Jilin City Open-Air Market Management Approach

Original Language Title: 吉林市城市露天市场管理办法

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Jilin city open-air market management approach

    (January 17, 2013 Executive meeting of the people's Government of Jilin city, the 15th 1th January 24, 2013, people's Government of Jilin announced order No. 227, as of March 1, 2013) first to strengthen the city open-air market management, maintain market order, ensuring the city looks clean and organized, create a favorable market environment, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second open-air market in these measures refers to the use of urban roads, open space, reserved, Plaza and other places set for commodity management activity. Open-air markets in accordance with the nature of the business consists of operating open-air market and public open-air market.

    Operating open-air market projects, standard fare in accordance with price Department; public open-air markets free of temporary road, cleaning and other costs.

    Article in the urban built-up area to offer outdoor markets as well as units and individuals engaged in business activities in the open-air market, are required to comply with these measures.

    Article fourth of the City Government (in Jilin, Jilin economic and technological development zone management Committee of the development zone management Committee) is responsible for the area of public open-air market bid, start-up and management.

    Urban and Rural Planning Department is responsible for organizing the open market plan and a review of open markets, and in accordance with the procedures to fulfil the relevant approval procedures.

    Municipal Administration Department is responsible for operating units on the open market (hereinafter referred to as market unit) acts in violation of these measures impose administrative penalty area (zone) the City Administration Department is responsible for the management of the open market and public welfare in the open-air markets of business administrative punishment for violating these rules.

    Public security, prices, livestock, business, health, journalism, business administration and food and drug supervision, safety, quality and technology supervision departments and supervise in accordance with their respective functions on the open market.

    Fifth open market management with scientific planning and reasonable set, administer, gradually into the principle of the Office.

    Sixth open-air markets must meet the following criteria:

    (A) comply with the overall layout of urban construction and market planning;

    (B) have appropriate venues, facilities and financial resources;

    (C) specialized regulatory agencies, management staff, cleaning staff and appropriate management measures;

    (D) compliance requirements;

    (E) meet other requirements stipulated by laws and regulations.

    Seventh applications for operating open air markets unit, shall submit to the city appearance Management Department the following information:

    (A) start operating open-air market, shall submit a bid for the license and proof of identity of the legal representative and the written application introduction of public open-air market, where city people's Government shall be submitted to the open market (Jilin, Jilin economic and technological development zone management Committee of the development zone management Committee) sealed a written application;

    (B) management system, organization and management of the market;

    (C) the current market location map;

    (D) the market sets the sketch;

    (V) other information shall be submitted in accordance with regulations.

    Article eighth without approval, no units set up open-air markets.

    Prohibits individuals set up open-air markets.

    Approved to set up open-air market, prohibition of the sub-contract, transfer.

    Nineth market unit shall perform the following functions of food safety management:

    (A) the identification of the health food industry practitioners certificates, business licenses and related business information on food business operators;

    (B) check food business operators operating environment and conditions;

    (Iii) food business operators file, document the basic of food business operators, business, brand, primary sources and suppliers, information, guide and supervise the production and operation of food business operators to establish records, incoming inspection, food safety protection system;

    (D) the food business unit management system, strengthen food safety training for food business operators;

    (E) food business operators have found violations, should stop him in time and to immediately report to the relevant authorities;

    (Vi) shall perform other management responsibilities for food safety. Tenth market unit responsible for administrative staff recruitment and training.

    Marketing Manager managed markets, must be licensed, uniform clothing, uniform identity.

    11th publicity boards should be set up in the open market, open market charges approval documents, marketing standards and related regulations.

    Market unit shall prominently set a fair balance in the open market, and is responsible for maintenance.

    Fairgrounds endpoint must set up isolation facilities and an end-point line.

    12th open markets must be run by market unit set up temporary toilets and is responsible for the maintenance and management.

    Open-air markets must be according to the prescribed standards, set the number of bins (drum), cleaning personnel must always be cleaning and regular trash (tube) in the garbage into a waste transfer station nearby.

    13th market units shall in accordance with commodity type of open market operation, unified planning, setting up a booth, and that market access remain accessible.

    14th market units and business operators must be strictly in accordance with the approved limits, time and area of operation.

    Engaged in business activities in the open-air market for more than six months the management industry door, should go through the business license.

    15th hold a disability card, certificate of special hardship, low assurance, preferential reemployment certificate proof of employment support policies such as the management industry door, preferential access to public open air market.

    Operating open-air market units to the municipal price control Department for a premium license, project, standards certified in accordance with prices charged associated costs and strict enforcement of city-level people's Government, the preferential policies on business owners.

    16th business owners should keep items placed within the booth neat and orderly, sanitation and clean, in rubbish bins set to market in a timely manner (trunk), not littering.

    Open air market, business breakfast, snacks, seafood stalls must be in accordance with the requirements of laying antifouling layer, and timely collection and processing of waste water management.

    Prohibition of pouring, dumping waste water or wastewater directly into urban storm drainage line. 17th open forbidden to build sheds, pavilions and other buildings on the market.

    Is really necessary to build, must be approved by the Municipal Department of town and country planning department and city appearance management approval, according to uniform standards of construction.

