Ningbo Municipal People's Government Decision On The Expansion Of The Centre Town Of Executive Authority

Original Language Title: 宁波市人民政府关于扩大中心镇行政执法权限的决定

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Ningbo Municipal People's Government decision on the expansion of the Centre town of executive authority (January 5, 2013 Ningbo Municipal People's Government Executive meeting of the 20th by Ningbo Municipal Government Decree No. 203, published since March 1, 2013) in order to promote administrative reform central town, enhance the ability to co-ordinate the development of center town, in accordance with the People's Republic of China local people's congresses and organic law of the local people's Governments at various levels and the People's Republic of China administrative licensing law and the People's Republic of China administrative punishment law and other related laws, combined with the actual situation of the town,

    The following decision is made.

    And expansion of the Centre town the permission should adhere to the law enforcing order, convenience and efficiency, unity of responsibility, guidance, and the principle of decentralization, a focus on changing functions, straightening out relations, enhance the town's economic and social management and public service capacity.

    II, and County (City), and district people Government and about sector according to center town economic social development need, through law assigned by, and delegate of way, will its in industry development, and project investment, and planning construction, and safety, and environment resources, and market regulatory, and social security, and livelihood career, management field of administrative license right, and non-administrative license approval right, and administrative punishment right, and daily supervision management right, administrative law enforcement right decentralization, by Center town government and about career organization specific hosted.

    The County (City) specific areas of management, and delegation of administrative authority and jurisdiction by counties (cities), the district people's Government for decision, submitted to the municipal people's Government for the record and announced to the public.

    Third, counties (cities), the delegation of administrative authority, should be adapted to take the town with the Centre; wide, big impact, technical administrative law enforcement power, and generally should not be delegated.

    The following administrative law enforcement power is not to be delegated by town people's Governments and their relevant institutions to implement:

    (A) the right to administrative penalties restricting personal freedom;

    (B) approved by the provincial people's Government, the power of relatively concentrated administrative punishment imposed;

    (C) involving citizens, legal persons or other organizations entitled to qualified administrative license;

    (D) the provisions of laws and administrative regulations by a specific administrative bodies or professional and technical implementation, through inspection, inspection, quarantine and other ways of directly related to public safety, human health, life and property safety of the equipment, facilities, products, articles for approval of administrative license;

    (E) the compulsory administrative measures or administrative enforcement power.

    Four, the power of administrative approval, administrative punishment shall be by means of delegation of non-approval, day-to-day supervision of administrative license management can be used by the County (municipality), district people's Government and the relevant departments direct action to the center of town government commitment.

    Counties (cities), the district people's Government and the relevant departments under the Centre of the town of human, material and financial resources, assigned by law, Commission within the scope of law enforcement, and Center Township people's Governments and relevant institutions to enter into a written legally assigned by agreement and commissioned law enforcement agreement, and announced to the public.

    Five, Center Township people's Governments and relevant institutions should be standardizing and improving administrative enforcement procedures, establish and improve the responsibility system for administrative law enforcement implementation was entrusted with administrative enforcement powers and delegate administrative law-enforcement organs of legal instruments should be used.

    Six, Center of town government and administrative organs at a higher level to establish administrative information-sharing platform, to accept the guidance and oversight of the Executive, set up information platform for e-Government and public service, promote online social services and the Chief, the implementation of administrative licensing, non-administrative approval items online, and gradually into the administrative examination and approval and approval of an electronic surveillance system. Seven, Center Township people's Governments implement the administrative law enforcement power, should play a role of social organization, and strengthen the social organization, regulation and management.

    Involving financial, auditing, training, project assessment, asset valuation, industry rankings and Logistics Professional, technical, transactional work, such as, by way of purchase of services, such as, social organizations according to law.

    Eight, counties (cities), the district people's Government and the relevant departments under central town administrative enforcement powers should be provided support and the necessary guarantees, strengthening the professional guidance and training, provide entrusted with the implementation of administrative law enforcement in a timely manner the functioning of necessary documents, seals and inspection, testing and other services. Nine, counties (cities), the district people's Government and the relevant departments shall, in accordance with the Division of responsibilities, strengthening oversight of delegation of administrative authority, and conduct performance evaluations.

    Based on the assessment results, County (City), the district people's Government and the relevant departments can decide whether or not to renew the law assigned, delegate.

    Ten of this decision, the term central town includes: lubu town, Liang Nongzhen, mazhu town, yuyao, Longshan town, Cixi city, Xiaolin town, Fenghua, Chun Hu Zhen song AO town, ninghai ChangJie town, Cha Lu Zhen, XI Zhou Zhen, Yin Xiang town, Xiangshan, jiangshan town, yinzhou district, Xian Xiang town, chunxiao town, beilun district.

    Approved by the municipal people's Government, other towns can apply to this decision. Third, and this decision shall take effect on March 1, 2013.