Harbin Railway Station Station Area Management Approach

Original Language Title: 哈尔滨市西客站站前地区管理办法

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Read the untranslated law here: http://www.chinalaw.gov.cn/article/fgkd/xfg/dfzfgz/201307/20130700388799.shtml

Harbin railway station station area management approach

    (February 27, 2013, Harbin municipal people's Government at the 21st Executive meeting on March 21, 2013 Harbin municipal people's Government released 2nd come into force on May 1, 2013) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to strengthen the management of West railway station station area, creating a safe, orderly, clean, civilized environment in accordance with the relevant provisions of laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second approach applies to management in the West before the passenger station.

    Article West railway station station area mentioned in these measures refers to harmony road, XI Ning North Road and zhongxing right Street, zhongxing left street, Harbin Street, development, planning, West station Avenue Avenue, East Main Street, HongQiao road, street democracy, Long Jialu, encircled except for the formation of the Street Railway Department of the East jurisdiction outside the ground and underground public space areas.

    Before the fourth station of the District Management Committee responsible for the coordinated and integrated management in the West before the passenger station. West railway station station area management office (hereinafter referred to as station management) is the Agency of the municipal people's Government, is responsible for the day-to-day management of the West railway station station area and overall coordination.

    Performs the following functions:

    (A) is responsible for organizing and coordinating social security, market order, traffic, public facilities, public health and safety, integrated management of city appearance and environmental sanitation;

    (B) responsible for car parks order, management and maintenance of facilities;

    (C) is responsible for coordinating railway, subway, transportation, traffic management and other departments, people evacuated, traffic directing work;

    (D) responsible for advocacy, and providing guidance for visitors information, order maintenance, emergency management and rescue services;

    (E) participation in relevant departments to set up in front of the West railway station station area agency staff assessment and comments.

    Nangang district, daoli district people's Government and municipal public security, urban management, transport, town and country planning, urban and rural development, environmental protection, civil affairs, industry and commerce administration, price, related to health, culture and press and publication administration shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, responsible for West railway station station area management related work.

    Chapter II administration of city appearance and environmental sanitation

    Article fifth away from the unit, the individual operators shall, according to the Harbin city, in front of four packs of accountability provisions, implementation of the appearance, health, gardening, lighting system, and under the management of the station management.

    Sixth environmental health cleaning cleaning and snow-clearing duty unit and individual shall conform to standards and technical specifications, do cleaning, daily cleaning, cleaned up on time on time.

    Seventh outdoor advertising approved units and individuals and a plaque, and a plaque for routine inspection and maintenance of outdoor advertising facilities, maintain security firm and in good condition clean and tidy.

    Outdoor advertising facilities are damaged, skewed, damaged or soiled, faded, and setting shall promptly repair or update; neon signs, electronic display devices, light forms of outdoor advertising facilities shall show complete, break light, set shall repair, replace in the 3rd, and stopped before repair, replacement.

    Eighth prohibits the following urban roads, greening and city appearance and environmental sanitation:

    (A) the unauthorized installation of outdoor advertisements, plaques, banners, electronic display boards, bulletin boards, physical modeling, floats in the air, inflatable models and other outdoor facilities;

    (B) occupying or digging roads and squares;

    (C) occupying or digging the Green, off the grass, flower bed, flower;

    (D) unauthorized stacking materials, build buildings, structures or other facilities;

    (E) in the building and away from the glass windows of buildings, structures, facilities, trees and ground, graffiti, advertising;

    (Vi) trees on roads and other public places, Rails, hanging signs, poles and other facilities, dry goods;

    (VII) on the sides of squares, roads and a stall set up, operating outside the shop or the placing of objects;

    (VIII) spit, spit chewing gum, soil and litter;

    (I) the discarded items from the motor vehicles, building outward;

    (10) other acts prohibited by laws, regulations and rules.

    Chapter III traffic and municipal facilities management

    Nineth taxis should be docked next in turn in a taxi, private car park, signs, obey the command and shall not refuse to take, or without consent of the passenger.

    Tenth buses should be within the specified site operation, in turn, station, dock.

    Late bus station waiting vehicle shall, in the prescribed areas neat.

    11th passenger vehicles used exclusively on Shuttle, tourism should be within the specified dock site, shall not solicit or along the Street outside the station, down and pick up passengers.

    12th society of motor vehicles and non-motorized vehicles should be within the specified area parking, obey the command.

    West railway station station square with the exception of hand-special vehicles for the disabled, stroller and urgent circumstances that they need access to the fire, ambulance and other emergency vehicles, closed to other motor vehicles and non-motorized vehicle traffic or parked.

    West railway station station underground passage is closed to motor vehicles and non-motorized vehicle.

    13th operational qualifications for non-passenger vehicles engage in business activities.

    14th passenger transport operators should be strengthened on the passenger bus, bus, taxi, vehicles used exclusively on tourism management, safe and courteous driving education for pilots, flight attendants.

    15th station management organization of public service facilities, should adhere to the principles of reasonable and convenient to the masses, all signs should be clear, clean and beautiful, damaged facilities and equipment should be repaired, replaced, ensure the normal use.

    16th buildings and structures as well as street lights, road signs, water supply, drainage, compressed air, electricity, telecommunications, sanitation, transportation and other public infrastructure owners, users, managers, should be based on the relevant provisions of the buildings, structures and public facilities for the conservation, maintenance, and management, and accepted before station management institutions and the supervision of the relevant administrative departments.

