Lake Surrounding Areas Integrated Management Approaches

Original Language Title: 武湖周边地区综合管理办法

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Lake surrounding areas integrated management approaches

    (April 1, 2013, the Nanjing municipal people's Government at the 4th Executive meeting April 9, 2013, Nanjing municipal people's Government order No. 239, published since June 1, 2013) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to strengthen integrated management, maintenance of Xuanwu Lake environment in the surrounding area and public order, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second article this approach by said basaltic Lake around area (following said this area), its range including: East since Dragon Pan Road East of, North since Dragon Pan road to Shanghai Ning railway, and central door overpass (containing Nanjing railway station North square, and small Hongshan station), West since Ming wall to Central Road (containing God policy door Park), South since Ming wall to Beijing Road.

    Municipal people's Government in accordance with operational requirements, the adjustment range and announced to the public in the region.

    Article the integrated management of activities in the region, these measures shall apply.

    Integrated management of the fourth article of the region should follow the scientific planning, coordinated, long-term management, principles of function, highlight the Xuanwu Lake, purple and natural character of the city wall of Ming Dynasty landscape city forest and the historical and cultural connotation, achieve the beautiful landscapes, clean environment, order standard, smooth traffic, law enforcement and efficient integrated management objectives.

    The fifth deals with local professional planning, Zhong Shan scenic area, and the overall planning, detailed planning of Xuanwu Lake scenic area connect, and to seek the views of the Xuanwu District people's Government.

    Sixth article of the region of any unit and individual have the right to enjoy a clean environment and social order of civilization, and the obligations for the maintenance of a clean and public order.

    Seventh to encourage and support public participation in the integrated management of activities in the region, the outstanding units and individuals, municipal people's Government, the Xuanwu District people's Governments shall give commendations or awards.

    Chapter management system

    The eighth article of the region under unified leadership, bar with, block-oriented and comprehensive law enforcement management system.

    Nineth of municipal people's Government, the leadership of the Xuanwu District people's Government to strengthen the integrated management of the region, and establish appropriate funding and guarantee mechanism, the rational allocation of law enforcement forces, improve management and service level.

    The tenth municipal people's Government the establishment of Xuanwu Lake surrounding areas integrated management Committee (hereinafter referred to as MC), carry out the following functions:

    (A) in conjunction with the Xuanwu District people's Government led the region's integrated management;

    (B) development of long-term planning and integrated management system of the region;

    (C) coordinate and decide on important issues of integrated management in the region;

    (D) to establish and organize the implementation of integrated management system in the region and the target responsibility system;

    (E) complete other work assigned by the municipal people's Government.

    11th Xuanwu District people's Government is responsible for the implementation of the measures, carry out the following functions:

    (A) is responsible for the leadership, oversight and coordination of the integrated management;

    (B) coordinate with related urban infrastructure facilities construction work, public services;

    (C) to formulate and organize the implementation of this major security programs and emergency plans;

    (D) integrated around the Xuanwu Lake area management office (hereinafter referred to as IMIS) day-to-day administration;

    (E) complete other work assigned by the municipal people's Government.

    12th IMIS Management Committee of the Xuanwu District people's Government and leaders, specifically responsible for the day-to-day management of the region, carry out the following functions:

    (A) develop integrated local area annual management plan, evaluation scheme and reported to the Management Committee for approval to organize its implementation;

    (B) responsible for the sanitation in the region, facilities maintenance, traffic order, market order and other aspects of routine inspections, maintenance, and monitoring, timely detection, suppression of violations;

    (C) relevant departments according to the law appointed or authorized by the management and administrative punishment, investigate and deal with violations;

    (D) coordinate relevant departments to carry out joint law enforcement;

    (E) supervise the region's integrated management enforcement;

    (Vi) coordination of Xuanwu Lake scenic area protection and management work carried out administration according to law;

    (G) to complete other work assigned by the CMC, Xuanwu District people's Government.

    13th planning, housing and urban-rural development, urban management, transport, Commerce, industry, health, food and drug, price, district, Hefei, travel, gardening, subway and other departments and units according to their respective responsibilities and Division of labour, joint management in the region.

