Detailed Rules For The Implementation Of The Wuxi City Safety Management For Housing Ordinance

Original Language Title: 《无锡市城市房屋安全管理条例》实施细则

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Detailed rules for the implementation of the Wuxi City safety management for Housing Ordinance

    (April 26, 2013 Wuxi municipal people's Government Executive meeting of the 14th through May 9, 2013 Wuxi municipal people's Government, the 139th announce come into force on July 1, 2013) first according to the Wuxi city housing safety regulations (hereinafter referred to as the regulations), these rules are formulated.

    The second article of the municipal town planning scheme area involved within the housing safety, housing security risk identification, housing combat and House termite prevention and control of the units and individuals shall comply with the Ordinance and these rules.

    Safety management for housing following third section putting prevention first and combining prevention with and normal use, principles that ensure security, combined with the implementation of territorial management, bar, block-oriented management style.

    Article people's Governments at all levels should strengthen leadership in safety management for housing within their respective jurisdictions, to organize and coordinate departments, neighborhood offices housing security management to ensure housing safety.

    Fifth of municipal housing administrations are responsible for the implementation of these rules.

    Cities (counties), area real estate administrative departments according to their respective duties, be responsible for the safety management for housing in the area.

    The sixth city, city (County) property Administration Department of safety management for housing agencies, termite prevention and management of institutions specifically responsible for the day-to-day management of housing security within their respective jurisdictions.

    Municipal and city (County) property administration can entrust their safety management organization structure reform of housing security clearance audit; commissioned termite management organs accepts an application for termite control unit for the record.

    Municipal housing management body responsible for the city's housing security members of business training, assessment and qualification work.

    Seventh article construction, planning, safety, urban management, industry and commerce, public security departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to common housing security management. Eighth House safety accountability. Housing housing security responsibilities for all people; all missing or house ownership is not clear, the custodian is responsible without custodian, who is responsible.

    Except as otherwise agreed by the leasing contract.

    Nineth no units and individuals for violations of safety regulations are entitled to property administrative departments, real estate administrative departments shall promptly investigate.

    Tenth house owner, using the housing structure, an application shall be in accordance with the provisions of the housing structure transformation of security clearances.

    Owner, users may in writing delegate safety management mechanism for application structure safety of housing's authorization.

    11th House decoration activities shall comply with the relevant provisions.

    Investment in more than 300,000 Yuan or non-residential building area of 300 square meters decoration, its owner, shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of projects, building permits and other formalities.

    12th house owners, used in the housing decoration project should fill out the housing decoration and registration form, informed the Realty service enterprise without property management service, inform the housing unit or community neighborhood Committee.

    Property management companies, the housing management units and community residents Committee shall establish a sound registered account, registered on housing decoration and in a timely manner.

    13th article construction engineering for pile base, and deep pit, and underground pipeline, and blasting and groundwater bit human adjustment, construction behavior, may effect construction regional around housing security of, units or project generation built units should for housing security survey, do detailed records, shooting image information, also can to law established of housing security identification institutions application housing security identification, and according to security survey or security identification situation take security protection measures. Safety appraisal of housing security investigation or range should be based on geological conditions and surroundings situation.

    Pile foundation construction for the nearest pile within 1.5 times the length of the pile of pile foundation of non-housing construction for excavation of deep Foundation pit edge, extend outward into the excavation depth at least 3 times within non-pile House; construction of blasting vibration intensity of more than 3 degrees from the source within 50 metres of the House.

    14th article for fire, and explosion, accident accident led to housing damaged but needed continues to using of, fire, and explosion, accident accident behavior implementation people should to law established of housing security identification institutions application housing security identification; housing security management institutions should timely understand situation, notification behavior implementation people application housing security identification, identified security; interest relationship people right to requirements behavior implementation people application housing security identification; any units and personal are can told property administration sector or housing security management institutions.

    15th housing structure without permission may endanger the safety of buildings, housing safety evaluation should be carried out to determine impact level, and shall bear the corresponding legal responsibility in need of housing safety testing shall be tested in accordance with the provisions, testing costs borne by the housing security responsibilities.

    16th House due to structural transformation of reinforcement and restoration measures to be taken should be by the original design of housing units or design unit design with appropriate level qualification without design, by the legally established security feasibility programme issued by the accreditation body in accordance with the provisions.

