Confucius Temple In Nanjing Qinhuai River Scenic Belt Features Block Management

Original Language Title: 南京市夫子庙秦淮风光带特色街区管理办法

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Confucius Temple in Nanjing qinhuai River Scenic belt features block management

    (July 12, 2012 Nanjing municipal people's Government at the 78th Executive meeting April 19, 2013, published since June 1, 2013, order No. 294 of Nanjing municipal purposes) Chapter I General provisions

    First article to strengthening Confucius Temple qinhuai scenery with features blocks (following said features blocks) of protection and management, upgrade features blocks grade, promote culture, and tourism and trade fusion development, according to State landscape places district Ordinance, and Jiangsu Province landscape places District Management Ordinance and Nanjing Confucius Temple qinhuai scenery with Ordinance, about legal, and regulations, combined this city actual, developed this approach.

    Article features blocks of planning, building, conservation, use and management of the application of this approach.

    Engaged in business activities in a feature block, as well as live, work units and individuals shall comply with these measures.

    Third article features blocks range including: East up pingjiang House road (containing pingjiang House road sides), North to built Kang Road South, West to Chinese Road (containing Chinese road sides), South to pipa Street – to Yan road – Changle road – note library Street, and including East water shut to Chinese door paragraph within qinhuai River (qinhuai paragraph) River and the sides planning road (containing planning road sides).

    Qinhuai district people's Government to adjust the feature block scope, should be released to public after the approval in accordance with regulations.

    Qinhuai district people's Government is responsible for implementation of this article fourth way their authority along the qinhuai Confucius Temple (hereinafter the authority) is responsible for the characteristic the protection, utilization and day-to-day supervision and management of the block.

    Qinhuai district municipalities and related responsibilities for the executive authorities, good management of feature blocks, can also legally delegate authority to implement.

    Fifth featured article protection and the use of Government-led, and manpower planning, principles of conservation priorities and reasonable utilization and rational distribution of regional features, keeping with historical cultural features.

    Article sixth cultivation and publicity of the qinhuai district people's Government should have strengthened special blocks, development of special tourism services and cultural industries, creating well-known brand feature blocks.

    Article seventh featured block protection and outstanding units and individuals in the Administration, the qinhuai district people's Government, the administrative agency shall commend or award.

    Chapter management Article eighth qinhuai district people's Government shall, jointly with the competent administrative departments of city planning feature block programming.

    Character block plan shall consult with relevant departments, experts, scholars and the public opinion.

    Specialty block programming is featured conservation, utilization and management of evidence, compiled OK no unauthorized changes; necessitates modification, in accordance with the prescribed procedures and permissions to modify.

    Nineth featured block examination hall Street, East city, Tai Dam Street, zhanyuan and section layout shall conform to the characteristics of neighborhoods such as neighborhood planning, features block layout specific provisions enacted by the qinhuai district people's Government promulgated for implementation.

    Article tenth management institutions should be based on feature blocks design and functional layout, set feature block engaged in the project directory, the qinhuai district people's Government promulgated after approval.

    Prior permission of the project directory, should be open to the public for comment.

    11th in the feature block engaged in business activities shall comply with characteristic neighborhood planning, layout and operation of the project directory.

    Has been engaged in the project does not meet featured neighborhood planning, layout and operation of the project directory, management should guide them to adjust or move out. 12th management should control industry-industry scale according to engaged in the project directory. There are all kinds of small commodities trading market may not be disproportionately expand their areas of operation.

    Authorities can guide them to adjust.

    13th of the related administrative departments based on feature blocks should be planning, layout and operation of the project directory, assist in characteristic blocks of management.

    Relevant administrative departments to be involved in characteristic blocks of administrative permission, it shall ask the regulatory body.

    Chapter III protection of historical and cultural

    14th the qinhuai district people's Government shall, in accordance with the relevant requirements, develop recovery, maintenance, features block pattern and history of planning and implementation.

    15th featured article block of building (structure) style should conform to the traditional architectural features of Ming and Qing dynasty in Nanjing, top and grey tiles, white walls, color mainly black, white and gray colors.

    16th feature blocks within the historic buildings, historic buildings in spatial pattern and architectural forms protected by law, and set up special protection signs, shall not alter or remove.

    Historic buildings, historic building used by its owner, who to protect, repair and management in accordance with the relevant provisions, reflecting the original appearance of the site; the transfer, lease, should be about protection requirements specified in the transfer, lease agreements.

    17th management institutions shall, jointly with relevant departments of the old managers to give support, in support of its Declaration "old Chinese" and the representative list of the intangible cultural heritage.

    Alteration, extension, demolition and relocation of old buildings, shall after approval by the management bodies, and reported to the relevant administrative authorities according to law.

    Article 18th encourages and supports heritage activities carried out representative successors of intangible cultural heritage, inheritance and development of traditional handicrafts with local cultural characteristics.

    Regulatory bodies shall provide a forum for coordination within the feature blocks, for intangible cultural heritage representative successors and traditional crafts heritage and display activities.

    The fourth chapter looks and order management Feature article 19th block building, rebuilding, expansion of building (structure) and their ancillary facilities, shall be coordinated with the historical and cultural characteristics.

    Has been inconsistent and should be reformed.

    Street facade of the unit and individual decorated business premises or on the street and buildings (structures) on building opens doors and Windows, change the form or position of doors and Windows, shall be agreed by the regulatory bodies. Apart from the old merchant, a shop, unit away from doors and Windows should be made of transparent material.