    Article 17th approval by the relevant authority Road, square or green units and individuals shall be in accordance with the approved construction of nature, place, scope, time; without changing the occupied square, road or green nature, location, scope and time.

    The fourth chapter of public order management

    18th prohibits the following acts affect public order:

    (A) the SideShow, performers and sell goods;

    (B) lay;

    (C) entertainment activities such as football, rollerblading and skateboarding;

    (D) dissemination of advertising materials, and other information products;

    (E) the laws, regulations and rules prohibiting other acts that affect public order. 19th civil affairs departments should provide relief for vagrants and beggars.

    Station management and other staff found vagrants and beggars, it shall inform and cooperate with relief stations on the bailout.

    Article 20th units and individuals engaged in business activities, shall go through the relevant formalities, civilized business, polite, not any of the following acts:

    (A) the customers, soliciting savage;

    (B) to scream, placards and other ways to attract customers;

    (C) using the treble loudspeakers or other loud-noise of the ways of doing business;

    (D) other acts against the interests of consumers.

    Supervision and administration of the fifth chapter

    21st before station management institution shall, according to the outdoor advertising arrangement plan and technical specifications, preparation of the West railway station station area outdoors advertisement installation plan, released after the record by the urban management reviews. Related departments in handling the plaque advertising the 22nd article, off-road, squares, green spaces and other administrative licensing matters, should seek the views of station management.

    Station management institutions should be based on the West railway station station area outdoors advertisement installation plan and the provisions of the present approaches related to occupy roads, squares, green spaces, in 1 business days to comment and feedback to relevant departments.

    Relevant departments should be the result written notifications before the station management.

    23rd station management should strengthen environmental health cleaning before cleaning the supervision and inspection and removal of snow and ice, timely handling of problems found in the supervision and inspection.

    Article 24th station management should scientific planning and reasonable layout of aboveground and underground pedestrian walkways, vehicle diversion programmes, establishing and perfecting the unified information system, conspicuous traffic signs, public facilities and services, pedestrian, vehicle clearance work.

    Authority before the 25th station according to management needs, organize the relevant departments to implement joint law enforcement.

    Participate in joint law enforcement authorities should, within their respective mandates, shall perform their duties.

    26th before station management institutions shall, jointly with relevant departments to develop emergency response plans, and is responsible for organization and implementation.

    27th before station management body should be in a prominent position a unified public supervision telephone hotlines and to receive reports and complaints in time to register, process.

    For complaints or reports of violations involving other departments, station management should inform relevant departments to be dealt with in a timely manner, the departments concerned should processing result feedback before station management agencies.

    28th before station management should establish a sound supervision and assessment system, in collaboration with various departments concerned to check the presence.

    29th of municipal, urban management, administrative departments shall, in accordance with their respective functions and powers to the appearance and sanitation management guidance and supervision.

    30th of municipal institutions shall, in accordance with responsibilities established by the public security organs, responsible for law and order maintenance, patrolling and control, respond to emergencies, investigate and deal with law and order and criminal cases, strengthen the vehicle before entering the West railway station station area management, maintenance West railway station area traffic stop.

    31st of municipal Administrative Department of transportation established institutions should be strengthened to taxis, buses, passenger buses, tourist special vehicles of passenger operations and supervision of illegal operations, and to maintain the parking lot of the designated officer order, parked vehicles ordered.
The sixth chapter legal liability

    Article 32nd before station management bodies and relevant departments and their staff, one of the following acts, by the higher authorities ordered corrective action and give notice of criticism are serious by the supervisory organ or authority directly responsible staff and managers directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions:

    (A) before the station management was not in accordance with the provisions of, preparation of the West railway station station area of outdoor advertising arrangement plan, (ii) relevant departments in the handling of administrative licensing matters, the authority without having to seek advice or fail to inform the result of station management bodies;

    (C) the station management authority is not in accordance with the provisions of the relevant views of administrative licensing items;

    (D) fails to perform or improper performance of joint law enforcement duties;

    (E) make things difficult for the parties to obtain illegitimate interests;

    (Vi) of failing to investigate and punish the violations found;

    (VII) fighting, revenge, against the complainants or informants;

    (VIII) other acts of violating.

    33rd article violates these rules, any of the following acts, the centralized exercise of administrative punishment right for urban management Department shall order rectification refuses, in accordance with the following provisions:

    (A) the SideShow, performers and selling goods, fined a maximum of up to 200 Yuan and 500 Yuan;

    (B) lay or play anywhere, roller-blading and recreational fitness activities such as skateboarding, penalty of a fine of 50 Yuan and 100 Yuan;

    (C) dissemination of advertising materials, and other promotional products, a fine of 50 Yuan and 200 Yuan fines;

    (D) to scream, push, pull, lift, blocks, and other ways to attract customers, a fine of 200 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan fine;

    (E) a motor vehicle parked in the square, traffic, or in the underground parking, and a fine of 100 Yuan and 200 Yuan fines;

    (Vi) non-motor vehicles parked in the square, traffic or parked in underground passages, impose a penalty of ten Yuan and 50 Yuan.

    34th article violates other provisions of this approach has been implemented relatively centralized administrative punishment, the centralized exercise of administrative punishment right for urban management department according to the relevant provisions shall be punished; does not apply, by the relevant departments in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws, rules and regulations will be punished.

    The seventh chapter by-laws 35th article of the rules take effect on May 1, 2013.