Xi ' An Urban Nightscape Lighting Management

Original Language Title: 西安市城市夜景照明管理办法

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XI ' an urban nightscape lighting management

    (April 8, 2013 in XI ' an city people's Government, the 47th Executive session on April 19, 2013 102th in XI ' an city people's Government promulgated as of May 19, 2013) first to city nightscape lighting management, regulate the lighting, and beautify the urban landscape, showing historical and cultural city of XI ' an image, in accordance with the regulations on the management of urban lighting, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second this city xincheng district, Beilin district, lianhu district, Yanta district, weiyang district, and the baqiao district and development zone, night lighting of urban built-up area within the planning, construction, maintenance, use, and management, application of this approach.

    Lighting in these measures in article, refers to the outdoors through artificial lighting to beautify the urban landscape for the purposes of decorative lighting.

    Fourth Municipal Administration Department is the Department of urban landscape lighting, in charge of the city nightscape lighting facilities construction, maintenance, use, and administration.

    The district people's Government and the development zone management Committee is in charge of this area of urban nightscape lighting in construction, maintenance, use, and administration.

    Planning, development, construction, and reform our heritage and amenity garden, public security, finance, law enforcement, transportation, electricity and other sectors, shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to do work related to city nightscape lighting.

    Fifth article should follow the same plan of urban nightscape lighting, grading is responsible for setting, scientific, energy saving, unique, harmonious aesthetic principles.

    Sixth encourages citizens, legal persons and other organizations take a variety of forms, participate in the construction of night view lighting.

    Article seventh municipal administrative departments shall, in accordance with the overall urban planning, in conjunction with city planning, development and reform, construction and other sectors of urban landscape lighting planning, reported to the municipal people's Government for approval, by the municipal administration organizations.

    The district people's Government and the development zone management committee, based on the urban landscape lighting planning zoning planning of city nightscape lighting, and report to the municipal administrative departments for the record.

    Article eighth the following buildings (structures) buildings or sites, you should set up lighting facilities:

    (A) the downtown and the city's main street on both sides of the building (structure);

    (B) urban plazas, landscaping, sculpture, fountains, stations, bridges, scenic, River and lake waters and coastal landscape areas and other public places and major activities of landscape lighting places temporary;

    (C) the stadium (Museum), a theatre, Museum, city-level cultural relic protection units and other public cultural and sports facilities;

    (D) urban landmark buildings (structures), 50 m away from main street of non-residential buildings (structures);

    (E) the Lightboxes main streets, commercial door plaque;

    (F) planning and district planning of city nightscape lighting to determine other places.

    Downtown, main street of the city on both sides of the building (structure) and scope of specific landscape zones of the city, the Municipal Administration Department in conjunction with the City Planning Department, submitted to the municipal people's Government announced.

    Nineth urban plazas, bridges built, heritage attractions such as the management of government departments (structures) lighting facilities or places, by the administrative departments; other installation of lighting facilities building (structures) and sites managed by their owners or persons responsible for setting the lighting facilities.

    Tenth set of urban nightscape lighting facilities shall conform to the urban landscape lighting planning, and compliance with the following provisions:

    (A) proportion of the pattern, shape, size and construction (structure) coordinate and the surrounding environment;

    (B) the adoption of new technologies, new processes, new materials, new light sources, avoid light pollution lighting facilities on both sides of the road traffic safety;

    (C) comply with environmental requirements, security facilities such as fire, wind, leakage;

    (D) using the usual, general holidays, major holidays (celebrations) step lighting pattern. 11th city nightscape lighting design, construction, facilities shall conform to the lighting specifications, standards and construction procedures.

    Urban nightscape lighting design, construction units concerned should have the appropriate qualifications. 12th new construction, renovation or expansion of the building (structure) or city square, the construction unit shall, in accordance with the measures and urban lighting planning, zoning, supporting the construction of urban landscape lighting facilities.

    Urban nightscape lighting should be the main part of the project designed, built and put into use simultaneously, the costs included construction costs.

    Before the implementation of these measures is not supporting the building nightscape lighting facility or facility does not comply with the existing urban landscape lighting approaches and urban lighting planning, the owner or manager shall carry out construction or renovation.

    13th article in review new, and alterations, and expansion built (frame) built real planning, and construction matters Shi, planning administration sector should according to city night lighting special planning and partition planning on subsidiary of night lighting facilities engineering programme for review; construction administration sector should on subsidiary of night lighting facilities construction content for review, and identification units and where District Government or zone management committee signed of synchronization construction night lighting facilities responsibility.

    Municipal Administrative Department shall at the time of construction project completion and acceptance of integrated, lighting facilities for inspection and acceptance of the project, supervise the construction unit lighting facility put into use simultaneously with the principal part of the project.

