Zhuhai Approach To Social Promotion

Original Language Title: 珠海市社会工作促进办法

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Zhuhai approach to social promotion

    (January 6, 2013 eighth Zhuhai city people's Government, the 15th Executive meeting January 17, 2013 the Zhuhai municipal people's Government to the 91st release since February 17, 2013) Chapter I General provisions

    First, social work, to strengthen the management, promote professionalism and quality of services, speeding up professional talents, promoting the development of social work in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Article II procedures apply for social work within the administrative area of the city.

    Article should stick to overall planning of social work development and classification of advance, Government incentives, professional resources and civil operations, social worker and social forces combined with the principle of promoting social work specialization, professionalism and scale.

    Fourth of municipal and district people's Government (including the hengqin new district, the economic function of the CMC the CMC, the same below) social work should be included in the overall plan for national economic and social development, promoting professional development of social work.

    Fifth of municipal and district people's Government social funds should be included in the budget at the same level, and with the growth of the local economy.

    Municipal and district people's Government, the lower level people's Governments should be to perform social work management responsibilities and funding into the annual appraisal.

    Sixth article of the city to establish coordination mechanisms for social work.

    Social work social work Committee on planning, coordination, guidance and oversight.

    Article seventh city social work departments is the Department of social work administration, shall perform the following duties:

    (A) the Organization for social work development plans, policies and measures.

    (B) responsible for the development of social work guidance, training and advocacy.

    (C) organizations develop, implement social work jobs and projects development standards.

    (D) planning, social work services, Government purchases and project review.

    (E) organizations to develop social work service guidelines and indicators for checking and supervising the Government purchased social work project evaluation activities.

    (Vi) is responsible for the management and cultivation of social service agencies.

    (VII) is responsible for the registration, registration, and services of a social worker.

    (H) receive and deal with complaints about social work services and social workers.

    (I) social work and other related work.

    Eighth section in conjunction with the social work sector is responsible for human resources and Social Security Department social workers vocational evaluation of implementation and supervision and inspection.

    Financial departments are responsible for social work jobs and services government procurement of services of public financial management and oversight.

    Tax departments are responsible for the implementation of the national provisions of the tax preferential policy.

    Other departments within their respective areas of responsibility, to do social work.

    Nineth, established social work development, the Advisory Committee, for the city's development and promotion of social work to provide decision support.

    Tenth industry association is a social work social work services and the services of social workers and disciplined organization, receive guidance, coordination and supervision of the Department of social work, and carry out the following work:

    (A) the development of industry standards, professional ethics and disciplinary rules, establishing self-regulation mechanisms of social work.

    (B) to organize professional training for social workers, professional ethics and practice discipline education, inspection and supervision.

    (C) to provide social work services promotion, information dissemination, policy advice, rights protection and other services.

    (D) according to industry characteristics seminar, experience greater and so on.

    (E) undertaking social work information, popularize the knowledge of social work.

    (Vi) other work prescribed by laws, rules and regulations.

    Chapter II social work services

    11th an application for establishing a social service agency shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations, and meet the following conditions:

    (A) the sponsor at least one person has acquired social work professional level certificate or at least two achieved professional level certificate, social work assistant.

    (B) one-third per cent of staff achieved professional level certificate in social work in social work and registered with the competent authorities.

    (Iii) necessary in the workplace.

    12th for social work services in social welfare, social relief, charity, community-building, marriage, family, mental health, disability rehabilitation, education, counselling, employment assistance, staff support, legal assistance, crime prevention, drug treatment, community corrections, placement assistance and education, family planning, people's mediation, emergency disposal, off-site workers areas such as social services.

    According to the needs of society and the public and social service agencies to develop according to law and social work services, expand social services.

    13th social service agencies should follow fair play, integrity service standards of practice, improve workflow, and project implementation services according to service plans, project budget, project funding for financial management and accounting, and accept their supervision.

    14th social service agencies should establish and improve the article based on the regulation mechanism, on the Agency's facilities, internal management, human resource management, financial management and service management specification.

    15th social service agencies should establish a records management system, keep relevant records in the social work activities and information for at least three years.

    16th introduction to social service agencies should be developed, institutional mission and goals, and service projects, service procedures, business rules, standards, public service, inspection and receive social donations and other related information to the public.

    17th social service institutions should set up a steering post, supervising the selection and cultivation of talents and management services to ensure the Agency social worker access to supervision, training and advisory services.

    Social work departments may appoint a supervisor for social workers to provide mentoring services or professional guidance. 18th social service agencies should establish an emergency mechanism, contingency plans, and services during emergencies.

    Social service agencies should be coordinated by the relevant government departments, participate in public emergency disposal to assist the emergency relief, post-disaster reconstruction, information gathering, consultation, dispute settlement and psychological interventions, and so on.

    19th social work services can supervise work in such areas, and Hong Kong, Macao and other areas of social service agencies and university exchanges and cooperation, and improve the level and quality of service.

    20th social service agencies should establish a public complaint channels, announced the complaint phone number and email address to receive public complaints, and upon receipt of a complaint made within 15 working days of said response.

    21st social service agencies should strengthen communication and contacts with volunteer organizations.

    Social service agencies can apply to the voluntary service organizations or volunteers, joint social work service, forming social workers lead the volunteers, volunteers help the working mechanism of social workers.

    Applications and recruitment of volunteers for specific options and modalities be developed.

    Chapter social worker

    22nd article of the city achieved professional level certificate in social work social worker into professional and technical personnel of vocational qualification management.

