Tianjin Ziya Circulatory Economy Industrial Zone Management Approach

Original Language Title: 天津子牙循环经济产业区管理办法

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Tianjin Ziya circulatory economy industrial zone management approach

    (April 3, 2013 Tianjin Municipal People's Government at the 5th Executive meeting April 16, 2013 Tianjin Municipal People's Government announced as of June 1, 2013, 2nd) Chapter I General provisions

    First to accelerate Tianjin Ziya of circular economy industrial district construction and development, build cycle, ecological and convenient, livable national circular economy demonstration area, promote the development of recycling economy and promoting the construction of ecological city in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the municipality, these measures are formulated.

    Second Tianjin Ziya circulatory economy industrial zone (hereinafter referred to as the industrial districts) the planning, construction, development, operation, management and other activities, these measures shall apply.

    Jinghai County, is located in the industrial zone of the city, in accordance with the approved master plan of industrial district executive.

    Third industrial zone was approved by the relevant departments of the State Council national cyclic economy pilot zone, national waste electronic product recycling and dismantling processing base, the country imported waste "district administration" Park, national "urban mining" demonstration bases, national industrialization demonstration base, national recycling economy demonstration base of education, including the State-level economic and technological development zone approved by the State Council.

    Fourth industrial zone should be innovative development model, according to the network, the industrial chain of the recycling system rationalization, scale of resource use, technology leading, shared infrastructure, environmental process centralized standardization requirements, operations management, realize the integration of recycling and utilization of renewable resources development and large-scale, high-value, clean, safe use.

    Fifth to encourage domestic and foreign enterprises, other economic organizations and individuals to invest in industrial district circular economy high-tech enterprises, advanced technology enterprises, export-oriented enterprises and investing in public infrastructure projects.

    Encourages enterprises, institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions in the industrial area to run schools, research institutes, business center, circular economy and high-tech industrialization projects.

    Sixth District set up is not consistent with circular economy policies, backward technology, does not meet national standards relating to environmental protection and the city project.

    Article seventh municipal people's Government support for the construction and development of industrial districts, industrial planning, industrial agglomeration, ecological protection and infrastructure-building, and policy support.

    Reform, business development, finance, planning, land and environmental protection Administrative Department shall, within the terms of reference to do support work.

    Chapter II administration

    Eighth County people's Governments shall strengthen the industrial district of organizational leadership, development and construction of industrial zones, industrial zones development environment.

    Nineth Tianjin Ziya circular economy Industrial District Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as MC) is the County Government agency, unified in the industrial zone administration.

    Management Committee shall perform the following duties:

    (A) the Organization industrial district master plan, agreed by the County, reported to the municipal people's Government for approval to organize its implementation;

    (B) Organization of industrial development zone control detailed plan and various planning, implementation after approval;

    (C) preparation of the catalogue of industries for industrial development, is responsible for organizing industrial investment and foreign economic and technological exchanges and cooperation, introduction of talent work;

    (D), relevant departments, according to the County Government shall authorize or accept a delegate, centralized exercise of administrative license, the administrative punishment such as executive powers;

    (E) integrated management planning for industrial districts, land, construction, transportation, housing, Commerce, industry, finance, human resources and social security, civil administration, urban management, culture, health, work safety, agriculture, forestry, and public management;

    (F) coordinate and cooperate with the public security, customs, inspection and quarantine, taxation, environmental protection and other relevant administrative departments and other units of local administration;

    (G) the municipal and county people's Governments identified other administrative duties.

    Establishing and perfecting the financial system the CMC article tenth to co-ordinate industrial district development and management.

    11th CMC in accordance with unified, coordinated, streamlined, adjust the establishment and efficient administration, giving their respective management responsibilities.

    12th district administrative approval items within a window receiving, vetting, limited-time management, tracking system.

    13th CMC offers, support policies should be developed, to meet the industrial zone industrial development list of support of the investment projects and promote the development of circular economy.

    14th Administrative Committee shall actively introduce financial, telecommunications, postal services, logistics and other public service institutions and intermediary organizations established with leading industry in support of the logistics platforms and information management services, business, financing systems and optimize industrial zone investment and business environment.

    15th industrial district to implement closed management on dismantling, entering the industry, waste processing, reuse, and ultimately disposing of the whole process supervision, and strictly control the total amount of industrial pollutants emissions.

    16th industrial district established customs, inspection and quarantine, environmental protection, the Management Committee of the joint regulatory system, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State and the city, imposed on imported solid waste processing and utilization of "district administration".

    The CMC in conjunction with the customs, inspection and quarantine, environmental protection departments set up industrial port joint monitoring Coordinating Committee, coordinate import, recycling of solid waste exports and business supervision and management work of important services.

    17th industrial district matters such as policing, fire control, traffic management, public security organs in accordance with the relevant laws, rules and regulations management.

    Chapter development and construction management

    18th industry zone development and construction shall comply with the requirements of circular economy in industrial district planning and development.

    19th industrial zone in accordance with circular complementary patterns of development, construction industry area, research services and live the Ribbon the Ribbon.

    20th industrial district in the industrial, residential and public buildings shall conform to the national and municipal green building standards, green building coverage should reach 100%.

    21st industrial districts should make full use of solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy and other resources, increase the proportion of renewable energy use.

    Industrial districts should adopt comprehensive measures to achieve energy cascading utilization, industrial zone of clean energy utilization is above 30%.

    22nd industrial zone should be integrated in energy saving and environmental protection systems, focusing on wastewater treatment, water reuse, rainwater harvesting, waste disposal, and no secondary pollution.

    Industrial districts ' sewage treatment rate and circulation of water resources utilization, solid waste processing and the safe handling of hazardous waste rate should reach 100%.

