The Archives Management In Wuxi City Ordinance Implementing Measures

Original Language Title: 《无锡市档案管理条例》实施办法

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The archives management in Wuxi city Ordinance implementing measures

    (April 26, 2013 Wuxi municipal people's Government Executive meeting of the 14th through May 9, 2013 Wuxi municipal people's Government announced the 136th since June 15, 2013), first under the archives management in Wuxi city Ordinance (hereinafter referred to as the regulations), combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second file mentioned in article II of the Ordinance shall include the following categories:

    (A) reflect the State organs, organizations, institutions, social organizations main activities and basic history, formed in the course of exercising their duties with conservation and utilization value of text, graphic, audio, physical and other forms of data, including instruments, archive particulars such as finance, personnel, technology and infrastructure.

    (B) reflect the creation, production, management, research and management activities in the form of saving and utilization value of text, graphic, audio, physical and other forms of data, including instruments, archive particulars such as finance, personnel, technology and infrastructure.

    (C) in the civil society to preserve the value of historical data, including official documents, historical documents, audiovisual materials, contracts, tickets, family tree and genealogy, works of art, etc.

    (D) production and broadcasting of radio and television, important program information and the printing and distribution of newspapers, magazines, books.

    (V) the Web database of information resources.

    (Vi) in Wuxi Wuxi citizen or have lived with the character profiles of celebrities, including experiences, photos, videos, honors, writings, objects and other files and data.

    (VII) other archive material of value to the State and society.

    Article city and city (County) and district archives Administration Department (hereinafter referred to as records management departments) shall perform the following duties:

    (A) implement the party and State policies, laws and regulations relating to archives, developed local archives development planning and policies, rules and regulations, preparation of annual plans and supervise their implementation.

    (B) the overall planning and macro-management of archives in the region; the organs, organizations, enterprises, institutions, social organizations for coordination, guidance and supervision of the archives work.

    (C) the archives law enforcement and inspection, and archival laws and regulations.

    (D) organizational theory and technology of archives preservation and archives, archive information, file legal, educational and training work.

    (E) organization archive research exchange activities.

    (F) make adjustments to the General Archives in the Museum range at the same level, organize archives reception, collection, storage, use and other items.

    (G) the archives development in the region and peer into General Archives Museum archives annual assessment.

    (H) the host Governments as well as other works assigned by superior departments at the same level.

    (IX) other duties stipulated by laws and regulations.

    Four units of the General Archives, special archives and record Office (hereinafter referred to as archive (RM)) shall establish and improve file management system, equipped to meet the requirements of the archives, special equipment, professional implementation of related funds, promoting the construction of archives informatization and archives management system, standardization, ensure archive integrity, security and effective use of information.

    Five citizens, legal persons and other organizations shall enjoy in the archives (room) the rights of access to, and use of relevant information, and undertake the obligation to protect archives; damage to archival laws and regulations, the archives has the right to report to the Archives Department, where. Sixth encourages citizens, legal persons and other organizations to archive (rooms) offer, donation records.

    Archives (RM), donations of important and valuable records should be provided for citizens, legal persons and other organizations be commended and rewarded.

    Encourage archives (RM) obligations to citizens, legal persons and other organizations to provide the file hosting storage service. Seventh to encourage citizens, legal persons and other organizations open to the archives.

    Establish archives and open to, shall inform the local archives management Department, local archives management Department should be given to technical assistance.

    Article eighth encouraged engraved or storage storage, technical services, business consulting and archive business intermediary services.

    Archives of intermediary services, should be to the local management authorities for the record, Archives Department located in provide professional guidance at the same time, can provide technical assistance, training and other services.

    Nineth composite collection, storage and use of the national archives the archives of institutions shall be determined in accordance with relevant regulations of the State Archives collection, received into the Museum's archives, collection archives of social organizations and individuals, to provide archive services.

    Construction, real estate, specialized archives such as the national industry and commerce as a collection, preservation, and use of special field archives of institutions, should develop the relevant Archive collection range, file content and business rules, and provide archive services.

    State organs, organizations, enterprises and institutions, archives of social organization as the society archives form Foundation and should be requested by the filing range and operational norms for archives, archives the complete specification for collection, sorting, safe custody, provided the use and creation of electronic documents, such as work, and in accordance with the provisions to the General Archives or specialised archives were handed over.

    Article tenth file management should be at the General Archives Gallery archives annual assessment, assessment include the following:

    (A) the management of archives, including management responsibilities, personnel, management, task, and so on.

    (B) the Archives collection archives, including archives, data collection complete, standardized management, storage order, and so on.