    18th Fairgrounds is prohibited in the following operations:

    (A) take an outdoor charcoal grill mode of processing, production of goods;

    (B) the operation of inflammable, explosive, toxic, hazardous and other dangerous goods;

    (C) the sale without quarantine or not passed quarantine inspection of animals, animal production (business) products and the slaughter of live poultry;

    (D) sell fake, rotten goods;

    (E) sale of obscene, superstitious goods;

    (F) without the relevant license or license is not complete for food production, processing and marketing;

    (VII) using loud equipment such as amplifiers to sell or use the noise of engines, motors, and other tool products;

    (VIII) use of quality and technical supervision departments test or by franchising failure of measuring instruments from the sale of goods;

    (IX) manage the State banned the sale of goods.

    19th management industry door should be subject to marketing managers, it is strictly prohibited to occupy the booth or booth rental, transfer.

    20th in violation of these rules, any of the following circumstances, the municipal, district (zone) the City Administration Department in accordance with the following provisions shall be punished.

    (A) violation eighth article first paragraph, and second paragraph provides, unauthorized established open market of, ordered stop violations, established who for units of, deadline replacement related procedures; replacement procedures not to approved or established who for personal of, ordered its immediately return, recovery by accounted for site function; refused to return of, by city management administrative law enforcement sector on behalf of recovery, by needed costs by violations people bear, and on unauthorized established units or personal sentenced 500 Yuan to 3000 Yuan of fine.

    (B) the violation of the article eighth paragraph, subcontract, transfer of the approved set of open market, correction and subcontractors (assignment) up to 30000 Yuan fine, the contract (to) impose a fine of from 500 to 3000 Yuan.

    (C) violation of article tenth, 11th and 13th in the first paragraph provides that the marketing personnel to manage the market without certified, uniforms, identification, or not in accordance with the requirement of publicity, or not according to the commodity type business area, correction on the market operate unit fined 200 Yuan to 500 yuan in fines.

    (D) contravenes section 11th and 12th in the third paragraph of article, no isolation facilities and end-line has been set or not set bins (drum), or cleaners are not cleaned up garbage shall be ordered to correct the market operate unit fined 500 Yuan to 1000 Yuan fine.

    (E) violation of the 12th article, does not set a temporary toilet, correction, market fined units of 5000 to 10000.

    (F) breach of article 14th, beyond the approved limits, time, area of operation, shall be ordered to immediately correct, 1000 Yuan fine for market units, operating a 50 Yuan fine.

    (G) the violation of the 16th article, management industry door litter shall be ordered to immediately correct; it refuses, and fined 20 Yuan to 50 Yuan fine; the circumstances are serious, canceled its license.

    (VIII) violation of article 16th paragraph, breakfast, snacks, the seafood stall operators are not laying antifouling layer as and when required, shall be ordered to immediately correct the market operate unit fined 500 Yuan to 1000 Yuan fine, the management industry door penalty of a fine of 50 Yuan to 100 Yuan.
(I) the violation of the article 16th paragraph, splashing, dumping waste water or wastewater directly into urban storm drainage line, ordered to stop the illegal practice, the market, the business operators fined each 100 Yuan to 500 yuan in serious cases, cancellation of business license.

    (10) contrary to article 17th, unauthorized building sheds, pavilions and other buildings in the market, ordered to stop the violations, deadline to re-submit the relevant procedures, not approved, ordered to dismantle, artificial market unit for offences, a fine of 5000 to 20000 Yuan fines; violations of people-management industry door, impose a fine of 1000 to 3000 Yuan.

    Overdue dismantling, removal of administrative law enforcement departments by the city administration organization, the costs borne by the violation.

    (11) violation 18th article provides, used outdoor carbon class barbecue way processing, and making commodity of, or business flammable, and easy burst, and toxic, and harmful, dangerous goods of, or site slaughter live animal of, or trafficking obscene, and superstition commodity of, or using high DB equipment selling, and using noise big of tool processing products of, or business national expressly ban sales of commodity of, ordered stop violations, and on market opened units sentenced 500 Yuan to 3000 Yuan of fine.

    (12) violation of article 19th, refuses to accept the management industry door from the marketing managers, or occupy the booths, booth rental, transfer of, 100 Yuan to 500 Yuan for business operators fined in serious cases, cancel its qualifications, and the transfer of public security organs according to law.

    21st article violates article Nineth, market unit failing to discharge the responsibilities of food safety management, run by the Administration for industry and commerce in accordance with the market will be punished.

    22nd article violates article 15th paragraph, permit to operate open-air markets operate unit without charging unauthorized fees, or items that are not in accordance with the price control Department regulations, standard charges, or failing to perform above city level people's Government, the preferential policies on business owners, by the prices the market units shall be punished according to law.

    23rd management industry door to violations of article 18th, by the city administration, public security, farming, business, health, journalism, publishing, industrial and commercial administration management and food and drug supervision, safety, quality and technical supervision departments will be punished according to law.

    24th denying, obstructing the administration of law enforcement personnel in performing their duties, dealt with by the public security organs in accordance with the case constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    25th administrative law enforcement personnel shall favoritism, abuse of authority, dereliction of duty and taking bribes, given administrative sanctions according to law, to constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    Article 26th in each County (City) open-air markets can be managed in accordance with the measures. 27th article this way come into force on March 1, 2013. As of November 1, 2007, Jilin city open-air market regulation repealed simultaneously.