    23rd circular economy in Tianjin Ziya industrial investment development limited industrial infrastructure, public facilities and economic belt under the forest investment, construction, operation, maintenance, in accordance with the CMC's plan called for the construction of related facilities, operation and maintenance, and enjoy the corresponding rights to investment, the right and the right to return.

    Industrial district municipal public infrastructure facilities and land grant the Government NET, should be used for industry infrastructure, public facilities and construction and maintenance of forest economy.

    Fourth chapter of industrial development and promotion

    24th industrial zone in accordance with planning control, index constraints, enterprise operation, government regulation model of industrial distribution, renewable resources, new energy and environmental protection industry as the leading industry to build a complete, reasonable circulatory economy industrial chain.

    25th industrial zones should be based on circular economy industrial chain links and scientific arrangement function of spatial relationships in various industries to achieve maximize the use of renewable resources.

    26th article of the municipal waste machinery and electronic products disassembly and processing, processing waste electrical and electronic products, scrap motor vehicle dismantling and waste tires and plastics recycling, scrap copper and aluminum deep processing and recycling industries such as manufacturing industries are concentrated development, other counties no longer focus on the development of recycling industries. Encourage the use of renewable resources production and operation of enterprises to enter the industrial zone.

    The dismantling of illegal enterprises, related administrative departments shall be banned.

    27th district shall establish a system for monitoring environmental and industrial zone set, the automatic monitoring system of environmental quality and real-time monitoring of key pollution sources, to ensure normal operation of pollution control facilities and pollutant emissions.

    28th industrial zone should be established with enterprises as the main body, market-oriented technology innovation mechanism, the combination of production, teaching and research, encouraging and supporting institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes, enterprises and other economic organizations and individuals in the industry to develop the circular economy in high-tech research and development, incubation promotion, education and training activities.

    29th industrial district of recycling enterprises in production and business operation activities shall comply with the State and the municipality on comprehensive utilization of resources, environmental protection, work safety and the protection of human health aspects of the laws, rules, regulations and related specifications.

    Article 30th utilization of renewable resources within the industrial zone enterprises shall, in accordance with State and this city provides for the establishment of information management systems, and submission to relevant administrative departments of the basic data and the situation.

    31st recycling enterprises in the industrial zone in accordance with national and the relevant provisions of the municipal tax, subsidy, loan and other supporting policies.

    Financial institutions industrial recycling enterprises in the region should be given priority loans such as credit support, and actively provide financial services.

    32nd of municipal and county-level people's Governments shall promote renewable resource recycling systems, will integrate renewable resource recycling network in urban and rural planning, establishing and perfecting enterprise of renewable resources, recycling networks, social networks of renewable resources based on the sorting center. Industrial districts to establish regional renewable resource distribution market, processing, recycling of renewable resources provide trading platforms. Encourage recycling enterprises will be sold to the industrial area of renewable resources use disassembly and using of renewable resources.
Encourage recycling enterprises and the industrial zone of producers, distributors, and enterprises to establish long-term cooperative relations of renewable resources, recycling of renewable resources.

    33rd article of the municipal administrative organs and institutions of the waste electrical and electronic products, scrap motor vehicle in accordance with State and municipal regulations scrap processing formalities unified recovery to the industrial area, specific measures formulated by the Municipal Finance Department, Business Department, submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval.

    Article 34th Municipal Finance Department together with the municipal development and reform authorities should regularly publish directory of recycled products in government procurement.

    State organs, institutions and organizations to use government funds for government procurement, technologies, services, and other indicators to meet the procurement requirements of the condition, the priority procurement should be included in the Government procurement list of recycled products.

    35th municipal departments should be recycling economy, recycling of renewable resources, science, technology, environment, services, landscaping, construction of new countryside and other special funds appropriately directed to the industrial zone. Industrial zone establishment of the industrial support fund, supported in line with the national industry of circular economy in industrial district and industrial district industry development plan, has a high level of innovation and strong market competitiveness of vein industry, high-tech industry, energy conservation, environmental protection and new energy industries, modern services, logistics, and technology research and development projects such as the implementation of circular economy.

    Industry support funds take the form of subsidized loans, subsidies and incentives, specific measures shall be formulated separately by the Management Committee.

    The fifth chapter of social management

    36th CMC should be community management system and mechanism innovation, strengthen public management, promote community service, coordinating Community public relations, establish and improve the mechanism of democratic participation, promote the combination of community service and property management mode. 37th District Community shall set up a fully functional, complete and perfect service facilities and venues.

    Without authorization, no unit or individual is allowed to change community service facilities and places of use.

    Article 38th community shall set up the industrial zone lives classified garbage collection facilities, guiding residents according to the different waste treatment methods for waste sorting.

    Industrial communities should be rationally set the renewable resource recycling network.

    39th industrial zone should be the establishment of disaster prevention and mitigation system, and develop and improve emergency plans, promoting the construction of regional security systems and emergency response system, raise the level of public safety to reduce disaster losses, providing perfect public emergency services for residents.

    40th industrial districts should actively promote resource conservation, green lifestyles and consumption patterns, enhancing community awareness of environmental protection, green consumer awareness and awareness of recycling economy.

    41st district the sports environment, landscaping, urban roads, urban drainage, rivers and public passenger transport, road traffic safety, community public service facilities and communities in environmental management, shall conform to the provisions on administration of Tianjin City, and implementation of a comprehensive urban management.

    42nd industry model construction and management of small cities and towns in the district, Tianjin City to house change rooms shall comply with the provisions on administration of construction model of small towns.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles Article 43rd these measures as of June 1, 2013.

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