Liaoning Province Has A Population Of Service Management Approach

Original Language Title: 辽宁省实有人口服务管理办法

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Liaoning province has a population of service management approach

    (January 14, 2013 Liaoning province 11th session Government 65th times Executive Conference considered through February 4, 2013 Liaoning Province Government makes No. 281, announced since April 1, 2013 up purposes) first article to strengthening on real has population of service management, protection real has population of basic interests, perfect real has population public service guarantees mechanism, promote economic development and social harmony, according to about legal, and regulations, combined I province actual, developed this approach.

    Second approach applies to the province of actual population within the administrative area of service management activities.

    Article had a population of service management follows the security interests and the principle of optimization services, implementation of Habitat management.

    Fourth article province, and city, and County (containing County, and district, with) police organ and belongs police sent institutions is responsible for real has population registration, and live card issued work, and is responsible for collection real has population of name, and gender, and national, and was born date, and household address, and now live address, and citizens identity number, and photos, personal basic identity information and live information (following referred to real has population based information).

    Development and reform, financial, economic and information technology, human resources and social security, housing and urban-rural development, population, family planning, education, civil affairs, health, industry and commerce, taxation, judicial administrative departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to do a related service of actual population management work.

    Fifth of municipal and county governments should strengthen the services of actual population management leadership and establishing coordination mechanisms.

    Subdistrict offices and township (town) people's Governments shall be determined according to the needs of actual population management, assist public security organs with the actual population based information collection management and other related services.

    Article sixth of actual population requirements for service management, incorporate the Government's public budget. Article seventh and actual population based information relating to the registration of enterprises and organizations, privately-run non-enterprise unit or individual shall, in accordance with the approach set out in actual population registration obligations.

    In fulfilling its obligation of actual population, into credit evaluation system in accordance with law.

    Public security organs and units and individuals in the actual population in service management is aware of personal information, should be kept confidential.

    Article eighth province registered population of account registration to domicile police substation, shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) raised by heads of household, family, newborn babies people registered at birth;

    (B) citizen's death, by the head of the family, relatives, dependents, neighbors to declare death registration, registration of undeclared, domicile police substation based on neighborhood committees and village committees issued certificate and, after investigation and verification, and cancellation of accounts;

    (C) the migration account, I moved out, register or heads of households reporting;

    (D) recruitment for military service, of which I am, head declared, cancellation account;

    (E) the registration content changes or corrections, if necessary, by head of household or the Declaration, change or correct the registration.

    Living Nineth residential population intends to send home more than 1 month, and reached 7th days of residence, identity card or any other valid identification, to live police station or community neighborhood Committee commissioned by the police station to declare residential registration.

    Community residents can receive public security organ commissioned had a population of service management.

    Article tenth population to be living in the province more than 1 month, and should arrive within 7th province of residence, identity card or any other valid identification, to live police station or community neighborhood Committee commissioned by the police station to declare residence registration of the floating population and to apply for a residence permit.

    Education, persons under 16 years of age do not need to apply for the residence permit, but I agree to apply otherwise.

    11th under any of the following circumstances, apply for residence registration, do not apply for a residence permit:

    (A) personnel in the hotel accommodation, the hotel is responsible for the registration;

    (B) persons hospitalized in a hospital, the hospital is responsible for registration;

    (C) study in boarding schools, training institutions and training of personnel, and is responsible for registration by schools, training institutions;

    (D) accept rescue personnel in the rescue station, the rescue station is responsible for registration.

    The preceding paragraph is responsible for the registration of agencies or units shall regularly register of information submitted to the local police station.

    12th of migrants to apply for the residence permit shall provide a valid identity documents, lease agreements or other relevant materials such as proof of residence.

    13th the residence permit registration content changes, shall from the date of change in the 7th with valid proof of identity, to the residence permits issued to police stations or change registration community neighborhood Committee commissioned by the police station. The residence permit can be valid for 1 year, 2 years and 3 years, by the floating population validity of their own accord.

    Extension of the effective period of the residence permit, the holder shall, before the expiry of 30th to the police station to apply for extension of residence.

    Of loss, damage of the residence permit shall promptly apply for a replacement, renewal.

    Of the residence permit applied for, change of registration and extension, replacement, renewal of free.