    14th urban large-scale, iconic building (structures) as well as important cultural relic sites, nightscape lighting design of the square should be adopted by the Committee of experts demonstrated by the municipal administration programme after the first instance, Administrative Department of planning and construction review, major lighting projects shall be submitted to the municipal people's Government approval.

    15th Municipal Administration Department should be the lead organization establish the city's nightscape lighting project coordination meeting system, in conjunction with the various district people's Government, the development zone management Committee as well as city construction, planning, finance, electricity and other sectors, coordinate lighting engineering propulsion problems.

    Opening and closing time of the 16th city night lights by the municipal administrations to follow scientific, rational and necessary, the principle of frugality, subregional, time intervals to determine when events need to adjust the opening and closing time, shall promptly notify the relevant units.

    17th municipal administrative departments to city nightscape lighting management and control system should be established, to city nightscape lighting running the unified management.

    Development zone Administrative Commission shall establish the appropriate lighting control systems, and with the municipal administration of urban nightscape lighting management and control center system.

    Article 18th municipal administrative departments should develop urban nightscape lighting energy-saving plans and energy-saving measures, control the scope of landscape lighting, brightness and energy density, and according to relevant provisions, phase-out of inefficient lighting products.

    Article 19th municipal administrative departments should periodically check to city nightscape lighting energy consumption situation, prevents excessive lighting of urban landscape lighting such as energy consumption standards Act. 20th government investment of urban nightscape lighting facilities, its management is responsible for maintenance.

    Facility operation requirements should be integrated into the budget at the same level, earmarked to ensure normal operation of lighting facilities.

    Social investment and construction of urban landscape lighting, by their owners or managers are responsible for maintenance.

    21st maintenance of urban nightscape lighting facility, lighting facilities maintenance technical standards and norms should be performed to ensure facilities are operating normally, clean and beautiful, design writing clear and complete. 22nd city nightscape lighting power adopts a preferential tariff, tariffs charged by street lamp electricity standards.

    Electricity should lighting facilities and units within the commercial, Office, and other lighting load separately and install meter separate meters.

    23rd prohibits the following acts against normal operation of the urban landscape lighting:

    (A) the dumping in the urban landscape lighting facilities a safe distance from acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive substances or dig soil;

    (B) in close proximity to city nightscape lighting facilities stacked waste, garbage or setting (structures), jam, covering the pit lane, or facilities and equipment;

    (C) unauthorized deactivation, demolition, relocation, changes to city nightscape lighting;

    (D) unauthorized use of urban nightscape lighting power supply

    (E) without authorization on the urban nightscape lighting to set up cable or post, hanging objects;

    (Vi) characterizations, smearing on the urban landscape lighting;

    (VII) theft, damage, illegal occupation of urban nightscape lighting;

    (VIII) other acts against normal operation of urban nightscape lighting.

    Article 24th municipal urban nightscape lighting into the construction management of the area and the development zone management Committee's annual assessment of objectives, specific assessment carried out by the municipal administration.

    Municipal administrations should develop evaluation approaches to city nightscape lighting management and strengthen routine inspections and spot checks, according to the assessment results to the district people's Government and the development zone management Committee of lighting facilities running reward work, incentive funds included in the construction plan.

    25th article violates these rules, any of the following acts, by the relevant administrative department punishment according to the relevant laws, regulations and rules:

    (A) the construction or modification of urban nightscape lighting facilities not according to stipulations;

    (B) no opening and closing of urban nightscape lighting facilities is required;

    (C) to city nightscape lighting patterns, incomplete text or dirty, old, not complying with the provisions of repair and maintenance.

    Article 26th disobey article 19th, excessive lighting in the urban nightscape lighting such as energy consumption standards Act, rectification by the Municipal Administration Department; it fails, fined a maximum of more than 1000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan.
27th disobey article 23rd, by the Municipal Administration Department ordered corrective action and for personal penalty of between 200 Yuan more than 1000; the unit shall be fined a maximum of more than 1000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan; losses caused, compensation according to law.

    Theft, damage to city nightscape lighting facilities, by public security organs in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on administrative penalties for public security to be addressed case constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    28th article of the rules of administrative punishment, municipal administrations, the development zone management Committee may appoint a district people's Government to implement.

    29th a party refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law.

    Article 30th municipal administration and other administrative department functionary, dereliction of duty and abuse of power, by the unit or by the competent authorities, impose administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    31st article Chang ' an district, yanliang district, Lintong district and county people's Government in accordance with the local situation, in accordance with the measures implemented. 32nd article this way since May 19, 2013.