Xi ' An Evaluation Of Lightning Disaster Risk Management Approach 

Original Language Title: 西安市雷电灾害风险评估管理办法 

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Xian City Lightning disaster risk assessment management approach (October 23, 2012 Xian City Government 27th Times Executive Conference considered through January 11, 2013 Xian City Government makes 100th, announced since February 11, 2013 up purposes) first article to specification lightning disaster risk assessment activities, defense and reduce lightning disaster, protection people life property and public security, according to meteorological disaster defense Ordinance and Shaanxi Province meteorological disaster defense Ordinance, regulations of provides,

    This municipality actually, these measures are formulated.

    Article lightning disaster risk assessment mentioned in these measures refers to lightning protection systems for the purpose, according to parameters such as atmospheric lightning environmental, geographic and geological conditions, may be struck by lightning on protection objects of probability and severity of consequences after the lightning strike analysis, provide evidence for lightning protection engineering professional and technical activities.

    Article these measures applicable to lightning risk assessment activities in the administrative area of the city.

    Fourth municipal meteorological authorities are responsible for the municipality's administrative area supervision of lightning disaster risk assessment activities.

    Terrestrial and the Lintong County meteorological departments in the country and city, under the guidance of the competent Meteorological Department is in charge of the supervision and management of lightning disaster risk assessment activities in the administrative area.

    Development and reform, planning, construction, safety, civil affairs, public security and other administrative departments shall, in accordance with responsibilities, in collaboration with lightning disaster risk assessment work.

    Article fifth meteorological departments shall organize departments such as the home, within the administrative area of the lightning and causing the loss of census established lightning based databases, preparation of lightning disaster risk Division, and to the public.

    Article sixth the following buildings (structures), sites and facilities should be in front of the lightning protection design, lightning disaster risk assessment:

    (A) identified in national, provincial and municipal construction of major projects, key projects and key cultural relic protection project;

    (B) the new construction, renovation or expansion of dangerous chemicals, explosive and flammable items production, delivery, storage project;

    (C) the height of more than 50 meters or single building covering more than 20,000 square meters or groups covering more than 300,000 square meters of buildings (structures), 20 (No 20) residential buildings above;

    (D) large stadiums, hospitals, schools, shopping malls and tourist attractions and other crowded places;

    (E) the lightning disaster risk assessment of other buildings (structures), sites and facilities.

    Article seventh lightning disaster risk assessment commissioned by the owner lightning protection and disaster reduction should be a professional body (hereinafter "assessment bodies"), and signed a service agreement.

    Eighth after the rating agencies should be entrusted in accordance with national and provincial regulations and technical standards, construction of lightning disaster risk assessment report, and take responsibility for assessment.

    Nineth lightning disaster risk assessment assessment bodies should be provided directly to the competent meteorological departments meteorological station meteorological information meteorological information or reviewed by the local meteorological authorities.

    Article tenth of lightning disaster risk assessment report should include the following:

    (A) building project profiles;

    (B) the assessment on the basis of standards, norms, rules and procedures;

    (C) data representativeness, reliability assessment descriptions;

    (D) regional climate, where the construction project environmental analysis of lightning;

    (E) the lightning disaster risk analysis, extreme event probability of lightning strikes;

    (F) the prevention or mitigation measures and recommendations;

    (G) other matters that require reporting. 11th City Lightning disasters of meteorological departments should organize experts to review the risk assessment report.

    Assessment may be in written assessment or review of the Conference.

    Terrestrial and the Lintong district, county administrative area, and the evaluation of lightning disaster risk assessment report, the local county-level meteorological departments organization. Lightning risk assessment report should be subject to expert review before use.

    Accredited by the lightning disaster risk assessment shall not be arbitrarily changed.

    12th construction project of lightning disaster risk assessment is required, the construction unit in applying for lightning protection design approval shall provide in conformity with the provisions of lightning disaster risk assessment report. Lightning disaster risk assessment as a basis for building engineering design of lightning protection device review.

    Not provided in conformity with the provisions of lightning disaster risk assessment, meteorological departments lightning protection design is inadmissible to vet the applications.

    13th construction units shall cooperate with the competent meteorological institutions do of lightning disaster risk assessment and assessment, and consciously accept the supervision and management of the local weather authorities.

    14th construction unit in violation of this regulation, shall carry out assessment of lightning disaster risk assessment but refuses to, the local meteorological departments to give warnings and deadlines shall be ordered to correct.

    15th meteorological departments lightning disaster risk assessment and assessment agency staff working in the abuse, malpractice, neglect their duties, shall be given administrative sanctions by the unit constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 16th article of the rules take effect on February 11, 2013.