    23rd article this level of implementation of the social work profession certificate registration system, divided into first registration and re-registration.

    First registration accepted terms for professional level certificate in social work social worker made within one year from the date of registration is valid for three years; registration accepted term for the last three months before the expiry of the current registration.

    Article 24th of social work graduates have not yet achieved professional level certificate in social work, or through professional training in social work social work practitioner, may apply to the competent social work Department for registration as social workers.

    Social workers into the scope of management of social workers, specific measures for such registration by the Department of social work separately. 25th registration system for social workers practising in the city.

    Social workers registration is valid for one year, annual renewal of registration, renewal of registration for acceptance for a period of three months before the expiry of the previous registration. 26th Government departments should provide some hours of free training for social workers, enhance their professionalism and capabilities.

    Service should support their participation in the training. Social workers receive training information should be registered in a timely manner.

    Did not participate in training as required, no registration or renewal of registration.

    27th social worker pay and benefits package, proposed by the social work services staff qualifications, qualifications, skills and work conditions, salary Guide and reference criteria determined in consultation with the social worker.

    Social work departments should, in conjunction with relevant departments, adjusted and regularly published social worker salary guidelines.

    28th social work service according to law for social workers to handle social security, guarantee their right to marriage leave, maternity leave and other rights.

    29th service units should be in accordance with the service agreement required for social workers to provide office space, equipment configuration and other facilities.

    Article 30th social workers should be required to abide by and comply with ethical and professional norms.

    31st social workers should comply with the principle of confidentiality, respect client privacy may disclose client information.

    Fourth chapter of financial support and policy for

    32nd article this city set to public financial support, supplemented by financing social, welfare Lottery-funded multi-funding system.

    City, district financial allocations to purchase and carry out social service funding.

    The 33rd municipal financial arrangements from the welfare lottery, part of the Special Fund, take the form of competition in distribution, social work appropriate for District Special payments.

    34th article of the city to encourage donations, guide social capital to labour areas.

    35th of municipal and district people's Government should provide necessary services for social work sites and facilities.

    36th city, district authorities, town (subdistrict offices) social service agencies to provide services for eligible site or funding to support their business.

    Development and setting the 37th article of the city social jobs, buying services and acquire services combine social work development mechanisms.

    Article 38th institution can determine social service agencies in project tendering and other ways.

    Social services can be delegated to specific social services agencies, can also be purchased from the social work services social work service.

    39th social work services to enjoy tax preferential policies stipulated by the State.

    Enterprises, institutions or donated by individuals to social work services, shall enjoy State tax breaks.

    40th article of the established social service agencies, social organization of incubator, providing services such as logistics, information, networking, and training.

    41st, establishment of supervision of social work personnel management and training mechanism, specific measures for selecting and cultivating separately. 42nd article of the city social work personnel into team-building medium-and long-term development planning.

    Trade unions, the Communist Youth League, women's Federation, Federation and Red Cross organizations should strengthen the construction of social work professionals.

    43rd article of the municipal social responsibility standard and evaluation system, and social work departments, social service agencies and social workers, professional ability, professional quality and performance evaluation.

    , Social workers, the 44th article of the rank promotion system, specific conditions and procedures for promotion and enacted separately by the Department of social work.

    45th article of the established social service agencies and social workers information and information networks, and publicize information on a regular basis.

    46th article of the city have made outstanding achievements in social work services and social workers give awards.

    The city support the social work profession Association outstanding social worker and case selection and reward outstanding social work service.

    47th television, radio, newspapers and Internet news media should step up publicity on social work.

    Supervision and administration of the fifth chapter

    48th audit departments dealing with social work Department of social work services for auditing and the use of fiscal funds.

    49th city social work departments should be entrusted by the social work profession Evaluation Committee consisting of social work services facilities, internal management, the evaluation examined the effectiveness of health and social work services.

    Evaluation excellent social service agency, at the time of application for purchase of services and related assistance, can enjoy priority under the same conditions.

    50th article of the City set on the Government purchase system of third-party evaluation of social work services.

    51st social workers violated laws and regulations, ethics or unauthorized altering, lending, leasing and transfer of certificate of registration to engage in social work, in serious cases, by the Department of social work registration.

    The sixth chapter legal liability

    52nd social service institutions violate the provisions of article 16th and 20th, by the social work Department of a rectification; fails to mend, 1000 Yuan fine by the social work Department.

    53rd social worker violations set forth in 23rd and 25th, unregistered and registered in the name of social workers practising in the city, by the Department of social work ordered to stop the illegal practice.

    54th social work authorities not to perform, or delay in performing its statutory duties, by the level of Government, higher social work departments or according to the terms of reference of the supervisory organs shall be ordered to correct and informed criticism; the supervisor is responsible for personnel and persons, shall be subject to punishment; a suspected crime, transferred to the judicial organs according to law.

    55th on the direct responsible person in charge and other direct liable persons, dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism, and disciplined by the unit or by the competent authorities according to law; a suspected crime, transferred to the judicial organs according to law.

    The seventh chapter by-laws

    56th article of the way the meaning of the following terms:

    Social work in these measures refers to a for the purpose of helping people to help themselves, using a combination of expertise, methods and skills to help needy individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities, integrate social resources, coordination of social relations, the prevention and resolution of social problems, rehabilitation and development of social functions, professional activities to promote social harmony.

    Social work services in these measures, refers to the public and community development non-profit community organizations that provide professional services.

    Social workers in these measures refers to accept a certain amount of professional education or training, personnel engaged in professional social work services. 57th these measures shall come into force on February 17, 2013.