    Municipal, Department of Legal Affairs should be strengthened in the areas of supervision management, administrative law enforcement supervision.

    Public security organs in accordance with the area of social security, road traffic and fire management.

    The railway police organ, rail for disease prevention and control institutions shall perform within their jurisdiction policing duties and disease prevention and control.

    14th relevant administrative departments to be involved in local planning, roads take up mining, sanitation, landscaping, road traffic while waiting for the approval of administrative license shall first seek the views of IMIS. 15th integrated management office to establish special enforcement team is responsible for routine inspections and related administrative law enforcement in the region.

    Administrative law enforcement officials after obtaining the certificate of administrative law enforcement in a manner prescribed by law, may engage in administrative law enforcement. Integrated management requires the appointment of the law-enforcement Coordinator can work.

    Administrative law enforcement warden led enforcement under administrative law enforcement personnel in the course of routine, to discourage the illegal, suppression. 16th administrative departments shall be involved in a domestic area of city appearance and environmental sanitation, landscaping, municipal facilities, market management matters and appointed or authorized for IMIS in the exercise of administrative punishment.

    Relevant departments shall not exercise had been commissioned or authorized by the management and administrative penalties.

    Cannot delegate or authorized by law, relevant administrative departments should law enforcement presence in the IMIS, to the law enforcement agencies shall be subject to the integrated management of the Organization and coordination to fulfil its statutory responsibilities.

    The mandate, power management and administrative penalties offences outside the scope of integrated management the power to stop and should be promptly transferred to the relevant management departments or organizations authorized by the laws and regulations according to law.

    17th IMIS as needed, implementation of joint law enforcement relevant administrative departments.

    Participate in joint law enforcement departments in the respective areas of competence to perform their administrative duties, administration, administrative decisions are made.

    18th grading examination system of integrated management in the region.

    Integrated management is carried out by the CMC and the Xuanwu District people's Government assessment.

    Presence in the region's law enforcement agencies, management units run by the IMIS uniform examination, and examination results as a basis for sending to its assessment. 19th IMIS should be established and announced to the public in the region accepted the complaint calls, handle complaints in a timely manner according to law.

    Complaint reporting matter is related to management, integrated management should be transferred in a timely manner and to supervise handling. Relevant departments shall establish a complaints telephone hotlines, complaint matters dealt with in a timely manner according to law.

    Complaint issues involving multiple departments and administration of, the Department first received a complaint shall, within its terms of reference to be processing or suppression, and inform other departments according to law.

    Chapter III management of landscape features

    The 20th article of the region's landscapes and features should meet the following requirements:

    (A) the building (structure) of buildings and facilities in line with the urban appearance standards and national AAAA level scenic area requirements of the relevant standards;

    (B) urban infrastructure and public service facilities, cleanliness, sanitation, public information set specification, eye-catching;

    (C) air quality, water quality, noise control the Ribbon reach the national standard;

    (D) the urban landscape greening design and construction comply with urban planning and related standards, reasonable layout, green conservation standard in a timely manner, the green coverage rate gradually increased;

    (E) the laws, regulations and other requirements prescribed by the regulations.

    21st article this area, renovation or expansion projects shall comply with the relevant planning, urban design and function, and to reflect characteristic, maintaining style and harmony with the surrounding landscape and environment. Against any damage in this area landscape, polluting the environment or harm the safety of building activities.

    The original construction project does not comply with the relevant planning, urban design and function should be adjusted.

    22nd article in the Ming dynasty city wall protection within the scope of the protection provided, prohibited any new independent of the Ming dynasty city wall protection building (structures). 23rd without the approval of the Administrative Department of planning, no unit or individual may building activities in this area.

    Are not allowed on the street and houses built canopy, awning, full porch and other structures.

    IMIS should be strengthened on illegal construction in the region conduct daily inspections and control, timely detection, suppression and inform relevant law enforcement departments, with the illegal building (structure) the demolition of buildings. 24th article of the city infrastructure after the acceptance, the construction unit shall promptly transfer to IMIS. IMIS should be taken over management responsibilities in accordance with the relevant norms.

    Takeover procedures before the completion of the transfer, the unit is responsible for the conservation and management.

