Jinan Motor Vehicle Parking Management Approaches

Original Language Title: 济南市机动车停车收费管理办法

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Jinan motor vehicle parking management approaches (February 4, 2013 Jinan municipal people's Government Executive meeting of the 20th through February 19, 2013 Jinan municipal people's Government announced order No. 246, come into force on May 1, 2013) first to strengthen motor vehicles (excluding motorcycles, the same below) parking management, protect legal rights of operators of motor vehicle parking and parking of motor vehicles, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on prices and the car park, Jinan City construction and management provisions of the Ordinance and other laws and regulations, combined with the practical,

    These measures are formulated.

    The second vehicle in the parking lot in the city (the) charges apply to these measures.

    Vehicles parking in these measures in article () refers to the lawful operation of car parks (including indoor and outdoor, the same below) and traffic management departments shall delimit the occupation of urban road temporary parking garages (hereinafter referred to as the road parking).

    The fourth article of the city motor vehicle parking (the) charges follow the same policy, combination of bar, adjust, hierarchical management, the principle of differential fees, unprogressive. Article fifth municipal pricing administrative authorities are responsible for parking fees in the city's development and supervision.

    Competent price administrative departments within the authority responsible for the administration of motor vehicle parking administration.

    Municipal public security traffic Administrative Department is responsible for the downtown parking management at motor vehicle.

    District people's Government is responsible for the parking of motor vehicles within the administrative area of implementation.

    Planning, finance, municipal, urban management, industry and commerce, taxation and other departments according to their respective duties and good management of motor vehicle parking.

    Sixth municipal public security and traffic management, pricing, finance, industry and commerce, taxation Department parking management coordination mechanisms should be established to realize information resources sharing.

    The seventh article of the city motor vehicle parking (the) charges of Government pricing or Government guidance and market-regulated prices.

Article eighth the following motor vehicle parking (the) Government pricing fees:

(A) airport, train station, bus station and cultural, sports, social welfare and other public service facilities supporting car parks;

(B) the Government to invest in the car park;

    (C) the road parking.

The Nineth following motor vehicle parking (the) Government guidance prices charges:

(A) the parking of the administrative organs, enterprises and institutions providing business services; (B) the comprehensive building of commercial and residential buildings, shopping malls, casinos, office buildings, such as (), hotel parking lot meet parking needs of the owners of the hotel, provides business services to the community. Government guidance prices benchmark price and margin, by municipal pricing administrative authorities later announced to the public.

    Specific standards determined by the operators in accordance with government guidance prices themselves.

Article tenth of the following motor vehicle parking (the) charges and implement market adjusted price:

(A) social forces according to the independent construction of motor vehicle parking;

    (B) the shopping malls, casinos, office buildings (between) the supporting parking, hotels and other buildings.

    11th municipal public security traffic Administrative Department shall, in conjunction with planning, municipal utilities, price and other departments according to the parking area, time, traffic flow and parking supply and demand proper delineation of motor vehicle parking category, and to the public.

    Motor vehicle parking () according to the category and conditioning time differential, unprogressive charges.

    Fees, prices, financial, public security traffic management departments according to higher peripheral, way above the road outside, daytime than nighttime principle, and to the public.

    12th parking of motor vehicles (the) charges impose time charges, monthly fees or pay per view, and so on.

    13th motor vehicle parking (the) management should be unified information system, unified standards, notes flat rate, flat rate.

    14th the Government to invest in the public car park road parking and operating revenues should be earmarked for public transport development, public car park building and road construction. 15th motor vehicle parking operators in the conspicuous announcement cards, marked parking lot categories, services, fees, charging units and telephone and so on.

    Parking of motor vehicles (the) charges, you should use the special paper produced by the tax authorities, otherwise parking can refuse to pay.

16th when the following vehicle parking should be free of charge:

(A) the vehicle performs a public function, such as police cars, fire engines, ambulances and engineering emergency vehicles;

(B) holders of People's Republic of China permits persons with disabilities persons with disabilities parking of private motor vehicles;

    (Iii) other law should be free of the vehicle.

17th motor vehicle car park operators have one of the following acts, the price administration authorities shall order rectification, confiscate the illegal income, and fined a maximum of 5 times the illegal proceeds in serious cases, to order the rectification:

(A) unauthorized development within the Government's range of motor vehicle parking charges;

    (B) exceed the Government's price range set vehicle parking charges.

18th vehicle car park operators have one of the following acts, by price administrative departments shall order rectification fails, may be fined a maximum of 5000 Yuan:

(A) does not indicate the vehicle parking charges;

(B) the contents and price of not complying with the provisions;

(C) the fees charged did not have outside of the price;

    (D) refuses to include Unified Messaging System.

    Article 19th of parking operators on motor vehicle charges eligible for free, the price administrative departments should be warned, may be fined a maximum of 500 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan.

    Article 20th vehicle parking in residential property management in the application of the Shandong province property management regulations not implemented the residential property management in the light of the implementation of the management regulations of Shandong province.

    21st the County (City) motor vehicle parking administration in accordance with the measures implemented. 22nd article this way come into force on May 1, 2013.