    Set of lateral protection device shall be in-grid, you may not use closure shutter doors and Windows. 20th Street building (structures) roof shall not be erected antennas, such as iron-obstacle to view facilities or items.

    Setting sun (rain) Peng, shall, in accordance with the authority of style, size, color and location of installation.

    Street building (structure) of air conditioner outdoor unit shall, in accordance with the authority of position for installation, cover or bezel with the specified style, size and color requirements, bracket the bottom height of not less than 2 m from the ground, air conditioning condensate water connection drainage piping shall not be discharged directly into the building (structure) colonization, walls and floors.

    21st shop store brand of color, shape, size, lighting and buildings (structures) style of harmony, business location and the surrounding general environment, in line with the characteristic looks of the block standard.

    Management body shop store brand sets norms should be established.

    22nd the qinhuai district people's Government shall, jointly with the municipal departments concerned within a feature block municipal public infrastructure construction plan, municipal urban construction project is implemented. Prohibition of unauthorized migration, transformation features blocks of public facilities.

    Needed migration, transformation, shall be submitted to approval by the relevant administrative authority; approval of the relevant administrative departments should be written before seeking the views of regulators. 23rd approved mining, takes up the characteristic streets, rivers, the construction unit shall, in accordance with the authority of material and style, on the construction site, enclosing walls, safety warning flag is set.

    After the end of construction, the construction units cleared the scene and restored to its original condition.

    Article 24th power, drainage, gas supply, telecommunications, built and maintenance of related facilities such as cable TV units, shall conform to the standards of scenic spot planning and the city looks, and meet the feature block style of laying designs or hidden.

    The facility does not meet the provisions of the preceding paragraph, and related construction, maintenance unit shall, in accordance with the requirements of regulatory bodies, timely corrective action. 25th Street store, the unit shall perform the responsibilities of sanitation system, and area of responsibility of maintaining health, order, facilities, greening, landscaping in line with regulatory requirements. Not throwing garbage or dumping of sewage, road to a trees pool.

    Street balcony, not hanging out of the window, hang or stack of unsightly items.

    Article 26th management should rationally allocate sanitation facilities, meet the needs of visitors. Engaged in business activities within a feature block garbage unified delegate removal, not to have a public garbage dump.

    Management should operators and cleaning company signed an agreement for the coordination, regular garbage pickup area of responsibility, maintaining public facilities along the street and public places clean and tidy.

    27th is forbidden to smoke, sewage crossing, furnace outlet directly facing the street, dumped or in the Bank piled up garbage and other waste, to discharge sewage, cleaning residues of toxic pollutants, catching fish and shrimp, and other implications and damage to the water environment.

    28th public security traffic administrative departments should develop and publish a feature block traffic in and around organizations.

    City management Administrative Department shall, in conjunction with the qinhuai district people's Government and municipal public security traffic management departments at all programme featured neighborhood temporary parking facilities, in accordance with the provisions for approval before implementation. 29th the qinhuai district people's Government shall, jointly with relevant departments, determining feature block pedestrian mall management area.

    Except ambulance, rescue vehicle and push-type wheelchair vehicle, other vehicles are not allowed into the street.

    Supervision and administration of the fifth chapter

    30th the qinhuai district people's Government should have issued special neighborhood planning, layout, business directories, and other public information.

    31st management institutions shall, jointly with relevant departments, develop and perfect standard of qinhuai snacks, sights standard, scenic restaurants business management and technical specifications.

    Article 32nd administrative agency shall organize and direct managers to develop business management Convention, guide them to take part in or form related industry associations, self-regulation, improve service levels, maintaining the legitimate rights and interests of the parties.
Article 33rd management institutions shall, jointly with relevant departments regularly publish feature blocks housing rental price, standardized housing lease market order.

    Article 34th operators without changing the business, venue or scale, does not meet the featured list of neighborhood planning, layout and operation requirements of regulatory bodies should recommend corrective action in a timely manner, direct the operator to adjust the change and inform the relevant administrative departments.

    35th administrative agency to highlight traditional cultural characteristics of the feature blocks the program, you can give some preferential policies.

    Article 36th channel management should establish and improve the consumer complaints, mediating disputes between operators and consumers in a timely manner, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, maintain in good operating order.

    The sixth chapter legal liability

    37th article violates these rules, laws and regulations, regulations have been provided by the relevant administrative department shall be punished from its provisions.

    38th article violates these rules, without the management audit, alteration, addition, removal and transfer of old buildings, according to the Confucius Temple in Nanjing qinhuai River Scenic belt 39th of the Ordinance shall be punished.

    39th article violates these rules, without the consent of authorities, street facade decoration of the premises, or unauthorized opening of doors and Windows, change Windows form or position, influence landscape feature blocks, 45th in the scenic Ordinance under the State Council shall be punished.

    40th article violates these rules, set shop store brand does not meet the criteria of featured block looks, according to the Confucius Temple in Nanjing qinhuai River Scenic belt article 43rd of the provisions of the Ordinance.

    41st article this way after promulgation, engaged in the project does not meet the featured neighborhood planning, layout and operation of the project directory, and not to adjust or move out, seriously affecting the characteristic neighborhood plan implementation, in accordance with the regulations of the Confucius Temple in Nanjing qinhuai River Scenic belt article 42nd penalty.

    42nd relevant administrative authorities and regulatory bodies and their staff abuse of power, negligence, malpractice, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    The seventh chapter by-laws

    Article 43rd old town historic districts South of the city (including city in the South, towards the Heavenly Palace) in accordance with the measures of protection and management implementation. 44th article of the rules take effect on June 1, 2013.

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