    Passenger transport subsidiary public facilities maintenance, maintenance, operations and management, by its owner or manager responsible for all of its other assets of all facilities maintenance, maintenance, operation and management, and shall comply with the uniform requirements of the region and accept the supervision of the IMIS.

    25th article of the area of outdoor advertising facilities shall comply with the overall urban planning and planning of outdoor advertising facilities, must not harm the building (structure), scenic (points), street view and outline the important features of the city.

    Old stains, color effects such as erosion, damage, broken landscape features or outdoor advertising, a plaque with hidden identity, property or set the unit shall immediately repair, update, reinforce, or removed.

    26th article of the various types of kiosks, stalls should be in accordance with the integrated management in a given place settings according to law for the licensing procedures and maintain in good condition and the environment clean and tidy.

    27th and individual operators should implementation of the responsibility system for sanitation, cleaning the cleaning of work within the area of responsibility, and accept the supervision and inspection of IMIS.

    28th article to strengthen the area of Xuanwu Lake, Jin Chuanhe, Pearl River and other water features management and environmental protection, and comply with the following requirements:

    (A) keep the water clean, timely removal of litter and algae floating waste;

    (B) the Bank without damage, litter-free dirt, no peels, paper scraps, cigarette butts, packaging and other waste;

    (C) the Terminal facial harmony with the surrounding landscape, not debris piled up;

    (D) the laws, regulations and other requirements prescribed by the regulations. 29th article of the region should improve the construction of rain sewage diversion pipeline facilities, the implementation of rainwater and sewage shunting.

    Construction project of sewage, should enter the city sewage pipe network.

    Article 30th enhanced protection for the local area, prohibit the following acts of destruction Green:

    (A) the unauthorized occupation of green space or altering the use of green spaces;

    (B) damage to green terrain and landforms;

    (C) unauthorized cutting, transplanting or trimming trees;

    (D) damage to lawns, flower beds or hedges;

    (E) allowed to pick flowers, damage plants or mining;

    (Vi) damage to green facilities;

    (VII) other behaviors prohibited by laws, rules and regulations.

    The 31st article of the area of production and operation of various types of service activities waste water, waste gas, and waste residue shall comply with national emission standard and progressive introduction of pollutant emissions abatement. Article 32nd construction protection scheme for construction projects in the region should be developed. Construction site shall be closed or walls, take measures such as dust, noise and traffic organization and timely removal of construction waste. Construction may destroy the landscape, trees may not be polluted water.

    After the end of construction, shall be cleared in time, restore the original appearance of the environment.

    The fourth chapter order management

    33rd article this order management should be done in the area of traffic and easy smooth market order, public order, security and order, civilization.

    34th, planning, housing and urban-rural development, administration and public security traffic Administrative Department shall expand the radius of the drainage path of the local area, rational triage vehicle, keeping the roads clear.

    35th strictly controlling access to the scenic Xuanwu Lake within the vehicle.

    Public security traffic administrative management Department under the protection of landscape environment, maintenance of order tour needs, on vehicles entering the Xuanwu Lake scenic area within the restrictions, limited routes, time should be to seek the views of the community and public.

    36th motor vehicle parking in this area, bicycle parking (pavilions, sheds) should be in accordance with the planning and reasonable layout and standard setting.

    Motor vehicles, non-motor vehicle should be in the parking lot or regional norms to permit parking parking, not in the Plaza Parking, sidewalks, green spaces such as parking areas.

    Public security traffic Administrative Department shall, together with the city administration Administrative Department within the scope of urban roads temporary parking, establish no parking sections and time to investigate and punish illegal parking and other traffic violations.

    Integrated management in this area should be designated outside the scope of urban roads and public vehicles, the bicycle parking area, taxi and bus stops, setting clear and striking the parking guidance signs, strengthening the management of parking order.

    37th article of the region engaged in tourism business units should meet the travel agency business qualifications, tour operators and their employees should have a job or qualification certificates and management according to law, standardize services, strict compliance with the contract and tourism promotional commitments.

    Travelers choose tour operators and services, services and commodities, the right to know the content, standards of service, quality, cost, and so on. Article 38th big business, public service and other activities carried out in the region, shall perform the relevant approval procedures.

