Guiyang Municipal Governance Post Graffiti Depicting Dissemination Provisions

Original Language Title: 贵阳市治理乱涂写乱刻画乱张贴乱散发规定

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Guiyang municipal governance post graffiti depicting dissemination provisions

    (December 19, 2012 Executive meeting of the Guiyang municipal people's Government through 18th December 27, 2012 in Guiyang City people's Government promulgated by March 1, 2013) first to strengthen the management of city appearance and environmental sanitation to stop graffiti, disorderly acts such as description, posting, disseminating, in accordance with the regulations on the management of city appearance and environmental sanitation laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.

    Second administrative area of the city graffiti of civil strife, description, unauthorized posting and dissemination of governance, these provisions shall apply.

    Referred to in these provisions "graffiti, portrayal, post, disseminate" refers to violation of regulations, in this city, cities, buildings and structures within the town, trees and other facilities on post, graffiti, depict or prohibiting the dissemination of propaganda in the region, and so on.

    Article City Management Department is responsible for the Organization for the harmonization of the implementation of this provision; area (city, County) city management departments in accordance with the rights and responsibilities for implementation of the administrative area of civil strife graffiti, portrayal, posted, distributed governance.

    Urban traffic management, law enforcement, public security organs and the industry and commerce, taxation, health, culture, publishing and other administrative departments and township (town) people's Government, the community management institutions shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, and doing graffiti, disorderly description, unauthorized posting and dissemination of related work.

    Property service companies, communications services units shall cooperate with and doing graffiti, portrayal, post, disseminate related work.

    Fourth article of any units and individuals shall maintain the city's appearance city appearance clean and tidy, and to deter, to report graffiti or description, posting, disseminating, and so on.

    Urban management should telephone hotlines.

    Fifth article any unit and individual is prohibited in any of the following acts:

    (A) buildings and structures in the city, trees, telephone poles or other facilities characterize, graffiti;

    (B) posted on the trees, the authorisations or slogans;

    (C) unauthorized in city buildings, structures or any other facilities on post, the authorisations or slogans;

    (Iv) in violation of regulations in the cities and towns of the roadway and sidewalks, commercial concentration areas, landscape areas, public transportation, transportation hubs and other public places to disseminate business promotional items.

    Sixth in urban roads, squares and other public places to set up transportation, telecommunications, postal services, electricity, fire protection, water supply, gas and other utilities appear defaced, its ownership or management units should be cleaned, repaired or replaced in a timely manner to keep tidy and in good condition.

    Article seventh within cities, towns, groups, military units, schools, enterprises and institutions, businesses, markets, construction sites, car parks, service industries and other businesses, Guiyang City, in accordance with the "menqiansanbao" accountability regulation to perform "menqiansanbao" and protect the order of the good of the city.

    Article eighth of township (town) people's Government, the community services administration, property management companies should be driven by needs, selecting the appropriate place in streets, residential areas set up a public posting bar, and strengthening management.

    Sporadic posted posters shall be posted in a public bar.

    Nineth portrayal, in the graffiti or post, leave a phone number in the dissemination of information, by City law enforcement agencies to inform the law-to specified places for treatment.

    Offence is not required to accept treatment, by the city law enforcement department photograph forensics and communications service units, communications services units according to law, or in accordance with network services contracts with the customers agreed to suspend services for their illegal activities, illegal to receive treatment, written notice by the city law enforcement Department provided communications services unit to its service.

    Tenth in violation of the provisions of article fifth affect the city appearance and environmental sanitation, and shall be ordered by the city law enforcement Department cleared individual penalty of between 100 Yuan and 500 Yuan, the unit shall be fined a maximum of between 1000 and 500 Yuan.

    11th in violation of the provisions of article sixth failed to perform their duties, ordered by the city law enforcement Department performance; fails to perform, fined a maximum of 200 Yuan over 2000.

    Violation of the provisions of article seventh, in accordance with the Guiyang City "menqiansanbao" accountability of relevant provisions of the regulations will be punished.

    Graffiti or depict the 12th article, post, randomly distributed in violation of public order and road traffic safety management, or falsification of documents, the release illegal ads, illegal printing illegal practice of medicine, selling fake invoices, and other violations, traffic management, industry and commerce, by the public security organ or the publication, tax, health, cultural and other relevant administrative departments to investigate and punish.

    13th obstacle relevant administrative departments and their staff performing official duties according to law violating the Administration, by the public security organs in accordance with the People's Republic of China dealt with the relevant provisions of the law on administrative penalties for public security.

    Article 14th law enforcement personnel, and other personnel who abuse their power, favoritism, bribes or other illegal activities, by their higher competent authority or organization in accordance with the relevant provisions. 15th article of the regulations come into force on March 1, 2013.

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