    Prior to the introduction of these measures apply for the residence permit, possession of a valid residence permit may receive one complimentary, continuous calculation of its residence period.

    14th an employer employing migrants, professional intermediary agencies to provide migrants with employment agency services, intermediary service organization providing housing for tenants of housing service, or legitimate use of direct rental of housing, shall register the relevant personnel information of actual population, and from the date of registration in the 7th, the information is submitted to the local police station. 15th police stations and neighborhood offices and township (town) people's actual population management, is responsible for collecting, verifying basic information of actual population. When collecting, verifying, and door-to-door inquiries, fill in the form of on the spot can be taken.

    On-site registration services, should wear a uniform identity and take the initiative to present a working document.

    Actually had a population of Manager's name, photograph, passport number, scope of service information shall, within their work areas such as publicity.

    Units and individuals are managers of information collection and management shall cooperate with and provide relevant information.

    16th in the Government, dominated by public security organs and the development and reform, population and family planning departments are responsible for establishing integrated information systems of actual population, collect and integrate various government departments of actual population information resources, information sharing.

    Article 17th report live registered residential population, can be sent in the police station of origin apply for the issuance of proof of residence, living proof, certificate.

    Article 18th migrants based on my residence permit, have the same interests and resident population in the following areas:

    (A) participate in social insurance schemes according to law and enjoy social security benefits;

    (B) in accordance with the regulations applying for public rental housing;

    (C) apply for a motor vehicle driving license for motor and non-motor vehicle registration;

    (D) apply for Hong Kong and Macau business visa, border passes;

    (E) industrial and commercial registration, tax registration;

    (F) as required to participate in professional and technical positions of residence qualifications for registration;

    (VII) with their joint participation of children in accordance with the regulations of the province of residence compulsory education, high school education and exam, college entrance examination;

    (VIII) shall participate in the community of residence matters related to social organization and management;

    (IX) shall request the departments concerned to mediate disputes and provide legal assistance;

    (J) the receipt proof of existence, certificate;

    (11) national, provincial and municipal people's Government, in which the live of other matters of interest.

    Article 19th of floating population in terms of enjoying equal health as the resident population of the public service:

    (A) free access to knowledge about population and family planning law and reproductive health activities;

    (B) free pre-pregnancy counselling and early infant education counseling;

    (C) in accordance with the relevant provisions of the national, provincial and municipal free access to contraceptives, contraceptive birth control and operation, termination of pregnancy surgical diagnosis and treatment of surgical complications and family planning family planning services;

    (D) at designated medical institutions to implement limited price charge prenatal, hospital delivery services;

    (V) and their minor children living together for child immunization, immunization and other services;

    (F) infectious disease prevention and control;

    (VII) national, provincial and municipal people's Government, in which the living under other public service matters.

    20th of municipal people's Governments shall, according to the actual situation of the region, expanding the scope of the protection of migrants ' rights and public services, improve public services guarantee mechanism, progressive realization of basic rights and the Equalization of public service.

    21st article violates these rules, live population not to declare residential registration or migrants do not apply for a residence permit, the local police station to order correct, period make up a replacement; if not in replacement of, as acts of personal bad credit entered into a personal credit record.

    22nd article violation this approach provides, employing units, and career intermediary service institutions, and housing intermediary service institutions, and housing rental people, and hotel, and hospital, and school, and training institutions, and rescue institutions, lied about, and concealed or not on time submitted related information of, by location police police station ordered deadline corrected; late not corrected of, each lied about, and concealed a people by county police organ at 200 Yuan above 500 Yuan following fine, and as enterprise or personal bad credit behavior, remember into enterprise or personal credit archives.

    23rd violates these rules, from the fact that the staff had a population of service management of any of the following acts shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

    (A) is not in accordance with the provisions of actual population registration or issuance of the residence permit;

    (B) illegal charging of the residence permit fees;

    (C) disclosing, selling, illegal use or provide working knowledge of personal information;
(D) other acts of dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism.

    Article 24th of actual population in these measures refers to actually live in the administrative area of the province's population, including population, floating population and resident population, live outside the Liao people.

    25th Liao outside of service management in accordance with relevant laws and regulations shall apply. 26th article this way come into force April 1, 2013.