    Organizers should be carried out in accordance with the approved content and scope of activities, organizing hand to keep order, management of vehicles and related equipment, and equipment to ensure safety. Aid agencies 39th vagrants and beggars on Xuanwu Lake and surrounding areas the vagrants and beggars, should actively offer assistance.

    Integrated management and related administrative departments found in the performance of staff for vagrants and beggars should be advised to aid agencies for help; the disabled, minors, the elderly and other people with reduced mobility, shall guide and escort to relief agencies.

    Chapter fifth station management

    40th run should strengthen the comprehensive management for railway station region, maintaining the region's environment and normal order.

    41st train station area public service facilities shall comply with the following requirements: set reasonable, convenient to the masses; signs clear, neat and beautiful; shall promptly replace damaged facilities, equipment, maintenance, and protection for normal use.

    42nd district police, railway police, Metro police police mechanism should be established to strengthen patrolling and control, in accordance with the Division of responsibilities to improve public security management.

    Article 43rd railway station areas prohibit the following acts in violation of city appearance and environmental sanitation Administration:

    (A) spit and soiling or throw cigarette butts, fruit peelings, scraps of paper, packaging and other waste;

    (B) sleeping, jugglers, performers, begging;

    (C) unauthorized removal, migration, occupation and destruction of sanitation facilities;

    (D) the building (structure) posted on buildings or other facilities, graffiti or carved;

    (E) other behaviors prohibited by laws, rules and regulations.

    44th station areas prohibit the following acts:

    (A) not required driving or parking of vehicles;

    (B) taxi cabs, not subject to scheduling by force without the showmanship, specified dock site, ban stopped and on the road, the passengers, refuse hire or not according to the stipulations;

    (C) motor vehicles, rickshaws, disabled vehicles, motorcycles, electric vehicles and other vehicles with passenger and cargo in violation;

    (D) forcibly introduced Entourage to sell goods, Board and lodging;

    (E) the use of treble loudspeakers or other loud-noise approach to attract customers;

    (Vi) forging, altering, ticket or other valuable coupons and vouchers;

    (G) selling, renting all kinds of illegal publications;

    (VIII) other behaviors prohibited by laws, rules and regulations.

    Article 45th in addition to vehicles, push-type wheelchair, cleaning the car, railway station North square is closed to motor vehicles, non-motorized vehicles from entering or parking is forbidden to set up kiosks, stalls, prohibition of remote-controlled model airplane flying.

    Forbidden to occupy or dig the railway station North square.

    The sixth chapter legal liability

    46th article violates these rules, laws, rules and regulations on penalties from its provisions.

    47th article violates these rules, motor vehicles, non-motor vehicle parked according to the provisions outside the scope of urban roads, IMIS commissioned by the City Administration Department or Office ordered corrective action and refused to correct, non-motor vehicles up to 20 Yuan and 200 Yuan fines; motor vehicle imposed fine of less than 500 Yuan.

    48th article violates these rules, occupying, digging the railway station square, by the city administration of departments or authorized IMIS fined 1000 Yuan fine belonging to business, fined a maximum of 1000 more than 5000 Yuan.

    49th IMIS commissioned by the Administration in the exercise of administrative punishment, their legal obligations assumed by the principal organs.

    50th of the related administration based in the integrated management of law enforcement agencies in the exercise of administrative punishment, their legal obligations assumed by the dispatching Department.

    The 51st of the related management departments in integrated management integrated management in the region and does not perform its functions of supervision, give notice of criticism in serious cases, the relevant leaders and responsible persons shall be given administrative sanctions.

    Relevant management departments and the IMIS staff violate these rules, abuse of power, through misconduct, neglect their duties, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    The seventh chapter by-laws

    The 52nd of Xuanwu Lake scenic area in these measures, and its scope is the Nanjing Xuanwu Lake scenic spot protection four to under the regulations.

    53rd Xuanwu District people's Government in accordance with the measures for related regulations. 54th these measures come into force on June 1, 2013. On July 1, 2008 issued by the Municipal Government of the Nanjing railway station area and central region integrated regulation repealed simultaneously.

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