    (C) the custody of archives, including archives rooms, staff offices and reading room three separate archival protective measures; identification, statistics, archives of devolution, the aspects of control and recording of the complete contents of the information provided.

    (D) the development and utilization of archive information, including search, using archives compilation and research activities and results, prepare a thematic compilation of information, archive results show, and so on.

    (E) the construction of archives informatization, information technology equipment, including archives archives database, electronic records management systems, information assurance, and so on.

    Article 11th individual engaged in business activities in the form of text, photos, audio, physical as well as in foreign exchanges during the acceptance of gifts, souvenirs, belonging to the State or the unit value for all and should be incorporated into the filing range, take the initiative to transfer to the Archives Department of the unit.

    12th involving citizens ' personal rights and interests of archives from relevant departments or units in accordance with the following document, preserve and provide access:

    (A) the school is responsible for establishing education and training institutions such as students and the training of student status, academic qualifications and other archives.

    (B) medical institution is responsible for the establishment of a records archive.

    (C) departments are responsible for establishing such as marriage, adoption files.

    (D) the housing and real estate management is responsible for establishing ownership of housing and related real rights archives.

    (E) public security, administration of Justice and other departments are responsible for establishing civil household registration, entry as well as the notary archives.

    (Vi) is imposed by the Housing Department is responsible for establishing collection file.

    (G) human resources and Social Security Department is responsible for establishing civic social security, vocational training, employment conditions and labour protection, such as files.

    (H) the agricultural Administration Department as well as the town and village are responsible for land, forestry, fisheries, livestock, household cooperate and share files. 13th deals with individual employee personnel file is a recording of citizens ' political performance, work experience, achievements and important information.

    The employing unit shall complete and establishing and keeping employee labor contracts, remuneration, tenure appointments, job appraisal, appraisal and reward and punishment, leaving abroad, political parties and social organizations naturalisation, renunciation and performance of employee personnel files.

    Personnel files of specialized services for enterprises are encouraged to provide employee personnel files sorting, storage and use of services, employee personnel files and signed service agreement.

    Citizens of my personnel files of employees form have the right to know, right to supplement for archived content.

    14th when enterprise assets and changes in property rights, should clean up the file into the scope of asset liquidation and job content, establish a work responsibility system clear archive disposal departments and personnel, to clean up the archive and transfer in accordance with regulations.

    System reform of public institutions should start restructuring program and submit a written report to the archives, where management, archives management after receiving the report, shall, together with its competent authorities conducted special inspection of files, clear requirements and oversee the transfer of archives and the implementation.

    Changes in Sino-foreign joint ventures, Chinese-foreign cooperative enterprise or terminated according to law, the ownership and direction of the archives in accordance with State regulations, China should change in the 30th before the end, disposition of the file to the local file management to provide a written report, and for the record, accept the supervision and guidance of Archives Department.

    15th radio, television, print, design, culture, arts, and other related units should strengthen programs, work and results Archives collection conservation and use, and periodically sent to the General Archives, saved as a collection.

    16th site shall establish a sound database file management system of information resources, ensure the integrity and security of critical database information.

    General Archives Web database of information resources should be optical, physical storage media such as disks, tapes, an obligation to provide safe custody services.

    17th archive (RM) should regularly do the archival appraisal work, list of open files, set the open place, for external use, value of the social utilization of playing files.
18th article violates these measures stipulated in article seventh and eighth, open archives and archives established intermediary services, but failing to inform or to local Archives Department for the record, the management authority shall order correction within.

    19th into the Museum business assessment, does not meet the requirements of article tenth of these measures, the management authority shall order rectification; by rectification fail to meet the requirements of, and be informed by the Archives Department.

    Article 20th disobey article 12th, relevant departments or units of failing to properly keep archives of involving citizens ' personal rights, the management authority shall order rectification; causes file loss or other serious consequences, be informed by the Archives Department, units responsible shall be given administrative sanctions.

    21st article violates this way 14th section, any of the following acts, the management authority shall order rectification; if no rectification, officers and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions:

    (A) business assets and property changes, file cleanup is not included in the asset liquidation, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the transfer;

    (B) reform of public institution, is not writing to the local file management department reports, usage not in accordance with the ownership requirements for transfer of the archives;

    (C) changes in Sino-foreign joint ventures, Chinese-foreign cooperative enterprise or termination, does not determine its file ownership and transfer, did not report to the local archive administration and filing.

    22nd article violates these rules, laws and regulations on penalties from its provisions. 23rd article this way since June 15, 2013.

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