    Reinforcement and repair should be examined by the appropriate building construction quality or professionally qualified construction units according to the design plan or feasibility and construction.

    Owner, used in reinforcement and repair of housing construction before the design or feasibility and design units, construction qualification certificate to inform municipalities and cities (counties) security management institutions, and after the end of construction, to submit proof of completion in time for the record. 17th article following housing should into focus housing supervision management range: (a) has over housing design using years, need continues to using of housing; (ii) has over housing design using years of half, and after structure transformation of housing; (three) not made housing structure transformation security license for structure transformation of housing; (four) used empty bucket wall bearing, and single rib roofing Board, and brick arch floor housing cover, and within framework structure, and half brick walls bearing, has included eliminated structure form of housing; (five) for construction, and heap real, and impact, and fire

    , Explosions and major natural disasters caused housing cracks, deformation, non-uniform settlement of phenomena such as housing (f) education, retirement, business, sports, recreational and public use of premises and other crowded places; (VII) other needs to focus on supervision and management of the Housing Authority.

    18th City (County), the district people's Government shall organize the relevant departments to step up supervision and management focus on the area of housing; establish emergency plans in the event of major natural disasters such as typhoons, floods, earthquakes, unified leadership and command remove danger the crisis work.

    19th real estate administrative departments should manage the housing safety files for work, perfect and update guidance departments, town government, subdistrict offices to carry out security checks of key housing and disposal process.

    Relevant administrative departments should strengthen the school, cultural and entertainment centers, hospitals, stadiums, shopping malls, Internet cafes, markets and other crowded places housing safety inspections, improve, update their security files in a timely manner.

    Housing safety file shall contain the House is located, building age, type of structure, structural transformation and other key information.

    20th the approval authorities concerned shall strengthen the law needs approval, building permits and other formalities are not required for non-residential house decoration projects of investigation.

    21st construction administrative departments should strengthen the establishment of non-residential house decoration and construction activities of the implementation phase of the project supervision and management.

    22nd city administrative departments should strengthen the construction of illegal housing investigation.

    23rd town, neighborhood offices shall organize a community neighborhood Committee strengthens the area of jurisdiction of the housing safety checks, timely reporting of safety information; strengthening area housing decoration, strengthening the crisis management and conflict mediation, ensure the safety of houses.

    24th article needs to change its original purpose as an educational, pension, public entertainment, business, sports and other crowded places, housing those responsible shall determine its security Administrative Department for public security, culture, education and other related licensing procedures, real estate administrative departments should be heard.

    25th article in accordance with the State standards or industrial standards, identified as d-, or four-level House, do not continue to use real estate administrative departments should urge homeowners, used in accordance with the relevant provisions properly; identified as level c or level III housing shall not carry out structural transformation, real estate administrative departments should urge homeowners, people take reinforcement crisis measures.

    26th new construction, renovation or expansion of various types of housing and the need for non-residential housing decoration should be dealt with in accordance with the relevant provisions of termite prevention.

    After completion of the 27th termite Prevention shall be subject to acceptance of real estate administrative departments, termite Prevention made proof of acceptance.

    Without proof of termite prevention acceptance application housing management authority in the registration, housing registration agency shall suspend processing, and shall inform the termite management.

    28th article in this city administrative within carried out termite control business of units, should to location city, and city (County) property administration sector submitted following record material: (a) termite control units record registration table; (ii) units corporate registration card or license; (three) units statutory representative people identity proved; (four) professionals equipped with situation; (five) legal, and regulations, and regulations provides of other material.

    29th article in violation of the provisions of the implementing regulations of the Act, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the regulations for punishment.

    These rules are in accordance with the provisions of article 30th exercising the right of supervision and management departments and units, did not perform their duties in accordance with the provisions of the housing safety management, supervisors and persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 31st article this implementation rules in the of housing design using years according to design information marked of design using years or about provides implementation; not clear of, according to following provides implementation: (a) simple structure general housing of design using years for 5 years; (ii) wood, and brick wood general housing of design using years for 25 years; (three) brick mixed structure, and reinforced concrete structure, and steel general housing of design using years for 50 years; (four) various structure of Memorial sex building, and

    Particularly important architectural design working life of 100 years. Article 32nd these rules come into force on July 1, 2013.