cancellation or termination, should the implementation of the People's Republic of China labour contract law and other laws and regulations.

    After the labor contract expires, I applied for, the employer assessment, you can renew the labor contract.

    Tenth full-time fireman shall satisfy the following conditions:

    (A) the love of fire service professional, discipline, dedication;

    (B) 18-45 years of age in young men, among them, the first appointment of less than 28 years old;

    (C) complying with the standards and fitness test requirements;

    (Iv) junior high school or higher education.

    Full-time firefighters from the ex-soldiers of the Government priority in recruitment; full-time firefighters from enterprises and workers priority in hiring.

    11th full-time fire brigades of the Government civilian personnel should be from love of fire service professional, law-abiding, have relevant expertise and rank, and to recruit personnel with college degree or above. 12th of municipal public security fire control institutions to train newly hired full-time fire fighter uniform.

    Full-time firefighters work trial period of 6 months, should participate in the national fire-fighting and rescue professional skills identification, obtained the initial vocational qualification certificates posts.

    Full-time firefighters are encouraged to participate in national and senior fire-fighting and rescue and fire-fighting and Rescue technicians and senior technicians in the vocational training and vocational skills appraisal.

    Article 13th year of full-time firefighters paid according to location on a 10% criteria to determine the annual average wage of fully employed staff float; the annual salaries of full-time fire brigades of the Government civilian personnel according to the seat on an annual average wage of fully employed staff standards.

    Full-time Firefighter's annual salary shall not below or above the production line employees of the unit standards. 14th full-time firefighters should be required to participate in basic old-age pension, basic medical care, work injuries, unemployment and other social insurance, and pay social insurance fees, and enjoy the treatment.

    Employer shall be referred to the public security service firefighter standards for full-time firefighters insurance personal accident insurance, as a complement to industrial injury insurance.

    Full-time firefighters enjoy a fire-fighting and rescue attendance allowance.

    15th the employer shall organize a full-time firefighters to participate in pre-job, on-the-job, emergency occupational health examination, occupational health files. 16th full time fire brigade shall establish operational systems, training, fire-fighting and rescue, and in accordance with the national standard are equipped with fire-fighting equipment, special clothing.

    In the event of fire fighting and rescue operation should be consolidated wear fire signs, fire-fighting and rescue or rescue suits.

    Article 17th full-time fire department in the process of implementation of fire fighting and rescue operation, follow the public security fire control institutions organized and directed.

    18th full-time firefighters in business training, fire-fighting and rescue or emergency events such as injury, disability or death, should be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of national and provincial ascertainment, work identification, enjoyment of the work-related injury treatment; meets the conditions for revolutionary martyrs declared, by the Civil Affairs Department under the State Council praised the martyrs of the relevant provisions of the Ordinance.

    19th of municipal and county governments should be full time fire brigade barracks building, equipment construction in infrastructure investment plans and financial budgets, Government salaries of full-time fire brigades of the welfare budget and operational requirements into unit full time fire brigade requirements guaranteed by this unit.

    Full-time fire departments purchase firefighting equipment, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State and enjoy tax breaks.

    20th full time fire brigade fire engines to conduct fire fighting and emergency rescue task, on the premise of ensuring safety, unaffected by routes, driving directions, travel speed, signal the limits that are indicated, other vehicles should give way.

    Conduct fire fighting and emergency rescue trucks are exempt from tolls.

    Article 21st in fire prevention, fire fighting, emergency rescue work make outstanding contributions or achieved positive results in full-time fire department both collective and individual, provincial, municipal and county governments and public security organs to give recognition.

    22nd full time fire brigade received the fire alarm or public security fire control institutions mobilized a rescue command immediately rushed to the scene, give notice of criticism by public security fire control institutions; the unit directly responsible and other persons directly responsible, by their work units or departments handle the case constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 23rd these provisions come into force on April 1, 2013.